tagLoving WivesBucket List Boning Ch. 03

Bucket List Boning Ch. 03


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Jonette and I had dated for three years and lived together for two years. I am 31, once divorced and, having had several serious relationships and a short marriage, am convinced that Jonette is the one for me. Jonette is a beautiful, bright, warm 26 year old woman of Swedish and German heritage. She has beautiful skin and soft flowing shoulder length wavy hair, greenish eyes, and a sweet girl next door smile. She is charming with a good sense of humor, eager, curious, determined, hard working, and fun to be around. While not a "life-of-the party" personality, she is comfortable around most anyone and well liked. With a well toned 5'-4", 123 pounds body shaped into a delightful 34C, 25, 36 inch figure she is also very nice to look at.

Several weeks ago we were watching the Bucket List movie on cable and began talking about things we wanted to do in our lives. One thing led to another and we ended up on a fascinating journey to fulfill a bucket list of sexual experiences before our planned wedding. Actually it was my bucket list for Jonette as she had limited sexual experience before me. I wanted her to "sow her wild oats" so to speak before we were married. Partly to make sure any curiosities were satisfied and partly to give her some more experiences in the sack and to neutralize any jealousies that might result from her far more limited experience. It took many conversations to explain my motives and make Jonette more comfortable with the idea that it could be fun and not a threat to our relationship.

The first experience, reported in "Bucket List Boning" involved her seducing a shy young man. The experience was fun for her and gave her a boost in self confidence. Jonette enjoyed both the sex and the experience of being lusted after and being the teacher to a younger man. And it only enhanced the strength of our relationship.

The second experience involved Jonette letting her fitness instructor bed her one night before he moved from town. The fact that a younger hot jock was attracted to her combined with the experience of being nailed by a guy with 18 inch biceps (see Bucket List Boning 2), left her a little more open to the third item on the bucket list. Again, no subsequent hang-ups, guilt or regrets.

The remaining item left on the bucket list was to submit to a weekend of entertaining a wealthy businessman. Jonette was less sure of this challenge. She had indicated that if it was going to happen I would have to make the arrangements and yet she would retain veto power on the man. It couldn't be anyone local and she was scared to death of any internet search. In the mean time the clock was ticking toward our wedding date now only a few weeks away.

With very busy schedules it looked like it wasn't going to happen. Then Jonette's parents were hurt in a car accident and all attention was redirected. Her father couldn't walk her down the aisle in a full cast say nothing of dance with his daughter, so the wedding was put on indefinite hold and our spare time was devoted to visiting and helping out during the healing process.

A couple of months had passed and things were returning to normal when we started rescheduling the wedding. One night as we were doing our task list I mentioned that Jonette still had to finish the bucket list before the wedding. Her response, "I thought you forgot about that." was delivered with enough of a smile to signal that there was at least a possibility.

Jonette continued, "For that to happen you will need to find a very nice business man and a pretty drunk fiancé."

For the next few weeks I struggled to think of a way to make this happen. The following week I got a call from an old friend who ran a catering business. I have occasionally helped him out in tight spots as I had been a bar tender for him in college. Helping out and picking up some extra spending money was a pretty good gig if I could schedule it around my full time job and Jonette's and my plans. As it turned out he needed someone to be bartender, cook and helper for a group that had rented out a beach house for Memorial Day weekend. His regulars were all booked or unavailable and he assured me everything would be prepared and ready all he needed was for me to help out. The money would be good and I could keep any tip. Friday noon till Monday noon. The place was about 90 minutes away and very luxurious, about 200 yards from the Atlantic. As I thought about it I figured it might be a nice chance for Jonette to spend some alone time and see her folks and we could use the extra money for the wedding. With Jeannette's concurrence I agreed.

I arrived Friday and by evening I was grilling thick fish fillets from their afternoon charter outing for three very hungry guys. Lots of booze, baked potatoes and salad and I had three very happy guests. The men were old classmates from dental school who got together for a boys weekend every year. Ben seemed to be the planner. He was a dental surgeon in Raleigh and his Porche Cayenne Turbo hinted at his success. Tony and Bret were in practice together in Savannah and seemed to be very comfortable as well. The men were all mid thirties, stylish and seemed to fit that Duke stereotype just about perfectly. Smart, sophisticated, successful and fun loving. Ben had been on the college golf team and Tony and Bret had both played tennis. We all got along well and they put away any hint of arrogance when they realized I was doing this as a favor and could hold my own on most any topic they discussed. I provided the fourth and managed to pick up a couple hundred in poker profits as the night wore on.

Saturday morning as I was getting breakfast Tony got a call. After several minutes of conversation he told Bret they needed to head back to town. A family friend had been in a car accident and knocked some teeth loose and they wanted to get back and make sure he had the best care possible.

They quickly departed leaving Ben with loads of food and a need to reschedule some activities. He managed to arrange alternative golf plans and headed out after lunch. He noted that there were empty bedrooms if I knew anyone who wanted to spend a night at the beach.

It struck me that I should invite Jonette to drive down for the rest of the weekend. Dah! Then it really struck me – I might have found the business man I was looking for. I quickly called Jonette and invited her to drive down. I told her there was plenty of room and food and I could use a little help serving the client. And bring some hot clothes – I'm really horny. It was a beautiful sunny and warm but not hot day. The beach sounded nice and Jonette called back within the hour and said she would be on her way.

By six that evening Jonette was helping me with diner while we waited for Ben to get back from golf. Jonette looked fantastic in her tight white short shorts and tight tank top. When she arrived I had asked her to take off her engagement ring and pretend she was a colleague who had come down to help and get some sun. As she gave me a suspicious funny looked I explained that Ben was an attractive businessman who just might be able to help her complete her bucket list.

Jonette looked at me then slowly slid off her ring and said, "No promises but we'll see. Now fix me a drink or I'll pull the plug on this plan before I even meet Ben."

Within the hour Ben returned and was greeted by Jonette who handed him a beer and introduced herself. The story was that she was a coworker from my regular job who wanted a weekend at the beach in exchange for a little kitchen help. Ben was delighted and quickly turned on the charm.

Over the next few hours we chatted, ate, and drank. Ben flirted and Jonette played the coy but not uninterested target of Ben's attention. After a while I noticed that Ben's legs were touching Jonette's and he occasionally placed his hand on her leg as he told stories. At one point he pulled me aside and asked me to go and turn on the hot tub. He asked if I thought Jonette would accept an invitation to join him in the hot tub. I told him he should give her something a little stronger to drink since she was shy, but that then he should give it a try.

When I got back Ben had gone to his car. He returned with a joint and noted that the guys enjoyed a little joint once a year. He lit it and asked if we would like a hit. I said that company policy was to do whatever the client asked to make sure they were happy and I took a very small hit and passed it to Jonette. She looked at me, smiled, and then took a deep hit from the joint. Needless to say, both Ben and I focused on making sure Jonette did most of the smoking. Before long Jonette was feeling the effect. She was loosening up and giggling at Ben's jokes. In the mean time he had his hand on her leg nearly continuously as they visited.

With Jonette pretty hammered from the bud Ben announced it was time to go to the hot tub. Jonette protested that it was getting late and she shouldn't but Ben persisted. I spoke up telling Jonette, "Remember company policy is to do whatever the client wants."

Jonette stood up and looked at me then said, "OK, whatever the client wants." With that Ben took her hand and walked to the hot tub on the enclosed patio. The full effect of the joint and booze was apparent as Jonette was holding onto Ben as they walked.

The hot tub was very inviting. The sky was filled with stars and the steam was rising from the bubbling water. Underwater lights glowed providing subtle lighting to the area. And Ben's hand was placed firmly on Jonette's shapely ass as they walked. His intentions were clear.

Ben removed his shirt, and sandals then undid his shorts in a matter-of-fact style. He was in good shape, strong and tan but not intimidating. As he slid down his shorts his boxer briefs covered a package that was obviously showing the effects of feasting on Jonette's tight outfit and fondling her ass. With his briefs on, he stepped into the tub. He told Jonette to join him. She said she needed her bikini.

I told Ben I had laid out towels for him and that I was going to turn in for the evening. I knew full well that the hot tub was fully visible from my second floor room. I turned to Jonette and said, "Remember, do whatever the client wants – and have fun." I could see her hard nipples were revealing their aroused state through her bra and blouse. I handed her a bottle of cold water and nodded for her to join Ben in the tub.

Jonette hesitated momentarily, and then repeated, "Anything the client wants." She stepped into the tub without removing her tight white shorts and top. I could feel my stomach churning and my now hard cock pulsing as I watched my fiancé dip into the water. Jonette dipped to her neck in the churning water then stood back up and said "sleep tight". Her soaked top clung to her firm boobs and the dark areoles and engorged nipples were clearly visible through the top and sheer bra. Ben's eyes were glued to her top as well but I suspected his hands were already at work below the water level.

I quickly returned to the room and positioned myself so that I could view the tub. Within a few minutes Ben was kissing Jonette like a horny high schooler in the back seat of a car. I quietly slid open the window and could clearly hear Jonette's moans as Ben went to work on my half drunk, half stoned fiancé. Within ten minutes Ben had Jonette standing on the seat of the tub while he peeled off her top. Her skimpy sheer wet bra did little to support her breasts but then their near perfect 34C size didn't need any support. The bra provided a little modesty under a blouse when dry, but simply served to draw attention to her tits when wet.

When Jonette protested Ben's attempt to remove her bra he quickly peeled down her shorts before she knew what was happening. Jonette's skimpy sheer panties were a matched set with her bra. Her dark neatly trimmed pubic patch was clearly visible and the fabric hugged her private parts. Ben was standing in the deepest part of the hot tub so his face was about even with Jonette's breasts. Ben soon was kissing his way around nature's beauty. He ignored the bra and feasted on her breasts, nuzzling his face between the soft shapely orbs. His hands cupped the breasts and he smothered his face in soft, warm, wet flesh.

My heart was beating so hard that I was afraid that Jonette could hear it from the twenty foot distance. But she was absorbed in the attention at hand. Ben slid down one bra strap and latched his lips on an engorged nipple. In the mean time his hands were hugging Jonette's ass. The panties were quickly dispensed with without protest then Ben sat Jonette on the edge of the hot tub. He quickly pushed her legs apart and moved his face between her legs. For the next 15 minutes Ben worked Jonette over. He must have known what he was doing as he had her squealing and grabbing his head. I could hear Jonette saying "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. She arched her back and leaned back as Ben continued. One bare boob heaved on her chest and the other still strained against the remaining bra cup. Finally Jonette screamed in release and collapsed back on the deck.

Ben climbed out of the hot tub and stripped off his wet briefs as he eyed Jonette's slow recovery from the climax. He toweled off then approached Jonette. He grabbed her bra cups tightly with both hands and ripped the clasp apart leaving Jonette completely nude. He next positioned himself so his cock was next to her head. It was no secrete what was next as he gentle pushed Jonette's hair from her face, leaned over and kissed her tenderly on the lips then took what looked like a very hard six inch cock and placed in on her lips. He said, "My turn." then thrust forward so his cock was pressed on Jonette's lips. She obliged and he was soon slowly thrusting his cock ever deeper into Jonette's mouth.

I thought I heard a car door but ignored it as I was watching my finance get faced fucked by a near complete stranger. Jonette has been known to give a good blow job but not in the submissive position that Ben had placed her. She was a willing participant as she now had one hand between his legs fondling his balls and ass. He was quickening his pace of face fucking her with an occasional tit squeeze or nipple tweak. From my vantage point it looked like the full six inches of hard cock was pulsing in and out of Jonette's mouth.

As I watched Tony and Bret appeared on the patio startling Ben as they announce their return. The timing couldn't have been worse. The trigger had been pulled and Ben was cumming as he jerked back from being startled. His cock pulled from Jonette's mouth as the first stream of cum exploded. As several spurts erupted Jonette's chest was the landing spot for the hot creamy cum. She gasped for breath and laid in something of a stupor as her wet sweaty and cum splattered torso provided eye candy for the guys. She looked around as if to grab a cover but then simple collapsed, seeming to acknowledging it was way too late to be modest.

Ben grinned then said," I didn't expect you back this weekend." The guys roared in laughter but hadn't taken their eyes off Jonette's nude body. After a few moments Ben grabbed a towel for himself and Jonette slipped her nude body back into the hot tub. Ben introduced Jonette as a woman from the caterer who was here to "keep the client happy." She acknowledged their presence with an embarrassed smile. Ben continued by telling his buddies she had a very sweet pussy and gives a great blow job but still need to be fucked.

By now both Bret and Tony had grabbed a beer and were removing their clothes. Ben handed Jonette a fresh drink. Both guys were in good shape, Bret being tall and lean but sporting what looked like seven or eight inches of hard cock as he stripped off his briefs and climbed into the hot tub nude and with a full hard on. Tony was the shorter and stockier one and kept his briefs on as he climbed into the hot tub. The three chatted for several minutes. Jonette's bust line was just below the water level but no doubt very visible to the guys. I heard Jonette explain that the boss said do whatever the client wants this weekend and have fun. Her slight slur gave away her inebriated condition.

By now the guys were snuggly seated on both sides of her. Brent was the first to lean in and give her a kiss. She willingly accepted and things quickly heated up. Ben returned with another joint and passed it around. All four shared the joint but Brent and Tony seemed more interested in Jonette than the joint.

It was quite a sight with Jonette standing in the middle of the hot tub with one guy suckling on each tit while she inhaled the smoke. Ben watched from the sidelines as the guys quickly had Jonette squirming and breathing deeply. I wished I had a camera – never in a hundred years had I imagined Jonette nude in a hot tub entertaining three horny businessmen. I was working on my second erection of the night as the guys placed Jonette over the side of the hot tub with her chest on the deck and her ass exposed. Her shapely ass was a cock magnet. Tony was kissing and fondling her ass while Bret sat on the deck gently rubbing Jonette's back. Tony was working Jonette into a frenzy with his fingers in her pussy first then in her ass. Jonette was getting louder as she whimpered and moaned as Tony continued. Bret said, "I think she is ready for a good fucking now."

Jonette just panted, "Yes, yes." I had seldom seen her in such a sexual frenzy.

Tony repositioned her slightly so he could fuck her from behind. She was soaked and he slipped his bare cock in quickly. He grunted as he pushed in full depth planting what Jonette later guessed was another seven inches of thick cock deep in her pussy. He pounded her for several strokes then flipped her over tit side up and climbed out of the hot tub onto the deck to finish the job in the missionary position. By now Bret had his cock in hand and was feeding it to Jonette. It took them a few minutes to get their timing down but they were soon giving it to Jonette from both ends. Jonette seemed to be cumming repeatedly as they continued their assault. Neither guy lasted long. Bret had a somewhat juvenile "Bombs away" chant he used as he unloaded deep in Jonette's pussy. Tony pumped a few spurts deep in Jonette's throat then withdrew as Jonette struggled to swallow. Tony pumping the final streams on Jonette's tits as she gasped for breath still shaking from her last orgasm.

It was about 1am. Ben helped Jonette back into the hot tub to clean up and gave her a bottle of cool water. Bret and Tony rinsed off as well and complemented Jonette on how hot the sex had been. Since Bret and Tony had returned, Jonette had lost her bedroom and Ben informed her she was going to sleep with him. Jonette was exhausted and still feeling the effect of the joints, too much booze and lots of fucking. Ben helped her out of the tub, wrapped her in a towel and took her off to his room for the night.

The next morning about 10 Jonette got up and came to the kitchen where I was working. She kissed me passionately, said that was quite a party last night, and grabbed my cock. She asked me if I enjoyed knowing my fiancé fucked three men in one night. I told her I had watched the whole hot tub orgy and came twice as she was getting fucked by the dentists. As she released my now hardening cock she teased, "Remember it was your idea that I submit to a businessman for a weekend – and the weekend is only half over." "Your innocent little fiancé isn't quite so innocent anymore." As she gave me a final squeeze she said she would take care of this (referring to my cock) when we got back home on Monday.

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