tagFirst TimeBuddies Reunite Ch. 06

Buddies Reunite Ch. 06


In the time it took me to put away my plate and turn back to the pull-out couch, it happened again.

Marnie had managed to pull that granny gown over her head, flop down tummy first and pull her elbows against her ribs. I never heard her tell Bobby to turn away, which I found to be unusual.

"Get over here, Slacker," she said. "You get on one side and Bobby can get on the other."

Already sitting on the edge of the mattress, Bobby just lay back and slid alongside his sister.

As I walked over, slowly and frightened as could be, I noticed Bobby's towel had come loose. He was on his side, his arm bent at the elbow and his head propped up on his hand. His cock was lying against his thigh, soft but bigger than mine when hard. How depressing. By the time I crawled onto the bed, he was already brushing his fingers along her spine in long strokes from the base of her neck to nearly the top of her panties.

Despite being tight, one side was stretched over the bottom of her right cheek. Wow.

"Well, what are you doing slacker, taking notes," she said. "Get to work or you won't get a turn."

I couldn't even imagine her tickling me, not even my back. No girl had ever touched me in that intimate a way.

With Bobby working on her back, I brushed my fingertips ever so slightly on the hair at the top of her neck, just at her hairline. I felt her muscles tighten and she shuddered.

"Oh, my God," she said. "Slacker, I never felt anything like that. I am all goosebumps."

Encouraged and calmer, I did my best.

I slid the flat of my hand from the base of her neck and ran my fingers through her soft straight hair. I inhaled: Prell; I wondered if she had the big bottle with the pearl inside.

Inching down to the side of her neck, I tickled softly, teasing her ear.

She responded to our ministrations with quiet coos.

"You guys are killing me. This feels so good," she said. "And I thought you were a pair of idiots. It appears you do have some value."

I brushed my hand over the left side of her back, bumping Bobby's hand.

He did not respond, just moved to her side, tickling his way up from her rounded hip to her rib cage. When he got to her elbow, she moved her arm to the side. With new territory, Bobby ran his fingertips up to her underarm.

"Ooo, Oooo, you know that gets me," she scolded. "I'm so ticklish there."

"I'll stop, then," he said, feigning hurt.

"I didn't say it was bad," she responded. "I just said I was real ticklish there. Of course, you should know that."

"Yeah, I know," he quipped leaning back a bit.

I looked across Marne's back and there it was, hard as a rock and tight up against his stomach. Good thing she can't see, I thought.

"Hey, Slacker, you're loafing," she said.

I hadn't even realized that, staring at the spectacle before me, I had stopped.

"Do like Bobby, under my arm," she said.

Moving her elbow, I nearly fainted. There, inches away, was the swell of her breast, just a small portion of the side. I had seen pictures in the Stag magazine, but nothing like this, a real, live girl, in person, with part of her breast exposed, ever so slightly.

I stroked lightly under her arm, feeling the hint of hair. With Bobby and I doing it at the same time, she was rocking back and forth.

"Lower," she said.

I couldn't see what Bobby was doing, but I moved back to her rib cage.

"No, Slacker, not lower toward my legs, lower toward the bed."

I inhaled deeply, frozen in place. Lower toward the bed meant only one thing.

"Now! Now!" she implored. "Don't make me wait. Tickle now."

My had shaking violently, I touched my fingertips to the swell.

"Now you have it," she said. "That's perfect. Don't stop."

The skin was so smooth, soft but firm, if that's possible. Goosebumps, big ones, rose on the flesh."

She let out a moan.

"You two, your four hands, this is unbelievable," she said. "Slacker, do my legs. I want to feel this all over. Bobby, massage my shoulders."

What an invitation. I had never had the never had the nerve to even cop a feel of a girl's leg. Now one, a good-looking one, was asking me to do it."

When I rolled down to the end of the bed, I saw something shocking.

Bobby hitched up his towel, lifted up on his knees and swung his leg over the small of Marne's back. He leaned forward to place one hand on each of her shoulders and began to knead the muscles. And with each stroke, his butt came up a little and his balls, huge and covered with hair, were fully visible.

I wondered if she knew, if she felt them on her back.

Between moans, she called out to me.

"Slacker, are you doing my legs, or not?" she yelled. "This is my with dream -- all those hands -- you have to make it come true."

Concentrating, or at least trying, I was looking at her feet. They had been amazing me since she first came down the steps without socks. So small, half the size of mine, and a little pudgy, not bony like some girls. And her toes, so tiny that I wanted to touch them.

I reached out with the index finger of each hand and drew soft lines from her Achilles tendons to the tips of her middle toes. The soles of her feet were so soft.

"Geez, Oh, geez, Slacker, I never felt anything like that. Bobby, why didn't you ever tickle my feet?"

"Hell, I don't know," he grunted. "I tickled what you told me to tickle. What, is he better at this than me? He never even kissed a girl."

"You know what? He is. The Slacker is really tender, his touch is like a soft breeze across damp skin."

Wow, I didn't know I was that talented. I wondered what it felt like to be tickled by an expert like me.

I lifted her foot, bending her knee, and wrapped the fingers of both hands along her tootsie, completely surrounding it."

"Uh! Uh!" she said. "Don't stop. Do the other foot. No, stay on that one. I don't know what I want. I don't know if I can stand this."

I went back and forth from foot to foot, eliciting long sighs and soft, squeaky sounds. When I stated up Marne's calves, the muscles were tight.

For the first time in a half-hour I spoke.

"Calm down, it won't feel good if you're all tense," I said.

After a minute or two, she let he calf muscles go limp. But when I stroked the back of her knees, I saw the muscles in her bum tighten, and when I went higher, Marne bucked her hips and knocked Bobby onto the side of the bed.

"Holy shit," he said. "Calm down. Are you going nuts, or what?"

Now she was the one without words.

As I moved slowly up here thighs, she started to giggle and then softly sobbed. When I reached the tops and stroked the soft inside flesh, her hips began to rise and fall rapidly, she seemed to be pounding the bed.

I glanced over at Bobby, who had his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking as fast as he could.

And when I looked back at Marne's raised bum, I noticed a small wet spot on her panties. And the more I tickled, the larger it became.

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