tagFirst TimeBuddies Reunite Ch. 07

Buddies Reunite Ch. 07


In what seemed to be one move, Marnie pulled her knees up under her, sat up and spun around.

Facing me, sitting back so her bum was resting on her heels she seemed to be out of breath. She opened her mouth as if ready to speak, but then covered her it with one hand.

I was frozen, not knowing what to say or do. Bobby had even stopped stroking himself. He didn't let go of that massive thing, but was sitting completely still.

Marnie was shaking, tears running down her cheeks. Then she spoke, her words ragged, forced.

"Slacker," she said. "I ... want ... you to know. ... I want you to know -- I can't believe I'm saying this -- I'm not that kind of girl. But it's true. I'm not that kind of girl. I don't just go to bed with guys.

"I've never done 'IT' with any guy. I mean, I touch myself, everybody does, even if they say they don't. I tickle with Bobby, but he's the only one ... until you. I have never gone all the way."

I looked her her and then at Bobby. He was just shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders.

I looked back and her arms were crossed over her chest, pushing those globes together making them look bigger through her granny gown. With the scoop neck, she was showing cleavage. I was going to say something, but I didn't know what to say, so I just sat there.

"Slacker," I have never felt anything like when both of you were tickling me at once. And you are really good at it. I am so hot right now that it can't stop with tickling. I want to feel something more, something better.

"Geeze, Louise, Slacker. I want to do it."

"Wait a minute," Bobby said, but she cut him off.

"Bobby, I saw when you guys were tickling; he isn't that big. It'll be perfect for the first time; probably won't even break my cherry.

"What are you Slacker, about four inches?"

Ouch! four inches!

"No," I said, obviously hurt. "I'm five. Stag magazine says that's average."

"I'm not saying it's bad or too small," she said. "I just think it will be the perfect size for my first time. Hell, look at Bobby. Who would want that thing at any time? It's ridiculous.

"But no more talking. If I keep talking, I'll chicken out."

With that, she pulled the granny gown down over her shoulders and to her knees.

Marnie's breast were right there, right in front of me. Round, perfect, not too big but just perfect. Her nipples were small and pointy and a dark rose color.

I didn't have much time to ponder their beauty, because she lifted her butt of her feet and down came that panty, revealing a small patch of extremely dark hair, hair that appeared to be softer and straighter than I had expectected. It seemed to radiate out from the botton of the triangle.

Marnie quickly rolled over onto her back, pulled her knees to chest and pulled off the panty the rest of the way.

All this new stuff at the same time was making me woozy. Below the patch of hair was more hair, less of it, lightly lining the lips of - Oh, my, I thought - her VAGINA. And that hair was wet and matted. The lips were slightly open, and between them, the skin was dark, dark red.

"Slacker," she said. "You ever done this before?"

"No, I just tickled Bobby and, tonight, you."

I tore my eyes away from her hips and up to Marnie's face. Her eyes were so wide open and she was rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

"Well, tonight's the night," she said. "Get those shorts of and put it in."

She put her legs out straight and slightly spread.

Now, I was shaking.

So badly so that I couldn't unbutton my jean shorts. I was fumbling away when, all of a sudden, I was flying off the edge of the bed -- thanks to a brutal forearm from Bobby.

"No," he shouted. "This ain't gonna happen. "We have a deal."

"What deal?" I asked, rubbing the sore spot on my shoulder. "We don't have a deal."

"Marnie and me; we have a deal," he said, towering over me. "We made a deal a long time ago. Neither of us would go all the way 'til we got married. She was going to be a virgin for her husband and I was going to be one for my wife.

"Until then, it would only be touching. We would touch each other to keep us from doing it all the way with other people."

"Hey, I know you've touched other girls, and you said there was oral, too," I said.

"The oral was bragging. I know I touched other girls against the deal, but that's all. Just touching," he said.

"Ok. Ok," I said. "You didn't have to knock me down. All you had to do was tell me. I wouldn't have done it. Jeeze, I couldn't even get my pants off."

"Hey!" came a high-pitched voice from the bed. "Don't I have something to say about this?"

"No, you don't," Bobby said. "A deal's a deal."

"Go to hell," she said. "You broke the deal with your little friends, and even with the Slacker."

"Maybe with those girls," Bobby said, "But not with him. We just tickled. Backs, chests,legs, arms, that kind of stuff."

"Maybe you don't have to touch other places for it to count," she said. "I watched you two tonight, and a couple of other times, too. You both get real hard when you tickle, rub around the edges of the underwear. Bobby, you cock came out of your underwear with him tonight. He didn't stop, and you didn't stop him.

"You went to take a shower after; did you stroke it off in there? Slacker, have you ever gotten off in the bathroom after tickling with Bobby?"

Neither of us answered, but I knew I was had, and Bobby probably knew he was, too.

So, c'mon Slacker, the deal's off and I want to get off.

Gathering together all of my nerve, and knowing I probably was nuts for passing up the chance of a lifetime, I said, "Wait a minute."

"Maybe the deal is a good thing," I said. "Maybe you'll both be better off staying virgins, technically, especially Marnie."

"You can just keep on tickling. I'll leave."

"Yeah," Bobby said. "The deal's good."

"No way," Marnie said. "If Bobby was allowed to break the deal 'just a little' with those other girls, then I get to try something new."

"Like what?" Bobby asked.

"I want the Slacker to lick me," she said. "My roommate at school says its better than going all the way. Maybe you can lick a little, if you're good."

"Uh uh," Bobby countered. "There was nothing in the deal about licking. I'm against it."

"That's not true," Marnie said, smiling a tight, little smile. "Remember what I told you when you became an apprentice?"

Bobby's eye got really, really wide and his jaw dropped.

"Yeah," he said. "You told me you'd suck me when I made journeyman. That's going to be a while though; a long time."

"So, the deal's broken a little. We'll break it a little more, and everyone will be happy," Marnie said. "I get mine, and you get what you've been wanting forever."

Are you sure?" Bobby asked. "Will you really do it?"

"I'll tell you what, not only will I do it, I'll bet the Slacker would be willing to help."

"Hold on," I said. "I ... ."

"Well, let's just say maybe for the Slacker," she said. "But I think he will. I've seen the way he looks at your cock, Bobby. It amazes him. It amazes me. I've always wanted to suck it, and I don't think he will be able to resist.

"The Slacker deserves something out of this too. Bobby, if he helps me do you, you can help me do him."

"Not me," Bobby said. "I only like girls."

"Ahhh, I see," Marnie said. "But let's just say maybe about that, too. I've seen the way you look at his little peanut."

"Say what you want," I thought to myself. "I will be happy, more than happy, to do anything to Marnie. "She'll have to handle Bobby on her own. I don't do that."

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