tagIncest/TabooBuddy Suck Ch. 03

Buddy Suck Ch. 03


"John, Chuck I'm Home," I heard my mom call.

"Mom!" I yelled as I ran to meet her.

"Where's your Dad?" Mom asked.

"He was called to work early today," I said as I hugged mom and squeezed her ass.

"It's good to be home, the trip was nice, but nothing beats being home," Mom said as she hugged me.

"Anything I can get you Mom?" I asked.

"Yes dear, a Tube Stake would be nice," mom said licking her lips.

"Coming up," I said with a smile as I dropped my pants.

"Oh, Mmm!" Mom moaned as she took my cock in her mouth; she sucked on my head then the shaft, she looked up at me squeezed my balls, and then started sucking harder.

"Mmm! Cathy will be happy your home," I moaned.

"I missed her pussy; it's best filled with your seed," Mom said as she jacked me, then went back to sucking me.

"I have been fucking Don," I moaned "and Mrs. Hoover."

"You're such a little slut" mom said "Fuck my ass," mom added as she pulled down her pants.

"Mmmm!" I moaned as I stuck my cock up her ass, then I grab her tits and started fucking her.

"Who's my bitch? Who's my bitch?" I asked mom.

"I am son, I am," mom moaned as she rocked her ass back and forth while I fuck it, my cock was sliding in and out of her ass.

"I need Cathy's pussy!" mom begged.

"No I want you to eat Mrs. Hoovers pussy" I moaned as I started to fuck mom faster.

"Is she your new bitch?" Mom moaned.

"No she my fuck toy you're my only bitch" I moaned.

"May I clean your seed from her pussy," mom begged.

"Yes from both holes," I hollered as I planted my seed deep in mom's ass.

"Yes! Yes!" Mom yelled as we collapsed on the floor, my cock still buried deep in her ass.

Later that day I invited Mrs. Hoover over, well, more like ordered my slut over; when she came over she knocked on the door.

"Come on in Slut" I ordered, Mrs. Hoover entered the house.

"How may I please you?" Mrs. Hoover asked.

"Take off your close and get on your knees," I ordered, she did as she told. I walked up to her, "Suck!" I ordered, she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.

"That's a good slut," I moaned as mom came out of hiding place and walked up behind Mrs. Hoover wearing her big thick dildo.

"Say hello to my Bitch," I said, Mrs. Hoover looked at me strangely.

"Ahhh!" Mrs. Hoover yelled as mom rammed her strap-on up Mrs. Hoover's ass.

"Can she be my slut to?" Mom asked.

"No! She is your Bitch when I'm not using her!" I yelled.

"Oh thank you Master," mom moaned, as she fucked Mrs. Hoover's ass, I stepped away and watched.

"No! Please Stop! It's too big!" Mrs. Hoover cried.

"I will stop when I want Bitch," Mom hollered as she slid the strap-on in and out of Mrs. Hoover's ass.

"You will do as I say," Mom ordered as she grabbed Mrs. Hoover's Tits, Mrs. Hoover cried more.

"Bark! Bark! Like the Bitch Dog you are," Mom ordered.

"Never! Never! You whore!" Mrs. Hoover yelled and started struggling; I grabbed and held her down.

"Bitch I own you," Mom yelled as she pulled the strap-on out and then slammed it in with all her might, and she did it over and over.

"Ahhhh! Stop!" Mrs. Hoover screamed in pain with each trust.

"Do as I say," Mom ordered continuing her trusts.

"Roaf! Roaf! Roaf!" Mrs. Hoover started barking like a dog.

"Good bitch," Mom said as she fucked Mrs. Hoover's ass easier "Master look," Mom said I walk behind Mrs. Hoover her asshole was spread wide.

"That's enough Bitch," I ordered.

"Yes Master," Mom replied as she removed the strap-on from Mrs. Hoover's ass.

Standing behind Mrs. Hoover I jerk my cock "Ahhh! Ahhh!" I moan as I shoot my wad into Mrs. Hoover's gapping ass, three full shoots.

"Bitch clean her out," I ordered.

"Yes Master," Mom replied as she got on her knees and sucked my cum from Mrs. Hoover's ass.

"Mmmm!" Mrs. Hoover moaned trough her sniffles.

"Now slut you will do as I say or as Mrs. Thomson says," I said to Mrs. Hoover.

She looked up at me "Yes Master," then she looked back at Mom "Yes Mistress."

"Good suck it clean," Mom ordered, Mrs. Hoover opened her mouth and swallowed the strap-on; she started sucking it, her face cringed from the taste of her shit but she did as she was told.

"You may retune Home now," I told Mrs. Hoover, she got up and dressed, her ass still sore from the ass rape she'd just received, and she headed home.

"Did you enjoy it master?" Mom asked.

"Very much bitch, you may wear a robe only," I said as I went to my room.

In my room I called Cathy and told her that my mom was home, Cathy got excited and said she'd be right over. About five minutes later Cathy arrived.

"Hello Mrs. Thompson," Cathy said with a smile.

"Mistress," Mom replied.

Cathy walked up to mom and lifted her skirt, "Eat my pussy," she ordered.

"Yes Mistress," Mom said as she buried her face in Cathy's cunt.

"I have missed your tongue Bitch," Cathy moaned, as mom sucked on her clit.

"Mom has made your mom her Bitch," I said as I started rubbing Cathy's ass.

"How did she do it?" Cathy moaned.

"Mom raped her ass," I said as I slid my cock into Cathy's ass.

"Good," Cathy moaned.

"Yes! Bitch Yes Bitch!" Cathy moaned as she has an orgasmed, mom hungrily licked up every drop.

"Ahhh!" I moaned and shot my wad up Cathy's ass. I then pulled my cock from her.

"Clean it bitch," I order mom. She sucked my cock clean.

"Clean it Bitch," Cathy ordered as she stuck her ass in mom's face, mom wasted no time sucking the cum from Cathy's ass.

"Did I please my Master and Mistress?" Mom asked after she was done.

"Yes, yes you did," we said.

"Where's the Bastard?" Cathy asked.

"He had to work early today," I replied.

Cathy said, "So long," and headed home.

"Put on your tool," I ordered Mom, she did as she was told.

"Oh Master," Mom moaned as she held my legs over my head and started fucking my ass.

"Harder Bitch!" I moaned, the sound of Mom's body smacking against mine picked up pace.

"Master I love you," Mom said as she fucked me.

"You're a good Bitch," I moaned, as I watched my mom's tits sway each time she rammed me.

"Yes Master, Yes," Mom moaned as she has an orgasm from fucking me.

"Ahhhh Bitch!" I moaned as I came on my chest and face, Mom pulled out with a pop, and slid up to my face and licked my cum off, she then scooped the cum off my chest and rubs it on the Strap-on.

"Master," mom said with a smile.

"Mmmm," I moaned as I rolled mom on her back and sucked her strap-on, I cleaned it off all my cum and shit.

We fall asleep in each others arms.

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