tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBuffy: The End Of The World (again)

Buffy: The End Of The World (again)


Warning to readers: This is a story based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe. I have included some background, but obviously including all would be a little difficult. Be wary if you have never seen the show before and don’t know the basic premise.

I hope you like this story. Please remember to vote and send feedback when you’ve finished; the more you send me feedback, the more I tend to write. If you like this story, then try reading Seducing Dawn or Faeophobia: Sarah Meets Satyr.

As always a big GBHLCS to WildSweetOne, whose editing work was divine. A huge thanks to Perdita as well, whose knowledge and attention to Buffy detail helped a hell of a lot. Thank you both.

Chapter 1:

“So what’s the Big Bad?” Buffy took a sip from her can of coke and walked over to Willow who was almost hidden behind the gigantic pile of books in front of her.

“No Big Bad. Just some personal stuff.”

Buffy picked up one of the books and examined the spine. “Advanced Pleasure Through Magic: Orgasm Intensification Spells. Willow! I always thought you were too innocent for this kind of stuff.”

Willow blushed. “Well I don’t usually use my magic for that, because you know that’d be wrong and selfish, even though it’d be fun, but it’s not something which I’d normally look into, because I am, like you say, far too innocent, but Tara showed me how to do some things and I thought that it’d be nice to look into, not that I’d ever do any of this stuff... Aren’t you supposed to stop me when I start talking without breathing?”

Buffy smirked at her friend’s discomfiture. “Don’t stress Willow. You and Tara are allowed to get up to whatever dirty depraved things you want in the privacy of your own bedroom.”

“I’ll just go and hide in the corner now.”

“You will not believe what I have just had to deal with at school today!” The door slammed as Dawn swept into the shop, her complaints preceding her arrival. She dropped into the nearest chair, flicking her long silky hair over her shoulder with one hand. “First of all there was this boy…” Her voice trailed off as she noticed the pile of books that Willow was valiantly trying to hide behind. “Willow, what are you researching?”

“How to disappear into the floor?”

Buffy interjected, before Dawn could ask any more questions. “What about this boy, Dawn?”

“Doesn’t matter. I lost my train of tantrum already.” Dawn’s hand stretched out and took Buffy’s coke. “So why are you researching orgasm intensification Willow?”


“Oh come on Buffy, it’s not like I don’t know about sex. I’m eighteen, not stupid.” Dawn sipped at her drink. “Besides, it’s fun watching Willow squirm.”

Willow sat up in her chair. “Nope, I’ve decided. I’m not going to be ashamed. This is legitimate research of a possible Hellmouth thingy.”

Dawn picked up one of the books and started leafing through it. “So we need to be prepared for invisible dildos and magical handcuffs, do we?”

Willow snatched the book back. “It’s research on the Venal Alignment.”

“And that is?” Buffy asked.

“Apart from a chance to get snuggly with people? It’s a huge astrological thing when the Sun, the Earth and Venus all line up together. According to what I know, it only happens once every 600 years.”

Buffy hopped up onto the shop counter. “So what does this Venal Alignment do then?”

“It’s a little vague. The only thing I’ve been able to find out for certain is that it acts as one huge worldwide aphrodisiac while it’s going. And there’s a whole bunch of mystical energy going around, so you’d better be on the lookout for just about anything.”

“Great,” Buffy sighed. “When does it start?”

“Some time tonight. And it lasts for 3 days so it’ll finish Sunday.”

“We need research then, so that we know what we’re looking for.” Buffy hopped off the counter and intercepted Dawn who was walking towards the bookshelves. “No, not you.”


“You need to revise for your exams. Willow can deal with this. Right Will?”

Dawn flung her arms in the air and flounced out of the shop, the door slamming behind her. Buffy sighed; she was never going to get used to playing Mom for her little sister.

Willow bit her lip nervously. “Buffy, there’s no actual point in researching it. There’s a hundred thousand things that could turn up. We can’t tell which, if any of them, will actually appear. We’re just going to have to deal after the event.”

Buffy waved a hand at the books. “So why the heavy literature? Are you and Tara hitting [i]those[/i] books tonight?”

“And now we go back to hiding in the corner.”

Buffy smiled at Willow’s embarrassment. “S’okay Will. No need to trash your special evening. I’ll be able to deal with whatever.”

Chapter 2:

Buffy walked through the cemetery, her axe dragging along the ground. None of the evil demons that populated Sunnydale seemed to be in the mood to fight her tonight. This was generally a good thing, but Buffy couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with tonight.

She’d been feeling weird all evening. Every one of her senses was at red-alert; everything was so much sharper. The feel of denim against her legs, the smell of the air, the wind whispering through the trees. Her entire body tingled, as though someone was running a soft brush all over her skin.

Suddenly Buffy spun, swinging the axe with one hand to whirl on the figure behind her. A hand gripped her wrist, and she reflexively kicked out, her foot connecting with the shadowy figure’s head.

“Bloody hell! Can’t you just say hello?”

Buffy relaxed as she recognised Spike’s voice. “Can’t you just leave me alone?”

Spike stepped out of the shadows and lit a cigarette. The moonlight played across his skin, dancing over his chiselled jawline and highlighting his blond hair. “Oh come on Slayer, you don’t really want that. Especially not after what we did the last time you came sniffing round my crypt.”

“What I really want is for you to leave me the hell alone. Get over your crush.”

“Every time, the same old spiel. ‘I couldn’t love you, you mean nothing, leave me alone.’ And yet we still end up fucking. Every time. Tell me, how come you claim to despise me, yet every time I turn around you’re there, looking for sex?”

Buffy snorted with derision. “That’s insane. You’re an evil vampire. Plus you’re really not as attractive as you think you are. The only reason I haven’t staked you yet is pity.” She turned to walk away.

Spike grabbed her arm and pulled her back. “Buffy! I love you.”

“No you don’t. You’re not a man; you’re just a monster with a leash on him.” Buffy pulled her arm free and walked away, trying to ignore the feelings dragging her back.


Willow opened her eyes to see Tara leaning over her. A smile spread across her face and she lifted her head to kiss her girlfriend. “Hey you. What time is it?”

Tara glanced at her watch. “Uh, about half eleven. Sorry I wasn’t home earlier sweetie. Did I ruin dinner?”

Willow suddenly shot up out of the chair. “Dinner!”

The kitchen was full of smoke and the dinner was long since charred beyond recognition. Willow pulled out the blackened remains and offered them to Tara. “Ta-da?” she asked uncertainly.

Tara laughed. “It’s okay sweetie. I wasn’t hungry anyway. Not for food at least.”

Willow shoved the blackened plate onto the worktop and pulled Tara close. Their lips met and Willow thrilled in the sparkle of electricity that ran through her body. It seemed like every sense was alive as never before. Her hands grasped at Tara, as if scared that she might slip through her fingers. She could feel Tara caress her, palms sliding over the silk of her blouse to move onto her breasts. Willow shuddered as Tara’s expert hands played with her, her nipples stiffening at the touch.

Dawn threw the textbook away and flopped back onto the bed. This was pointless; she wasn’t going to learn anything tonight. She’d been staring at the same page for fifteen minutes without reading a single word.

She couldn’t stop thinking about her rejection by Carlo earlier that day. What was wrong with her? Dawn slid off the bed and walked over to the full-length mirror in the corner of her room. She thought she looked fairly attractive; long hair surrounding elfin features with a tall, slender body. Yet boys didn’t seem to be able to get away from her quickly enough.

Dawn posed in front of the mirror, cupping her breasts to try and make them appear fuller. No pose gave her the drop-dead gorgeous look that she wanted. She sat back down on the bed, dejected. It wasn’t fair. All of her friends pulled boys on a regular basis. Why couldn’t she do it?

It was made all the worse by the fact that she knew everyone else was having sex tonight. Anya and Xander were on holiday together in Barbados and Tara and Willow were having a ‘special’ night alone. The only other person who wasn’t fucking tonight was Buffy.

Buffy slammed into the wall, pulling Spike back with her. They kissed again, their lips pressing together as they groped furiously at each other. Spike’s hands tore at Buffy’s blouse, ripping it away from her body while her hands fumbled with his leather trousers. She yelped as Spike’s face changed, turning from chiselled blond into vampire, and his grip on her body tightened. He kissed her again, his teeth sinking into her lip and she ran her hands over the contorted muscles of his face. With a sudden growl he ripped her jeans away as though they were nothing, tossing the ruined clothes to the corner.

They slammed into the wall again and Buffy gasped as she felt Spike’s mouth at her neck. She reached up above her head and found a grip on the rock wall as Spike slid down her body and began to pay attention to her pussy.

Tara lay back on the table, her wrists pinned above her head by Willow’s hand. Willow watched her, loving the noise of her lover’s heavy breathing. With an arcane hand motion, ropes appeared from nowhere, fastening around Tara’s arms, binding her to the table. Tara gasped at the rough touch of the rope and Willow smiled as she moved her hands onto her girlfriend’s heaving breasts.

Willow moved her lips to Tara’s ear. “Do you feel that?” she murmured.

“The alignment.”

“Mmm.” An involuntary moan escaped from Willow as the energies of the alignment filled her body. She started to speak, harsh Latin phrases echoing around the kitchen as she incanted the first of the spells she’d memorised earlier that day.

Dawn sat on her beanbag in front of the mirror, admiring her naked body. It looked sexier somehow, as though something had changed. She ran her hands over her skin and shivered at the sensations it evoked. Her fingers lingered on her breast, squeezing gently, then toying with the nipple. Dawn gasped, feeling her aureolae crinkle as her nipples hardened in her palm.

She watched as her image in the mirror moved its hand down her body. It brushed over her belly before moving between her legs, a fingertip brushing against her labia. Dawn’s breathing caught with every movement, her body racked with the sensations of each brief feather touch.

Tara gasped, her breathing hitching as she felt Willow slide between her legs. She writhed on the table, pulling against the bonds that secured her hands and feet, trying to gather enough slack to move her pussy onto her girlfriend’s mouth. Willow paused, holding herself just inches from Tara’s pussy, allowing her breath to play across it. With the spells she’d cast, even that small sensation would soon have Tara moaning.

Tara whimpered, the sound leaking from her mouth as the frustration overwhelmed her. Willow trailed one finger along the smooth skin of Tara’s thigh, smiling as her girlfriend shuddered, before moving it over her pussy. Willow lowered her head to Tara’s folds and began to lick.

The feeling of Willow’s tongue was mindblowing and Tara arched her back, trying to force more of her pussy into her girlfriend’s mouth. She could feel herself getting more and more excited by Willow’s slow, deliberate touches, the frustration between each movement increasing the flush of pleasure. She groaned, feeling the throbbing ecstasy inside reach a new peak with each touch.

Willow spoke, the guttural Latin muffled by her attentions to her girlfriend’s pussy. A rush of heat flooded through Tara’s body and she screamed out Willow’s name as it overwhelmed her. Every muscle tensed and she collapsed into the pulsating rapture emanating from her pussy.

Buffy closed her eyes and moaned as Spike entered her. Her hands grasped at the shelf of rock and she felt him slide his hands under her thighs to support her while spreading her legs further. She whimpered as he began thrusting, her entire body concentrating on the sensations that he was evoking.

Spike moved one hand and roughly caressed her breast, enjoying the feeling of control. She moaned again as he ground his hips into hers and the sound was nearly enough to drive him over the edge. Spike’d never seen Buffy like this before; she was like a wild animal.

His hand moved lower, grazing over Buffy’s flat belly to touch her pussy. A heat built up inside her body and every muscle tensed as it grew hotter and harder to contain. Then his fingers touched her clit and Buffy screamed, all of her passion exploding from her in one wordless cry as her pleasure hit a new peak, wave after wave of ecstasy swamping her body.

Spike groaned as he felt Buffy vice around him. Sparks exploded behind his eyes and he thrust harder into her, his entire body shuddering as he came.

Dawn’s finger traced the outline of her quim, revelling in the sensations she was causing. She spread her legs and watched in the mirror as one finger slid inside her. She moaned as rush of sensation whipped at her senses.

Her hand unconsciously squeezed her breast, causing another flash of pleasure to run through her body. Dawn shuddered and moved her fingers up to toy with her clit, circling all around it, brushing against it before moving away. Her clit was so sensitive that it was almost painful to touch; it was as though all of her senses had been amplified by two or three times.

Dawn’s hips had begun to move in synchronisation with her hand, grinding with every motion. She whimpered, watching herself in the mirror as her fingers made direct contact with her clit. The initial sensation was so intense that she almost cried out in pain and she shuddered as the arousal overwhelmed it. Every breath was coming in short sharp pants and her skin gleamed with a thin coating of sweat. Dawn could feel her arousal building inside her, growing, then declining before swelling to a new peak of ecstasy. Each touch brought a new high, wave after wave overlapping until it all became one huge tsunami of pleasure, crashing over her body. Dawn cried out, a wordless moan of pleasure as her orgasm racked her body, every inch of her thrilling with the feelings.

The ruins of Sunnydale High were completely still. No creatures had ever taken refuge in the shattered shell of a building and few humans ventured there. No-one wanted to go too close to the Hellmouth.

But now, something was stirring. Something far beneath the ruins. The earth began to rumble, a low throaty growl from deep underneath the surface. The ground shook, rattling what was left of the old school. Beams crashed down from what was left of the roof, knocking down walls as the building collapsed further into itself.

Something rose, clambering out of the Hellmouth. It paused for a second, taking stock of the wave of sexual energy that had called it and then began to change.

All around Sunnydale, people were cumming, their libidos amplified by the powers of the Alignment. And above the Hellmouth, something in the shape of a man began walking towards the centre of town.

Part 2 will follow at some point. Suggestions, criticism, flattery and marriage proposals all gratefully accepted at the link below. Don’t forget to vote.

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