tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Sexydale 04

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Sexydale 04


Xander heard the car stop, then the door open and the tap-tap of Cordelia's heels as they came around to his side of the car and opened it. She smelled faintly of gin and perfume and arousal, her excitement beaming through space no matter how cool and laconic she tried to be. Xander tried to recall how she'd looked before the blindfold had gone on—her miniskirt was very mini, while the rest of her dress was filled to capacity with good things, very good things—but that sent confusing signals to his groin, as his balls were insisting he should be worried under the circumstances.

"Okay, sorry baby, but now the earmuffs have to go on," Cordelia said, her voice only partially leavened by sarcasm.

"What kind of surprise could it be that it gets ruined if I know where you've driven me, what it looks like, or what it sounds like?"

He felt Cordelia grip the earmuffs around his neck. "I don't have much respect for your attention span, Harris, but I still think that if I told you, it just might ruin the surprise."

"Well, if you're going to be mean, just put the earmuffs on already and—" She did. "Hey, I can still talk! I just can't hear you! I—whoa." Grabbing him by the lapels, she pulled him around roughly, and it took some coordination to avoid falling on his face as he disembarked Cordelia's car. At least this way, he wouldn't see the vanity plates again: DADLILGIRL.

As Cordelia led him, blind and deaf, to whatever her big surprise was, Xander strove once more to understand his life. Having sex with Willow and Cordelia, much less both at once, seemed entirely unbelievable, but then, so did getting to first base with Cordelia, getting to the batter's box with Cordelia. And he had gone over that in his head enough times to convince himself that buying the brand of mouthwash Cordelia liked, specifically so he could suck on her tongue more, was no sign of brain cancer.

So, where did that leave the Harris Luck, as he thought of it? Because he had almost sort of convinced himself that it fit that the love of his life (or whatever the hell you wanted to call it) was Cordelia Chase, being that he couldn't stand her and they weren't even having sex and he was already preparing for the whole thing to implode in some way directly proportional to his social standing.

But Cordelia was actually being a bit nicer now that they were regularly having sex—he'd noticed his own resentment of Angel cooling off massively—and Willow, of course, couldn't not be nice. Having sex with her was like finding some awesome videogame they could play together, this amazing thing to do together where they could bring their friendship to the table with them. Not that a certain lack of friendship with Cordelia made the sex with her any less spectacular... it was actually getting kinda hot, how they resented each other some, but worked it out through violent orgasms. As long as they didn't try to bring a human life into the world, it almost seemed like a healthy relationship.

Which made him wonder what was about to go sour that merited a blindfold and earmuffs. Was Willow waiting for him? How could that be bad? How could that be a surprise? Maybe she had a strap-on. Maybe Cordelia had a strap-on too.

Xander flared his nostrils, trying very hard to sniff for lube...

Cordelia stopped him suddenly, pulling his earmuffs off. "What are you doing?" she sighed, indicating that whatever the answer was, it would be unsatisfactory. "Here's your reward for being a good double boyfriend, loser," she told him, so unable to keep the fondness out of her voice that he could just picture her irritatingly endearing smile, all smug and cute...

She took off his blindfold.

Xander gasped in shock as he caught sight of Buffy massaging Willow's body. At first Xander was too shocked to do anything except stare in astonished fascination. He could feel his limp cock all at once deciding not just to stir, but to grow to outrageous proportions. He rubbed his hard, long cock quietly and stared harder, sweat birthing on his forehead.

Buffy rolled Willow over on her back gently, noticing that Willow didn't protest one bit. Willow seemed perfectly content to let Buffy do anything she wanted to her. Buffy placed her hands on Willow's beautiful, lush breasts, so enticing in their perky petiteness. Then she massaged and kneaded the delicate flesh. Willow moaned in delight. Buffy's fingers felt like feathers, brushing over her hot nipples with light, wonderful touches.

"Oooooooh," she moaned softly, moving her hips instinctively.

She was lost in a dream of sensuous feeling. She wanted Buffy to go on and on, rubbing her whole body with those clever hands, making her float in their titillating delights.

Xander could scarcely contain himself. He had never seen anything that made him so horny! The afternoon sun shimmered and glinted on Buffy's beautiful body, bathing her in a warm golden glow. She looked almost like a goddess, she was so beautiful. Her expression was one of complete rapture. Xander longed to touch her gilded body and have that delicate, peaceful expression on her pretty face replaced with lust.

He slipped his hand to his huge, protruding cock and silently unzipped his pants. He let his massive shaft burst free to throb and pulse in the warm, still afternoon air. He made up his mind to stay right there and not move a muscle, waiting for the girls to really get it on. He didn't want to join in until they were as aroused as he was.


Cordelia knelt by the side of the bed and opened her bottom dresser drawer. She groped around until her hand felt a familiar object.

"Well, at least I've still got this!" she muttered, drawing out a small, hard plastic vibrator.

As she sat down on a chair in the corner, she considered closing the nearest window, then gave a slight giggle. She'd be damned if she hid in the dark! It would serve Xander right if he happened to look her way and see her playing with her own pussy. Maybe he'd get the idea that a big hard-on like that didn't have to go to waste just because he was letting Willow and Buffy have their fun.

Cordelia thought of the way she had used to go to bed with her other 'boyfriends'. Only interested in getting on, getting off, and getting to sleep. Xander took the time to fuck her properly, licking her pretty pink nipples and playing with her large, firm breasts until she was desperate to be fucked. He got her so horny that she would be screaming for the cock by the time he finally stuck his stiff prick inside her.

This was okay payback. No guy would dare interrupt something as beautiful as the blonde bombshell and his Manic Pixie Dream Girl getting it on, but he wouldn't waste the erection they gave him on a few quick strokes of his hand either. Already, she could hear him whimpering, wanting to join in but not willing to disturb them.

Thank fuck I'm multiorgasmic, Cordelia thought, turning her vibrator on.

She wondered if Xander knew that she'd named it Wesley.


Buffy ran her smoothly stroking hands down Willow's sweat-glistened body, rubbing and stroking gently. She massaged Willow's waist and hips with flowing skill until Willow was quivering and shaking with delight.

"You know you're beautiful, right?" Buffy whispered, letting her hands travel even lower. They were headed straight towards Willow's fluffy red pubis and Willow caught her breath in suspense and anticipation. "You definitely don't know you're beautiful enough."

Shit! The hands had passed by her aching pussy! Willow trembled with suppressed frustration. She wanted Buffy's hands on her pussy, twining in and out of her scarlet hair, touching her most private parts with those same light, fleeting touches that had felt so good everywhere else.

Buffy knew just what she was doing. She passed Willow's waiting cunt purposefully, without touching, concentrating on every part of Willow's body except her quivering mound. She heard Willow gasp as her hands slid to her thighs, missing completely that one part of her body that ached for her light, provocative touch.

Xander watched with undivided attention. He knew exactly what Buffy was doing now. He had done it many times himself when he wanted to annoy Cordy, which was often. Buffy was purposely avoiding any real sexual caress, heightening the sensations in Willow's throbbing cunt, making her body beg for touches on her beautiful pussy, driving Willow out of her mind with lust! He gripped his long, aching cock tightly and watched like his life depended on it

Willow's pussy felt like it was burning up! She could scarcely stand it. She knew now that she wanted Buffy's gentle, skillful fingers on her cunt more than she'd ever wanted anything in her life!

Buffy knew what sort of quandary Willow was going through. She wasn't about to make it easier for her horny bestie, though. If Willow wanted to be touched down there, she was going to have to ask for it!

Willow swallowed with difficulty. She wanted Buffy's hands on her pussy so badly, she didn't know if she could stand it another moment without screaming in agony. Surely Buffy could read her mind and she wouldn't have to say the words that would cause her so much embarrassment!

Buffy gave a small, secret smile of satisfaction as she continued to stroke and pet Willow's body. She knew full well what was going on in her friend's mind and in her body. She let Willow build up to the point of no return, waiting patiently for the words that would let her do what she wanted to do to Willow's lovely body!


Cordelia added her fingers to the mix, entering herself as she kept the vibrator going on her clit. Her fingertip was quickly soaked with warm cream, and she could feel her tiny clit swelling and going stiff under her the vibrator's massage. The little stone began to throb heavily as she massaged it, swirling her vibrator around and around its rigidness. Her pleasure mounted rapidly, till she was quivering and moaning steadily.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed, "mmmmm, yesss!"

Hot juice kept pouring from her clenched cunt. Soaking the crotch of her panties and drenching her swirling fingertip. She'd noticed that whenever she got the urge to play with herself, her sex would start creaming helplessly. She didn't know just what that meant. But everyone seemed to love the taste of it.

Then again, why wouldn't they?


Finally Willow reached the pinnacle of passion. She had to be touched! If Buffy didn't touch her hot, throbbing pussy, she would die of frustration! Her pussy demanded the same kind of attention that Buffy was giving to the rest of her quivering body. She felt her sweet cunt swell and throb, begging for release.

"Please!" she cried softly. "I've never felt like this in my whole life! Please! I can't stand it! Touch me there, Buffy. Touch my pussy! PLEASE!"

Willow was completely out of her mind with the lustful feelings that had formed when Buffy's well-trained hands combined with gentle sweeping touches.

"PLEASE!" she shouted again, and gasped with delight as she felt Buffy's hands move up, closer and closer to her throbbing, pulsing sex.

Moving with a sureness born of being aware of exactly how horny Willow was for her—a wonderful bonus of Slayer senses-Buffy reached her goal and parted Willow's moist pink cunt-lips, not hiding her gasp of delight as she saw Willow's cunt spread out before her eager eyes. Willow's pussy was covered with frothy arousal and the smooth, satiny muscles were moving rhythmically, begging for her expert touches.

Buffy stared with fascination. She examined her lusty friend's cunt with her eyes only, not yet touching her horny flesh.

Willow could feel gush after gush of creamy need flood her clenching sex, and her whole body trembled in anticipation. Then, slowly, Buffy dipped one slim finger into Willow's delightfully hot pussy, running it lightly around the smooth outer folds. She touched every place with swift, light touches, softer than rose petals on Willow's hot, lusty flesh.

"AAAAAGH!" Willow groaned. She pushed her hips upward towards Buffy's stroking fingers. "Fuck me harder, Buffy! Please! HARDER!" she squealed.

She certainly wasn't shy about asking for what she wanted now, Buffy thought. "But I'm not even fucking you yet," she mused innocently, dumb-blonde-bewildered. Then, smiling to admit the joke, she eagerly complied with Willow's request.


Oh, I love this! Cordelia thought, her cunt starting its hot ache toward orgasm. While Buffy's on patrol I'll have her surprisingly slutty ginger all to myself. I'll keep Xander around too, he knows how to fuck. I need some real live prick. And when I've had enough of him, I'll pass him off to Buffy. Of course, I'll fuck her too, just so there's no hard feelings. Sure, a big thick pumping cock is nice, but I can have my fun both ways... and have fun watching, too.


Buffy touched the quivering girl harder and harder, paying particular attention to Willow's throbbing and pulsing clit, poking out needfully before her excited eyes. She could hardly wait to lick and suck that delicious little pebble into her hot, wet mouth. She knew that she could send Willow up to the heights of passion.

Xander couldn't believe his eyes! There was his number one crush, touching Willow's pretty pussy and he was afforded the chance to see every bit of it, right in a ringside seat! He felt his hard cock jerk and throb uncontrollably, begging and pleading for some kind of release. He grabbed his jerking tool and held it tightly, hoping that Buffy's head would lower and he would be allowed to see her wet, hot tongue tasting and licking Willow's beautiful tight pussy. He held his breath as Buffy moved her head towards Willow's throbbing and pulsing cunt.

Xander was not to be disappointed. Buffy's head came lower and lower towards Willow's burning slit, until her warm lips and tongue were only inches away from Willow's hot, pink slit.

"OOOOOOH!" Willow squealed, knowing exactly what Buffy was intending to do, and wanting to hasten the arrival of her hot tongue to where she was so eager for her attention.

"Yessss!" Willow moaned again, her voice low and husky. She pushed her hips upward towards Buffy's descending face. Then Buffy's eager tongue was in her wet, hot pussy! Buffy licked and traveled all around Willow's burning hot sex, slurping and savoring the taste of her excitement.

"Mmmmm! You taste so good!" Buffy murmured, rubbing her whole face in Willow's creaming snatch.

Willow could feel her excitement mounting higher and higher with each lick of Buffy's devouring tongue. Her whole body was sent quivering and she raised her hips up off the bed, rising towards Buffy's delightful probing tongue.

Finally, when the length of Willow's pussy was licked dry with her hot tongue, Buffy moved her attention higher. She headed straight towards the protruding bud of Willow's throbbing clit, running her tongue around in ever-widening circles, almost touching her pulsing clit, but not quite.

Willow moved her hips frantically, trying to capture Buffy's delightful tongue with her motions. She thrust her clit towards Buffy's tongue, trying in vain to force Buffy to touch her in that one heavenly spot aching for her lovely caresses.

"AAAAAAAAGH!" Willow squealed, her hips thrashing against the mattress. Her eyes were wide with lusty passion. "SUCK ME!" Willow screamed loudly. "PLEEEEEEEASE! SUCK MEEEEEEE!"

Buffy leaned back, staring hard at Willow's expression of lusty passion. Willow was definitely ready! She was totally out of her mind with lust! She trembled like a dandelion in a summer wind, hips thrashing and ass-cheeks scraping against the bed with wild abandon. She could hardly wait for the delightful descent of Buffy's hot, probing tongue.

Buffy smiled lewdly at her new lover, spread out beautifully before her. Willow was totally willing to obey her every command if only she would lick and suck her throbbing little clit. Buffy bet that Cordelia had never gotten Willow this horny!

Suddenly, Buffy's mouth came down, plunging forward. She buried her lips around Willow's prominent clit which was standing straight up, begging for her attention.

"OH, GOD!" Willow screamed as Buffy's tongue darted across her inflamed clitoris. "OH, GOD! DON'T STOP! PLEEEEEEASE!"

Willow pushed her pretty cunt upward again into Buffy's willing face. Her legs were trembling so hard it seemed as if an earthquake were shaking her whole body. She muttered little inaudible sounds as Buffy licked and sucked at her pulsing bud. She could feel her orgasmic cream flowing freely, filling her hot, burning pussy with the ample proof of her enjoyment. She strained upward even farther, grinding her whole pussy against Buffy's face, seeking Buffy's delightful mouth and probing tongue with her hard, burning clit.

Buffy brushed Willow's near-exploding clitoris with her teeth, nipping at the sensitive bud sharply. Just a touch of her teeth brought forth another squeal of passion from Willow and another flood of juices from her sex. Then Buffy sucked Willow's little pebble into the furnace of her mouth, rubbing and licking it with her tongue and teeth. She squeezed down gently with her wet, hot lips and rolled it around like a pretty little marble.


Buffy felt Willow begin to shudder with rhythmic contractions. Willow's hands were in her hair, winding in and out of the long strands, pulling at it like it was a rope, forcing Buffy downward, downward into the greatest need Willow had ever known. Downward to almost drown in the delightful tasting cream of her wonderful pleasure!

Suddenly Xander couldn't stand to just watch any more. His cock lunged upward with a fierce jerk and he pushed desperately forward, groaning with passion. He didn't care about the beautiful dance he was observing! He didn't care about watching to see what would happen between his friend with benefits and his best friend! All he cared about was his hard, aching cock and being able to bury it in one or both of the beautiful pussies he saw before him! The floorboards creaked under his weight, announcing him like a bellow.

Willow and Buffy stopped dead. Their heads turned. They smiled, and it was hard to tell whose was wider.

"Oh shit," Xander said automatically, stuffing his cock back into his pants and closing his fly so fast it was a miracle he didn't injure himself. What was he thinking, seeing Buffy and Willow having it on, then watching them like a voyeur, then thinking he could just join in even if he and Willow had kissed, well done more than kiss, Jesus, they had fucked-

"Xander!" Buffy chuckled gleefully, trying to catch her breath. "I thought you were running late. Enjoying the show?"

Willow gazed at her friend in surprise. "I was!" she whispered.

Buffy laughed all the harder. "You'll enjoy this more. God, look at the size of it! I don't think even Cordelia has a dildo that big."

"Fuck you!" Cordelia cried from her chair in the corner. "You love my dildos."

"Not as much as you are," Willow pointed out gently.

"Not my fault I'm the only one who knows what to do with a hard cock."

Buffy took one look at the huge bulge poking out of the front of Xander's pants and gasped in delight. "OOOOOOOOOH! Look at that COCK! I know exactly what to do with that." she gasped, turning to Willow with a pleased expression on her face. "Unless you'd like to go first. I heard witches had a thing for riding broomsticks..."

Willow laughed nervously. "Be my guest," she replied, beginning to relax about the whole thing despite herself. "I've had my fun."

"Not on your life," Buffy retorted. "Xander has to know how good you taste. Go on, Xand. You saw how it's done..."

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