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Buffy: Unexpected Ch. 1


Hey All. Let me start by saying I don't own Buffy, Spike, etc. etc. etc... FOX does! Also, while I like to write, this is my first Erotic tale, so I'm sure it sucks! Heck, I don't have that much real life sexual experience either! So bear with me, please. And Please please please let me know what you think! You can e-mail me at the address in my profile. Thank you all, and enjoy part 1 of "Unexpected"

* * * * *

It wasn't that she wanted to be with Spike. She hated Spike! She had not somehow forgotten what type of man he was. Or even that he wasn't a man at all! Every time she looked at him she remembered the killer that he was. That he is. And he wasn't just any killer either. He killed Slayers. He'd almost killed Buffy herself. No, Buffy had not forgotten that Spike was a walking, talking, non-breathing monster.

So why was she going to be with him now? Worse, why had she gone to be with him over and over again even before this evening? She had responsibilities: Demons to kill, bills to pay, and of course Dawn (In order of easiest to hardest for Buffy to deal with). Perhaps Riley had been right. Buffy needed to be with someone like Spike, like Angel. Riley had been the perfect boyfriend, but maybe she needed more.

Buffy shook the thought from her head. No, Spike wasn't like Angel, not like Angel at all. Angel was quite, sweet, tender… he was more than 200 years old and as shy as Willow in high school. And while he had been a monster, she had never blamed him for that. It wasn't really his fault; it was like mind control. He'd proven that time and again after he had gotten his soul back. Both times! Spike didn't have a soul, in all the ways that mattered he was still the same man that had killed 2 slayers and countless others. Buffy loved Angel, but she was quite sure she didn't love Spike.

However, hadn't Spike proven that he had changed? He was a hero during the entire Glory affair. She couldn't think of a better word to describe his actions. If not for Spike Glory would have won, Dawn would have died, and Sunnydale and everyone she loved would have been destroyed. Glory tortured Spike, but he never backed down. Sure the chip in his head had "neutered" him, but the way he protected Dawn was down out of love, out of love for Buffy. Wasn't that like having a soul?

Even as Buffy tried to rationalize her relationship with Spike in the back of her mind she knew the truth. Hell, Spike had known it too. Being with Spike made her feel alive. Since she had returned nothing could take away the sense that she had just lost heaven. Maybe literally. She'd put on a "happy face," but Spike had seen through that. Guess you have to talk to someone else that's died and come back for them to see where you're coming from. Kind of a select few that fit that criterion! And even fewer with a body like Spike's….

Ahhhhhhhh! The closer she got the more she'd start to think about… well, you know. What does the guy admit, some kind of Vampire pheromones or something? Whatever it is when he touched her skin felt like it was on fire. It was like a cheesy romance novel the affect he had on her. Perhaps it was because she was vulnerable, or perhaps when you feel nothing for such a long time, every sensation is magnified… like a starving man eating a cracker. Only Spike himself was more like Prime Rib.

For Spike's part he hadn't been shy about his desire of the Slayer. He'd pursued her unabashedly since before she'd died saving Dawn. The fact that Buffy had finally submitted to him, in body if not in mind, hadn't reduced his efforts to sleep with her. Proving the undead man was not very far removed from his living counterpart, Spike was ready, willing and able at the drop of a hat, or Buffy's pants as it were.

Not this time. She'd tell him this time that whatever it was that they had shared in the past, be it lust or love or something else, it was over now. She could not keep sleeping with a man that made her feel dirty the next day. Nor was it fair to him to keep leading him on, when he obviously loved her and she could never return that affection back to him. No, for both their sakes, this had to end.

Buffy entered Spike's home with a renewed determination. Like usual, it was dark and gloomy, a perfect match to its owner Buffy thought. Apparently it was also empty of the man she'd come to speak to. Buffy was about to turn and walk away when an arm grabbed her from behind. Her instincts as a slayer, honed to near perfection after over 5 long years of combat, were about to kick in when Spike's voice quieted her fears.

"Relax pet, I'm not going to bite," Spike said in a whimsical voice. His left arm was wrapped firmly around her stomach just below her breasts. His body was pressed firmly against hers and there was no mistaking his nakedness, or his excitement.

"Gee Spike, hadn't heard a vampire say that joke in almost 10 minutes." His positioning behind her didn't amuse Buffy, and her harsh tone betrayed exactly that. She leaned forward to discourage his further advances. "We have to talk. I don't think this is…aaahh…"

Buffy's sentence was cut off by Spike's right hand that had stealthily found its way up Buffy's skirt and pressed firmly upwards on her core through her sheer panties.

"I'm sorry, you were saying?" Buffy's only response was short gasps for breath in tune to the circular motions his hand was now making, with sharp intakes of air each time his hand neared the top of its path, just below her clit. "You like to talk big, all you slayers do. But the truth is you're here for one reason only. Why else would you have walked through my door with an odor of sex about you that I could smell from a mile away?"

"Not true… I can't…. ugh… we can't keep… oooh God… please stop." Buffy's plea went unanswered, as it was too weak to even warrant a response, little lone strong enough to halt the actions of a very determined vampire. She knew what he said was the truth. Long before his hand had found her pussy she was dripping wet, though she hadn't even realized it until he had made contract.

For her part Buffy had let her legs drift apart and was supported only by Spike's arm and her own arm which was now draped around his neck.

Buffy's head had come to rest upon Spike's shoulders. Her eyes were closed and her quite moans echoed throughout the empty chamber the vampire called home. Spike's technique, itself honed through many many years of "training," was more than a match for the Slayer's will, and he quickly had her on the verge of coming. Spike made the mental note of capturing the Slayer's panties after he was finished with her. The thought of sending her home panty-less in her short skirt would have brought a smile to his face had he not already been gleaming from having her in his arms.

Spike's hand arched up and he allowed his palm to finally come into contact with her clit through her undergarment. The action caused her to call out his name in a symbolic act of submission, and he knew that he had her. Her breathing had quickened once again and he was certain that one or two more swipes and she would explode. So he stopped altogether, moving his right hand away but not releasing her from his grasp.

"whaa? Spike… why?" Buffy managed to stagger out. She was having a hard time forming coherent thought, little lone articulating them.

"You did tell me to stop." Spike replied with a bemused chuckle.


"Please what?" He was enjoying her begging, and she knew it. Buffy had an inkling to just walk out, but it was small. She needed him now, more than he needed her at the moment.

"Don't stop."

"Then give into me. I'm in control her, you do whatever I tell you."

"Yes," was Buffy's weak response.

Spike needed no further encouragement. He'd gotten her to expressly give into him and that was half the fun of it. The other half he'd take his time with. Spike grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her back between their two bodies holding them with one had, the other one quickly moving back under her skirt. He left it hovering close to her center but never allowed it to touch. He knew that she could easily escape his grasp or even push her pelvis forward into his hand. However, she had given into him and did neither. She sat and desperately waited whatever whim he fancied for her.

Spike pushed her forward until she came to a table that was roughly waist high. He didn't stop his pushing until she was bent over the table; face down on its smooth surface. Buffy signed in relief. She'd been in almost the exact same situation before and knew from experience that her panties would soon be shredded and he would soon thrust into her with no warning.

Spike released her hands and she let them come to a rest on the table on either side of her head. If nothing else they would provide her a little support and balance for the undoubtedly rough sex that would soon follow. Buffy found that her skirt was being pulled up at all sides and was now a bundle around her waist. Buffy groaned in anticipation.

Buffy felt Spike's penis as it came to rest between her legs. He then began to slide it back and forth over her vagina through the clothing in a seesaw motion. He could not help but laugh that even this contact, slight though it might be, was eliciting quite moans from the slayer. Spike then placed the head of his shaft directly at the entrance to her pussy and push forward. If not for the panties she wore he would have plunged deeply into her. As it were he still made it in an inch or two as the panties were stretched out.

"UGH!! Spike? What? Oooohhh…." Buffy was having a hard time talking as Spike began to piston in and out of her as far as he could. The panties were drenched with her juices and being put to a strain that they were definitely not designed for. Spike hoped they would not tear. He was enjoying the novelty of this love making session, more so because of Buffy's obvious torment.

Buffy attempted to reach around with her right hand to remove the panties that were blocking the full penetration.

"Uh uh," was Spike's response as he grabbed the wondering hand and trapped it against her back. "You know the rules, love. I'm in control and you come when I say you come."

Despite Spike's warning, and despite their limited lovemaking, Buffy was close to coming. Spike knew it and was debating whether to allow it to happen. The decision was soon taken from his control as, much to Buffy's relief, the panties did indeed rip. Spike plunged his full manhood deep into Buffy (along with a bit of the ripped undergarment). Buffy came hard.

She raised her head and screamed out, "Spike!" Her vaginal muscles squeezed down tightly onto Spike's member. This newfound friction, along with the intense eroticism of hearing the Slayer grunt and finally orgasm while screaming his name was too much for the British vampire. His cold seed shot forth deep into the Slayer's womb. Buffy felt like ice cubes had been placed deep inside her. It was an exquisite contrast to her fiery hot condition and set off her second orgasm that was only slightly less intense than the first.

For his part Spike had come to rest on top of Buffy as all strength left his body. Both just lay there basking in the afterglow. Buffy could feel Spike still inside her, though understandably softer than he had been moments before. She loved the feel of him, both inside of her and wrapped tightly on top of her. She considered falling asleep like this. However, she began to remember why she had come here in the first place and a wave of anxiety rushed over her. She began to stir and Spike groggily rolled off of her.

"I have to go. This was a mistake."

"We shouldn't have done this, this can never happen again, blah blah blah." Spike retorted in a mocking tone. "I've heard it all before, Slayer. You didn't mean it then, you don't mean it now."

Buffy, not knowing how to respond, tried to discreetly adjust her skirt that was still bunched up around her waste. She then mumbled something incoherent and ran out through Spike's door. Spike was hardly shocked by Buffy's retreat. It was pretty much par for the course. He chuckled to himself, bent down to retrieve the torn undergarments Buffy had left behind in her haste to leave. He then lifted them to his nose and took in a few deep breaths.

Buffy could not get home fast enough. All she could think about was having a cold shower and then getting in her warm bed. It wasn't until she had entered her home that she remembered that Tara has slept over for the night. Buffy wanted someone to be home with Dawn for the evening since Willow had a school project to work on. She was worried that it would be awkward to have Tara and Willow together again so soon after their break-up but Tara didn't object and Willow actually seemed eager at the suggestion. Buffy had anticipated being out late, what with the slaying and all, and told Tara she could have Buffy's bed for the evening.

Well, that wasn't going to stop her from at least getting a shower in. Buffy quietly creped up the stairs. Willow heard the noise coming in the hallway. Not expecting Buffy home so early she naturally concluded it was Tara coming to her room to see her. Willow had left her door open in the vague hope of such an occurrence. Buffy, noticing the door half-opened, attempted to look in to see if her friend was awake. Though she was far from ready to reveal her "relationship" with Spike, she would at least feel better after talking to Willow. The room was too dark to see Willow's face but she could tell immediately that she was naked, at least from the waist down. The moonlight feel directly on Willow's upper legs and midsection.

Willow was disappointed that her former lover had not been bold enough to enter her room. However, she could clearly see from the shadowy silhouette that had formed in the doorway that the person she thought was Tara was indeed looking in. Perfect! Tara had once confided in Willow that she was extremely turned on by the idea of watching a woman masturbate, and Willow was going to fulfill that fantasy right now. Willow knew her sex was visible to anyone in the hall due to the light from the moon, and she reached her right hand down and began to grind her clit with the tips of her fingers.

Soft moaning sounds began to escape from Willow's mouth as she tried to turn the onlooker on while not overacting like some cheap actor in a porn flick. Buffy was shocked at what she was seeing. She couldn't believe Willow was doing this. Sure, she knew Willow had been in sexual relationships, but seeing and knowing about are two totally different things! Buffy thought to herself about how many guys (and a few gals) would love to be in Buffy's shoes to watch this show being put on by Willow. Buffy continued to look with almost morbid curiosity, like drivers that slow down to see an accident scene. Though the site of Willow pleasuring herself didn't turn her on, nor did she harbor any desires for Willow or girls in general for that matter, Buffy couldn't make herself turn away.

Willow decided to raise the anti a little as the person in the doorway had yet to enter. She pumped one then two fingers in and out of her wet pussy and began to get louder with her moaning. She raised her hips off of the bed in times with her thrusts and was really trying to get into it. Not hard since the idea of Tara watching her was really turning her on.

"Oh yes. Yes. Oh… Tara… Tara!"

Buffy snapped back into reality and began to feel guilty for spying on her friend. Obviously having Tara this close to her was having an affect on Willow. Buffy also realized how awkward it would be if Willow noticed her standing in the doorway. Sure, Willow wasn't being very discreet, but that was one conversation Buffy did not want to partake in! Buffy decided to forgo the shower and just head to the couch.

"She's leaving!" Willow thought. If she had been close to an orgasm the feeling quickly began to go away upon the site of the person in the door retreating down the steps. Willow began to feel angry and disappointed that Tara had turned away from her. They had barely spoken at dinner and Willow had made up a story about being tired and went to her room while Tara and Dawn were still awake. She had wanted to prepare her room, and herself, for a potential evening of lovemaking. Only one problem, no lover.

Willow decided that if Tara was not going to see that she belonged with Willow then Willow would help the process. She rationalized to herself that she had been very strong in not doing magic these past couple of months, but that this was necessary exception. She knew that Tara still loved her, and she knew that they could still be great together. If magic was the reason they had broken up, why couldn't it be the reason they got back together? Willow scrambled out of her bed, put on her bathrobe, and quickly began to arrange the necessary supplies.

Spells designed to bring two people together were not in short supply. Since Willow was sure Tara already loved her, she chose one that just increased an already existing love, adding or increasing the sexual feelings towards that person that you loved most in your life. It was most commonly used amongst married couples. Willow felt it was perfect for her situation. Tara had confessed many times that Willow was the first and only person she had ever loved, her family included.

The spell itself was an easy one. It involved and enchanting of a Chlormelian Leaf which Willow had kept for this exact purpose despite the promise to Buffy to remove all magical items from the house. Once enchanted, the leaf had to be placed below the recipient of the spell's affects.

Willow took the leaf and crept down to the living room. It was pitch dark. Good, thought Willow. This should be easy. She had waiting long enough that Tara should have fallen asleep and Willow knew from experience that Tara could sleep through a storm.

Buffy wasn't sleeping but was awake thinking of her evening with Spike and to a lesser extent about the spectacle that she had just witnessed in Willow's room. She was starting to finally fall asleep when she heard Willow descending the stairs and saw her approach the living room, her heightened eyesight easily adjusting to the dark. Buffy was sure that she had come because she had seen Buffy watching her earlier. Despite the knowledge that she hadn't really done anything wrong, a sense of fear spread through Buffy. Buffy decided to feign sleep. Willow stopped near the front couch near Buffy's head. She bent down, paused a second and then stood up. Buffy felt Willow's had slightly touch the top of her head and then Willow retreated back up the stairs.

"Huh, how do you like that?" Buffy thought to herself. "Weird." Her curiosity was not enough to keep the exhausted Slayer awake for long. Buffy finally fell into a much needed deep sleep.

* * * * *

Did you like Part 1? Did you hate Part 1? Any suggestions on what should happen next? PLEASE let me know! --Steph

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