tagCelebritiesBuffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 03

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 03


The doors to the lift open on Buffy's hotel room floor. Unlike last night Buffy doesn't check to see if anybody she knows or doesn't know is around she simply steps off of the lift and heads straight for her hotel room door her mind too occupied with what has just happened in her younger sister's hotel room to care or notice anybody or anything around her.

She reaches her hotel room door and immediately unlocks it and walks in shutting the door behind her. Once the door is shut she makes her way over to the dressing table which is on the opposite side of the room to her bed. She then puts the video camera down onto the dressing table and walks over and sits down on the bottom of her bed focusing on nothing except what has happened thus far tonight.

As she sits there Buffy starts thinking about the massage and how it not only helped ease the pain in her pulled muscle but it also turned her on and led to Dawn going down on her better than Faith ever did or probably could not only that but Dawn also made her cum faster between orgasms than Faith did and the amount of orgasms she made her have not just the first time she went down on her but in total. Buffy remembers getting to the point where she was sure she was going to pass out from the force of each orgasm they seemed to get stronger the closer together they where. How she managed to keep up she has no idea. She knows she didn't give her younger sister as many orgasms as Dawn gave her however she is sure she is close behind as far as the number of orgasm she gave to the number of orgasms she received.

Buffy blinks realising that she is actually comparing the number of orgasms her sister gave her to the number of orgasms she gave her sister when what she should be doing is being sick if not literally at least feeling disgusted with herself and she does but not as much as she should.

In an attempt to try and get her mind off of the amount of orgasms the two sisters gave one and other Buffy turns her attention to the video camera at the other end of the room laying on the dressing table and as she looks at it she remembers what Dawn had told her to do with it and as she thinks about the reasons why Dawn wants her to play with herself she begins to see in her mind's eye her younger sister's strap on.

Buffy swallows hard at the memory due to her being sure that her younger sister's strap on dildo is bigger than Faith's one was that she used to use on her by at least 3 inches which would make Dawn's fake cock 12 inches long due to Faith's having been 9 inches. It is also about an inch wider, the slayer shudders at the thought of Dawnie's dildo inside her, stretching out her holes.

As her mind begins to wonder Buffy remembers her former slayer lover's strap on. She can't help but smile due to the pet name Faith had given it she called it 'Mr Pointy' due to the end of it although being round and looking like a cock it did have a bit of a point to it or on it however that isn't why the first time she heard Faith refer to her strap on as 'Mr Pointy' she laughed it is because Kendra the slayer that came before Faith who's death made Faith a slayer had called her stake 'Mr Pointy'.

Buffy's smile slowly fades as the memory of 'Mr Pointy' is replaced by the image of Dawn's strap on which in the back of her mind Buffy wonders if Dawn has a pet name for however the main thing she is thinking about or imagining is how that 12 inch monster of her sister's will feel inside of her pussy and ass and as she thinks about it despite herself Buffy can't help but feel herself getting a little bit turned on at the thought of having that big dildo inside of her.

Buffy shakes her head doing her best to try and remind herself who it is that will be using the strap on as she refocuses her attention on the video camera and contemplates filming herself as she plays with her pussy and ass in order to get both holes ready for Dawn's strap on and slowly starts to shake her head.

She can't do it.

She can't play with herself while she's being filmed. After everything that's happened it's just too much.

Desperately Buffy starts to try and think of a way around doing what her sister has instructed her to do.

Only two ideas come to mind, however they are both dismissed just as quickly as Buffy thinks them up, one of them being that she plays with herself both her pussy and her ass without the video camera being on and tells Dawn tomorrow that she forgot or didn't know how to turn the video camera on, the other idea is that she plays with herself with the camera on however she doesn't have it pointing in her direction so Dawn doesn't get to see her but she does get to hear her as she plays with her pussy and ass.

However the reasons both of these ideas are quickly dismissed is due to Buffy having shown Dawn how to use the very same video camera she is now looking at due to her having wanted to be the one to film Xander and Anya's wedding day for them.

The second idea is dismissed by Buffy is due to the fact that if Dawn can't see her playing with her pussy and ass and can only hear her then she might doubt that she actually did as she was told.

Buffy does her best to try and come up with another way around having to film herself playing with her pussy and her ass knowing deep down that she doesn't have any choice but to do it due to the fact that if she doesn't do it there will be 'serious consequences' and yet despite knowing this Buffy just can't bring herself to go through with what her younger sibling wants her to do.

A small shudder runs through Buffy's body at the thought of what the 'serious consequences' could be knowing the ultimate punishment Dawn could give her is for her to tell Riley and the others about her past with Faith.

The blonde slayer is willing to take any punishment Dawn wants to give so long as her little sister doesn't do that, and with what feels like no other option Buffy contemplates telling this to Dawn tomorrow.

As she thinks about it Buffy can't help but smile a rather nervous smile knowing that her idea is risky due to her plan or rather what she is thinking depending on how much Dawn 'loves' her the way in which she says she does. If she loves her as much as she says Buffy is confident that Dawn will agree to what she has come up with however if she doesn't then tomorrow night could very well be the end of everything.

Buffy runs her fingers through her hair as she looks at the video camera once again knowing that she has no choice but to go with this idea and hope that Dawn's love for her is as strong as she claims because if it isn't tomorrow could be the beginning of the end for her and Riley.

With her mind having been made up Buffy slowly starts to get undressed and once she is down to her bra and panties she climbs into bed and simply lays there wondering what tomorrow is going to bring for her.


The next morning Buffy wakes up to the sound of ringing. She slowly opens her eyes and finds herself looking at the telephone on the nightstand next to her bed which is ringing. Slowly she makes her way over to it picks up the receiver and moves it to her ear and mouth.

"Hello." Buffy says still half a sleep.

"Rise and shine beautiful." She hears Riley's voice on the other end of the line say.

"Riley." Buffy says, surprised, and a little annoyed, by Riley's cheeriness, "What do you want?"

"Can't a man just call his wife to be to see how she is?" Riley asks.

"Not when it's this early." Buffy grumbles.

"It's 10:30 AM." Riley says, a little surprised by his soon to be wife's reaction.

Buffy wasn't the wake up at the crack of dawn type as Riley had trained to be but she was normally awake by now.

"Are you ok?" Riley asks.

"I'm fine, I just... overslept." Buffy says, her mind briefly flickering back to what she was doing all last night which tired her out so much before quickly adding, "So why did you call me?"

"Again, can't I just call you to see how you are?" Riley asks.

There is a brief pause.

"Ok, I admit I do have an ulterior motive for calling." Riley says.

"What... what is it?" Buffy asks, her mind briefly lost again in remembering her night of incestuous passion with her own sister during the brief pause.

"Do you have any plans for tonight?" Riley asks her.

Buffy is suddenly wide awake at hearing Riley ask her this question.

"Why?" Buffy asks doing her best to sound natural.

"Well because we have been invited to my parents for dinner and I told them we would be there at 6pm sharp." Riley tells her.

Buffy goes pale.

"That's ok right? You didn't have anything else you had to do?" Riley asks after a surprisingly long pause.

Well, Buffy's sarcastic side thinks to itself, tonight my little sister is planning to fuck me with a big strap on cock, and unlike you I know she has stamina so I'll probably be too busy taking her cock to go to dinner with your parents. Tomorrow night Dawn is going to be fucking me up the ass so I won't be available then either. As for the day after that I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing but I promised to be my little sister's sex slave for the rest of the week so she wouldn't reveal to you my lesbian affair with Faith so for the next couple of nights I'll probably be pretty busy. I'll be free for our wedding night though, where you can spend all night trying and failing to make me cum, something my own sister seems to be able to do with ease.

Of course Buffy can't say any of that to her fiancée, however as she pushes that thought out of her head her mind is left blank, the slayer is unable to think an excuse to get out of this dinner no matter how hard she tries.

"Buffy are you ok? Is something wrong?" Riley asks, concerned by the long pause.

"Nothing's wrong, I'm ok." Buffy lies.

"Ok... so, I'll meet you downstairs with the others at ten to six." Riley then tells her, feeling as if the matter is resolved.

"Others?" Buffy asks quickly before Riley has a chance to put the phone down on her.

"Yeah the others. You know Xander, Anya, Willow, Tara, Dawn." Riley says.

Buffy swallows hard at the mention of her sister.

"Is there a problem?" Riley asks.

"No." Buffy lies softly.

"I would have liked it to be just you, me, Dawn and my folks, you know, just family, but my Dad insisted and you are always saying how Xander and Willow are more like family to you than friends so I'm ok with them and their wife and... friends joining us." Riley says.

There's a pause.

"Have you told any of the others about the invite?" Buffy asks.

"No I wanted to let you know and then tell them. I figured if I told them that you where going they would be more willing to go." Riley says.

Buffy smirks loving what Riley just said he figured if he told them she was going they would be more willing to go, like she really has a choice in the matter.

"Well I'll tell you what." Buffy says, "You call Xander and Anya and Willow and Tara. I'll get washed and dressed and then go and see Dawn."

"Are you sure?" Riley asks her, "It would only take me a phone call."

"I'm sure." Buffy says hoping she can convince her sister to come to this 'family' dinner.

A small part of her kinda hopes Dawn refuses to come however she knows if she refuses then the others will no doubt ask questions as to why she isn't coming which means Buffy has no choice but to convince her to come if only to stop the others asking questions.

"Besides." Buffy adds looking across the room at the video camera which is still in exacterly the same place and position it was when she put it down on the dressing table, "I have to return something of her's."

Buffy's thoughts go from Riley and the 'family' dinner to the fact that she hasn't done what Dawn told her to do last night and that despite her plan Dawn might decide to punish Buffy by revealing her deep dark secret.

"Ok then." Riley says, "Hey listen I haven't seen you since Sunday. Why don't after you've seen Dawn you and me spend the day together?"

Buffy does her best to smile.

"Sure." Buffy says, "I'd like that."

"Great we can start by having lunch together. I'll meet you down in the restaurant at 12 o'clock." Riley tells her.

Buffy looks over at the bedside table and see's the alarm clock which reads 10:40am.

"I'll see you down there." Buffy says.

"See you then." Riley says happily, "Bye for now."

With that he hangs up the phone, leaving Buffy to slowly turn and look over at the video camera. Staring at it Buffy starts to think about what is going to happen when Dawn checks it and finds no footage of her playing with her pussy or ass.

She wonders if maybe she could force herself to do it now... however even if she did force herself to play with her pussy and ass now Dawn would be able to tell that she didn't do it before she fell asleep due to the date and time the footage was taken being shown on the screen along with the actual footage it's self.

Buffy takes a deep breath and exhales heavily knowing that there is no going back she has made her decision to break the rules and now she has to hope she can convince her younger sister to punish her but not by revealing to Riley and his family as well as her friends her secret affair with Faith.

With this in mind Buffy get's up and goes into the bathroom strips off and climbs into the shower. As she washes herself Buffy thinks about the best way she can try and convince her younger sibling to both come to the dinner at Riley's parent's house and not reveal the secret to them.

Once she has washed her entire body from her hair to her feet she climbs out dries herself and get's dressed in some smart but casual clothes.

Once she is ready she picks up the video camera and leaves her hotel room, heading for her sister's hotel room.

Buffy soon arrives in front of Dawn's hotel room as she looks up at the door she can't help but feel nervous, more nervous than she did last night, more nervous than she did the night before, in fact although she can't believe it Buffy feels more nervous than she did both the two previous nights combined.

She does her best to try and relax as she reaches up and knocks on the door and waits for her sister to answer.

The door opens to reveal Dawn who is back in her pyjamas.

"Buffy!" Dawn says sounding surprised but happy to see her older sister.

"Hi Dawn." Buffy says doing her best to smile at her younger sibling even though she is feeling nervous.

"Uh what are you doing here?" Dawn asks curiously, before a smile crosses her face, "I mean, I'm definitely not complaining or anything but I didn't think I'd see you until tonight."

Dawn thinks it is unlikely that her big sister is comfortable enough already with their arrangement for a little morning booty call, but the smile on her face clearly shows that she is hopeful.

"Yeah." Buffy says swallowing hard, "That's what I came here to talk to you about."

Dawn immediately senses her sister's nervousness, which doesn't bode well for her hopes of morning sister-sister sex fun.

"Can I come in?" Buffy then asks her sister.

"Of course." Dawn says stepping out of the way and allowing Buffy to enter her room which she does once she is inside Dawn closes the door and turns to look at her older sister, "What's up?"

"Riley called me a little while ago and told me that we have all been invited to dinner at his parents house tonight at 6pm." Buffy says.

Dawn frowns.

"And of course you told him that you had other plans." Dawn says able to tell from the look in Buffy's eyes that she didn't.

Buffy hangs her head.

"Why didn't you tell him that you had other plans?" Dawn snaps doing her best to control her anger however tonight is one of the nights she has most been looking forward to and now she is being told that they can't do what she wants them too... what she wants them too.

Buffy lifts her head and looks at Dawn.

"Because he would have asked me what my plans where." Buffy says doing her best to control her anger.

"So." Dawn snaps again.

"So what was I supposed to say!" Buffy snaps allowing her anger at her sister's attitude to slip into her tone of voice, "Sorry darling I can't come to your parents for dinner because I'm being blackmailed by my little sister who's going to..."

Buffy stops herself from saying the actual words.

Dawn smiles a small smile loving how her sister can't bring herself to say the words despite how angry she is.

"Fuck you better than he ever could." Dawn says, helpfully finishing her big sister's sentence for her.

Buffy opens her mouth to object but thinks better of it as she does not want to get into an argument with Dawn about who fucks her better, especially when Buffy can't even convince herself Riley could even come close to Dawn and the last thing Buffy needs to be doing right now is encouraging Dawn's twisted lust for her by unintentionally letting her know how good she fucks her.

"You could have lied to him." Dawn says calming herself down.

Buffy sniggers at this.

"What a great foundation for a marriage." Buffy says.

Dawn closes her eyes and hangs her head however something suddenly occurs to her and causes her to start giggling as she slowly lifts her head and looks at Buffy.

Buffy looks at Dawn with a frown not understanding why she is giggling.

"What the heck is so funny?" Buffy asks.

Dawn slowly get's over her fit of giggles.

"What you just said." Dawn tells her older sister, "You can't lie to him about having plans with me... and yet you have been lying to him since the start of your relationship about yours and Faith's past."

Buffy swallows hard as she stares at her sister.

"That's different." Buffy says doing her best to keep her eyes locked with her younger sisters.

"How?" Dawn asks, "It's a lie that you built your relationship on and now your adding to it by building your marriage on another lie."

"Would you rather I tell him the truth about me and Faith and about tonight!" Buffy snaps.

Dawn looks at her older sister rather surprised by this question and feeling tempted to say yes however she knows she can't even though she knows even if she where to say yes Buffy would never do it.

"I didn't think so." Buffy says taking her sister's silence as a no, "Because then you wouldn't have anything to blackmail me with would you."

"Watch yourself Buffy!" Dawn snaps not liking Buffy's attitude or tone of voice, "You seem to forget you have far more to loose than I do. Don't make empty threats."

"Empty threats." Buffy says.

Dawn nods her head.

"That's right empty threats which is exacterly what you have just made. You would never tell Riley about you and Faith because your too desperate to marry him and pretend to live happily ever after. And if you won't tell him about you and Faith you most certainly wouldn't tell Riley about us and what we have been doing." Dawn says swallowing hard, "And while I may loose this control that I have over you if I was to tell Riley about yours and Faith's past at least I would put an end to this sham of a marriage and stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life."

Buffy simply looks at Dawn having rarely heard her sound so serious which scares her on a number of levels, the main one being that Dawn really would tell Riley the truth if she had too.

"Your not going to though are you?" Buffy asks a lot calmer now.

Dawn simply looks at her older sister.

"Your not going to tell Riley or any of the others about me and Faith are you?" Buffy asks needing to know.

"So long as you don't force me too." Dawn says in a much calmer voice.

Buffy swallows hard and nods her head showing that she understands feeling the need to get out of Dawn's hotel room and away from her younger sister due to them both needing time to calm down.

"We're expected at the Finns residence at 6pm. We're all meeting down in the lobby at ten to six." Buffy says.

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