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Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 05


Dawn slowly opens her eyes to find herself staring at her older sister who is still sound asleep. She smiles. She thought that as soon as she was asleep Buffy would sneak out of first her bed and then her room and go back to her hotel room which would mean that if she had done that she would have broken the rules which would have meant Dawn would have had to have punished her big sister, and while Dawn would have liked the excuse she honestly preferred to wake up to the beautiful sight of her sleeping older sister.

As she continues to stare at the face of her older sibling Dawn can't get over how peaceful Buffy looks which makes a nice change from the always on edge almost always serious older sibling Dawn see's when Buffy is awake the older sibling who has the weight of the world on her shoulders and looks as though she has. Right now Buffy looks as though she doesn't have a care in the world it also looks as though whatever Buffy is dreaming about it is a good dream due to the small smile on her face which makes Dawn smile even more due to her having not seen Buffy smile a great deal recently at least not a genuinely happy smile like the one she is wearing right now.

Dawn remembers how yesterday during the picnic when she was pounding her strap on into Buffy's ass for the first time she had wanted time to stop so that she could live in that moment forever. Now she wishes time would stop again so that she can live in this moment forever with her and Buffy laying in bed together and her watching as her older sister sleeps not having to worry about when the next Apocalypse is going to happen or anything. Neither of them having to worry about anything. Both happy, both at peace.

It is moment's like this which make Dawn realise just how much she really does love Buffy. Not in the way she should she knows that but she doesn't care about how she should love Buffy all that matters to her is that she loves Buffy more than anybody else has ever done or will ever do. It is because of that love for her older sister that she is doing this because she wants Buffy to be happy and she really does believe that she can make her older sister happy, happier than anybody else has or could. A hell of a lot happier than being married to Riley will ever make her which isn't much.

If anybody deserves to be happy there is no doubt in Dawn's mind that it is the woman laying opposite her considering everything she has been through since becoming the Slayer.

Dawn notices a small strand of hair on Buffy's face, the brunette slowly slipping the strand behind her sister's ear, that soft touch causing Buffy to slowly open her eyes and see her sister staring down at her.

"Sorry." Dawn says.

"For what?" Buffy asks through a yawn.

"I didn't mean to wake you." Dawn says smiling at how cute the yawn Buffy just gave is.

"What time is it?" Buffy asks.

Dawn turns over and looks at her bedside table clock. Once she has read the time she turns back over and looks at Buffy, "Just turned 6am."

"Why did you wake me?" Buffy then asks curiously due to her having felt something which caused her to open her eyes.

"I didn't." Dawn tells her, "It's just I noticed a strand of hair fall out of place and I was putting it back where it belonged."

Buffy blushes a little, "Have you been watching me long?"

"Not long." Dawn tells her.

Buffy blushes a little more, "So... erm, what are we doing today?"

Dawn smiles a rather devious looking type of smile.

"Wait and see." Dawn says not really thinking about what the two of them are going to be doing later as for right now the only thing on Dawn's mind is enjoying her time with Buffy right now and making sure Buffy enjoys their time together as well.

"You remember how I told you that I was going to fuck your ass again this morning?" Dawn asks Buffy with an ear to ear smile.

"Yes." Buffy says doing her best to ignore the fact that she can actually feel herself starting to get wet at the thought of getting butt fucked again by her own sister.

"Well I've changed my mind." Dawn says.

Buffy does her best not to let the disappointment at what Dawn has just told her show on her face.

Dawn smiles even more due to the fact that although Buffy is obviously doing her best to hide it she can tell her older sister is disappointed by what she has just been told. Buffy maybe able to hide the way she is feeling from a lot of people but the one person she can't hide her feelings from is Dawn.

"I've decided that before I butt fuck you and give you your first daily spanking I'm going to show you what I normally do when I wake up at home." Dawn says noticing the disappointed look on her sister's face changes to one of confusion, "You see Buffy when I wake up at home I always start the day by finger fucking myself to a nice hard orgasm thinking about you."

Buffy's blushes at hearing this due to her now knowing exacterly what Dawn meant when she said that she was going to show her what she normally did or does when she wakes up at home.

Seeing the realisation of what she means appear on Buffy's face causes Dawn to throw the quilt cover that is covering both of them off of her whole body to reveal her still naked body to her older sister.

Buffy slowly sits up and looks down at her younger sister, her eyes drifting all over her body. Despite herself Buffy can't help but think how beautiful Dawn's body is. Then her eyes lock on the thing that brought her so much pleasure the night before, the thing that her kid sister had used to stretch, fill and fuck her ass so good, the thing that although being fake is currently standing up straight almost as if it is real.

Dawn follows Buffy's gaze and does her best not to laugh due to her having totally forgotten that she was still wearing her strap on.

"Would you like to take this off of me?" Dawn asks turning her attention from the strap on still between her legs back up to her older sister's face.

Buffy swallows hard as she slowly reaches out and slowly undoes the strap on and once it is undone she slides it down her little sister's slightly well toned and very well tanned legs until it is completely removed from Dawn's body.

"Put it on the bedside table." Dawn says gesturing with her head to her nightstand which Buffy does.

Buffy puts the strap on on the bedside table next to where Dawn was sleeping earlier and then returns to her original position. She look back down at her little sister and out of the corner of her eye she see's Dawn's right hand which she quickly focus's her attention on as it moves over to her pussy. Buffy watches as Dawn starts to run her fingers up and down her outer pussy lips slowly.

Dawn smiles an ear to ear smile as she watches Buffy watching her start to play with herself.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm this feels so good. Not as good as having my strap on buried in your ass, but it still feels pretty good." Dawn moans as she stops playing with her outer pussy lips and starts to rub her clit. "Do you want to know what I normally think about when I am doing this at home?"

Dawn keeps her eyes locked on Buffy while Buffy keeps her eyes locked on what Dawn is doing.

"Buffy." Dawn says wanting Buffy to look at her while she talks, "Look at me."

Buffy slowly pulls her focus away from Dawn's pussy and hand and moves it up her younger sister's body until she locks eyes with her younger sibling who is staring intently at her.

"Do you know what I think about when I am doing this at home?" Dawn asks once she has Buffy's focus now on her face and not on what she is doing.

"Me." Buffy asks after a couple of minutes hesitation.

Dawn smiles at her big sister. "That's right. I think about you while I am laying in my bed at home playing with myself."

Buffy blushes at Dawn's words.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm just thinking about you get's me wet." Dawn continues on, closing her eyes as she wants to enjoy and savour this, "Up until I started planning this week I used to think about my latest fantasy involving you. However since I planned this week I have been thinking about all the different things I was finally going to be able to do to you after having fantasised about it for so long. The one thing I thought about the most was fucking you with my strap on."

Dawn opens her eyes and see's that Buffy is still staring at her which causes her to smile even more.

"I imagined that by the end of the week you wouldn't be able to get enough of me fucking you with my strap on. I would imagine what it would be like to finally pound your asshole the both of us loving every minute of it. I have to admit I never thought we would make the kind of deal that we made last night." Dawn says remembering how Buffy had agreed to allow Dawn to fuck her ass whenever she wanted even if she wanted to do it on her wedding night if in fact her wedding night still takes place.

As she thinks about it Dawn realises that in a way Buffy has unintentionally given her the power to ruin her marriage to Riley if she still goes through with marrying him. Dawn realises that if Buffy does end up marrying Riley she can make it so that Buffy's "husband" doesn't get any due to her taking up all of Buffy's time and if Buffy ever complains all Dawn would have to do is threaten to tell Riley about the deal they made which would no doubt lead to him wanting to know what would cause Buffy to make such a deal which would lead to Buffy's relationship with Faith coming out.

Although Dawn can't help but like this idea it isn't how she wants or imagined this week ending. The way she imagined and planned on this week ending is with Buffy calling off the wedding and ending her relationship with Riley and her and Buffy going back to Sunnydale as a couple.

Doing her best to focus her attention on the present Dawn blinks a couple of times to help get herself refocused as she continues to look at Buffy able to tell that her older sibling despite doing her best to hide it is getting turned on by what her little sister is saying which in turn turns Dawn on even more as she stops rubbing her clit and slips a finger into her pussy and starts to slowly finger fuck herself partly wanting Buffy to watch her do it and partly wanting Buffy to keep her focus on her and what she is saying.

"I have to say Buffy the fantasy of what it would be like to fuck your ass and the reality where very different." Dawn says deciding to continue her verbal stimulation, "The reality was better than any fantasy I have ever had."

Buffy blushes and shifts uncomfortably.

"I'm looking forward to using your asshole again in a little while." Dawn says causing Buffy to refocus her attention on her younger sibling and not on her feelings, "I bet you wish I was pounding your asshole right now with my big strap on cock don't you?"

Buffy shifts uncomfortably again where she is sat not wanting to think about the night before and yet unable to stop herself and as she thinks about it she can't help but remember how much she ended up enjoying it.

"You know I could have spent all night with my strap on cock buried in your ass. In fact I could have quite easily fallen asleep with me laying on top of you and my strap on still buried deep inside of you and I'll bet you wouldn't have minded if I had done that would you?" Dawn asks partly wanting Buffy to answer her and at the same time wanting to enjoy the image of them doing that, "Maybe before this week is over we could give that a try."

Dawn pauses to mentally add that to her "to do" list as far as things she wants to do with and to Buffy is concerned.

"Mmmmmmmmmm I woke you up rather gently this morning.........maybe one of these mornings I could wake you up with a nice gentle butt fucking." Dawn continues on really liking the idea of her waking Buffy up by slowly starting to fuck her ass due to her having intended on having Buffy sleep with her every night from now up until the day before the actual wedding day, "At least that is how it would start nice and gentle."

Buffy turns her head away doing her best to try not to think about her waking up or even falling asleep with Dawn's strap on still up her ass and being woken up by the feeling of Dawn's strap on slowly starting to move inside of her butt.

"Mmmmmmmmmm It feels so good when I play with myself especially when I am thinking about you and thinking about doing nasty and dirty things to you." Dawn says closing her eyes again relishing in her sister's discomfort knowing that one of the reasons she is uncomfortable with what her little sister is saying is because it is turning her on hopefully just as much if not more than it is turning herself on, "Sometimes I use a vibrator but most of the time I just use my fingers. After the night I caught you and Faith together. I used to finger fuck myself listening to you two going at it. I used to imagine it was me making you moan and groan the way Faith was. I never honestly thought I would ever get the chance to actually do it. Funny thing is I always used to tell myself that if I got the chance I would make you moan louder than Faith ever could and you know what I think I did that last night. Did I Buffy? Did I manage to prove I am a better Dom than Faith?"

Buffy keeps her eyes locked on Dawn despite not verbally answering she does swallow hard which is a clear sign to Dawn that Buffy is nervous and the youngest Summers can't help but wonder why or what is making her nervous weather it is her wondering weather she did prove to be a better dom than Faith or weather it is the fact that Buffy knows she did prove herself to be a better dom than Faith.

"You remember our first night together Buffy?" Dawn then asks deciding to change the subject from weather or not she is a better Dom than Faith or not.

Buffy nods her head in response to Dawn's question.

"You remember how we ended that night?" Dawn asks.

Buffy nods her head again.

"How?" Dawn asks wanting Buffy to verbally answer her.

"I... I played with myself for you." Buffy says still a little bit embarrassed that she actually did that in front of her sister despite everything that has happened since then.

"An then what happened?" Dawn asks her.

"You told me to stop playing with myself and then you... you played with me." Buffy says.

Dawn smiles loving how Buffy is trying to put what they did the first night in a polite way.

"I finger fucked you to orgasm." Dawn says matter of factly, "Didn't I?"

Buffy swallows hard slowly nodding her head.

"Well then if that is what I did why didn't you say that?" Dawn asks acting as though she is angry which she isn't but she doesn't want Buffy to be polite when it comes to what they have been doing especially considering what she has planned for the next couple of days.

"You... you finger fucked me to orgasm." Buffy says hanging her head.

"Look at me Buffy." Dawn says now starting to get genuinely angry at Buffy's sheepishness.

Buffy slowly lifts her head and looks at Dawn.

"Say it again." Dawn tells her.

"You finger fucked me to orgasm." Buffy says hating her younger sister a little for forcing her to say it.

"Again." Dawn says.

"You finger fucked me to orgasm." Buffy says now starting to get a little angry herself.

Dawn smiles pleased to see her older sibling is finally starting to show some emotion even if that emotion is anger.

"Good. Save your polite terms for your husband to be. Now since I was nice enough to help you get off..." Dawn says turning her attention from Buffy down to her now sopping wet pussy which she is still playing with as she slowly turns her attention from her pussy back to Buffy who is now also looking at Dawn's wet cunt which causes Dawn to smile due to her having hoped her brief break in eye contact would cause Buffy to do this, "I think it's only fair that you return the favour."

Dawn keeps her eyes locked on Buffy as she slowly removes her finger from her pussy and watches to see how her older sister reacts.

Buffy watches as Dawn removes a now wet finger from her obviously very wet pussy and once she has done that Buffy slowly turns her attention from her little sister's pussy to her face knowing what she means when she says 'return the favour'.

"Don't you?" Dawn asks staring at Buffy who is now staring right back at her again.

Buffy swallows hard knowing that she doesn't have any choice but to do what Dawn wants her to do as she slowly reaches out with her right hand and curls up her index third and little finger with her thumb while keeping her first finger out stretched as she slowly starts to run that finger up and down both sides of Dawn's pussy.

"Inside me Buffy." Dawn says liking the fact that Buffy is doing as she is told without argument or question however wanting her to slip her finger inside of her cunt and not play around with the outside of it.

Buffy again swallows hard as she slowly moves her finger until it is directly in front of Dawn's pussy and slowly moves it forward able to feel her sister's tender folds move to allow her finger access.

Dawn closes her eyes allowing herself to enjoy the moment fulfilling another one of her many fantasies and that is having her older sister finger fuck her as she feels Buffy slowly start to slide her first finger in and out of her warm wet hole.

"That's it, Buffy finger fuck your little sister." Dawn says opening her eyes and looking down at Buffy who seems focused on her task. After a few minutes of having just one finger inside of her Dawn adds, "Another. Add another finger inside of me. Fill your baby sister's pussy up."

Keeping her eyes locked with her younger sister's pussy which now has one of her fingers inside of it Buffy does as she is told and slowly adds a second finger to her first doing her best to ignore the moan Dawn gives as she adds it as well as doing her best to try and convince herself that she is not enjoying what she is doing and that the only reason she is doing it is because she has no choice. However deep down Buffy knows that this is not true she isn't just doing this because she has no choice. As much as she doesn't want to admit it there is a part of her that is actually enjoying this and is enjoying the noises she is causing her younger sister to make and wants to hear Dawn make more.

Due to her having fantasised about this as much as anything else she has had Buffy do to her so far Dawn can't help but find what they are now doing overwhelmingly erotic just as much as what they did last night and despite Buffy's face being a mask of total concentration on what she is doing Dawn knows underneath that mask is a face of shame but also pleasure as she continues to move her fingers in and out of her.

"Add another finger." Dawn says wanting to feel three fingers inside of her just like she used on Buffy their first night together. Once the third finger is added Dawn moans, "Oh yes, that's it... now, fuck me harder Buffy. Fuck your little sister harder, deeper and faster."

Buffy continues to do as she is told doing her best not to think back to how having three of Dawn's fingers inside of her their first night together reduced her to a whimpering wreck. In an attempt to try and not think about that night Buffy turns her attention from what she is doing to Dawn. This is a big mistake due to the moment the two siblings eyes lock Buffy remembers locking eyes with her sister their first night together when the roles where reversed and it was Dawn finger fucking her and how she felt while she was doing it.

"Your fingers feel so good in my pussy Buffy. I always imagined that they would." Dawn says with a smirk as Buffy continues to finger fuck her slowly getting faster with each thrust weather this is intentional or not Dawn doesn't know nor does she really care she is just enjoying the moment, "Does my pussy feel good? Is it nice and tight? Obviously not as tight as yours because I don't have Slayer healing but I hope it is tight enough for you. I hope it's also wet and warm enough for you."

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