Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 05


"You've obviously forgotten what I said this morning Buffy." Dawn says as she reaches down and undoes the white button on the back of Buffy's tight fitting pants, smirking a little due to the fact that unless you are as close as Dawn is to Buffy you wouldn't see the button due to it being the same colour as the rest of the outfit which cleverly hides how the pants are held together.

Once the button is undone Dawn pulls down the pants letting them end up on the floor and turns her attention to the white thong Buffy is wearing and decides to let that stay where it is due to the fact that it won't get in the way of her doing what she has to.

"What did I tell you this morning Buffy?" Dawn asks her older sister feeling as though she has given her enough time to think about it.

Buffy racks her brain trying to remember exacterly what Dawn told her this morning and suddenly it comes to her, "You said that good girls get good spankings and bad girls deserve hard spankings."

"And have you been a good girl?" Dawn asks noticing how she doesn't have to hold Buffy in place

"No." Buffy says thinking back to how she acted when they where on their way to the bar with Willow and Tara.

"And what exacterly have you done wrong?" Dawn asks wanting to make sure Buffy understands and knows why she is being punished which is because she deserves to be for not being a good girl.

"I tried to stop us holding hands on our way to the bar earlier." Buffy says actually feeling genuine guilt for what she did due to a part of her having known she should have just held Dawn's hand and not argued and yet there was a part of her that just couldn't let what they where doing go.

"You told me to let go of your hand." Dawn points out.

"I know." Buffy says knowing that what Dawn really means is that Buffy tried to tell her to do something when this week is about her doing what Dawn tells her to do, not the other way around.

"And when I teased you about what passers by might think of us holding hands what did you tell me to do?" Dawn asks.

Buffy closes her eyes and swallows hard, "I told you to shut up."

"That isn't the only time you broke the rules is it Buffy?" Dawn then asks her.

Buffy frowns at this, "When else did I break the rules?"

"Well there where two occasions when you broke the rules. First was when you questioned why we where coming back here to the hotel when what you should have done is simply have gotten ready to leave." Dawn tells her and reminds her at the same time, "And the second time was a couple of minutes ago when you told me to do something or rather told me not to do something. So I definitely think you have earned a hard spanking don't you Buffy?"

"Yes." Buffy says in a defeated tone of voice.

Dawn smiles.

"Unfortunately I didn't bring my magic crop or paddle so I am going to have to do the best I can with my bare hand." Dawn says making a mental note to herself that if she and Buffy go anywhere the next two days to make sure she takes both the crop and the paddle just in case she needs to use either of them, "Ready?"

Buffy opens her mouth however before she can utter a single word she feels Dawn's hand make contact with her right butt cheek which makes her cry out in shock.

"You understand Buffy that I have to do this." Dawn says as she runs her left hand, the hand she just used to slap Buffy's buttock, with over the 'injured' buttock, "If I can't discipline you then what type of Dom would I be?"

Buffy simply lays where she is, waiting for the next strike which comes again out of the blue and causes her to cry out in surprise again as Dawn's left hand this time makes contact with the left buttock.

Despite feeling tempted to try and get Dawn to stop Buffy manages to restrain herself from doing so and simply lays where she is and accepts her punishment due to a part of her genuinely feeling like she deserves to be punished for breaking the rules.

As she realises what she's just thought Buffy blushes. She shouldn't be thinking such things but she can't help it, partly because of her submissive nature but also partly because Dawn is beginning to get to her. Her little sister is getting under her skin and making her want to be her sex slave and she needs to stay strong and resist such wicked thoughts, even if Dawn is an incredible dom who can spank her ass so good.

Buffy can't help but spend a few moments thinking how good Dawn is doing, how she's really laying into her with hard unforgiving strikes, how it really feels like little Dawnie is putting her, the vastly stronger girl, in her place by whopping her ass to the point where it must be getting discoloured, but then Buffy realises how much these thoughts are turning her on so she does her best to just shut off her brain completely and take her punishment.

Dawn is also getting turned on but unlike her sister she is embracing it.

Sure there is part of her which hates having to do this to the girl she loves but Dawn had warned her earlier this morning and Buffy hadn't listened which meant that she had no other choice than to give her a hard spanking. Besides, her inner dom was loving every moment of this and bringing her hand down as hard as she could on those soft yet firm cheeks over and over again is making Dawn's pussy run like a river.

Buffy's muffled cries along with the satisfying sound of hand meeting ass cheeks and those cheeks jiggling ever so slightly only making Dawn's pussy run even more and motivate her to do her best to make up for her lack of slayer strength or magic by really putting the beat down on her big sister's butt.

Despite the lack of magic paddle or riding crop Buffy can feel that Dawn is trying to make up for it which makes Buffy want to smile in a weird way due to the fact that Dawn is doing her best to really make this a hard spanking and although the strikes she is receiving are hard they are not as hard as the riding crop or paddle where Buffy also noticed the patter Dawn was using to spank her she would start off with the right cheek then the left and then hit both cheeks at the same time however she also noticed that Dawn was starting to hit random places on her tight backside which cause her to moan in surprise.

Due to her doing her best to try and make up for no crop or paddle or slayer strength Dawn's hand quickly becomes sore from the roughness of the strikes and causes her to stop, but not until Buffy's ass is a nice shade of pink. When it is however Dawn finds herself waving her hand in the air and wishing more than ever she had brought the paddle or the crop.

"In future I am going to make sure that I take the riding crop and paddle with me everywhere we go." Dawn tells her older sibling, "So if you're ever bad again it won't be my hand you will feel it will be one of those two things."

Buffy does her best to ignore the slight thrill she feels at the thought of Dawn spanking her with the riding crop and/or the paddle.

"However I think I did a pretty good job without don't you?" Dawn asks.

"Yes." Buffy says actually appreciating the fact that despite not having the crop or paddle Dawn still punished her.

"So what do you say?" Dawn asks.

"Thank you." Buffy says, unable to believe she is actually thanking her little sister for punishing her.

"Stand up." Dawn then says which causes Buffy to do as she is told.

Dawn watches as Buffy get's up off of her lap and stands up in front of her.

"Turn around." Dawn then says.

Buffy does as she is told turning her back on Dawn.

Once Buffy has turned her back on her Dawn reaches up and unzips her top.

"Take it off." Dawn tells Buffy which Buffy does without question, "Now take off your shoes and then get onto the bed and lay down in the middle with your head on the pillows."

Moving out of the way Dawn watches as Buffy unclips her high heeled black shoes and then does as she is told, gets up onto the bed in her bra and panties, crawls up to the other end of the bed, turns around and lays down with her head on the pillows.

Dawn smiles as she climbs up onto the bed and makes her way up Buffy's body which is beneath her until the two of them are staring at each other with Dawn looking down and Buffy looking up.

After a few minutes of the two sisters simply staring at each other Dawn slows herself down until her lips are slowly pressing against Buffy's. Buffy soon responds by push herself forward pressing her lips firmly back against Dawn's which makes Dawn increase the intensity of the kiss without adding her tongue to the mix both girls could tell that this kiss they where/are sharing is soft but passionate.

Eventually Dawn decides to use her tongue and gently lap's her tongue against Buffy's lips doing her best to get her attention on nothing but what they are doing wanting her to forget where they are what room they are in etc. Buffy seems as though she is slowly doing this as Dawn feels Buffy open her mouth and accept Dawn in as soon as they're tongue's touch. It causes Dawn to once again increase the intensity of the kiss with a force that surprises Buffy having never experienced such a passionate kiss before.

Feeling the need to move on Dawn finally breaks the kiss leaving Buffy gasping for air which causes Dawn to smile pleased to see the affect her kiss has had on her big sister.

As her sister struggles to get air back into her lungs Dawn starts to kiss her way down her older sister's neck sucking on the sensitive flesh she finds at the base where the neck and the shoulder meet which ironically is also where a vampire normally bites a person. Much to Dawn's delight this causes Buffy to squirm with pleasure underneath her.

Although she feels tempted to leave a mark on Buffy's neck she decides against it and sits up causing Buffy to lock eyes with her wondering why she has broken body to body contact.

Dawn however just smiles as she reaches underneath Buffy and unclasps her bra strap and pulls it away, tossing it to the floor along with her top and pants. Dawn turns her attention from Buffy's face and eyes down to her breasts.

The look Dawn is giving her breasts fill Buffy with pride it is almost the same look she can imagine her giving her ass when she's not looking which is ironic considering both her ass and her breasts have a few things in common. They are both full round, and firm they are also both big, but not too big. From the look on Dawn's face Buffy would dare say that both her breasts and ass are perfect.

Part of Buffy expects and wants Dawn to really show her appreciation and bury her face in her cleavage and live out whatever perverted fantasy she can come up with. Instead Buffy watches as Dawn turns her attention from her breasts back up to her face and the two once again lock eyes as Dawn swoops down and the two once again lock lips just as passionately as before.

Dawn kisses Buffy due to the thought that just crossed her mind while she was looking at her older siblings beautiful and very impressive rack and that thought was how the boy she had the one night stand with in college, Faith, Riley and maybe even Angel must have acted when they got to her breasts. They probably tried to bury they're face as deep as they could in between the two beautiful mounds. Although she was tempted to do that and there is a part of her that is sure her sister wouldn't mind if she did that this week isn't just about her dominating her older sister it is also about proving to her older sister that she is not just a better lover for her but she would make a much better partner sexually and in every other way than any of her previous partners especially the one she is set to marry at the end of the week. So instead of diving in between her twin peaks Dawn went after her sister mouth wanting to show Buffy in a physical sense that it isn't just her body she wants, it's all of her.

Breaking the kiss again Dawn once again starts to make her way down Buffy's body kissing her way back down her neck on her way back to her sister's breasts but not rushing taking her time enjoying her sister's flesh making sure to get all the sweet spots she has discovered over the past couple of days before finally sliding her tongue from the top Buffy's right breasts down to the nipple which she immediately takes into her mouth.

Buffy moans as she feels Dawn slowly and gently lick her nipple before moving to the other one and giving it the same treatment, worshipping both at the same time something none of her previous lovers ever did. She also notices that Dawn is some how able to do something else none of her other lovers where able to do and that is hit every pleasure spot that she has.

Feeling nervous that Dawn may not want her to do this and yet willing to take the risk Buffy reaches down and cups her little sister's head to her breast feeding her the nipple like a mother feeds its baby.

Dawn opens her eyes upon feeling Buffy's hand on the back of her head and the two sister's look at each other.

Buffy swallows hard as she stares into the eyes of her little sister while Dawn simply smiles around her big sister's nipple as she brings her left hand up and massages the left breast for the next however long it is Dawn moves her mouth from one breast and nipple to the other and whatever breast or nipple isn't in her mouth is being massaged by either or left or right hand either way neither breast goes without her attention.

Until finally Dawn decides to move even further down her sister's body which she does by letting go of the nipple she has in her mouth and starts to once again kiss her way down Buffy's well toned and tanned stomach until she reaches her sister's centre.

Dawn smiles as she looks at her big sister's white thong which is the only thing left standing between her and her sister's core, however that isn't the reason she is smiling. The reason she is smiling is due to the fact she can tell how wet her sister has gotten from what she has done to her due to the white thong in front of her looking as though it is soaking wet. Without saying a word Dawn reaches for the waistband of the soaking thong and slowly slides them off with a little help from Buffy who lifts her ass and legs into the air at the right time so Dawn can completely remove them and let them join the rest of her clothes at the bottom of the bed.

Looking back at Buffy's pussy Dawn smiles even more now due to the fact she can actually see just how wet her big sister is.

"My god Buffy... you are so beautiful." Dawn says giving her big sister's cunt a sniff, "And you smell divine."

Buffy closes her eyes doing her best to remind her who has just complimented her on how good her pussy looks and yet despite her best efforts she doesn't care.

Dawn meanwhile has her eyes closed as she enjoys the sent of her sister's womanhood and slowly extends her tongue and gives her older sibling a long, soft, slow lick.

The moan which escapes Buffy's mouth is music to Dawn's ears as she continues to lick her pussy wondering considering how wet Buffy is how long it will take her to make her cum and deciding to see how long she can drag this out.

Buffy closes her eyes, letting herself enjoy each beautiful soft lick she feels running up and down her pussy lips, confident that if Dawn really wanted to she could already slip her tongue inside of her due to how wet she is and yet she isn't which makes Buffy wonder of her kid sister is teasing her until she finally feels her little sister push her way into her wet hole causing the volume of Buffy's moan's to increase dramatically.

Within seconds of having her tongue inside her Dawn finds the most sensitive parts of Buffy's pussy which has taken all of her previous lovers a lot longer to find. Angel never found it because they never did oral. Parker wouldn't be able to lick a woman's sensitive spots if he had a map. Faith didn't seem to care where she licked so long as it got the result she wanted. Much like Angel she and Riley had never done oral only because Riley considered it disgusting and wrong.

Even if Buffy was to compare Dawn to Faith's oral skills there is no contest hell the way Dawn is licking her it feels as though she is finding places inside her to lick which Faith and she herself didn't even know about.

Buffy's eyes shoot open as she feels her little sister's tongue start to actually follow a pattern and the pattern is between going clockwise and anti-clockwise as well as up and down. Biting her lip Buffy grabs a firm hold of the bed sheets willing herself not to cum too quickly due to her wanting to enjoy this unbelievable session she is experiencing, again doing her best to not think about who it is who is giving her this incredible oral experience and yet despite her doing her best not to think about it. It is the only thing she can think about is the fact that her little sister is actually making her feel better than all of her previous lovers combined.

Dawn meanwhile is busy focusing on what she is doing as well as enjoying what she is doing which she hopes is making Buffy feel special. Not 'you are the slayer it is your destiny to fight evil' special but special as in she means the world to somebody... she is not just something for somebody else to use to make themselves feel good or to help them get themselves off or make themselves feel more like a man or another notch on a person's belt as far as how many girls he or she has managed to talk into bed. Dawn is doing her best to show Buffy that she matters, she is important, she is special and above all else she is loved, not because she is the slayer, not because she is attractive, not because she is unattainable, not because she looks good on her arm but because she loves her.

Well, at least right now. Later Dawn intends to reinforce her dominance over her big sister, but for now things are all about the love. And making Buffy cum.

With this in mind Dawn slides her tongue into Buffy's cunt, that wet hole welcoming the invasion by clamping down on Dawn's tongue and filling the brunette's mouth with even more tasty juices than before. This of course encourages Dawn onwards, the younger Summers girl pulling her tongue out and then pushing it back in again before quickly repeating the process to start up a ever increasing fucking rhythm.

Buffy literally bites her lip to stop herself from begging for more, although she might as well have begged as despite her best efforts the slayer finds herself moaning, groaning and whimpering loudly in pleasure, the sounds echoing through the quiet room along with the occasional slurping sound as Dawn takes a break from tongue fucking her sister long enough to suck up and swallow some of Buffy's juices.

Usually when Dawn is fucking her Buffy tries to hold off her orgasm, partly because she wants to avoid the feeling of humiliation of cumming for her baby sister, and to her shame partly because no one has ever fucked her better than her little sister. But right now Buffy just want to get out of this room before her friends come back, so not only does she not fight the wicked and yet wonderful feelings her kid sister's mouth and tongue are causing her but she thinks of the most erotic moments in her life in an attempt to make herself cum quicker.

Unfortunately for Buffy the moments which sent her most crushing towards the edge involved either Dawn or Faith, and when she goes crashing over the edge it's her little sister that on her mind, and on her lips, "Daaawwwwwnnnnnn!"

Buffy blushes even though that's far from the worst thing she's said, however she can't dwell on it too much as her mind seems to slowly shut down, the only thing she's able to concentrate being the waves of pleasure rushing through her as she shudders and quakes in yet another wonderful climax given to her by her own kid sister.

Meanwhile Dawn has her lips firmly pressed against Buffy's pussy so her cum can flow directly into her mouth and down her throat, the brunette greedily swallowing down every drop of her big sister's juices before lifting her head up to look at the vision before her.

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