tagMind ControlBuford Ch. 02

Buford Ch. 02


I lay back in the chair, gasping and twitching at the force of the orgasm that'd just ripped through me. Amy raised her chest up off me, a twinkle in her eye as she gazed down at me, laid waste by her charms. I looked blearily over at Buford who looked away from Barbra's boobs to see me gasping and chortled, "Hey 'djah just come in your pants Donny?"

Shit! I hated being called "Donny." How could I have ever have thought of this asshole as a friend? I pondered denying the puddle in my shorts, but looked down at the huge stain and was suddenly sooo embarrassed. Amy dismounted me like she was getting off a bike, as if she saw my embarrassment and knew I wanted to go to the bathroom and clean up. I got up, pulled up my pants, though not far enough to "get them in the goo" and shuffled off toward the bathroom without looking back at Buford. I did take note of Fix, still gently tickling the ivories. Now I saw Joe, back from parking the car and standing in the shadows near the elevator, eyes gleaming as he took in the show. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Barbra raised up off Buford as he struggled to pull his pants down.

I cleaned up my mess by throwing my under shorts in the trash. Then I looked myself in the mirror. With Mr. Horny blunted I couldn't believe what I'd just done. If Bonnie found out about what I'd been doing this evening it'd be the end of the best part of my life. She was so much better than I deserved and I couldn't even control myself when an asshole like Buford put temptation in my way. I resolved to go out, make my excuses and take a taxi home.

Out in the suite there was a lot of tension in the air. The lights were still dim but it was easy enough to see. Barbra was now standing, arms crossed over her chest, looking her usual hostile self. If she'd had pants on, she'd no doubt have been standing in a "power stance" with her legs apart. But she was naked, so keeping them together. Buford was reclining in his chair and wheedling her to "take a ride on Clyde."

She was having none of that. She hadn't agreed to it and did not want to. Amy was sitting in a shy posture, left arm over her breasts and right hand in her lap. Joe looked bored. Fix, mildly irritated. Buford turned to him and said, "Sheeit Fix, you need to talk to her some more."

Fix took Barbra by the arm and walked her over to where Amy was sitting, talking quietly. He sat down between the two girls. Buford waved "Clyde" at me. Admittedly it was pretty big. Then he waved me over his way.

I walked over to say my goodbyes and ask Buford, if he had any feelings for me, to be sure that none of this got back to Bonnie.

Buford grinned up at me, completely unabashed by his own naked, aroused state. "Sheeit, good buddy. Some night so far, huh? You gonna be able to tap that pussy after blowing that huge wad in your pants?" He snickered a little.

"No man. I gotta get home. Bonnie's gotta be wondering where I am and there'd be hell to pay if she found out what's been going on!"

"No shit! You really that pussywhipped?"

I've been called "pussywhipped" before by my buddies. But it's usually funny. And they'll agree they'd be happy to be "PW" for Bonnie 'cause she's so hot. But the way Buford said it was really irritating. However, I didn't want to piss him off – all he'd have to do is say something to Bonnie, and I kinda thought he was the kind to say something if he was mad at me. "Yeah man. I'm that PW." I hung my head with an embarrassed grin like I do for my other friends when they're giving me this kinda shit.

"Fuuuck me! I woulda never believed it! You don't really think that Bonnie is 'faithful' do you? I mean shit, she's waaaay better lookin' than you are. Way better. She must get daily offers from better looking studs than you."

"Yes, goddamn it, I do! She's completely faithful to me! ........... Look man, I gotta go."

"You are so full of shit. She'd throw you over for a few bucks. But hang on a few. I'll have Joe drive you and the bimbos back as soon as I bust a nut."

Well I was pissed about what he said. But, I really didn't want to cough up for a taxi 'cause money was tight for Bonnie and I at present. If Buford was as close to coming as I had been, it couldn't be much longer. "OK, thanks man. I'll just wait over there." I walked over to the side of the room that was pretty much the farthest from all of the rest of them and pretended to look out over the city. Meanwhile I continued to beat myself up over what I'd been doing with Amy. I hoped this wouldn't really take all that much longer. Then I started wondering exactly what Fix would talk Barbra into. Then I wondered if I could keep from watching. There was movement and I saw Barbra and Fix walking back over to Buford. I tried to see what was happening without looking directly over there.

Fix said a few words and moved back over to the piano. Barbra, stood a moment longer arms over her chest, then at a motion from Buford, threw a leg over and "saddled up." Was she giving him a bareback lapdance? Or was she "riding" Clyde? I looked a little more their way. She was making small up an down motions that told me she had his cock started into her pussy and was coating it with juice a little at a time on the way down. Her hands were on his shoulders and she was looking out over the city as if she was trying to ignore what she was doing. Buford wasn't looking at her face, so I didn't think he gave a shit where her mind was at. His eyes were focused on his cock as it slowly disappeared into her pussy. My eyes were focused on the play of muscle in her ass as she flexed it back and forth – holy shit that was a gorgeous butt! Damn, my dick was starting to get hard again! Make it fast Buford! I thought to myself.

I was startled by a touch at my shoulder. It was Amy. I tore my eyes away from Buford and Barbara and was surprised again by just how pretty she was. Still naked except for the boots, my dick gave another lurch. She said, "You ready to go?"

"Yeah, sorry. I've got an early day tomorrow." I was surprised to realize I didn't want her to know about Bonnie! Like I was being faithful to Amy or something? For Chrissake she just rode my dick through my shorts – with her bare pussy – for dollars – and I was worried that she'd find out I was married??

"Oh! But if you don't 'do me' I won't get the rest of my money." She said it plaintively.

Evidently she said it loud enough for Buford to hear. "Hell, blondie. My boy Donny there probably can't even get it up again. Besides he's pussywhipped beyond belief! I'd never turn down a crack at your ass myself, but his wife Bonnie's got him wrapped around his finger." Amy flashed a hurt look at me! I was sooo pissed at Buford. Calling me pussywhipped! Implying in front of Amy that I couldn't get it up. Telling her I'm married. Makin' her mad. He'd betrayed me six ways from Sunday! Then Buford iced the cake. "Walk that gorgeous pussy over here and I'll fuck Barbra's and yours. That way you'll get paid and everybody'll be happy."

Amy's eyes flashed his way at those words. Then she looked back at me in hurt consternation. "Please, Donny. I don't want to 'do' him!" she whispered.

"Blondie! Come on over here!"

Amy grabbed my hand and dragged me to my feet and then pulled me along behind her over to where Barbra was still riding Buford. Most of her body was still as a statue, her eyes still on the city, just her thighs gently pumping and her ass marvelously flexing. I could see Buford's cock pistoning in and out of her pussy. My own cock rose some more.

"Lean over the back of the couch here. I want to fuck you so I can see your perfect ass, your tits ain't nuthin' special." This made me mad too. I loved Amy's ass but personally I thought her breasts were very pretty. For some unfathomable reason I couldn't stand to hear Buford talk rudely to her.

Amy shuffled up to the couch and then instead of leaning over it, she looked down at my crotch. Then she grabbed my dick through my pants. "Donny's got a hardon now. I think he wants to 'do' me now."

Oh god, did I ever! But I felt huge waves of guilt too. Guilt that I wanted to screw around on Bonnie. Guilt that, if I didn't, Amy would get fucked by Buford. Taking my silence for assent, Amy turned and started unzipping my pants. She unbuckled me and slid my pants down a little but my hardon was starting to droop. She grasped it and started to stroke it a little desperately. Buford chortled, "That don't look like no hardon to me!" Then he slapped Barbra on the ass and said, "Up and off babe, I'm gonna plow blonder pastures for a while."

Fuck! Out of the corner of my eye I saw Barbra dismounting. In front of me Amy was looking desperate and jerking too hard on my cock. Buford stepped up behind her and pushed on her back to bend her over the back of the couch, my cock still in her hand. He used his foot to kick her ankles apart and grabbed her hip with one hand and his cock with the other. He rubbed Clyde up and down her pussylips, getting it wet. Her face was resting on the back of the couch and turned my way. I saw her scrunch up her eyes as Buford hunched forward. Buford moaned, "Fuuuck, Donny. This is prime pussy! It's so tight I'm havin' to fight to get my cock wedged into it!"

Amy was squirming away from him but Buford had her by both hips now and his butt cheeks were clenching. Amy was still holding onto my dick with one hand and NOW it was hard as granite! I could see his dick working its way into her, in a quarter inch, out an eighth, in a quarter, out an eighth. Her cute little pussy lips were stretched tightly around it. Her ass cheeks were flexing marvelously as she struggled and her breasts were swaying in a mesmerizing fashion. I could see her biting her lip. Now I was feeling jealous over Buford fucking "my girl." And I was feeling guilty that I was letting him!

Amy said, "I think..... Donny's ready..... now." The little pauses caused by Buford's fucking his cock into her were erotic somehow. My dick throbbed.

Buford looked over at it. "Sheeit, Donny. It does look like Mr. Johnson is ready for a workout. You ready to give it a go? Or are you still being Mr. Pussywhipped?"

"Uh, yeah sure." Am I thinking that I'm a good Samaritan because I'm willing to fuck Amy instead of Buford? Or am I just another asshole ruled by his cock? I sure as hell don't know.

"Yeah sure, you're still pussywhipped? Or yeah sure, you're ready to fuck?"

"Uh, fuck."

"Barbra! Donny here is ready to spear that prime pussy of yours. Lay back on the couch, tits up, so I can watch 'em shake."

Holy shit! I see Amy looking up at me with that pleading look on her face and she's holding on to my dick like it's a lifeline.

"No Buford. I want to 'do' Amy."


I realize he doesn't know her name. I point mutely at Amy's ass.

"Oh. Blondie? Is Amy your name? Fuck Donny, are you pussywhipped by her too now? Just go fuck Barbra a few minutes. You'll get your turn here." He was stroking full length into Amy now, his cock making slick noises followed by slaps at the end as his flat stomach impacted her buttocks. She, meanwhile, was holding my dick so tight I couldn't possibly leave to go over to Barbra. I did look though and Barbra had moved over to lie back on the couch with a resigned look on her face. She was staring up at the ceiling and ignoring our conversation. Her legs were spread a little and her pussy was mildly swollen. Her breasts lolled out to the sides marvelously and her nipples were still hard. Her legs just seemed to go on forever. Damn she looked good! My dickbrain wanted to pull loose from Amy's hand and go try that on!

"Go Donny!" Evidently Buford couldn't see how purple the end of my dick was from the grip Amy had on it. But then his eyes crossed and he paused in mid stroke. "Ohhhh, shit. She almost pulled this load right out of me!" He jerked his cock out of her and waved it around in the air. "Whoa, Clyde, whoa!!"

Amy twisted her butt toward me and pulled my dick toward her ass, bumping me into Buford. "Hey, hey, man, now you're eager! Aw hell, go ahead and fuck her. I'm headin' over for the ride with the bigger tits!"

I glanced at Barbra who was grimacing, I thought because he was treating her like such a piece of meat. But then Amy was rubbing my cock up and down her pussy, getting it wet. And HOT! Oh fuuuuck! She pulled me in a little then arched her back to aim her pussy up at me a little more. I moved my feet a little closer and started to pump a little. My god, she was really tight! And I could feel her clenching her pussy muscles around my cock as it got a little deeper. I looked down at her marvelously slender waist, ribs barely showing through her back. Buford's pounding had moved her forward so her head hung over the back of the couch and her boobs smashed into the back of it and spread out to bulge on either side of her. That looked hot too. Her ass muscles were flexing gently and, in the dim light, planes of shadow appeared and disappeared over her butt cheeks in the most entrancing way. She moved her feet farther apart and arched her back more and I slipped allllllll the way into her pussy. It felt like pushing my dick into hot butter. Tight, hot, slippery, butter — surrounded by a great, great looking ass.

I felt like my head might explode.

I pulled out and stroked back in a little. It felt astonishingly good. My cock was as hard as it's ever been and firmly gripped, like it had been by Amy's hand earlier. Her smooth firm butt cheeks rested against my hip bones and I felt the backs of those supple thighs against my legs. I gently grasped her hip bones and started to stroke in and out.

I thought that I should hurry up and come so I could get on my way.

I thought I wanted this to last forever so I should try to think of something else.

My mind went in circles.

I looked out at the city.

I glanced over at Buford and Barbra. Intended to "glance" but was transfixed by the sight. He'd folded her knees up against her shoulders, her back down against the seat of the couch and ass suspended up over the edge. He was hammering his cock into her pussy while hanging over her like a bridge, shoulders resting on the backs of her knees and toes on the floor, digging for traction. Her pussy was stretched into a tight ring around his big cock and each impact sent little shivering motions through her ass. Her head was twisted uncomfortably over to the side from being pounded into the back of the couch. Her head faced me. I looked up at her eyes and saw that she'd been watching me "take in" the scene. She looked somewhat embarrassed to have me watching her in this situation. No haughty bitch now. Damn, staring at Barbra while I was fucking Amy made me feel "unfaithful".

I snapped my eyes back to Amy and saw she had a devilish grin on her face. She didn't care that I'd been looking at her friend. Well why should she, she was only doing this for cash! Certainly not 'cause she liked me, the unfaithful, asshole jerk of a married man. I felt my dick start to soften but then Amy winked at me back over her shoulder and squeezed my dick HARD with her pussy muscles. Holy crap! In an instant I was hard as a rock again! Then she reached back between her legs and gently stroked my balls – if I hadn't come less than thirty minutes before, I would have gone off like a rocket. As it was I looked up at the city for a moment with the sudden realization that I wanted this to last a little longer. I had committed the crime. I wanted to really enjoy the time.

Amy pulled away and the absence of her pussy left my dick feeling cold. Was it over? Had she had all she could take? Did she get paid to fuck me whether I came or not? She'd already fucked both Buford and I some, had she already doubled the fee she expected? She lithely leaned down and stretched out on the carpet. And I mean stretched. Arms stretched out above her, long legs stretched out below and spread apart. Stretched like a cat. My eyes zoomed in on her cute little pussylips. I noted hers were a little swollen too. Then my gaze wandered up over her little waist, across her ribs to pause at her breasts. Her nipples were hard and her boobs were standing up more on her chest instead of rolling out to the sides like Barbra's did. Soft/firm halfmoons with little conical pink nipples. Man they were nearly perfect tits! Then my gaze went on up to her face and realized that she'd been watching me survey her body. I felt guilty but then she grinned and it was obvious she liked the effect her body had on me. Well, probably she liked the effect her bod had on men in general and I was just the current example.

Then she spread those long legs and stretched her arms up to me. All right! She wanted, or was willing, to fuck some more! I got down on my knees between her legs, conscious of my cock bobbing in front of me. I put my left hand down on the floor above her shoulder and grabbed my dick with my right. I leaned forward until it touched her pussy but didn't lie down on her because I wanted to see it happen. She pulled her knees up a little so the inside of her thighs brushed against the sides of my hips, silky smooth and firm, they felt terrific. I rubbed my cock up and down a little, marveling at how hot and buttery and silky her pussylips felt but then she reached up, hooked her heels on my ass and pulled me in. God, it felt great sliding into that pussy! I loved watching my cock pushing her lips aside and then stretching them around itself. The sensation of my cock pushing from the cool room into her hot, tight, cunt was amazing. I loved watching her flex her thighs up and then the feeling as they rested warm and firm against my ribs. I loved seeing her boobs shake in a wavelike motion as I hit bottom. I loved the fact that when I looked her in the eyes they twinkled and how she pulled on her lower lip with her teeth.

I lowered my chest onto her breasts and marveled again at their firmness. I put my left arm under her shoulders and reached down with my right hand to feel her ass flex when I drove my cock into it. It couldn't get much better than this! I realized my middle finger was touching her anus. The little ring flexed with each stroke. Hmmm. I stuck the tip of my finger into her ass but she squirmed away violently. When I looked at her eyes they had a startled look. Sometimes she seemed like a nasty pro, and sometimes she seemed like an innocent. I guess her asshole was "innocent" but I still liked feeling it twitch with each assault of my cock.

Then Buford started to bellow. I looked over. He and Barbra had changed positions and he was fucking her doggy style on the couch, face and tits down on the seat and ass up in the air with him gripping her hips. Just now he threw his head back, the veins standing out on his neck, his ass cheeks clenching. Occasional spasmodic humping motions surged through him. Kinda reminded me of a dog humping a leg, except his tongue wasn't hanging out.

Shit, suddenly I realized that this meant he was done and it was time to go home. I started pounding my cock into Amy but the more I worried about how I needed to hurry, the farther away another come receded. After a minute or two of desperate fucking I heard Buford chortle and say, "Donny, I thought you were in a hurry to get outta here?"

FUCK!! I pulled my dick out of that amazing pussy and rolled to my feet, pulling up my pants. "Yeah, I'm ready to go." I saw a hurt look cross Amy's face. Was she mad because I just rolled off without any "sweet nothings?" Or because I could leave her amazing pussy without coming? Or had she expected me to make her come too, to even the favors? I didn't know, but I felt like shit – as I had been feeling much of this evening.

Buford said "I'm hittin' the rack. Fix'll take care of you girls and Joe'll give you all a ride home. I'll call you tomorrow Donny boy." Christ! I hoped not. I didn't want him talking to Bonnie and I certainly couldn't take another night like this one! He staggered off toward one of the doors, I assumed to his bedroom.

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