tagMind ControlBuford Ch. 03

Buford Ch. 03


As I was walking toward the house hoping Bonnie was asleep, a taxi came around the corner and stopped by the curb. The back door opened and as the light came on I saw there were three women in the back and another in the front. What the fuck?

Then Bonnie staggered out. She was drunk! I'd forgotten that she'd had a bachelorette party to go to. It looked like they'd really tied one on. I thought I should get inside and clean up, but she'd already seen me. "Don! Man, we had a grrrreat time!"

One of the girls in the back of the taxi yelled, "Ya better run and hide Don, she's horny and loaded for bear!"

The taxi door shut and Bonnie started my way, stumbling a couple steps on the lawn in her high heels. Damn, she was wearing a miniskirt and a tight top! Didn't fit my notion of what you wear "out with the girls," more what you'd wear out trolling for guys! In fact, those were the shoes she called her "fuckme heels." I thought she only wore them for me! She stepped up on the porch, threw her arms around me and pressed her boobs into my chest. She leaned her head back and, breath smelling of Cosmos, she asked, "Heeyy sailor. Ya wanna fuck? She pushed her crotch into mine, "Hey, my little friend is already coming out to play!" She rubbed her mound back and forth over my turgid cock. Could you get blue balls twice in one night?

"Holy crap, Bonnie. What kind of bachelorette party did you go to?" I opened the door and started inside.

She grabbed my dick as she staggered through the door with me. "Hmmm, they had a Chippendale's kinda act at The Nighthouse. Ladies only. There were some real hunks there and I'm all wound up baby, ready to go." She nuzzled my neck.

Now normally I'd be pretty excited to have Bonnie in this kinda mood, even if she did get that way ogling other guys. However, right now I wanted to clean up before she got a clue to what I'd been doing. "Uh Bonnie," I said brilliantly, realizing that she had my zipper in her fingers now. "I, uh, I need to pee. Just a second."

"Lemme just say hi," she said as she pulled my zipper down and reached in with her other hand. "Hey what happened to your underpants?" she said, her brow furrowed in puzzlement. She pulled my cock out in the air. He was very happy to have her hand on him, despite my panicked train of thought.

"Uh, I had a shart and tossed them."

"A shart?"

"Yeah, you know. When you think you're gonna fart but don't."

"Don!" she giggled, tugging on my rigid cock. It popped out into the room. Then to my great dismay she bent down. "Just a li'l kiss." I tried to turn and pull it away but she had a good grip.

I never got that kiss.

Her nose touched, then she slowly straightened up and looked me in the eye. The giggly drunk had vanished. "Don, your cock smells like pussy." The tone of her voice was even, not questioning, not shouting. But her look was bitterly angry.

She could tell by the horrified look in my eyes that her nose was accurate. She didn't say another word, but actions speak plenty loud when they involve a knee to the balls. Fuuuck! That dancer girl can kick! I curled on the floor listening to her heels click away. I heard the bedroom door close and the lock click.

When I could walk again I stumbled over and knocked gently on our door. "Bonnie? Can I explain?"

"Shut the fuck up! I'll talk to you in the morning when I'm sober........... Asssshole."

After washing the evidence off my cock I went into the guest bedroom and lay down in my clothes. I lay awake for hours.

I'd think that it was good that tomorrow was Saturday so I could talk to Bonnie.

Then I'd think how bad that was going to be.

Then I'd think about going in to work to log some overtime and avoid the confrontation.

I gently felt my balls. Had Bonnie done permanent damage? Did they hurt 'cause they were "blue?" Would it help if I jacked off? I took a couple tentative strokes but they hurt doing that too.

Eventually I drifted off to sleep. I woke once during a nightmare. This involved Bonnie screaming at me while Buford chuckled and called me "pussywhipped" for not standing up for myself. We were in my living room but could see out over the city lights like we were in the Hilton penthouse.

Later I had a dream that involved Amy and Barbra rubbing their bodies all over me. It was a wet dream. This reassured me that my equipment was still able to function. The dream was fucking incredible with their firm bodies sliding this way and that over me. On the other hand, now my pants had a mess in them and all the rest of my clothes were in the bedroom with Bonnie. Shit! I wiped them out with a wad of Kleenex and went back to sleep.


Sunlight woke me. It looked like pretty late in the morning. How could it look like such a nice day when my life was in the shitter? I got up and went in the kitchen. I was looking in the frig for something to eat when Bonnie came around the corner. "Asshole," was all she said. She leaned up against the doorjamb. She was wearing this ugly sack of a nightgown that she knows I hate. I got out the milk and set it on the table, then got us each a bowl and poured us some cereal. I got out a couple of spoons and sat down. "Aren't you going to try to make some excuse?" her voice dripped sarcasm.

I looked at her, then down at the table. "There is no excuse for what I did."

"Goddamn right there isn't! Asssshole!"

I just sat there staring into my cereal. Should I tell her what happened? Or would that just make it seem worse? "Um," I ventured, but then I ran out of gas.

She abruptly came over, sat down and poured some milk in her cereal. She lifted a spoonful to her mouth. "You want to tell me just what you and your friend Buford got up to last night? Was the cuntjuice on your cock last night from some fleabitten whore? Have you done this before? Do I need to worry about disease? That'd be disease from your previous encounters – 'cause you're not getting into this pussy again!"

"No! This was the only time! Buford isn't really a friend. You wouldn't believe how he is..... Though it's not really an excuse for what I did last night." Then the doorbell rang.

Fuuuck! Who could that be? Then a sick certainty arose. Buford! That asshole! Bonnie had started for the door. "Bonnie," I said with an abortive thought that we could pretend no one was home. She shot me an angry glance back over her shoulder.

Bonnie opened the door. Sure enough, there was Buford with his usual big shit eatin' grin on his face. Joe and Fix were standing right behind him. "Bonnie!" Buford guffawed. "God that's an ugly sack you're wearing!" He shouldered past her into our house like he owned it, completely oblivious to the angry look she flashed him. "Fuck Donny! You're still wearing those pants?!"

Good God, couldn't the guy pick up any clue about the tension in the room!? Well maybe he could, if it was screaming at him like Bonnie's posture, arms crossed, eyes flashing. She stalked over to him, fury writ large on her face. "Why Buford? Why wouldn't he want to be wearing those pants?"

Buford looked a little startled. He peered at Bonnie. Then he looked over at me. Then he glanced back at Fix and Joe who'd stepped inside as well. Then he looked back at Bonnie who was smoldering. Then over at me. Then a big grin broke out on his face and he said, "Looks like I really stepped in the shit, huh Don? I guess Bonnie already knows what you were up to last night?"

Fuck! Couldn't this guy say anything without making a situation worse? Had he gone to school to learn to be socially clueless? "Yeah, Buford. She figured it out. Uh, she and I need some time alone."

"Aw, Donny, that's not very sociable. I got you in this trouble. Let me help you get out."

The whole concept of Buford chiding someone else for their social skills stunned me so deeply that I hadn't said anything but, "Uh," before he turned back to Bonnie.

"Bonnie, you know Donny was bad last night but it really was entirely my fault. You've got him so pussywhipped that I really had to twist his arm to get him to even take a sniff of those chiquitas. And they were fine, fine chiquitas."

She turned to me, "Chiquitas? As in, more, than, one. Don?" Bonnie's eyes flashed dangerously.

I didn't have to answer. Buford helpfully said, "Well there were two but Donny was faithful to the cute little blond. I'm the only one that sampled both."

"Buford," I said trying to figure out how to get him the fuck out of my house before he made everything ten times worse.

But it was too late. He said with a perplexed tone, "Come on Bonnie, you've fooled around a few times haven't you? You shouldn't ride ol' Donnie too hard for crimes you've committed yourself."

"The FUCK I HAVE!" Bonnie exploded. "Why would you even say that? You don't know me!"

"Well then, you should try it before you knock it." He actually looked perplexed!

"I would NEVER!" Bonnie spluttered. "Would you get the FUCK out of my house?!"

Buford put his hands up and stepped back a pace. "Well sure you would. You need to get down off that 'high horse.'" He turned to Fix. "Prove it to her for me." With that he turned and walked out the door. Fix rolled his eyes.

I was stunned! I wasn't sure what Buford meant for Fix to do, but I was pretty sure I didn't want to find out.

Bonnie advanced toward the door saying, "I want you all out of here."

Fix put his hands up, looked thoroughly regretful and said, "OK, we'll leave. Not a problem. Let me just apologize for Mr. Roger's behavior. His social skills leave a lot to be desired."

"No shit!" Bonnie said.

"Mr. Rogers likes to smooth over his social gaffes with some of his considerable fortune. He has authorized me to offer $500 to anyone he pisses off like this." A thin stack of hundreds had appeared in his right hand. He was holding it out to Bonnie.

She was startled and looked at it suspiciously. "His fortune?"

"Mr. Rogers won a multistate lottery and practically can't spend his money fast enough."

Bonnie reached out tentatively, but furtively and guiltily. The way our finances were, a stack of hundreds looked pretty good. Fix said, "Go on take it. You deserve it for what he's put you through. Probably deserve a lot more. Don really did get maneuvered into doing things he would never have done without Mr. Rogers behind him pushing."

"He should have pushed back!" Bonnie snatched the money.

"Of course he should've, but men are so weak," Fix said apologetically. "We're all weak."

"Who were the skanks these guys fucked last night?" Bonnie said "fucked" like it was a really nasty, disgusting word.

"Actually, they were two very nice young college students. Mr. Rogers had me offer them a lot of money to do things that they would never have done on their own."

"What?! They weren't prostitutes?"

"Oh no! Mr. Rogers would never sleep with a prostitute. But he does argue that any woman will play the whore for enough money."

"Now that's absolute bullshit! I don't know anyone who would sell their body! I sure as HELL wouldn't!"

"That's great. I've always been sure there were some women who wouldn't. Sad to say that until now he's always been right. See, what he meant when he left was that he wants me to offer you thousands of dollars to sleep with him so he can prove it to you. That's what he meant by getting you down off your 'high horse.'"

Fuck! Bonnie was rigid. She was gonna rip his heart out! "NO.... FUCKING.... WAY!!!"

Fix put his hands up, "Absolutely. I'm glad to have finally found someone to turn him down. I'm just doing my job.... He will want me to offer you at least $15,000 before I leave though."

$15,000!!!!!! I remembered the movie "Indecent Proposal" where Demi Moore had done the deed for a million. I'd thought then that a million would be very, very hard to turn down. But I'd never considered that my price might be a lot lower than a million. $15K would really help us out financially with some of our debts. Of course Buford didn't want to sleep with me, he wanted to fuck my wife! This was just wrong! But I didn't really have to worry, there was no way Bonnie would do it. In fact, "No way!" is just what she said. But shit! I heard an element of uncertainty in her voice.

I stared at Bonnie and saw her eyes flicker over at me guiltily. Fuck!

Fix said, "Actually, I'm pretty sure from the look in his eyes as he left that he'd want me to offer $20,000. "

Bonnie was rigid. Staring at Fix. She said, "Twenty, thousand, dollars." Her eyes flicked my way again.

"Bonnie!" I started.

"Shut the fuck up!" Bonnie hissed at me. "How much did you charge to break our marriage vows last night?"

Fix said, "Yes, twenty thousand."

"To do what, exactly?"

"Bonnie!" I started again.

"You. Shut. The. Fuck. Up! It's my body, and after last night you aren't going to tell me what to do with it!"

Fix said, "Well Mr. Rogers doesn't like anal sex but he'd expect oral and vaginal."

"He would, would he!" Bonnie's tone was threatening. Which made me happy. On the other hand we could really use the $20K. What was I thinking? I doubted there'd be a "we" after this fiasco.

"Yeah, that's pretty much the standard package."

"Standard package!" Bonnie looked over at me. I'm sure I looked stricken. I'm also sure she liked seeing me that way. She turned back to Fix, "$40,000!" Fuck! My wife had just, in principle, agreed to sell her pussy!

"OK," Fix said. Holy shit! Was this deal going down? Then Fix said, "But for $40K Mr. Rogers would expect you to be available in 'all ways' for a full 6 hours to him and any friends."

"What! Friends?! No fucking way!"

"OK," Fix said. "I'll just tell him no then?" He made a slight movement toward the door.

"Wait. What do you mean 'friends' how many are we talking about here? And what does 'in all ways' mean?"

"No more than 5 'friends' – they'd be anyone Mr. Rogers chooses between now and then. 'All ways' means oral, vaginal, anal, possibly more than one at a time."

"You've GOT to be kidding!"

"OK," Fix said. "I'll just tell him no then?" He grasped the doorknob and started to turn it.

"Wait." Bonnie chewed her lip. "$60K."

"No, he wouldn't go that high. You could go back down to the $20K package with just Mr. Rogers though if you wanted."

Bonnie glanced at me. She must have liked seeing me in agony. "What the fuck! I'll do it. $40K! I can do pretty much anything for six lousy hours!" Maybe I was flattering myself that she was doing it to get to me. Forty thousand was a lot of money.

"OK, let me sit down and explain everything so there's no confusion."

I left the room with a sick feeling in my stomach. I went in the kitchen but I didn't feel hungry. Then I worried they'd leave without me. But I didn't want to go along did I? Yes, I found that I did. After dithering in the kitchen for a while I went back out, but Fix was just leaving. "Did it fall through?"

Bonnie looked a little dazed, "No, we're going over to the Hilton at 7."


"Yeah, Buford says he wants you there. Said to tell you 'I told you so.'"

That asshole! I remembered him telling me that Bonnie would fuck around if she had incentive. I thought about refusing to go. It'd be torture to be there but somehow it'd be worse not being there. Sitting at home wondering when and how Buford and his friends were fucking Bonnie would be an absolute killer.

I went into our room, got some clothes and headed for the shower.


I saw people looking our way as we walked through the Hilton lobby. Were they just looking at Bonnie? She looked great. She'd had a couple stiff drinks before we left but hadn't said a word to me the whole day. When I tried to talk to her, she just glared until I shut up. She had on her "fuckme shoes" from last night and a flouncy, pleated miniskirt. She had on a soft knit pullover and I'm sure everyone could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts bounced enticingly with her stride, nipples were poking through the soft fabric. Her hair was up and her makeup was light but perfect. I shook my head. Why would she fix herself up so nicely to come over here and get fucked? I don't understand women.

Then I wondered if the people in the lobby thought she was a high priced hooker? What the fuck was I thinking? They'd be right! Tonight Bonnie was in fact "selling her pussy" and for a high price indeed.

We rode the elevator in silence. It opened and the sunset over the city glowed in the suite windows. Buford was standing at the window with some other guy. Joe was near the door. Fix was playing the piano again. We walked into the room and I realized that the guy with Buford was Jeff Walsey, also from our high school track team. Shit! What was he doing here? I got a sinking feeling as I figured it out.

Buford busted out his usual shit eating grin and brought Jeff over, "Jeff, you remember Donny boy here. And this is his beautiful wife Bonnie!" He looked her up and down, "Wow, Bonnie this outfit looks even better than those jeans you had 'painted on' yesterday. And waay way better than that ugly sack you were wearing this morning!"

Bonnie grimaced. But she didn't explode. She didn't say anything. She did shake Jeff's hand though. I noticed she her hand trembling as she did it.

The elevator door opened behind us. I turned in a panic, thinking that he'd invited more guys to ravage my wife. It was just a young bell hop with a tray of appetizers. Buford expansively waved him over and told him to set them on the piano. When he'd done so he turned to Buford expectantly. Buford fumbled in his pocket a moment, then said, "Damn, I don't have any cash for a tip." I saw him elbow Jeff. To the bellhop he said, "Would you like to look at Bonnie's tits? Would that make up the tip?"

Fuck! This pissed me off somehow. Why this should offend me after what Bonnie'd already agreed to do I don't know. The bellhop looked stunned, he glanced over at Bonnie. Then he turned back to Buford and nodded jerkily. Buford turned to Bonnie, oblivious to the furious look on her face, "Tip the young man, Bonnie."

Bonnie looked uncertainly over at Fix who nodded. Then she grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up over her tits. They bobbed into view with an entrancing wavy motion. She held her top up for probably all of ten seconds, which seemed like forever. I saw her nipples crinkle up cutely. Then she jerked her top back down over them. The bellhop looked like he'd been poleaxed. Buford said, "That was pretty short Bonnie. Was that enough for you young man?"

The bellhop's Adam's apple bobbed up and down. Then he nodded spastically.

Buford said, "Aw, it just seemed too short to be a good tip. Maybe you'd like to see her pussy too?"

Fuck! The bellhop's eyes went wide. His cock was making a serious tent in his uniform trousers. I suddenly realized my cock was getting hard too.

"Sure you would. Any red blooded young man would. Give him a look Bonnie, a little longer this time if you please."

Bonnie flushed brightly. Then she reached down and slowly pulled the hem of her skirt up. Her slender yet muscular thighs trembled. She stopped just below her crotch and then resolutely pulled it up until her mound came into view. Shit! She'd shaved! I'd asked her to shave for me a bunch of times and she never would! Told me it would itch. "Trim it close" was the best I'd ever gotten.

Jeff said, "Fuuck! That's one cute li'l pussy Donny!"

Bonnie snarled, "This isn't Donny's pussy!" Then she dropped the hem of her skirt.

"Yeah well, his, yours, whatever. I think it's ours tonight eh? I love those smooth little lips and I can't wait to stretch them a little." Shit, I thought to myself, Turns out that Jeff's an asshole too. He'd been two years behind me in school and so probably too timid to show his true colors back then.

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