tagNonHumanBug Ch. 01

Bug Ch. 01


She woke up in a haze. Her surroundings were blurry, and hard to focus on. All she knew was that there was someone on top of her, and she didn't know his name.

Her clothing was gone. As she struggled to keep her eyes open, she felt hot breath on her neck. She felt it on her ear. Feeling started to return to her, and she noticed that she was laid out on warm, thick bedding, and it was bunched around her body.

Her legs were being parted. As she looked up, into the stranger's face, his weight bore down heavily on top of her, and he grabbed her hips. Hands held her shoulders down, though she didn't try to struggle. Then his hips jerked towards hers, and a large cock thrust deeply into her. She arched up, gasping, feeling the sensations ripple through her lower region. Her vagina was on fire, and heat flamed out as he smacked into her cervix. She tried to scream out, but one of the hands holding her shoulders down moved to her mouth. He held still within her, waiting for a moment at that pinnacle of pain and shock. Slowly the hand left her mouth, and then two hands smoothed their way south, heading down her neck and whispering over her breasts, over her nipples. She relaxed into those hands, and the hips and cock began to move. Still painful, still electric, the stranger thrust in and out, smacking against her inner core with each blow. After several minutes, she started to feel a change come over the sensations rocketing through her body. Instead of pure pain and fire, a warm tingle started, and slowly became pleasurable. He seemed to sense the change in her, and began to thrust his cock even harder, trying to reach a spot within that only he seemed to recognize.

Gasping with sensation, and overwhelmed with sudden need, her body thrashed against his, and she started to shake. He kept up his rhythm, and the hands on her breasts began to tighten and release in time with his movement. Her release was a sudden fiery blaze, beyond any she had felt before. Moments after she came, hot spurts released from the tip of his penis, reaching deep inside her. It seemed never ending, and almost scalding in temperature. He kept her under him for several more minutes, and then slowly withdrew.

Focusing her eyes fully on the stranger, she realized there was something different about him. A pointed, narrow face stared at her. The eyes seemed overly large, but a beautiful, warm gold. The hands gripping her body moved away, and for the first time, she noticed that there were six of them.

Six hands were at the end of six arms, three on each side of his body. Her gaze slid down, over his torso, and continued down to his pubic area. His cock gleamed wetly from his come and hers, and was still upright. Large and deeply colored, the tip had a curve to it, and a sharp point on the end. Two muscled legs ended in narrow feet. Her eyes went back to his, and he wrapped her in his many arms.

She struggled with herself, trying to get the words out.

"What have you done to me?" she asked him, her voice cracking with emotion and fright.

As he gazed at her, wrapped tightly in his arms, one hand freed itself from her warm, pliant body. He held it to her face, and slowly cupped it. His eyes closed, and a wave of images washed over her.

She saw warm, close tunnels. She heard an undercurrent of bodies, all working together, through harvesting and sleep. There were men, and children. There were soldiers and farmers. All seemed driven with a purpose, and she felt as if that purpose they all had was now a part of her. His hand left her face, and she stared back at him. In those few moments, her life before him was gone. Family, friends, college and career, all of it sucked away. The sexy, intense stranger she met at the long, glossy mahogany bar in her favorite pub. The stranger leading her outside, and offering to share a cab ride home with her. None of it mattered to her now- she was now part of the colony.

Her body was throbbing- partly pain, partly need. Blood began pooling in her groin. It was time again. She needed to be filled, covered. Instead of taking her himself, he rose, turned and opened the door. A group of men came through, and to her it seemed exactly right that they were there. As one, they strode towards her. All tall, with pointed, narrow faces, each one looked alike yet slightly individual. As they neared, she felt a stirring in her mind again. She saw herself, tangled together with all of them, pressing, writhing and moaning...

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