tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuggering the Burglar

Buggering the Burglar


I'm not entirely proud of what I did, but put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you'll understand. See, I've been working overtime at work lately, so my sleep schedule is completely fucked up. But at least that night I was getting a nice, relaxing sleep. The first one I'd had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sleep by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs.

Hesitantly, I looked over at my alarm clock, barely making out the digital numbers through my half-opened eyes. It was two in the morning... two in the freaking morning! Still somewhat groggy from sleep, I shrugged it off. After all, it was probably just the cat knocking something over in the kitchen. But, since I was up anyway, I figured I may as well go to the bathroom.
put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you'll understand. See, I've been working overtime at work lately, so my sleep schedule is completely fucked up. But at least that night I was getting a nice, relaxing sleep. The first one I'd had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sleep by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs.

Hesitantly, I looked over at my alarm clock, barely making out the digital numbers through my half-opened eyes. It was two in the morning... two in the freaking morning! Still somewhat groggy from sleep, I shrugged it off. After all, it was probably just the cat knocking something over in the kitchen. But, since I was up anyway, I figured I may as well go to the bathroom.

It was when I got that I noticed the cat was comfortably curled up by the foot of my bed. SHIT! If he was sleeping there this whole time, then who was making all of that noise downstairs? I quickly tossed on my robe and ran down the stairs, more than a little nervous about confronting a robber... a potentially armed robber!

Sure enough, there was a dark figure lurking around the shadows, going through my stuff. The front door was wide open, so he must have just broken in or something. He must have heard me coming down the stairs, because he quickly turned around and ran straight for the door.

"Freeze you little sack of shit," I shouted in the sternest, most authoritative voice I could muster.

The figure stopped, and slowly put his arms up. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence as we both stood there, neither of us quite sure what to do next. To be honest, I didn't have a gun. Hell, I've never even fired one! But I wanted this burglar to think that I had, if only so that I could keep him from killing me or running off or something.

As I walked over towards the light switch, I noticed that the burglar was a little smaller than I would have expected. And he seemed to be panting or breathing heavily, as if he was just as scared as I was. I quickly flipped the light switch, flooding the kitchen with blindingly white fluorescent light. I had to squint my eyes at first, as they took a moment to adjust, but it was only then that I realized that my burglar was in fact a woman! No, not a woman, a teenaged girl, not more than 18 or 19 at the oldest...

And underneath her blue jeans and dark hoodie, she also seemed pretty shapely, at least from her back side. Her ass looked as nice and round as my ex-wife's. I licked my lips at that thought.

"You just hold it there while I call the police," I told her.

"No," she said in a heavy Spanish accent, "Please don't do that!"

That voice! I recognized that voice...

"Turn around," I told her, "Nice and slow. Let me see your face."

The girl hesitated for a moment. And then slowly turned around, her hands still up in the air. I was right! Sure enough, it was Marisol, the teenaged daughter of the Mexican family that lived down the street from me. She was a cute girl, with dark skin, deep brown eyes, sleek black hair, and a very nice curvy young body.

"Marisol," I exclaimed, my voice no doubt full of both shock and anger, "What the hell are you doing breaking into my house in the middle of the freaking night?"

"Hey," she said, "You don't have a gun! What the fuck?"

This was not the same girl I remember living next to for all these years. Her family was really nice. They'd invited me over for enchiladas a couple times. I found it hard to believe she could have changed so much. But, since she was going to put on this attitude, I figured that I may as well respond with some sarcasm of my own.

"No shit," I said, "But I do have a phone, and I bet I could call the cops and have them over here before you could even walk home."

"Fuck you," she said defiantly.

"Or maybe," I said coyly, "Maybe I should just call your parents instead... I bet they would be real happy to hear about you breaking into my house and trying to steal my shit. What do you think they would do? Ground you? Or maybe send you to live with one of your uncles?"

A sneer came over her face when I said that. It was a look of disgust, sheer disgust... exactly the same look that my ex-wife gave me when she told me that she wanted a divorce.

"All right," I said as I started to dial my phone, "Police it is..."

And that was my moment of weakness, for right then and there a truly evil idea came over me. You've got to understand that since my wife left me, I haven't really met a lot of women, and living by himself, a man gets... well, certain urges. Staying up late and jerking it to computer porn just doesn't do the trick for me. I can only imagine what I must have looked like to little Marisol when I asked her the question...

"Hey Marisol," I called out to the young Latina, "How old are you anyway?"

"What it to you," she snapped back at me.

"18? 19?"

She didn't answer right away, leaving another uncomfortable silence as I stared at her tight young body.

"18," she finally said.

"18," I said with a wicked grin on my face, "I see... you know that means you won't go to juvie for this, right? Nope. You're legally an adult now, and that means that if I call the police, you're going to be going to jail!"

"Yeah," she shot back, "I can handle that!"

I rolled my eyes. I have no idea where she started picking up this whole street tough Latina gangsta' persona, especially since she was born in an upper-middle class suburb and her family was all educated, white collar professionals. Her mom was a lawyer and her dad was an accountant for crying out loud! Despite her dress and affectations, she was hardly a poster child for urban crime.

"Yeah," I asked her sarcastically, "Do you really want to find out, cause I'm willing to bet that your sexy little ass wouldn't last fifteen minutes in jail with the real gangstas. It wouldn't be any problem for me to make that call, but I was thinking that maybe, just maybe, you would be willing to change my mind."

"Oh yeah," she said, "And what would you get out of that?"

"All I want is a small favor from you..."

"What kind of favor," she asked, still not quite getting it.

It took Marisol a while, but she finally figured it out when she noticed the way I was lustfully eyeing her sexy young Latina body. Even draped in her dark hoodie , blue jeans and sneakers, she couldn't really hide her feminine curves. Her eyes went wide when she knew what I was thinking, though I don't know whether it was from fear or anger. Either way, it made her look that much more like a victim... and for some reason, I found it quite arousing.

"Oh hell no," she said, "No way that I'm going to let some horny old white guy fuck me! Fuck it! I'd rather go to jail!"

"That can be arranged," I said as I picked the phone back up.

"Wait," she said, now almost on the brink of tears, "What... what were you thinking of doing to me?"

The rebellious tone that she had been affecting up until now was gone, slowly replaced by fear. She knew that she had gotten herself in over her head, and was looking for any way out of it, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Unfortunately, I was still undecided as to what I actually wanted to do to her. She did have a nice little ass on her, and I desperately wanted to fuck it. I just wasn't sure how much I would be able to talk her into. Still, she seemed pretty pliable for now...

"Hmmm," I said as I thought it over, "I really haven't decided yet. Let's see what I've got to work with. Take off your clothes and let me have a look."

She looked at me again, that same look for fear in her eyes... those deep, dark eyes...

"All of them," she asked me, "Down here?"

I looked her straight in her dark Latina eyes.

"Yep," I said calmly, "If you're going to break into people's houses in the middle of the night, then you can handle getting fucked on the kitchen floor. Little wanna-be gangsta chicas deserve as much."

Damn! Looking back on it, I was really being an asshole that night wasn't I? But it's true. If Marisol wanted to be a little barrio rat, then I was more than happy to oblige her. She was going to get used and abused on the kitchen floor like a common Tijuana street whore!

Reluctantly, Marisol put her hands around her waist and began to pull up her tight little black hoodie. As much as I loved the sight, I had to stop her...

"And one more thing," I said, "Take 'em off nice and slow. Let me enjoy it."

Yeah, like I said before, I was being a real asshole that night.

Marisol made another face, still obviously annoyed at me, but not wanting me to call the cops either. That was good, because it kept her nice and compliant. She started to pull her tight-fitting black hoodie up over her head, doing a little dance to show off her sexy curves as she did so. Once she got the hoodie over her head, she threw back her long black hair, letting it fall straight across her back. I've got to admit, her boobs were nice. They were perhaps a little smaller than I expected, but still very firm and perky. Immediately I understood why she didn't need to wear a bra underneath her top. I admired the 18-year-old's dark olive-colored skin as she stood in front of me, now completely topless.

"Mmmm," I said as I licked my lips, "Very nice! Now let's see that sexy little teen as of yours."

Marisol hesitated. For a moment, it looked as though she might say something, but she bit her lips. She knew better than that.

"Come on Marisol," I said, "You've seen you walking around in your tight little jeans, flaunting your curvy Mexican ass. You can't just go around the neighborhood showing that off and not expect to get men turned on. Now let's see your goods!"

My captive Latina teen sighed, and then undid her belt, slowly pulling down her jeans. Again, she danced a little, thrusting her hips to show off her sexy curves. It must have been a tight fit, because it looked like she was having a little trouble pulling her jeans off her big ass. You gotta love those sexy Mexican ladies. They must have good genes, or something, 'cause they almost always have nice big asses, even when they are only 18 years old. Eventually, Marisol let her jeans fall to the floor, daintily stepping out of them.

She was now standing before me, wearing nothing but a pair of little black panties. But, they would have to go too.

"The panties too," I said.

Before Marisol even had a chance to say anything, I rudely cut her office.

"Come on," I said rushing her, "Hurry up! Andalé! Andalé!"

Yeah, that was probably crossing a line right there, but considering I was holding a girl who had broken into my house captive and was essentially forcing her into having sex with me, its not the worst thing I was doing that night. Besides, who says that a couple years of Spanish back in high school would never come in handy! Admittedly, my teacher would probably have a stroke if he ever found out, but still...

Marisol bent over, slowly slipping out of her panties and giving me a nice view of that big, round ass. I gestured for her to turn around, and she quickly obliged, not even putting up the pretense of a fight any more. On a whim, I pulled back my hand and slapped her sexy brown ass. There was a loud smacking sound and she whipped back around, looking at me with disbelief written all over her face. I honestly don't think she expected me to do that, which is pretty funny if you ask me. I mean, look how far we'd already gone at that point.

"So," she said trying to mask the fear in her voice, "What do you want to do with me?"

I've got to admit, having a naked Latina teen standing in my kitchen in the middle of the night was giving me a nice boner. Not having had sex since my ex-wife walked out on me, it was a golden opportunity, and my mind was working overtime to try and milk this for all it was worth. I started to rub my cock through my pajamas, but then thought about how she should be doing all the work. After all, the whole point was to convince me not to send her sexy little ass to jail...

"Why don't you take my cock out so we can get started," I told her, "I'm already kind of hard, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you."

My captive Latina teen looked at the rapidly expanding bulge in my pants. She walked over to me, knelt down and pulled my pajama bottoms down. I was wearing boxers underneath, and I looked down to see her hands snaking into my undergarments. Soon they were on the floor too. But once she got my pants and boxers off, Marisol went wide-eyed. The entire length of my cock was just standing there, now fully erect and ready to penetrate this sexy little teen vixen.

"Holy shit," she exclaimed as she stared at my cock in disbelief, "It's... fucking huge!"

There was a genuine sense of trepidation in her voice. She wasn't just trying to stroke my ego. Hell, at that point, I think she probably wanted to kill me. But it was painfully apparent to me that she'd never seen an adult cock before. I mean, I'm not really a well-endowed guy; just kind of average size. But I'm obviously bigger than anything she'd ever encountered, and that knowledge brought a warm feeling to my black little heart, because it was going to make raping my Hispanic teen that much more enjoyable... for me, probably not so much for her...

"There's no fucking way I'm going to fuck that," she said as she gestured at my cock.

"Your decision," I said, "You can either take my cock, or take your chances with the cops. Really, it's up to you..."

"No," she blurted out, now almost in tears, "I'll do it... just... just don't call the cops!"

I walked over to Marisol, put my hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her down to her knees on the floor. She didn't even bother to put up any resistance, though I thought I could hear a faint whimper when I touched her.

"Well then," I told her as I shoved my cock in her face, "Maybe you should get started and suck my cock."

The cute young Hispanic teen closed her eyes, as if somehow not seeing what she was doing would make the whole ordeal more bearable. Slowly, she opened her thick full lips and tried to accommodate my rock hard cock. It seemed like she had a little trouble getting her mouth around my throbbing erection, at least at first, so I helped her. Running my fingers through her dark black hair, I took a hold of her head and thrust a little more of my shaft into her mouth. It was a tight fit, I can tell you that! I was only a few inches in and I could already feel myself hitting the back of her throat.

Poor Marisol was making muffled sounds of protest as she struggled not to gag on my cock. As she bobbed up and down on my cock, it quickly became apparent that she at least knew how to give a blowjob. True, she wasn't very good at it and she was probably telling the truth when she said she'd never seen a cock as big as mine before, but at least she knew how to please a man. She adjusted herself and tried to get into a better position, so I just sat back and let her do her thing.

Eventually, once I felt that Marisol had worked my cock over long enough, I put my hands onto her shoulder to stop her and pulled out my still erect member, now lubricated with a generous amount of the poor teen's saliva. I hadn't enjoyed sex in a while, and while a blowjob can be nice, I'd much rather take my time and enjoy this sexy little piece of Latina ass while I had the chance. In fact, that actually sounded like a nice idea...

"Good job Marisol," I said, complementing the dark skinned teen who now looked up at me from the kitchen floor with a look for desperation still in her eyes.

"So that's it," she asked, "You're going to let me go now?"

How deliciously naive!

"No," I chuckled, "I'm still going to fuck you; you brought that on yourself by parading around town in those tight little jeans of yours. But I'll be nice and let you use my bed. It will at least make it more comfortable for you..."

Marisol didn't even say a word as I took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet, leading her up the stairs and into the bedroom. I still had the queen-sized bed that I used to share with my wife – ex-wife – until she left me. Ever since then, it had just been so lonely. Well, not tonight anyway!

I didn't even bother to say anything to little Marisol. I simply pushed the 18-year old Mexican cock tease onto my bed, leering at her maliciously as I looked over her fine naked body. Her dark skin was already covered in a thin sheen of sweat from her fear, and perhaps still concerned with protecting the last lingering shred of her modesty, she tried in vain to cover up her cunt and breasts.

I laughed sadistically when I noticed something. Reaching down, I spread my captive Latina teen's shapely legs and reached over to stroke her cunt. She squirmed a little, trying to move away, but she didn't really stand a chance.

"What's this," I said as I popped my finger into her juicy young cunt, "You're already wet? Are you getting turned on by being dominated by an older man? Is that what you're into?"

"Nnn," Marisol protested, "No sir... I..."

"I think you are," I said as I kept up the assault on her pussy, "You're fucking soaking wet down there, and I've barely even done anything to you... yet..."

I kept rubbing the poor girl's cunt, trying to get more of a reaction out of her. At this point, I was like a cat playing with a mouse before eating it. I had my Latina sex slave right where I wanted her, and I intended to enjoy the rest of the night. It wasn't like I was getting any sleep or anything.

Marisol's pussy was definitely wet. I kept up my handiwork, gradually getting two and then three of my fingers into her tight young pussy. It was a difficult job, and I barely managed to fit the third finger in there. Her cunt was literally squeezing my fingers. It was fun to stretch her out, especially since I was unlikely to fit into her pussy any other way.

My captive Latina writhed on the bed, the pain of being stretched out down there mixing with the impending pleasure of her orgasm. I could see her bucking her hips as she approached that blissful state, spreading her thighs as if she were begging me to fuck her nubile young body. If she only knew...

Soon she reached orgasm, and then lay there breathlessly as I pulled my fingers out of her dripping wet cunt. They were musky and soaked with her feminine juices, which I lustfully licked off my fingers. Marisol, still breathing heavily, opened her eyes and looked up at me in fear.

"How was that babe," I asked her.

"Are," she struggled to say, "Are... you going to... fuck me now?"

I just grinned maliciously.

"Marisol," I told her, "Of course I'm going to fuck you... but not in there."

Her dark brown eyes went wide with terror as I continued.

"I've been saving myself all night for that sexy round ass of yours. You Mexican ladies really fill out nicely, and since you've been tempting me with it, I think it would be a shame if I didn't rape your ass! Have you ever been fucked up the ass before Marisol?"

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