Buggering the Burglar


She nodded slowly.

"Yes," she whispered meekly, "Once."

"Good," I replied, "Then you know how this works. I'm sorry I don't have any condoms, but tell you what, I at least promise that I'll pull out. Understood?"

The compliant little teen just nodded, and then let me flip her over, showing off her exquisite round ass. God! The little bitch was only 18 years old, and she already had a bigger and shapelier ass than my ex-wife. That was fucking hot!

She pushed her head into my pillow, trying not to make a reaction as she waited for the inevitable. In fact, I think that she may have been crying. No matter though. I roughly smacked her ass, eliciting a moan from the frightened little Hispanic teen. I don't think she noticed that I left an angry red mark in the shape of my palm on her butt check.

Not wanting to waste any time, and already about as turned on as I was going to get, I climbed on top of the bed, positioning myself over the petite Mexican girl. I grabbed hold of her enormous round butt and spread her checks, giving me a nice view of her spicy little asshole. She whimpered a little as I lined the head of my swollen cock up against the tiny little entrance to her rear. It was kind of funny, since I hadn't even done anything to her down there yet.

Still, I didn't want to be too rough. It looked like it would be a very tight fit, and I didn't want to hurt her. Well... I didn't want to hurt her TOO much. I spat out a gob of saliva and rub it over my erect cock, hoping to give myself a little extra lubrication. I had to improvise because I didn't have anything else to use. Like I said, my sex life had kind of died when my ex-wife walked out on me.

Marisol must have been expecting it, because her ass literally clenched up as I tried to penetrate her rear. I did the best that I could, pushing my way up into her tight little hole, but I was meeting with too much resistance. I could barely get more than an inch or two into her.

"Relax," I told her, "This will hurt a lot less if you just relax..."

I grabbed hold of her shapely round butt checks to give myself better leverage, and then, slowly began to push my way through her tight little sphincter. The poor girl was crying in what I can only imagine was unbearable pain, but I just kept up, shoving even more of my shaft up into Marisol's butt. I didn't think that I would manage to get the who thing up there, but eventually my persistence paid off. Soon I was buried up to the hilt in her sexy Latin ass, my balls rudely pressing up against her rear.

For a moment, I stopped, giving Marisol a little time to stop sobbing and catch her breath. Once I felt she'd had enough time, I slowly pulled the length of my cock out of her now stretched out rectum, and then slowly began to thrust back into it. Marisol was still making noises of displeasure, but it seemed like she was at least getting a little more used to it.

As I kept pumping away at Marisol's sexy little ass, I got the distinct feeling that she was starting to enjoy it. I could hear her moaning a little in pleasure, and soon she was thrusting her ass back at me, trying as hard as she could to accommodate more of my rock hard cock. Kind of funny, but it's always good to have a sexy Latina babe who likes getting fucked up the ass. There are few things more enjoyable than that.

Still, I could feel a certain tension working through my cock. I knew that familiar feeling all too well. Yes. I was about to cum, and as much as I was enjoying thrusting in and out of the poor teen's sexy Mexican ass, I didn't want to break my earlier promise. I'm not a TOTAL monster after all. I kept pumping away at her until I could hold back no longer, and then pulled out at the last minute, shooting load after load of my man juice across the Latina's back.

We both lay there for a moment, trying to catch our breath. I think the ordeal took a lot more out of poor little Marisol than it did me. She was no virgin, that's for sure, but I doubt she'd ever been fucked so hard before. She lay there, tired and motionless for a while, a layer of my sperm still coating the teen's backside. It was a surreal sight, both cute and sexy.

As I returned to normal, I pulled my blanket over Marisol and let her rest for a while. I really don't know what had come over me, but now I felt... compassion... yes, compassion for the sleeping teen who laid in my bed. I gently got into bed and laid down beside her, wrapping my arm around her naked body. And then... I don't know what... I just sort of drifted off into sleep.

The next thing that I remember was waking up the following morning, the first rays of sunlight beaming in through my bedroom window. Groggily, I rubbed my eyes and looked over. Marisol was gone, but her spot on the bed was still a mess.

'So it wasn't a dream,' I thought to myself, 'I really did fuck the sexy teen who lived down the street.'

Before I had time to worry about the fact that I had just raped an 18-year-old girl, and the fact that she could have gone to her parents or the police or who the fuck even knows, I noticed that the shower was on. Before I could even get up from bed, Marisol came out of the bathroom, still completely naked and soaking wet.

"Good morning sleepy head," she chirped, "I thought you'd never wake up! I've been running the shower, in case you want to have a little more fun before going into work."

"Marisol," I said, still feeling remorse about my actions, "Last night... it was..."

"Amazing," she said walking over towards the bed, "Nobody has ever been that rough with me before! I loved it!"

"So you're not mad," I asked.

"No," she said, "But if you ever want to fuck this sexy ass again, you are more than welcome to. Just as long as you're a little rough now and then."

I was more than happy to oblige her on that.

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