tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilding a Better Jessica Ch. 03

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 03


Jessica could feel the lights flicker to life in the small room even before she opened her eyes. She'd been laying on the soft mattress with her eyes closed for the last hour after waking up in the night unable to sleep. At least she assumed it was the night. There was no day and night as far as she could tell in the windowless facility.

She'd laid alone on the makeshift bed considering how her life had abruptly changed, occasionally moving her hands over her now hairless body. Her feet felt awkward with the heels Dr. Huang had locked onto them and they were uncomfortable to sleep in.

Uncomfortable was an understatement. Even her asshole felt raw and sore from the bleach the young Asian woman had applied yesterday. She'd spent the first hour, after Huang had abruptly left and the lights in her room had dimmed, crying in the corner on the mattress at the memory of what she had done in the salon with Jiao.

Now the lights were back on.

She opened her eyes slowly allowing them to adjust to the room and the bright light that filled it. It wasn't a dream. She was still in a small room with nothing more than a toilet and the mattress she lay on. She was naked, and now hairless from the neck down, except for a pair of very tall open-sandal style heels.

The door creaked open suddenly and Jessica scrambled to cover her bare mound and breasts. Dr. Huang walked quickly into the room.

"Good morning Jessica," he paused. "Jessica, when you first arrived here I thought the attempts at modesty were cute. Now I'm going to have to insist that you stop covering yourself, or you'll be restrained until you can't cover yourself."

The words shocked her. Huang had so far been gentle with her. There was no hint that he was kidding in his voice and his eyes, now staring icily at her, suggested he was serious.

Jessica, rose to her feet and let her arms fall uncomfortably to her sides. She couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes. There was now no doubt he was able to clearly see her hairless pussy and small breasts.

"Much better." Huang's voice was still cold and there was no smile. Jessica's ankles felt unsteady on the high heels.

"Today you are to be taken to see an Appraiser, you may think of it as an examination. You will be expected to stand a certain way in the room and not speak unless spoken to. If you are given an instruction you will obey it." Huang made the statement in such a way as to ensure she realized there was not an alternative..

"You do not want to anger or inconvenience the Appraiser. He will be responsible for whether you spend the rest of your time in the facility as you are now, or in excruciating pain."

Jessica swallowed hard, unsure whether she was supposed to nod her understanding, or say something. Huang as it turned out did not wait for a response.

"When we get to the Appraiser this is how you will stand."

Jessica felt her arms being pulled behind her back forcing her breasts to arch forward. Huang firmly crossed them across her lower back and then reached for her neck. He tilted her chin just slightly up so that Jessica's eyes were forced to look squarely at Huang as he moved in front of her.

Jessica felt his leg pushing between her thighs.


Huang used his leg to push Jessica's legs open, until they were slightly wider than shoulder width apart, before stepping back and evaluating Jessica's stance.

"This is how you are expected to stand during appraisal unless the appraiser himself directs you to do otherwise. Do you understand?"

Jessica responded meekly. "Yes."

The pose was uncomfortable and embarrassing. Her chest was thrust forward wantonly displaying her small breasts. Her hairless mound was fully displayed and her legs actually caused her pussy lips to open slightly. Her ankles were in pain from the angle of her legs and keeping herself upright on the tall heels.

"Good. Then follow me, and remember what I said about modesty." Huang turned and left the room.

Huang moved quickly down the hall and Jessica struggled to remain poised and keep up in the high heels. Arriving in front of a nondescript door, which looked similar to the one to her own room, Huang turned. Minding his advice from earlier Jessica quickly dropped her hands to ensure she wasn't covering herself.

Huang smiled. Then growing serious again he said, "you remember the way you are to stand?" Jessica nodded affirmatively. "Good, and remember not to speak unless spoken to and do everything you're instructed to."

Jessica nodded again.

"Good luck."

Huang opened the door, ushered her inside and then closed it quickly behind her.

Jessica cautiously took in her surroundings. She was standing in the entrance of what appeared to be a much, much larger room. Like her own sleeping quarters, the room was brightly lit and had the same white walls. In the center of the room was a small platform and about ten feet in front of it sat an attractive young Asian man in an obviously expensive suit. To his side sat an attractive Caucasian woman also wearing a suit with a small skirt. Her ample cleavage would have made her attire unacceptable for the office at Jessica's old job.

"Come and stand on the platform." The man made the command loudly in perfect English. Jessica walked quickly, as quickly as her heels would allow, to the platform and then took the position Huang had shown her moments before in her room.

Her face blushed in embarrassment as she considered how she must look to the man and woman in front of her. The man must be the Appraiser she thought, Huang had said "He" several times. The identity of the woman was a mystery that was soon solved.

"Pass me the file with her measurements and profile," the man gave the command to the woman beside him, without taking his eyes off her naked body in front of him. She must be his assistant, thought Jessica. The woman passed the Appraiser the file and he dropped his gaze to peruse the information. Jessica guessed it was the details she had shared during her interview before she accepted the money and boarded the small private plane that brought her here.

The man stood up. Jessica could not tell from his expression whether he was pleased or not. He picked up a pointer stick Jessica had not noticed from the desk and approached her from the side. He began to circle her slowly.

"Have you ever been pregnant?" The question caught Jessica off guard but she replied quickly in a soft voice.

"No, sir."

"I see. Please answer louder. She needs to take notes," he gestured towards his assistant who was paying attention to the notepad in front of her instead of Jessica's uncomfortable position.

She felt his pointer suddenly contact her left thigh and it sent a shiver through her body.

"She needs to do some toning work," he made his comment clinically to the woman at the table. Turning to Jessica he continued, "do you work out often?"

"Yes," Jessica replied louder this time. "I used to work with a trainer sometimes too." Adding that information seemed natural but a little silly given the circumstances. He ignored her comment.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" The question caught Jessica off guard but she composed herself and answered quickly.

"I used to until recently."

The answer didn't seem to phase the Appraiser and he continued. "How often did you have sex a week?"

Swallowing hard Jessica responded, "We havn't had sex often in the past few months. He was more interested in porn and cheating with girls he found on the internet." She found sharing that information cathartic.

He chuckled slightly as he continued to circle her.

"Are you skilled at providing oral sex?"

Jessica paused for a moment before replying. "Yes." After all, how can you be bad at giving blow jobs she thought?

"You performed oral sex often?"

"Not that often," Jessica replied. Matthew had enjoyed them but she found them degrading. She did it for him on her birthday and once she did it for him after a holiday party they'd been too where she got really drunk. She wanted Matthew to respect her as a woman and not to think of her as someone who had been raised in the gutter.

"Do you enjoy anal sex?" The question brought Jessica back to reality.

"No." That had always been off bounds for Matthew even on his birthday.

"Have you ever had anal sex?"

"No, sir."

The woman at the table was still seemingly paying no attention and writing vigorously on her notepad.

"Have you ever had sex with more than one partner at once."


"Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

Jessica paused, remembering back to yesterday when she had been overcome by Jiao in the salon.

"Not before coming here," she responded truthfully. The man chuckled lightly.

"You've had sex with a woman since you came to the facility?" The question seemed genuine as if he was unaware of what had occurred yesterday.

"Sort of, I suppose.," Jessica replied meekly. The man grinned but didn't press any further. Walking closer to Jessica again he rested the pointer underneath her breasts.

"Bring these up to a C." He spoke authoritatively to the woman at the desk. He then circled around behind Jessica and spoke again.

"Hair should be black. We already have a lot of brown and blond." He allowed the pointer to rest on her ass.

"Put some equipment in her room." Then speaking clearly to Jessica he said, "make sure you use it."

"Yes, sir," Jessica replied uncomfortably.

He made his way back to the desk and sat beside the woman. Without taking his eyes off Jessica's form he spoke.

"Have the changes made. Prepare her, and dress her in a uniform. I'll have her decorated later." He paused then grinned. "Make sure you fill her ass." Jessica wasn't sure what that meant but she didn't like the sound of it.

He made a dismissive gesture with his fingers. "Take this and you may go now." He gestured towards the door she had entered through. Jessica stood still in shock for a moment then stepped carefully down off the platform and took the folder held out by the woman at the desk and turned towards the exit.

She could hear mumbling between the two of them behind her and blushed deeply in shame. She pushed her way through the door and found herself alone in the hallway. She briefly considered making a run for it before Dr. Huang appeared around the corner.

"That wasn't so bad." It was a comment not a question. Jessica adjusted herself to ensure she wasn't covering herself. It was a conscious effort, she couldn't help herself, she felt vulnerable. Huang gently took the folder from her hands and spent several minutes evaluating the contents.

"Well your room will be a little more crowded with the exercise equipment but we will make it work," he smiled. "Follow me, lets get started on the rest of these items, shall we?"

Huang turned and began to head down the hallway. Nervous and unsure of what was going on Jessica tried to follow quickly behind in her heels.

Arriving in front of another nondescript room, Huang pushed the door open and stepped inside. Jessica followed him into a room that looked very much like a clinic's exam room.

"Take a seat up there please," Huang gestured towards an examination table without taking his mind off the notes in the folder. Then turning, he opened a cabinet full of vials and carefully sorted through them before picking two vials.

He brought the small sealed glass containers and placed them on the table where Jessica was now nervously sitting.

"Are you afraid of needles?" He asked glancing at Jessica's face. She nodded yes.

"Well that's too bad," he seemed genuinely sympathetic and then spoke, "I'm afraid there isn't another way. We'll try and get this over with quickly."

"Another way to what?" She asked somewhat desperately, she really did hate the idea of needles. He didn't answer her but he did wash his hands thoroughly. He walked towards her and produced a small syringe and removed it from it's sterile package.

He found a vein swabbed her skin with alcohol and without a word of warning injected the clear fluid into her arm. It was over quickly. Jessica's heart was racing. She felt a little sick to her stomach.

"That was a shot of a long-acting progestin hormone. In other words, it is a birth control injection. You won't need another one for three months." Jessica was confused and upset. She and Matthew had used condoms. The pill came with side effects and a risk of cancer -- why risk it if condoms work just fine? She and Matthew had fought over the issue but he had eventually relented and accepted that sex with a condom was better than no sex at all.

Jessica was lost in thought and hadn't noticed that Huang had filled another syringe until he swabbed a spot on the underside of each breast with alcohol. The cold antiseptic brought Jessica back to reality just as he painfully plunged the syringe into her left breast.

She watched in horror as he filled a third syringe and grimaced as he injected her right breast without pausing.

In tears Jessica stuttered, "couldn't you have used just a single stronger shot?"

Dr. Huang laughed. "Only the first shot was birth control. The other two were a growth hormone. The Appraiser ordered your breasts be increased and we always try natural solutions before surgery."

Jessica sat shocked and confused.

Huang continued. "You'll need two more rounds of shots over the next week but we'll be able to tell fairly quickly as to whether we're getting results or need to go to surgery." He worked quickly to take some measurements of her breasts and jotted them down with the other notes.

"Okay, I know it's been a long day but we're almost done." Huang took one page from the notes and placed the rest in a cabinet. He beckoned to Jessica and walked out the door.

Jessica rose gingerly from the table wiping the tears from her eyes and followed him quickly. They twisted and turned down several hallways until Jessica was thoroughly lost. Huang seemed to know exactly where he was going. They stopped in front of a pair of double doors and Huang swiped a key to unlock them.

Jessica stepped inside after Huang and immediately knew where she was. She was back in the spa from yesterday and standing in front of her was Jiao with Dr. Huang. They both ignored Jessica as she stood nervously in the entryway as they reviewed the sheet and spoke to each other.

Then with a shared laugh, Dr. Huang walked quickly towards Jessica and the door.

"Jiao has her instructions. I'll be back later to pick you up." Huang closed the door behind him before Jessica could speak.

"Back again I see." Jessica turned quickly to find Jiao staring at her with a smirk on her face. Once again Jiao was wearing only a robe as she was yesterday. Jessica felt her cheeks grow hot and blush as her mind recalled that just yesterday her tongue had licked and penetrated the young Asian woman's asshole. She had never been as wet as she had been yesterday and she could already feel her mound starting to betray her.

Jiao confidently strode towards her. Her body moved sensually and her stride oozed sex.

"It seems you're to become something special," she purred as she let her hands touch Jessica's shoulder and gently circled behind her. "The facilities customers usually prefer their white women to be blond, so you will be a bit of a niche I would think." Jiao gave a short laugh.

"Come with me." Jiao walked quickly to a small alcove in the back of the spa. Jessica followed as best she could in the tall heels. She caught up to Jiao as she was searching through a cupboard.

Without acknowledging Jessica, she gestured towards a reclining chair with a sink attached to the back. "Sit there and we'll get started as soon as I find the right color."

Jessica made her way to the chair and sat down with a shiver. The supple leather of the chair felt cool against her naked, hairless skin, causing her to shiver slightly. The goosebumps looked strange on her now hairless skin.

She could hear Jiao behind her turning on the sink's tap. Jiao's hands were gentle as she washed her shoulder-length auburn hair and then dried it with a towel. A loud squirting noise suggested she was applying the dye, she assumed. Jiao's hands worked it throughout her hair.

Jessica's eyes were closed and the seat had begun to warm from her body's heat. She might have even characterize herself as relaxed. Jiao's hands did feel good.

"Now we'll leave it in for about ten minutes and then wash it out." Jessica nodded slightly with her head. Her eyes were closed as she listened to Jiao move about the room replacing containers and cleaning up. Her mind floated to what the Appraiser had said about her breasts being too small and she remembered the quick sharp pain from the shots Dr. Huang had injected.

She was quickly torn from her thoughts by a wet tongue on her clit. Jessica gasped in surprise and her eyes flew open.

Jiao was now crouched between her legs with your mouth buried in her mound. One hand was on the floor steadying the young Asian girl while the other was furiously rubbing her own hairless Asian cunt.

Jessica couldn't help herself. Her body shuddered and her mind raced as the sensation of Jiao's wet tongue exploring her cunt lips and clit surged through her brain. Her pussy responded by gushing juice that Jiao lapped up eagerly. What moistness she missed drooled obscenely down into the crack of her ass.

Jessica's mind short-circuited. She wanted to cum now, that was priority number one. She hadn't been able to cum yet since she arrived at the facility and Matthew hadn't been interested in making love to her for weeks before that.

She didn't want to make love now. She wanted to fuck.

Jiao circled Jessica's clit with her tongue, then softly trailed down her pussy and began fucking her hole with her pink slip. Jessica arched her back obscenely and tried to drive more of Jiao's tongue inside her cunt.

Jiao paused for a few moments on her wet hole before dragging her tongue further down and licking around Jessica's bleached asshole.

Jessica had never felt a tongue near her asshole before and the sensation drove her wild with lust. Jiao expertly circled her anus with her tongue and even pushed gently inside. Jessica's body shivered and her augmented brain was overwhelmed with a desire to cum.

Jiao stood and walked sensually around Jessica as she panted laying in the chair. She stood with her legs parted right beside Jessica's face offering an unobstructed view of Jiao's own hairless cunt.

She worked her clit with her fingers and curled her pointer inside of her fuck hole. Jessica's face was close enough to smell the other woman's cunt and she brought her own fingers to her own slit looking for release.

"Did my tongue feel good, baby?" Jiao asked her voice had lowered to a sensual purr.

Jessica couldn't stop herself from moaning before responding.


"Good baby, you gonna lick my cunt?"

Jessica stared at Jiao's hairless pussy, just inches from her face. She did want to lick her cunt. The smell was overwhelming and her own fingers were furiously rubbing her own slit as she watched Jiao's plunge deeper into her own hole.

"Yesss," Jessica moaned after only a short pause.

"Yes, what?" Jiao's fingers stopped rubbing her clit and instead spread open her lips so that Jessica had an uninstructed view of her pink cunt. Jessica's face was so close she could feel the Asian woman's warmth.

"Yes, I will lick your pussy," Jessica stammered out the words.

"It's a cunt, and you have to ask for it." Jessica was taken aback but her lust was strong and she really did want to taste the woman on her tongue.

"Please let me taste your cunt."

"That's a good little slut." Jiao looked pleased. She crawled on top of the chair and rested her knees on the arm rest . She gently lowered her slit just inches from Jessica's mouth.

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