tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBuilding a Better Jessica Ch. 04

Building a Better Jessica Ch. 04


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For years Jessica had felt uncomfortable with her body. Hiding her nakedness under conservative clothes had always felt right, but not anymore. Displaying her body felt good. It was exciting.

Weeks ago she would have felt embarrassed to be crouching in thigh high garter-less stockings, tall heels and a leather collar. She would never have imagined she'd have a plug in her ass and a small vibrator lodged inside her sopping pussy.

There was no embarrassment today, Jessica felt like a slut. Her cunt spasmed on the brink of a fantastic orgasm. She spread her legs obscenely allowing the juices from her cunt to drip only a few inches to the tile floor below.

Her hands cupped her modest breasts, sore from their hormone injections earlier. Her fingers rolled her sensitive nipples bringing her closer to a hard climax.

One thought dominated her thoughts now, cumming – and she was so close.

"Taste yourself slut." Jiao's voice came from across the room now. She was merely a spectator as she watched Jessica's obscene show.

Jessica peered at the young Asian woman through eyes half-closed with lust. She slowly allowed her hand to slide from her breast, down her flat stomach. She slowly dipped a finger into her sopping slit, fighting for room with the vibrator already lodged inside.

"Do you want a cunt full of cum?" Jiao teased her.

"Yesss," Jessica moaned as she drew her finger to her mouth and tasted herself.

"Are you ready for a cock?" Jiao teased with a sultry voice.

It had been months since Jessica had been with Matthew. Now her cunt ached for a hard cock. A dull but ever growing throbbing seemed to be growing deep inside her hole. All thoughts of her boyfriend were gone. She had no desire for romance – she was overwhelmed with a longing to feel a cock driven deep inside her.

"I need it," Jessica managed to stutter in between moans. Her mound glistened with her juices and she bounced slightly on her heels. Her hips thrust back and forth as her body tried in vain to find a phallus to draw inside her.

As Jessica's mind wandered in and out of a sexual stupor Jiao approached her from the other side of the room. She slowly circled around behind Jessica and surprising her by yanking the vibrator from her cunt with an audible pop.

Startled, Jessica let out a moan of disappointment. Jiao laughed cruelly.

"We'll find a hard cock for you slut, but first you'll have to learn what to do with it."

She snapped a short leash onto the leather collar she had fastened around the girls neck and gave it a soft tug.

Jiao started towards the door.

Jessica, her cunt still throbbing, tried to catch her balance and raise to her feet in the tall heels, but the leash grew taught too fast and she found herself tumbling forward with a startled yelp.

She composed herself slightly and managed to prop herself up on the cold tile floor with her hands and knees. The plug in her ass felt particularly strange at this angle. The wetness from her pussy dripped down her inner thighs. The plug felt like a cock deep in her ass.

"Come along you little slut." Jiao gave the leash a more aggressive tug now and Jessica began crawling after her towards the door. Every step caused her self-lubricated thighs to brush against her clit. Jessica could feel her breasts hanging lewdly from her chest and swaying slightly as she crawled forward.

Jiao opened the door and stepped into the hall stopping for a moment to allow the tension in the leash to lessen as Jessica caught up.

She crawled as quickly as she could, being careful not to tear her stockings on the floor.

Jiao evaluated the girl in the hall beside her. Just yesterday it seemed she had come to her as a scared girl. Since then she had been made completely hairless from the neck down, her hair dyed from a light brown to a dark black and her legs encased in thigh high stockings ending in a pair of tall, high heeled shoes. Around her neck was now clasped a simple leather collar. The external transformation so far was impressive.

More impressive however was how the girl had transformed inside, with the help of the surgically implanted chip, from a prim and proper young woman into an unashamed, enthusiastic slut.

Jiao couldn't help herself and reached back to slide her fingers through Jessica's mound before drawing them to her mouth to taste them. Jessica moaned and her hips trembled at the Asian woman's touch.

"Whoops, I almost forgot about this!" Jiao tapped the end of the plug protruding obscenely from Jessica's ass. "It's mine and I wouldn't want to lose it."

Slowly Jiao began to pull the plug from Jessica's ass, inch by inch. Jessica moaned, overcome with a new feeling of pressure, as her hole stretched to permit its exit. Finally, the plug popped and Jessica felt a rush of cool air invade her. The muscles in her ass tried in vain to close her newly stretched hole.

Then, with a strong tug, Jiao led Jessica down the hall before stopping in front of another nondescript door.

"Stand up," Jiao commanded with a grin. "There will be plenty of opportunities to get on your knees some other time." Jessica struggled to her feet in the tall heels.

Jiao held the plug leash end in one hand as she entered a code on the keypad with her other.

She was led into a large theater style room. Like the rest of the facility the walls were white and bare. The floor sloped towards a large screen on the wall furthest from the door. In the center of the room Huang was hunched over an odd looking chair intensely fiddling with some straps. He looked up, seemingly a little surprised.

"You're a little early," he mentioned as he strode towards them.

"She was ready." Jiao responded quickly.

If ready meant ready to fuck then Jiao was right. Jessica's thighs glistened with the liquid drooling from her cunt. Her eyes looked wild and full of need. She leaned forward slightly which made her breasts jut out from her chest and glisten with sweat. Her entire body shook and heaved as her oversensitive libido sputtered and spasmed. What little garments she had on did more to display her than cover anything.

And she stared at his cock.

Oblivious to the conversations around her, Jessica was focused entirely on the front of Huang's pants. There was only one thought raging through her brain right now; getting fucked.

"Come with me Jessica," Huang spoke taking the end of the leash from Jiao and breaking her intense stare. "You've come a long way and we don't want to keep you from satisfaction much longer."

Jessica submissively followed behind Huang as he led her towards the chair in the middle of the room. Her thighs brushed against her slit as she walked and she found it tough to remain standing.

The chair itself resembled a well padded and slightly reclined passenger chair, like one you might expect to find in the first class cabin of a premium airline. The leather looked soft and there was a small platform in front for resting her feet.

As they grew closer, and Jessica was able to take a closer look, the seat of the chair revealed a more sinister purpose. Instead of the flat rectangular seat one would expect to find, the seat actually was higher down the middle and there was a hole several inches in diameter in the center. Sitting in the chair would mean that her slit was pressed against a leather ridge and her pussy was spread over a hole.

Before she could voice a protest, Huang guided her into the seat. It was incredibly comfortable except for the empty feeling beneath her cunt.

Huang wasted no time using the straps, she'd first noticed him examining when Jiao had led her into the room, to gently secure her wrists to the chairs armrest. Tired she put up little fight as he pulled each of her ankles to the side of the platform and strapped her ankles securely as well.

She was now a prisoner in the chair sitting with her legs spread obscenely. A month ago she would have been terrified of her situation. At the moment all she could think about was the possibility that Huang would drop his pants, pull out a big cock and jam it into her sopping cunt.

Huang had other plans in mind though.

He disappeared behind the chair where Jessica could no longer see him. The head rest cradled her head comfortably facing forward but allowed for little movement. The chair shook slightly, it felt like he was fiddling with some sort of mechanism.

Moments later he reappeared, his face wide with a smile.

"Fantastic, I think we're ready!" He beamed excitedly.

"Ready for what?" Jessica's voice was more of a whisper. Secretly she was hoping the answer might be that he was going to fuck her. Her pussy still throbbed with need. She could feel that her juices had seeped down the leather chair and covered her ass cheeks.

"Are you going to fuck me?" She asked meekly.

"Oh, no no no," Huang looked like he was enjoying her discomfort now. "I'm your doctor! It wouldn't be appropriate." He chuckled to himself.

"No Jessica, at the facility here we have very high standards of performance," his voice had returned to a more serious and informative tone. "There's been a significant investment made in you so far and it's important that you be properly able to perform when the time comes."

"We've begun the process of transforming your body, the next step is to ensure that you know how to properly use it." He fished in his pocket for a remote, then turned to face the giant screen. It flickered to life and glowed with a dull blue.

"Now Jessica," he continued. "It is going to be very important that you pay attention to this presentation."

"What is this? Brainwashing?" Jessica stammered.

"Absolutely not." Huang's face looked like he'd been insulted. "Lets be perfectly clear exactly what this is."

"During the limited course of your personal relationships you likely haven't had the opportunity or desire to expand your sexual capabilities and repertoire." Jessica, embarrassed, averted her eyes.

"This presentation is designed to educate you on a large number of sexual scenarios and configurations to ensure that you know how to react."

"Of course, your implant and the presentations sensory interactions will also ensure that your brain is familiar with the pleasure extracted from the experiences."

Huang had disappeared behind the chair now and Jessica's field of vision was filled with the blank blue screen.

"We'll get started now then. I'll come check on you later." Huang's footsteps retreated to the rear of the room and Jessica was clearly able to hear the door open and close behind him.

The screen flickered to life. A handsome man in a suit stood in an extravagantly decorated white marble office. He leaned against a dark oak desk with a rich leather chair behind it.

"Come here slut," he ordered staring at a spot directly behind the camera.

The chip implanted into Jessica's neck synced with the video and Jessica's cunt spasmed involuntarily at the order. A soft moan escaped her lips and her hips tried in vain to escape the seat and obey the man's command.

A woman appeared on screen from behind the camera, obvious to Jessica now that this is who the man in the video had been speaking to.

She was a small girl, very pretty. Her legs were encased in tall latex stockings that crept up to the middle of her thigh. Her feet were attached to tall red strapped heels that looked impossible to walk any distance in.

She wore black crotchless latex thong that perfectly framed her hairless cunt. Her upper body was accentuated with a leather bustier which was topped with a shelf that lewdly displayed the girl's young firm breasts.

Each nipple was pierced with a silver ring that matched the ring attached to the front of her red leather collar which was covered slightly by her shoulder length blond hair. She wore bright red lipstick and tasteful make up. She looked like her only purpose on this earth was to fuck.

Defying gravity, the woman strut sensually towards the man, now leaning on the dark oak desk.

"Mmmm," she moaned, licking her lips. "I want to taste your cock baby."

She let her finger tips trace the buttons on the mans shirt as she leaned in to his neck and whispered audibly in his ear.

"Do you want me to suck your cock baby? Feel how wet I am for you."

The man let his hands roam down her body. He lingered on her inner thigh before eliciting a moan by sticking two of his fingers deep in her sopping hole. The woman moaned and moved her legs wider apart to give him better access.

He pumped his fingers deep inside her three, maybe four times, before he withdrew his fingers and lifted them to her lips.

Without hesitating she opened her lips for him and sucked his fingers and her wetness inside. She cooed with contentment and licked her lips as his hand retreated from her warm mouth.

She brought her own hands up to her breasts and pressed them together, using her thumbs to gently play with her pierced nipples as she looked deep into his eyes.

"I'm your naughty slut tonight baby," she spoke without hesitation. "I'm going to earn your cum."

Jessica's pulse was racing. She was overcome with lust for this woman. Her seat was drenched causing her ass to slip against the now warm leather as her hips fucked the empty air in front of them. She cried out in frustration as her strapped wrists made it impossible for her to relieve her need.

On screen, the man had lowered his pants, he had not been wearing underwear. His hairless 7" cock sprang into view. Meanwhile, his slut had lowered herself to crouch on her heels in front of him. Her face was now at the perfect height to have a perfect view of his manhood, her legs were spread wide to give an unimpeded view of her sex.

Taking his cock in her left hand she pulled it against his chest and leaned in to lick the underside of his shaft and down to his balls. He sighed and widened his stance to give her better access. Expertly she massaged his shaft as she bathed his balls with her tongue.

Then unexpectedly, she moved lower, trailing her mouth deeper between his legs to enthusiastically lick his taint before slowly circling his asshole. Her left hand continued to stroke his shaft and she moaned as she penetrated his back door with her tongue.

She moaned deeply and dropped her right hand to play with her slick cunt.

"I'm your nasty little cum slut."

The man reached down and gathered the woman's hair in his hand. He guided her mouth sharply to his shaft. Opening her mouth he thrust deep inside her warm hole and began to move her head back and forth in a rhythm. Her tongue darted out on the down stroke to lick his balls.

Her own fingers were buried deep in her sopping cunt. Her thighs shone in the light from the wetness that was running down her legs.

She expertly allowed him deep into her throat. His grunting increased in frequency and he began to fuck her face faster and more aggressively until finally with a shout he unloaded in her mouth. The woman tried in vain to swallow it all but some escaped out the side of her mouth and trickled down her chin to land on her breasts and pierced nipples.

He relaxed and leaned back on the desk. Undeterred she wiped her mouth and began sucking on his balls again as she spread her pussy lips with one hand and furiously stroked her clit with the other.

"You... taste.... so good," she managed to say in between short breaths. "Your fuck toy... is going to cum for you."

He spread his legs a little wider and she buried her face in his balls as she let out a deep, guttural moan.

Jessica's own need reached a peak as she watched the woman on the screen cumming hard. Her own orgasm was denied by her chair prison's restrictions on her own ability to stroke her clit.

On screen, both the man and woman had relaxed. He was reclined on the desk, his eyes closed, a content smile on his face while she was busy between his legs cleaning his balls and shaft with her tongue.

Jessica cried out in frustration as the screen began to fade to black. In her sexual agony she was completely oblivious to the entrance and approach of Dr. Huang. He startled her when he spoke beside her.

"Shhhh, don't worry you have several more days of these to watch. You'll find some satisfaction." He grinned. "And when you've finished you'll be quite the fuck slut yourself I'm sure!"

Then carefully, he placed an IV in the arm of Jessica as she writhed in the chair looking for relief.

"This should give you strength for the journey," he chuckled to himself.

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