Building a Better Jessica Ch. 06


"Better," he admitted. "Continue, where else do you feel warm?"

"In my ass..."

"Where I just touched you?"

"Yes sir,"

"Go on," he urged.

"In your pet's cunt, sir," she breathed.

"Do you know what is written on your collar?"

"Yes sir," Jessica moaned. The very thought of those words made her heart beat faster.

"Tell me," he coaxed softly as he stood before her.

"Fuck toy," she whispered. "It says 'Fuck Toy', sir."

"Why does it say that?"

"Because I am a fuck toy, sir," Jessica shuddered as her implant released a surge of endorphins directly into her brain stem.

"Why?" The Appraiser stopped.

"I don't understand?" Jessica looked at him questioningly.

"Why are you a fuck toy," he asked patiently.

"I... I don't know, sir."

He stood silently for a moment, studying her face.

"You're a fuck toy," he began, "because I decided that's what you were to become."

"Yes, sir," Jessica agreed.

"Now tell me, how have I transformed you?" He asked her in a tone that made it clear he expected a response.

"You... you made me into your fuck toy," Jessica offered meekly in response.

"Be specific," he ordered.

Jessica paused for a moment under his withering stare.

"You shaped me sir, you made my body beautiful," she spoke slowly. "You gave me my new tits and pierced my nipples and cunt. You trained me how to please people, to be a good fuck toy, sir."

"Are you a good fuck toy? Are you ready to fulfill your purpose?" His voice rose sharply.

"Yes, sir."

"We'll see." The Appraiser swung around and walked slowly to the desk where his assistant sat stoically. He turned to face Jessica once more and leaned against the steel frame.

"Come here and show me your training."

Jessica swallowed and stepped off the platform towards him. She took two steps in the shoes before he barked at her.


She stopped in her tracks and slowly lowered herself to her knees, her eyes locked on the man in the expensive suit.

Slowly, knee after hand, she began to crawl across the cool tile floor. The first few steps were awkward but soon her subconscious conditioning began to guide her muscles. She bowed her back and her hips began to sway. She held her ass high in the air, forcing her breasts to hang low, her pierced nipples close to brushing against the floor. The bell on her collar rang softly with each step towards the man.

She arrived in front of him and instinctively rose to her knees, opening her thighs so that he could easily see the wet sheen coating her lips. She pushed her pierced breasts forward and crossed her wrists behind her back.

"Good job, my little pet," he smiled.

"Do you enjoy pleasing women?"

"Yes," Jessica breathed, she stole a glance at the assistant's legs beneath the desk. Her face was hidden by the table from Jessica's vantage point on her knees.

The Appraiser smiled as he noticed her glance. He snapped his fingers to regain her attention.

"Do you want to use the body I've given to provide pleasure?"

"Yes, sir," Jessica moaned. "I want to be used as your toy." Her implant rewarded her with another burst of endorphins.

"You're ready to use your cunt?"

"Yes, use my cunt," Jessica nodded enthusiastically.

"And your ass?"

"Whatever hole you want, sir." Her muscles squeezed the plug lodged deep inside her.

"And your slutty pierced tits?"

The vulgar language was causing her cunt to drip onto the floor beneath her.

"Yes, my slutty pierced tits."

"And your mouth?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, my hot little mouth," Jessica panted.

"Show me."

Jessica hesitated only a moment before pushing forward and pressing her face into his crotch. She could feel the outline of his cock against her cheek. She purred as she planted soft kisses through the fabric of his pants. She looked upwards from her knees to meet his eyes.

"Can I taste it?" Jessica asked hopefully.

"Do you think you've earned it?"

"Please," Jessica begged as she nuzzled her face between his legs.

"Ok, pet," he smiled and slowly reached to undo the button of his expensive pants.

"Use your teeth," he ordered.

Jessica rose on her knees and grasped the top of the zipper with her teeth. Then carefully she sunk again dragging his fly open.

Jessica could smell his sex, a clean musky odor that filled her with lust. She reached forward with her hands and slowly dragged his pants down his legs until he could step out of them. Then she looked up to see his large engorged dick hanging between his legs.

Jessica kissed her way up his inner thigh until his organ was pressed against her cheek. Her small tongue darted out to lap at his balls.

"Good little slut," he groaned.

She alternated pace first small kisses and then broad strokes of her tongue as she bathed the soft supple skin where his cock met his groin. Then she trailed upwards, softly kissing his manhood until her lips brushed against the swollen head. She used her tongue to tease the sensitive tip before slowly sealing her lips around the crown and pushing her mouth down his shaft.

It moved slowly deeper and deeper inside her mouth, over her tongue and down her throat until her lips widened at the base of his cock. Then she looked up at his face, proud at having taken him all inside her. Her gag reflex was no more than a memory, like her auburn hair.

"Very good," He smiled at her.

She allowed her tongue to sneak out of her mouth and gently tease his balls. He sighed and she felt him wrap his fingers through her hair. A soft pull at her head and Jessica retreated back up his shaft until only four inches of his cock remained in her warm, wet mouth. She used her tongue to gently massage the underside of his dick until he began to rock his hips back and forth.

He began to slowly pump her face, first gently, but becoming more forceful as she locked her lips around his meat and used every muscle in her mouth to satisfy his sensitive flesh.

His dick slipped from her mouth with a pop and he slowed his hips as she struggled to catch it with her mouth again. She reached forward and grasped his shaft with her hand for the first time. Her fingers looked tiny as they wrapped themselves around his organ and guided the head back between her lips.

She pumped softly, feeling every vein beneath the skin of his hard flesh as it stretched over his cock. She slipped her mouth off the angry head and dragged her tongue down the shaft to tickle his balls, all the while starring upward into his eyes as he critiqued her performance.

"Do you want me to be your dirty girl?" She purred in between strokes of her tongue against the base of his cock.

"You are my dirty little toy," he responded coldly.

She shifted her hand further up his cock until her fingers grasped just beneath the crown, and then she began licking lower. Her tongue traveled over his balls and over his perineum until he could feel her warm breath against his ass hole.

She pumped his cock furiously as she lapped at his opening. He shifted, spreading his legs wider to give her better access as she probed with her tongue.

Her hand pumped wildly up and down his shaft until he abruptly grabbed her hand and stopped it. Her face retreated from between his cheeks and she glanced up at him questioningly.

"Put my dick in your mouth," he ordered.

Jessica leaned forward and sucked his cock back between her lips.

"Now play with those beautiful piercings I gave you until I cum."

Jessica wasted only a moment processing his demand. She drove her mouth down his shaft and resumed pumping his member with her lips while she kneaded her breasts.

She stared into his eyes as his cock disappeared into her mouth and he leered at her chest. She rolled her pierced nipples between her fingers, sending a shot of adrenalin surging through her sopping cunt.

He seemed to be appreciating the show. His hips thrust his cock deeper into her mouth and his eyes became lidded with concentration.

His cock tried to follow her lips as she pulled it from her mouth.

"I have one more piercing," she purred seductively. Jessica grabbed his cock with her hand and dragged it across her chest. Then she shifted so that he would have an unimpeded view of her hairless slit.

A moment passed between them and they stood silent and still, then Jessica slowly reached down and drove a finger between her sopping folds and deep into her tight young cunt. He groaned as he watched her drive her finger back and forth inside her and then retreat to smear her wetness over her pierced clit.

Her eyes rolled back into her skull as she furiously rubbed her exposed pearl and rubbed his cock across her chest.

"Enough," he roared, and grabbed a fistful of her long black hair between his fingers. Jessica's eyes flew open as her finger pressed deliciously against her sensitive button. He pulled her face roughly back to his crotch and she opened her lips again to accept him in her mouth.

He allowed her to again take over the pace as she massaged his cock with her tongue and brought her fingers, soaked with her own juices, to cup his balls.

She could feel his body spasm as he fought to delay his finale. His muscles became taught and the veins in his dick throbbing against her lips. She felt his release before she tasted it. Beginning first as a pulse, she coaxed his seed up his shaft until it burst into her mouth.

Jessica retreated until only the head was captured between her lips. She groaned appreciatively as shot after shot of warm milky liqueur filled her mouth. She pressed her tongue forward as his thick cum trickled down her throat. She swallowed to make room.

His hips jerked back and forth as he pumped his seed into her mouth.

Jessica continued to suck at his cock long after his dick had stopped offering up its gift. She used her tongue to search for any of his cum she might have missed and chased his cock with her lips as he pulled his sensitive head out of her mouth.

She lifted her eyes to meet his and he rewarded her with a smile.

"You did well, little slut."

She beamed at his compliment.

"You may cum now," he grinned at her.

Jessica stood still for a moment, confused about how she was to proceed. The appraiser didn't move to assist her, in fact he reclined backwards to support himself on the table.

She leaned backward on her knees and allowed her hands to trail down her body until they rested on her inner thighs. She looked up to him for his approval and he nodded his encouragement.

Without further hesitation she drove a finger into her slit. She roughly fucked her own cunt with her finger until it was coated in her wetness, then she dragged it up her slit and over her sensitive clit. She could help but moan as she flicked the piercing back and forth.

"So I can see," he ordered from his perch on the desk.

Jessica stared at him with lidded eyes as she used her other hand to spread her sopping wet lips to give him a perfect view of her pink hole and the creamy fluid drooling onto the floor.

"Much better," he smiled.

Jessica redoubled her efforts, dipping her finger deep inside her whenever her clit needed more lubrication. She alternated between holding her breath and sharp gasps as shocks of pleasure shot through her body.

Her breasts heaved and bounced with the exertion and the bell on her collar rang softly as she drove herself towards an orgasm in front of her master.

"Turn around," he ordered.

Jessica groaned in frustration at being so close but turned quickly and settled on all fours. She lowered her face and breasts to touch the cold tile floor so that her hands were free to continue their assault on her clit. Jessica spread her legs further, reaching back to spread her pussy lips with her left hand and furiously rubbing her clit with the other.

"You're such a good little toy," he spoke softly behind her. "Are you close little pet?"

"Yes, master," Jessica grunted as her finger furiously rubbed between her folds. She had to readjust as her fingers slipped and her lips closed to his view.

"Open," he shouted. "I want to see."

She redoubled her efforts to keep her slick cunt lips open and her tight pink hole exposed.

"Good girl."

Jessica gasped as she felt herself close to cresting. Her chest pushed against the floors inflexible tile as her lungs filled with air for one last assault on her engorged clit. Her fingers raked across her clit pushing her to the very edge.

Then she felt him, his fingers, brushing against the soft skin where her back meets her ass, and then traveling lower between the checks of her ass. She was so close, just a moment more and she knew she'd feel the release she craved.

Then his fingers took hold of the plug. The pressure returned as he began to pull. The sensation of the plug slowly dragging out of her ass as her clit reached its crescendo.

The plug slipped out of her ass with a slick plop and her entire form convulsed. Every muscle took turns contracting, pumping the euphoric pleasure throughout her body until it coursed through every vein and synapse and she was overcome with the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

She gasped for air as her body shook and shuddered. She wanted to scream but her lungs were too busy searching for air as every ounce of oxygen in her body mixed with the pleasure and set off millions of chemical reactions.

She fell to the floor, exhausted and fully sated by the most phenomenal sensations she had ever experienced.

He watched her as she lay on the floor, her eyes closed, not moving except for the rise of her chest as she struggled to breathe. He wasn't sure if she was still conscious.

"Pet?" He asked slowly.

She groaned and shifted on the floor.

"Get up," he ordered. "Nobody said you could take a nap." He retrieved his pants from the floor and stepped into them and she struggled back to her hands and knees.

"Show me your ass," he commanded as he closed his fly and slipped his shoes back on.

Jessica lowered her chest and face to the floor again and reached back to spread her ass cheeks open for him. She could hear him as he approached. She shivered. It wasn't cold, in fact she felt as if her entire body was filled with warmth. Her orgasms aftershocks were causing her muscles to contract unpredictably.

He stopped just inches away.

Her skin was pink and flushed and her hair looked ragged. The bell on her collar was silent. Her thighs were slick from the juices that had poured from her drenched slit. Her cunt was pink and swollen and her asshole was struggling to close. The tight corset gripped her abdomen as her breasts spilled onto the floor. Her legs wobbled to support her pose and were covered in latex which was shiny from the moisture that had dripped down her thighs. Her feet were posed awkwardly by the tall leather heels.

She was ready, waiting for his next instruction.

He turned to his assistant who sat indifferently at the desk behind him, casually studying the papers in front of her.

"She's ready," he spoke sternly. His assistant raised her eyebrow and dropped her papers to give him her undivided attention.

"Add her to the catalog," he confirmed.

Without saying anything more, he turned and walked purposely to the back of the room, and out the side door.

Jessica remained motionless on the floor, unsure of what to do next. Her consciousness fought the post-orgasmic haze for control of her mind. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of heels approaching on the floor.

"Sit up," the Assistant's voice commanded calmly.

Jessica withdrew her hands from her ass for the first time and rolled over until she had propped herself into a sitting position.

The Assistant was silent as she began to unclasp Jessica's shoes and pull them from her feet. Jessica rested on her hands, wordlessly as the woman in the skirt began the difficult task of pulling the latex socks down her legs.

First one, then the other peeled off revealing Jessica's skin which was slick from the oil and sweat. She wiggled her toes as they were freed from the tight latex cocoon.

Then Jessica held her breath as the Assistant opened the corset and pulled it from her frame. Jessica allowed herself to breathe deeply for the first time since being locked inside. The busty woman made no effort to take Jessica's collar.

She gathered the shoes and the items of clothing and placed them in a bin on the desk., then returned with a towel for Jessica who was still sitting quietly on the floor.

"Clean yourself off with this. It's late and the spa is closed until tomorrow."

Jessica dried the sweat from her face and chest before soaking up the oil from her legs with the fluffy towel. She froze as the Assistant suddenly bent down and picked up the discarded anal plug that had been lodged deep inside her ass -- but she just turned and dropped it in the bin with the other items, before taking her seat at the desk again.

Jessica stood and approached the desk with the towel in hand.

The Assistant didn't bother looking up.

"Just toss it in the bin when you're done, and exit through the door you used to enter."

Jessica gently placed the towel in the bin with her discarded clothing and then turned slowly to walk across the large room to the door that she had entered through. The bell around her neck rang softly with each step -- the collar was the only piece of clothing she now wore.

Huang was waiting for her in the hallway when she stepped through the door.

"Well that certainly took longer than I expected," he stated flatly, "but the good news is that you've been accepted into the catalog."

Jessica stared at him confusingly. "What is the catalog?"

"I'll explain that to you tomorrow when I collect you from your room," Huang turned and began walking down the hall. "Come along now, shut down for the day is in a few minutes."

Jessica followed after him. Her feet felt strange flat on the ground after walking in the tall heeled shoes. Jessica felt exhausted and struggled to keep her eyes open as they navigated through the facility. They made several twists and turns until they arrived in front of the door that Jessica assumed was her cell.

Huang unlocked the door and then stepped out of the way so she could enter. The door closed quickly behind her. Jessica took in the now familiar features of the small room with tired eyes. The clean white walls, the exercise equipment, the small scale in the corner -- and the bed.

The bed was already occupied.

Jessica's heart raced as she approached the still figure unconscious under the sheets. She recognized the short red hair.

"Melissa?" She whispered. She gently reached forward to touch the girl's thin form, but the girl didn't move.

The lights flickered and the room became silent. The light began to quickly fade. Jessica lowered her exhausted body to the bed and slipped under the sheets beside the red head. She curled herself around Melissa's warm body, and drifted off to sleep.

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