tagRomanceBuilding A Love Life

Building A Love Life


"That's about right."

Julie was looking at me with her mouth hanging open.

"But that's 8 1/2 inches!"

"That's right little girl. Ever heard the old wives' tale about big hands and big feet?"

She nodded.

I pointed at my boots.

"These are size 14 EEE. And this ring here is a size 15."

I slipped my class ring off and handed it to her.

She slipped her ring finger and her little finger both in and it was still loose.

Rounding out the point, I was 6'2" tall and weighed 250 pounds. I was 25, worked hard at a construction job and there was no fat on me.

Finally she looked up at me.


I was grinning.

"As far as you know."

There was a voice behind me.

"I know one way to find out for sure."

I swiveled the bar stool around and knew I was screwed. It was Tina, Julies' sister.

Where Julie was tall, slender, and had jet black hair, Tina was shorter, stockier, and was a bottle blond. Both were attractive, Julie in a wholesome, girl next door kind of way, and Tina in a way of the world, rode hard and put up wet kind of way. Julie oozed sensuality, Tina dripped sex.

And, Tina was a size queen.

She was always on the look out for a BBD, bigger better dick. She had bedded almost every guy in the bar and on the job sites in the five months I had known her. The exception was me and I had my reasons.

Her current flame was 8" long and 1&1/2 thick.

We all knew this because when she had a few she would describe it in detail. But, she was always on the lookout for an upgrade.

Now she was suddenly looking at me in a whole new way.

Before we go any farther I need to explain what was going on.

It was the mid nineties and there was a housing boom in progress. I had moved from my home in Maryland to Charlotte, N.C. for a better job and a new start. I had been there 5 five months, had a good job, and had made some friends. We were all in construction and haunted the same bar. The owner was sitting on a gold mine because he would cash the paychecks. Many were young and didn't have a bank account. He got them in the bar, cashed their checks [for a small fee, of course]

and managed to get his hands on a portion of the money. everybody was happy with the results.

That particular Friday night Julie, Tina, and Sandy, were running up and down the bar with tape measures. They were having all the guys extend their thumb and fore finger out and far as possible and measure from tip to tip.

Julie measured me. Like I said, I'm a big guy.

"What's going on with this?"

I asked after letting her measure me.

She turned bright red.

"Well, you know, it's supposed to be equal to your size."

I knew what she meant but I had a few beers in me and wanted to make her squirm.

"The size of what?"

She was glowing by now. Everyone around was now listening.

"Well, you know."

"No, I don't. The size of what?"

"You know Jack, the size of, of, of your thingy."

The bar exploded, She was so shy she wouldn't say dick in public!

Guys spent the rest of the night sliding their tape measures in her direction. She stayed red for two hours. Everybody was fond of her so no one got too rough.

Meanwhile, Tina was on the hunt, and the prey was me. I spent the next ninety minutes trying to fend her off. She would try to rub up against me. She tried to get me to slow dance to the jukebox.

Finally she gave up any pretense and tried to grope me. I blocked it all. Finally she asked me pointblank in front of about ten people to show it to her.

"Not gonna happen Tina. Let's just say I don't think I could live up to your expectations and chalk it up to another untrue folk myth."

That pissed her off.

"I bet it's tiny! That's probably why you haven't been with me or anybody else since you've started hanging out with us."

I was a little irritated.

"That may be true Tina, but one thing for sure.

You'll go to your grave not knowing for sure. Now, I've had all the fun I can stand tonight. Me and my tiny pecker are going to get some sleep.

Anybody need a ride home?"

Tina didn't like me now, I was going to have to watch her.

When I arrived here five months ago I needed a change pretty badly. Plus, I liked the idea of mild winters.

In three days I had a job working for a subcontractor at a major suburban development.The big construction companies would get the jobs, then hire subcontractors to do the work. This worked to their advantage because they didn't have to carry them on the payroll and if they didn't perform to standard they could get rid of them without the legal hassles. Other than site managers very few people worked for the general contractors.

Like I said, the country was in a housing boom. We were young and independent as hell. Didn't like your boss, your job, your co-workers? Sling your tool belt over your shoulder, walk down the block to the next development, talk to the boss for five minutes and you were back to work. This meant if they found a good worker they tried to keep him.

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Short but incomplete story! **

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My 2 cents

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