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Building A Romance


This is a work of fiction. As this is in the Romance category, it takes time to build the entire story, including the sex. Be patient and enjoy. Your feedback is always appreciated.


In my capacity as the Regional Manager for a large pharmaceutical company, I was given the charge of developing a partnership with the Cardiology department at one of the major New York City Hospitals. Dr. Stein was part of the faculty at the hospital. She was the physician I was told to contact when I met with the chairman of the Cardiology Department.

"Dr. Stein, in her capacity as the President of the local Cardiology Society, has worked with other pharmaceutical companies and in that capacity also deals with the companies who want to work with our department," stated Dr. Burton Johnson.

Working through the local representative, I was hoping to have a more meaningful discussion than expected based on what the representative told me. The representative warned me that "Dr. Stein is luke-warm to products and it has been very difficult for me to gain face time in front of her. I'm hoping that by you coming with me to see her will enable us to get some more quality time with her."

"Make it quick. I'm very busy, really too busy to talk right now so be quick about it and don't waste my time," was the way Dr. Stein addressed me.

"And good afternoon to you too, Dr. Stein" as she did little more than glance at me, never extending a hand to shake as I introduced myself to her. "David Bloom, the Regional Director for Zenith Pharmaceuticals."

That was my introduction to Dr. Barbara Stein.

"If this is not a convenient time," I remarked, "Perhaps we can meet either before or after the next Society meeting next week. I really do want to meet with you to see how we can work together, my company and the Society and with the hospital."

She scribbled something on her business card and said, "Call me Monday after 4, and I will see if I can find the time to meet with you next Wednesday."

"Not a problem, and thanks. I'm looking forward to getting to work with you" as I handed her my card.

"Just in case you find time before next week, you can reach me on the cell."

Our phone conversation was just as curt. I called her on Monday and I reminded her that I was going to attend the Society meeting and asked her if we could we meet either before or after the meeting.

However, after much give and take, she told me that she will try to get to the meeting a few minutes before and she could possibly give me five minutes of her time.

"I will be in the lobby bar starting at 5. I will wait for you until the meeting starts. If you come, you come. Thanks and I'll see you on Wednesday."


After spending my entire business career in the pharmaceutical industry, I was almost ready to retire. My investments and stock options will allow me to do so in a few years when I turn 55. I was married, widowed too soon, raising two, soon to be married daughters. I have had a few relationships over the years, but currently, no one as good as my beloved wife. At this time there was no other woman in my life.

I was very surprised when Dr. Stein walked in about a half an hour prior to the meeting.

"Thanks for coming," I said as I stood up pointing to the empty chair.

"My last patient canceled and I was able to clean my desk."

"I'm glad you did and thanks again."

Dr. Barbara Stein, no wedding band on her finger, looked much different than when I first saw her in her lab coat. She was wearing a summer dress, no stockings and sexy heels. I figured she was about 10 years younger than me. She was molded into that dress. Medium sized breasts, riding high on her chest with a waist and hips that were made for the dress she wore. This was an elegant, good-looking lady.

"First of all, can I get you a drink?"

Without hesitation, Dr. Stein said, "I can certainly use one."

I signaled for the waiter.

"A glass of Chardonnay, please."

"I'll have the same. I'm not here to convince you to prescribe my company's products. My representative is paid to do that. My goal is to find out what my company can do to work with your department in the hospital and with the Society. Then I shut up.

"We are always looking for educational funds to support our programs, Mr. Bloom," Dr. Stein said. "The funds are important to educating not only the community physicians but the educating the physicians –in-training as well as the need to produce patient educational materials."

The wine arrived.

"Cheers and here's to the start of a good relationship, professional relationship." I quickly amended my statement.

We clicked glasses and for the first time since I had met her, Dr. Stein smiled. It was a subtle smile, but one where her facial features became more prominent and well defined. She was a very good-looking woman.

"First of all, it's David, please. What would be your top priority?"

After giving it a second, Dr. Stein said, "I'm under a lot of pressure to put together a half day symposium on congestive heart failure at the hospital. I don't have the funds, and the Chairman has been on my case for the past few weeks."

"Perhaps I can help. As you know, my company is coming out with a new product for congestive heart failure in the late fall, probably by Thanksgiving. If you draw up a proposal with the funds you will require, I will run it by my boss and see what he has to say. If you want, I can provide you with the names of some of the investigators of our product. Maybe one of them can be part of your faculty? We have enough time to set something for the fall if you get me the paperwork sooner rather than later."

"I have not done this before. When would you need the proposal?"

"While you are applying for an educational grant, officially, I cannot handle the paperwork for you. However, I can lend some guidance to the process so it will make your job easier. I've done this before, too many times to mention."

"That would be very helpful and appreciated."

I asked, "Can I meet you for lunch next week or in your office where we can have about an hour to go over things?"

"I have no hours on Monday afternoon. I could meet you for lunch at noon."

"Pick the restaurant and let me know," as I confirmed the date.

She looked at her watch and realized that the meeting was going to begin in a few minutes. I paid the bill and we walked to the meeting together. There was some small talk. A very good sign, professionally and perhaps personally!


We spent the better part of three weeks working on her proposal to my company. In the meantime, I discussed the planned program with my boss who was in favor of going to the brand team to get funding for the program.

I was able to secure the funds for the program. The program was a huge success. We were able to get our new product presented by an investigator and the product took off. My region was first in the nation in sales for this new product.

During the time we were planning the program and the actual program date, we became professional friends. We had dinner on a few occasions. During that time I was able to find out that Dr. Stein was never married, did not have a steady boyfriend, loved to travel and enjoyed fine restaurants. She knew my history, but at this point I did not think it appropriate to try to move the relationship from a professional one to a personal one.

I usually drove her home and we parted with a chaste kiss on each other's cheek. However, during the time we worked on the project there were times when there were subtle signs of getting more intimate. A slight touch on her arm, times when our faces were just inches apart, waiting for one of us to move closer. The hugs when we met where more pronounced and longer in duration. But it never went any further than this.

The relationship was about to change.

To expedite the success of our new product, we needed to get the word out to other practitioners. I was able to secure a spot for Barbara; I had long since started using her first name, at our Speakers program. She had started to use our product. Her patients were doing well and she told me that she could always use the extra income that came from doing programs for our company.

Additionally, because of the relationship I had developed with her that was beneficial to both her hospital, the society and to our company, I was asked to make a presentation to the other Directors on how we were able to develop this professional relationship.

We were going to have a Directors meeting in Savannah and as I prepared the presentation I told the National Director that it would be important to get the physician's perspective on how the professional relationship developed. I said that out of the ten physicians' I work with, I have had the best success with Dr. Stein.

"Can we bring her to Savannah to be part of my presentation? We would need to give her an honorarium for her time."

"That would be good if she would be willing to travel to our meeting. I see how you are when you are with her. Is there anything I need to know about the two of you?"

"No, nothing but a professional relationship," I responded to the National Director. "To be honest with you, I have been reluctant to go beyond that, not that I haven't thought about it."

"You usually act on your instincts," my boss stated.

"Maybe in time," was my retort.

The next day, over lunch I asked Barbara if she wanted to join me on stage for this presentation.

"You would be in front of 50 Directors and upper management and we can discuss how we have worked together on a few programs and you can prepare a few slides on what you look for when you want to work with pharmaceutical companies. You can spend three days at the meeting, relaxing, spending time at the Spa. A mini-vacation. We will give you an honorarium and you will be in Savannah."

Barbara looked at her calendar. "The dates are perfect. I've never been to Savannah."

"Glad you can make it. I will inform the company and get someone to call you so you can make your travel arrangements."

"Thank you, David."

"Hey, I've never been to Savannah either. I know I'm getting in early in the day, the same day as you are. Try to get in early as well. Maybe we can tour the town together?"

"I would like that. Got to go. Will call you with travel info,"

She kissed me on the cheek but then added a subtle one lightly on my lips. I did not know how to react. I stood there like a fool as she smiled and walked away.


I had not planned it, but they put my room right next to Barbara's. Had a connecting door. I called her when I got in. She told me that she would meet me in the lobby in 10 minutes. I changed into shorts and sneakers. It was fairly warm for the middle of March.

I was mesmerized when I got to the lobby. Barbara had escaped from academia. She had on a tight pair of cotton shorts and a top that appeared molded on to her body. It did not appear that she was wearing a bra.

"You can close your mouth now," Barbara smiled and said, as that was her greeting to me.

"Sorry, but you look great." I gave her a quick kiss on her cheek.

" I have a few things I want to see," she said.

"Whatever you want to do is fine by me. Lead the way."

We took in a few sights than we found a place for lunch.

This lunch is where our relationship went in a different direction. I must have had the "deer in the headlights" look as I was in a world of my own. Watching her walk in that short skirt had me wondering if she was wearing any panties and did she look as good naked as she did wearing what she was wearing. At times I could see her nipples poking out of her blouse. It appeared as though she had long, prominent nipples.

Barbara was talking to me. I think it was something about the menu and what was I going to order. I never responded. Twice she had addressed me. "Hello, Earth to David."

"I'm sorry. I was caught up on something."

"Penny for your thoughts?"

I looked straight at her, moving my face oh so close to hers, and said, "If I told you what I was thinking, we may not be friends any longer."

Over the past few months we had confided in each other on a number of things, from my raising my girls to her being engaged only to find her fiancée cheating with her maid of honor two weeks before her wedding. We commiserated when our parents got ill. I really had kept very few secrets from Barbara and I think she did the same with me.

"I think you can ask me anything without offending me."

"This is something I don't think I can."

"Try me."

"Only on your word that what I ask or what I'm thinking will not change our friendship. I mean it."

"You're serious."

"Couldn't be more."


"Here goes. We have been good friends for about a year. Professional friends and I thought it was best to keep it this way. But over the past few months, my feelings for you have grown, outside of the professional relationship. I think you have sensed that."

"Really, you think of me that way?" she said with a smile.

"Only a few dozen times over the past few weeks. And your feelings toward me?"

"I must admit that I have enjoyed our time together, but did not think you wanted another relationship and I did try to keep this on a professional level as well. Going back to my initial question. What were you thinking about when I asked you about the menu?"

"Remember what you said about not being angry with me. Well here goes. When seeing you in the short skirt you are wearing and with the low-cut blouse, showing some major assets, I was thinking about just how you would look without your clothes on. I was trying to see through your clothes. Are you just as sexy naked as you are with these skimpy clothes on?"

No response.

After a few seconds, which seemed like an eternity, I said, "I'm sorry I said that." I got up, left some money for lunch on the table and walked out and started for the hotel.

Barbara did not follow me.

I realized that I put not only our friendship in jeopardy, but the program in jeopardy as well. We had a reception that evening followed by a dinner where Barbara was going to be in attendance. Talk about awkward situations. Nothing was going to top this.

I spent the better part of the afternoon in my room, trying to figure out how to apologize to Barbara and hoping that she was not on the next plane back home. It was three o'clock when there was a knock on the door separating our two rooms.

I ignored the knock. The knock came again. Once again, I ignored it. Finally, someone was talking to me through the closed door.

"David, please open the door. I'm not angry and I'm not going to bite you. I know you are in there. Please open the door. We should talk."

Reluctantly, I got up from my bed and opened the door.

"Well, does this answer your question?" Barbara asked.

Standing before me, in all her naked glory was the woman I was falling in love with.

"Cat got your tongue?" she teased me.

With her posing with her hands on her hips, full-breasted tits on view she was a vision of true beauty. A perfect set of tits topped by very hard long nipples. My eyes traveled down to her flat stomach that ended when, to my surprise, the start of a full, thick brown bush appeared. There was a very fine line of hair from her navel to the start of the impressive hairy pussy. As Barbara shifted her hips and changes her pose, I saw that her bush was trimmed on the sides, but was still very full and continued past her cunt lips. When she turned around so I could see her ass, I noticed that her bush continued.

"You are beautiful, and yes, you look like I had pictured you, except for the bush. Didn't think any of the women went for the retro look anymore."

Barbara started to speak but moving quickly, I covered her mouth with mine. Our tongues intertwined. "You can't imagine how long I've waited to do this," I said, breaking away from the prolonged kiss.

My hands went behind her, grabbing her ass to bring her closer to me. The kisses lingered and as they did, she reached inside my gym shorts to find a very hard cock. It had been a while since anyone made my cock get this hard. As she grabbed onto my cock and slowly began to stroke it, I pushed her away.

"Let's get comfortable," I said as we moved her towards her bed.

Barbara said, "I have been waiting for you for the longest time. I had almost given up hope that you would take the initiative."

"You're more beautiful that I could have imagined," as we faced each other on her bed as my clothes joined hers on the floor.

The kissing began again as I took the lead in moving down her body, taking time to pinch and pull on her already distended nipples. Then putting the right one in my mouth while continuing to tease the left one. After a while I reversed the process.

"That feels so good," Barbara said as she had her eyes closed with her hands above her head. "Mmmmmm, so good!"

I scooted down her body, placing light kisses all along her tight stomach, finally reaching the top of her pubic mound. A large mass of thick, tangled hair greeted me, or rather greeted my tongue. I took my time kissing all around her cunt lips, kissing everywhere but on her hidden clitoris. I saw the moisture at the entrance to her cunt. After a few minutes, her large, erect clitoris peeked out from her mass of curls. I took my time blowing lightly on the exposed bud. Barbara was becoming more active by raising her hips to greet my probing tongue. She now was gripping the bed sheets and began to moan.

When I finally stroked her clitoris with my tongue, Barbara's ass came off the bed.

"Oh yes, right there. Please David, right in that spot and don't stop."

I continued to feast on her core of passion and at the same time inserted two fingers into her cunt. This seemed to put her into overdrive. She fought the urge to cum so soon, but she picked up her pace of driving her cunt into my face. I pulled away from her clit and continued to finger-fuck her. Barbara had closed her eyes and continued to wail away, clutching the covers and bed sheets.

"Please, I'm almost there." Her loud moans filled the room. She took her hands and placed them on my head and guided me back to her swollen clitoris. She needed to climax. I raked her throbbing clitoris, applying more pressure while continuing to finger my lover.

"Oh God, David, Yes, yes!" Barbara screamed as she fought through her climax.

I could feel her cunt muscles grad my fingers as she came. As she slowed down, I moved my fingers away from her sensitive cunt as I fed them to her. She eagerly licked her own juices off of them.

We cuddled for a few minutes, not speaking, basking in the afterglow of her passion.

After she recovered, she started to move down the bed. Obviously she was going to reciprocate. I stopped her.

"I want to be in you. I want you to feel my cock in your cunt."

The non-verbal approval of Barbara lying back on the bed, spreading her legs as wide as I thought they could go, was all the invitation I needed.

"Please go slow, I want this to last," she said

I couldn't agree more. Having wondered how it would feel to make love to this lovely woman, it was not going to be a "Wham, bam thank you ma'am" type of fuck. We were going to make love.

Barbara was so wet from our previous activity I easily slid my cock into her. I rested on my elbows as she wrapped her arms around her legs as she lifted them around my back. Slowly, I moved in and out, painfully slow. I forcefully pushed in and took my time pulling out. Barbara matched my thrusts by moving her body in time with mine. We got into a rhythm, one where the quiet of the room was shattered by both of us moaning out load.

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