tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBuilding Inspection Ch. 02

Building Inspection Ch. 02


Thanks for the comments, votes and PM's. I was originally going to leave this as a one shot but I'm enjoying writing it more than I'd anticipated. I'm not a swinger, so if I'm getting anything wrong, my apologies. This is all just fantasy.


Sarah was less than thrilled to learn that we'd just put on a sexy little show not for a visiting tradesman but for our new neighbour.

'I'm just going to sit back and wait for him to call the police,' she declared, turning fluorescent red.

I laughed at that. 'Doubtful. What's he going to say? 'I choked the chicken while watching my neighbours get frisky, please arrest them officers'?'

Sarah shook her head slightly but didn't say anything.

'He said we should catch up for a beer sometime,' I added. 'He's got a friend of his coming around on Saturday night, a female one. He said we should find a baby sitter and come around.'

'Oh God,' she groaned. 'Caleb, please don't tell me you said 'yes'.'

'I didn't say anything either way. I just mentioned we might struggle to find a babysitter. I told him my folks were still out in the Darling Downs, and that you don't have much to do with yours.'

Sarah was about to respond when our youngest daughter came in demanding attention. Sarah took it as an excuse to stop talking about our neighbour, and despite me trying to reignite the conversation several times that night, she continued to rebuff me.

We had sex that night, explosive, raunchy sex. I knew she was thinking about what we'd done at lunchtime. I know I sure was. But she wouldn't talk to me, or give me any insight as to how she was feeling.

On Thursday morning she took the girls to school, and headed off to work, keeping her gaze steadfastly away from the Queenslander. Mark's ute was in the driveway, so he was obviously there, but she refused to even look his way.

I went about my morning jobs, trying not to think about the day before. All the same, every so often I'd find my mind wandering and my cock hardening. I thought about Sarah clutching my face to her pussy as she climaxed during cunnilingus. I closed my eyes as I conjured up an image of my semen sliding down her thighs. I reached into my pants and readjusted my erection as I remembered the vigour with which Mark had wanked himself.

What was his cock like, I wondered. Was it big? Small? Curved? He was a good five or so years older than me. Did he still get hard relatively easily? Or did he need to stroke it a bit to bring on a full stiffy? I was thirty-eight and there were already times when it helped if Sarah licked and sucked it a little to get me fully erect. Gone were the days when nothing more than a little kissing was all that was needed to get it hard enough to hang a towel off.

I wasn't, and haven't ever been, attracted to men, but I've always been curious about their penises. Sarah tells me she feels the same way about women's breasts, but with Sarah, I suspect the interest is partially sexual. I know she's kissed women before. She's told me that as a whole they outperform men in the kissing stakes. They're softer and gentler and know how to take it slow. She told me once her one regret is that she never had sex with a woman before we met. I wasn't offended by the statement. My own regret is not trying anal. Sarah won't even entertain the idea of it.

With all of those amorous thoughts, about penises and eating pussy and women kissing, whirling around in my head, I went inside and browsed through redtube. I didn't know what I was searching for, other than I wanted it to be amateur. I wanted to see real penises, and natural breasts, and hear women make genuine noises.

I ended up getting myself off to a home video of two men spit roasting a woman. The one who was in her mouth was very well hung, but his penis was happily imperfect, with quite a noticeable bend in it. The man who was reaming her cunt was on the smaller side of average, but his cock was aesthetically perfect. No marks, no bends, just a thickly veined tool of perfect proportions.

When the woman came, spitting out the cock in her mouth as she ground against the man behind her, I, too, climaxed. I came heavily, spilling my seed everywhere. It was a tight, painful orgasm, the kind you have when you've been too horny for too long, and haven't enjoyed a nice, slow build up.

All the same, it got the thought of sex out of my mind, at least temporarily. Sarah had made her point pretty clear, right? She didn't want to discuss what had happened. She didn't want to take up Mark's invitation to come around Saturday night. That meant only one thing; what she'd done with me was a one off, and I was best not revisiting the scene and hoping for a repeat, because if I did, I'd surely be disappointed.

I told myself to be grateful. Not many men had a wife who would have done what she did. Asking for more was just greedy.


On Saturday morning, just as I was debating how to tell Mark we wouldn't coming around that night, my sister rang. She wanted to know if she could come around.

My sister is the only one of my siblings to also live in Brisbane. She's the youngest child, and the only girl, and nature obviously forgot to turn off the 'likes women' switch it had instilled in myself and my brothers when she was conceived, because she's as gay as Christmas. The only thing that surprised me when she came out was the fact that there were people who hadn't already clued on.

Sunny came around half an hour later with her girlfriend in tow. The women get on very well with Sarah, much better than they do with me, so I made myself scarce while they chatted. It wasn't me that Sunny had come around to see.

An hour later, as I was cleaning out my car, Sarah came out to see me.

'Sunny and Lisa have offered to baby-sit the girls tonight. Their house. We can pick them up tomorrow morning,' she said. 'Did you still want to go to Mark's?'

My jaw dropped. 'I thought you didn't want to go?'

She shrugged. 'Not really, but you obviously do, and you'll just end up resenting me if I say 'no', so let's just go, huh?'

'You want to go to his house so I don't resent you?' I asked.

'Pretty much,' she agreed.

'Then don't worry about it. I just thought it might be some fun. I don't want to mess up our relationship over it.'

Sarah chewed her lip and regarded me seriously. 'Am I enough for you?' she asked.

'What?' Her question shook me. 'Of course. Why would you think otherwise?'

'I don't know,' she said, suddenly miserable. 'Just of late, you seem... and you have a lot of time at home now... do you want another woman?'

'No!' I exclaimed. 'Fuck, no. It was just for fun, Sarah. It was fun because it was with you.'

'Are you bisexual?'

'Christ, no,' I replied. 'I... come here. Give me a hug.'

She muddled her way forward, into my arms. I hugged her tight, smoothing down her hair. She felt really good in my arms, really firm but soft. Tiny, too, compared to me. Fragile. I felt awful for making her feel like shit.

'I love you,' I said. 'How about we have Sunny and Lisa look after the girls, and you and I go out somewhere nice to eat?'

'Are you sure you won't resent me if we do that?'

'Positive,' I reassured her.

'Okay,' she said. 'In which case, I think we should go to Mark's.'

'But I thought...'

'...no, I just wanted to make sure I was good enough for you still. You've convinced me. We'll go to Mark's.'

And women wonder why men are confused, I thought to myself as she went back inside. All the same, I was stupidly excited. Don't get me wrong, I knew Mark might have just meant 'a few drinks', but deep down I had the gut feeling he was inviting us over for more than that.

After Sarah had gone inside, and I'd finished vacuuming the car, I noticed Mark out the front of his house.

'You still right for tonight?' I called out.

He seemed surprised by my question, but recovered quickly. 'Sure are. You got someone taking care of the kids?'

'Yeah, my sister and her girlfriend are taking them for the night,' I said, walking over to the fence.

'Deb's coming around about five,' he said. 'Maybe come around about then? She's a nice woman. I think your wife would like her.'

'Do you want us to bring anything?'

'Just whatever you're drinking.'

I could tell you a long and boring story about the rest of our day, what we did, and how nervous I felt, but nobody cares about that. Suffice to say, by the time the girls were dropped off at my sister's house, and Sarah and I were having a shower and getting dressed, I was feeling both anxious and excited.

After much deliberation, Sarah got dressed in a white denim skirt and strappy red top. She straightened her hair, applied some make-up, and tried on several pieces of jewellery before settling on just her wedding rings, some simple studs and a nice necklace with a pendant. She weighs in at seventy kilos and is five foot eight, but the curves are in all the right places and her legs are brown and strong. She's classy, for lack of a better word.

I pulled on chinos and a button down shirt, then hunted around for a belt. I found one that matched my shoes, then went and tried to fix my hair. Several silver threads were now clearly visible just around my temples and I wondered if it was worth asking Sarah her opinion.

'Hey sexy,' she said, swatting my bum. 'What's that frown for?'

'I'm getting old.'

'You're thirty-eight.' She hugged me from behind. 'I love you.'

What was I doing, I asked myself? I suddenly had very, very cold feet. What if something went on tonight that changed our relationship for the worse? Why was I doing this? Why was I risking my marriage?

'Come on,' she said, not giving me any time to doubt myself. 'Let's get this party started. It's already twenty past five.'

Until you've had children, it's impossible to understand how eerie it can be to do adult things, and have people talk to you about things not relating to either your job, or the fact that you've procreated. It's nice, but it's weird.

'How long do you want to stay?' Sarah whispered as we made our way to Mark's front door.

I shrugged. 'I don't know. Two hours?'

She checked her watch. 'Okay.'

We were greeted at the door not by Mark, but by an attractive fortyish woman wearing cut off denim shorts and a blue string bikini top. She was quite slim and tanned, and she had light blonde, slightly wavy hair that ended around her shoulders. Her feet were bare, her toenails were short and unpainted, and she had a little gold toe ring on. If Sarah was 'city hippy' then this woman was 'surfer hippy'.

'Hi, I'm Deb,' the woman greeted, leaning in to give us each a peck on the cheek. 'Mark tells me you're Caleb and Sarah?'

'That's right,' I agreed, trying not to stare at her chest. She had a great set of boobs on her. 'It's nice to meet you.'

Deb led us through the house. I'm not going to lie, it was in really bad shape. Mark definitely had his work cut out for him.

Mark was out on the back veranda connecting a BBQ to a new gas bottle.

'I always forget to check I have enough gas,' he explained. 'I just got back from the service station five minutes ago.'

'Is there anything we can help with?' Sarah asked, glancing from Mark to Deb and back again.

'I'm good,' Mark said. 'Just get yourself a drink and sit back. I won't start cooking for a while.'

Mark had an outdoor setting that at a guess would have set him back a couple of grand. He was obviously in the money. Having no kids will do that, though, won't it? I love my daughters, but I'd be lying if I said there hadn't been moments where I'd thought about how much money and freedom Sarah and I will have when they're grown up. We don't struggle, but don't exactly have cash to flash, either. Our garden setting was bought second hand off Gumtree.

We'd bought over premixed drinks, and Sarah and I each took a drink and a seat. Deb had a bottle of white in an ice bucket, and she poured herself a refill and sat down at a ninety degree angle to us. I was about to ask her about herself, just to get conversation started, when I saw her removing her bikini top.

'I hate wearing this thing,' she remarked congenially. 'I just thought I'd keep it on until you guys got here. I didn't want any of the people in the street seeing me at the front door and complaining.'

Deb had spectacular tits. They were fucking amazing, just the right size, perky, and with perfectly sized and shaped nipples. She was sitting so close to me I could see the pebbling of her areola, and the faint tan lines she had from wearing a top, and it created a little movement in my pants. I glanced over at Sarah, but she was desperately trying not to look in Deb's direction.

'How long have you lived in the cottage?' Deb asked.

'Twelve years,' Sarah replied, keeping her eyes away from Deb's chest. 'I saw it online and begged Caleb to come and check it out with me. We weren't really ready to buy a house at that point, but the price was so cheap and I just fell in love with it. We put an offer on it, and to our surprise it was accepted.'

'It's a cute little house,' Deb said. 'And you two are a cute couple.'

Sarah and I gazed at each other. We both smiled and blushed.

'Are you high school sweethearts?' Deb asked.

'No, no, we met on online. We were the first of the online dating tragics, and everyone used to give us shit over it. It's kind of weird that it's so common now,' Sarah said. 'How about you and Mark?'

Deb laughed. It was a warm, friendly sound. 'Mark and I are just friends. We met at a party a couple of years ago. He and my boyfriend at the time got on quite well.'

Mark came out with a platter of cheese and nuts and cured meats, and for the next half an hour we got to know one another. The conversation flowed easily, although Deb and I were clearly the more outgoing of the group. Mark, much like Sarah, was more taciturn, only commenting here and there, although the wry smiles he'd occasionally give proved he was listening.

I seemed to forget at times that Deb wasn't wearing anything up top, although it would be a lie to say I wasn't incredibly attracted to her. I would have felt guilty about my lust but Sarah, for her part, was clearly intrigued with Mark, and he with her. Mark was dressed casually but simply, in chino shorts and a tee, but there was no denying that he had a hard, muscular body.

'I should start this barbie up,' Mark said, standing up. 'You guys aren't vegetarians, are you?'

Sarah snorted. 'Caleb's a country boy. They eat vegetarians for dinner.'

Mark laughed.

Deb gave me a small, private smile, before turning to Sarah. 'Do you mind giving Mark a hand, hon? He'll need onion sliced and I break out in a rash whenever I touch raw onion.'

'Sure,' Sarah agreed.

The kitchen was right inside the door from the veranda, and I could hear Mark and Sarah talking and laughing as they went in and started preparing everything.

'Gosh, I feel like I'm miles away from you,' Deb remarked. 'Let me sit next to you.'

My attention was drawn away from what my wife was potentially doing in the kitchen with our neighbour, to the woman sitting alongside me. Her delicious tits were now just inches away, and it was impossible to hide my interest. She didn't seem offended, in fact, she gave me a nice wide smile. I glanced at her figure again, and saw that her belly button was pierced.

Deb was sitting facing me, one leg crossed over the other. Her legs were long and lean and muscled. Not quite as nice as Sarah's, but definitely very attractive. 'So how long have you and Sarah been swinging?' she asked.

I was lost for words. 'We, uh...we haven't exactly been...'

'...so this is your first time?' she asked. Her eyes were a light blue, and filled with delight. 'That's exciting for you both.'

Yes, I thought to myself. Exciting. That's one way of describing the fact that neither Sarah nor I had ever even thought about discussing sex outside the marriage with one another. How... exciting... that my wife is now in the kitchen with someone who will no doubt want... oh fuck. Mark was going to have sex with her. My neighbour was going to have sex with my beautiful, loving wife. The mother of my two children.

'You're so scared,' Deb said, ruffling my hair. The movement made her right breast swing tantalisingly close to me. 'You and your wife have a good bond. That's the most important thing.' She picked up my hand and led it to her chest. 'Here,' she said. 'You've been trying not to look all afternoon, but I want you to look. I want you to touch.'

It had been fourteen years since I touched a breast that didn't belong to Sarah. My heart was pounding. My cock was rock hard. I shifted a bit so that both hands were free, and gently caressed her tits.

I cleared my throat. 'I'm not sure of the protocol here, but may I please kiss you?'

Where the fuck were the words coming from, I wondered. Why had it taken so little for me to not only touch this woman, but want to kiss her?

Deb smiled and leant in. 'Of course. You're a gentleman, aren't you? Where are you from?'

In between kisses, I told her where I was from, and she told me she was lived at the Gold Coast. That didn't surprise me. As I said, she screamed 'surfer hippy' and had a tan that suggested a lot of time spent out in the sun.

It was quite pleasant just making out and enjoying her breasts. I tried to peek in the kitchen window out of the corner of my eye, but I couldn't see a thing. Nor could I hear anything. That worried me. Through my fog of lust, I found myself wondering what Sarah and Mark were up to.

I broke away from the kiss.

'What are Sarah and Mark doing?' I whispered.

Deb shrugged. 'I don't know. Did you and Sarah set any rules?'

I shook my head.

'Oh, well, you should definitely do some of those up,' she said.

'Can I pick your brain for ideas afterwards?' I asked.

'Sure. I'll give you my email address.' She rubbed my chin comfortingly. 'You're looking anxious again. Do you want to check what they're up to?'

'I don't know. I'm not sure I know what I should be doing anymore.'

She gave me a sympathetic smile. 'Would you like me to go and check?'

'Um...' I didn't know what to do. I touched her hair. 'You're so beautiful. Sorry.'

'Oh no, don't be sorry,' she said. 'Let's go inside. Have a look. Set your mind at ease. Are you bisexual?'

It was the second time in one day I'd been asked the question.

'No,' I replied. 'I don't think so. But would it be weird to say I'm interested to see his penis?'

'Not at all. He's got a great dick, and he doesn't mind showing it off.'

We went inside. It was there that I saw something that I thought would make me angry, but instead left me powerfully aroused.

Sarah was on her knees, sucking Mark's cock. And it was a monster of a thing, long and thick, covered in veins, and shiny from her spittle. Sarah stopped what she was doing and stared at me with panic in her eyes.

'Keep going,' I told her urgently. 'Keep going.'

'Are you sure?' she asked.

'Definitely. I mean, if you want to...'

Sarah gave me a quick smile, then returned her attentions to Mark. I stared at the couple, fascinated by how my wife looked when she was sucking another man's cock. Mark's dick was a work of art, and below it were two large, heavy balls which were neatly shaved.

Deb nudged me. 'Impressive, huh?'

'Yeah,' I agreed reverently. 'Will he come?'

'Probably,' she said. 'The only thing stopping him would be the fear of offending you.'

'I wouldn't be offended,' I said. 'I've always enjoyed Sarah getting on her knees for me, and it's interesting seeing how she does it from an observer's perspective.'

I wrapped an arm around Deb's shoulder and the two of us leant against the fridge as Sarah continued to orally service Mark. He had a much better body than me. I swam a few times a week, but it wasn't giving me the kind of definition he had. On the other hand, his skin was worse for having spent a lifetime working outside. I have a white collar worker's good skin, and my hair, albeit greying, was shinier. Physically, we were very different.

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