Built For One Thing Ch. 2

byG. H. Lawrence©

"Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me!"

As we went at it, Linda came over and sat beside us on the sofa, furiously fingering herself. She spread her legs wide and fondled her tits with one hand. Her eyes, when open, stayed glued to the sight of my cock disappearing into Mom.

"Oh, shit, that is so hot," Linda said. Her finger was moving so fast on her clit that her hand was a blur. "Oh, I'm gonna come! I'm gonna come just watching you two!"

I looked down at Mom's beautiful back and felt her rhythm. She wasn't on the verge of orgasm, and neither was I. A little side trip was in order. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I'll be back in a minute." Then I pulled my dick out of her and she whimpered in protest.

I sidestepped in Linda's direction.

"I'm gonna come!" she said.

"You're gonna come alright," I said. "You're gonna come with my big cock in your pussy!"

Linda unclamped her eyes and a smile lit up her face. "Oh, Bobby! You're gonna fuck me?"

"Yeah. Right now." Standing in front of her, I bent her thighs back to her chest and she put her ankles on my shoulders. Then I took my cock in hand and drove it into her with one nasty thrust. She was tight and thick.

"Aie! Wait, honey," she said, like someone who had just changed their mind about riding the biggest roller coaster at the amusement park. "Your dick is so big. Go slow."

"Slow my ass," I said. "I'm gonna fuck your brains out. You know you want it." I slammed my pelvis against her upturned ass with quick, short strokes. She bounced up and down on the sofa cushion and her tits flailed behind her knees.

"Oh, god, yeah, pound me, Bobby, pump my pussy with your big pole. Ooh. OOH. Ugh! So this is what ten inches feels like!"

Chrissy came over and sat on the sofa arm. "Mmm, look at that big dick do its thing. God, I can hear it sliding in and out. Isn't he great, Linda? Feels like a baseball bat in your pussy, doesn't it?"

"Yeah," breathed Linda between whimpers and cries. "I'm gonna come, Bobby! Fuck me! Fuck my brains out!"

Breathing like a sprinter, I gave it to her as hard as I could. My nuts whacked against her ass like a sack of ball bearings. "Your pussy is going to be so sore!" I said.

"I don't care! Oh, I'm coming! I'm coming, Bobby! Do me with your huge dick! I'M COMING! OHHHH!" Her pussy convulsed around my dick as I gave her a few final, slow pumps.

"Wow, what a spectacle that was," Mom said, massaging her clit. Now get back over and finish me off." I pulled my dick out of Linda and moved over to her. "In fact," Mom said, "Do me just like Linda." She bent her knees back against her tits and put her calves across my shoulders. I took my cock in hand.

"Give it to me, Bobby. Hurry, honey, slide it in. FUCK ME."

I fucked her. My big, glistening cock barreled in and out of her. She moaned and screamed; the twins oohed and awed.

"Jesus, Bobby, where did you learn to service a woman like that?" Chrissy asked.

"Mom taught me," I said as I pounded Mom's ass through the floor. She was too busy screaming to respond to Chrissy. Then I turned the corner and felt her tightening grip on my biceps. We were going to have another one of our ear-splitting, earth-moving simultaneous orgasms.

"Oh, Bobby, you're about to come, aren't you? I can feel it in your big nuts. Pull it out and squirt your juice all over me! Spray it on my face!"

"I'm gonna cover you with it!"

Her big globes were heaving up and down like bronzy volcanoes. "Bobby, honey, I'm coming. I'm coming! Fuck me! Long strokes, baby! Yeah! I'm coming! I'M COMING! FUCK MEEEEEE!"

My balls were boiling. She shrieked with her own orgasm as I pulled my big cock out of her pussy and brought it up to her face just as the first massive surge of cum arced out of it and splattered over her nose and left cheek. It was going to be a big, thick batch. I moaned and grunted savagely. The next blast landed on her lips and chin and dangled from her face in a snotty white cord. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and I gave her one right on it. "Mmmmmm," she said, swallowing.

"Jesus Christ!" Linda said.

I wasn't finished. My cock was still on fire and spewed river after river of hot semen on her. A long line crashed onto her forehead and another sailed far back into her hair. Then she rolled her head back in ecstasy and I gave her a pearl necklace-a big one. Her cheeks were covered. She took my spasming cock in her mouth, and her tongue massaged my glans as I felt the last big streams fountain into her throat. She swallowed but couldn't keep up with my gusher. Groaning, I watched my juice run down her chin and drip onto her huge tits. Incredible.

"Holy shit, Jill," Chrissy said. "I've never seen or heard anything like that."

"And I've never seen a cock squirt that much cum," Linda said. "God, Billy do you do that every time?"

"When I fuck Mom I do."

Mom was still swallowing and licking her lips. "He's always that good," she said, rubbing the semen on her tits around like lotion. "He fucks me like that every night when Charles is away."

"Then you are the luckiest girl in the world," Linda said.

I kissed Mom and tasted my salty sperm on her lips. "Is your pussy satisfied?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah, honey. That was fantastic." She looked over at the twins, who were still gaping in awe. "So, under what shallow pretense did you seduce my son?"

"Well, we wanted him to..." Linda trailed off.


"We thought he'd say which of us has the best tits."

Mom glanced down at her huge cantaloupes and smiled. "I can answer that for you."

"Yeah, yeah, Jill, we can't compete with your watermelons," Chrissy said. "God, you're like Jessica Rabbit."

No one disputed that. I leaned down and sucked on Mom's right mountain. "Mmm," she moaned.

"But I just thought of a new competition we can have," Chrissy said, her eyes flashing with sexual evil. "A 'tightest pussy' contest!"


Mom guffawed. "Oh, get real."

"Afraid you might lose, Jill?"

"Please. Bobby, honey, which of us has tightest equipment?"

I chewed my lip. I knew the answer, but the contest sounded very fun. "I dunno," I mumbled.

"Bull. You just want to fuck your aunts again."

"I want to fuck all three of you again."

"Okay, here's how we'll do it," Chrissy said. Like a giddy Campfire Girl, she explained how the game would work. It sounded simple enough.

Then Linda looked down at my cock, which was lying big and soft across my thighs. "Come on, Bobby, get that pussy-pleaser up and ready."

"Maybe you can help me with that."

"Maybe we all can," Chrissy said. The three women knelt together in front of me like a harem. Three lithe, curvy bodies, three beautiful faces and six huge breasts. Mom took my cock in her mouth. Then Linda. Then Chrissy. Then they repeated the batting order. They gurgled and slurped on my rising dick and exhorted each other to hurry up. Heaven.

A few minutes later, I was rock-hard, blindfolded and lying on the rug in front of the hearth.

"By the way, what does the winner get?" I heard Mom ask.

"The winner gets to finish herself off on him," Chrissy said.

"Ooh, good," Mom said confidently. "Are you ready, Bobby?"


"Jesus, look at his cock," Linda said. I stroked it. It was standing straight up, ten inches and as thick as a rolling pin.

"He's definitely ready."

"Contestant number one, come on down," I said and heard the three women giggle on the other side of the room. Then I felt the air move as a body hovered above me.

The test was straightforward. Each woman would ride my cock so I could judge her tightness. The time limit for each pussy was two minutes to prevent any screaming, giveaway orgasms, and the contestants had agreed not to go more than halfway down my cock, since differing vaginal capacities might also reveal identities. And I had received strict instructions to keep my hands at my sides and not grab tits.

The heat of the woman over me wafted across my chest as I felt a pussy slip down over my pole. "Ooh, that's nice," I said, and I heard a stifled moan. I couldn't tell whose voice it was, but the pussy felt like Linda's. It slid up and down my dick mechanically and I fought off the urge to slam my tool up into it.

Then the first pussy departed and I felt contestant number two getting into position. "That was great, number one," I called out. The new pussy sheathed down over me. It moved fast and rocked back and forth a little. Definitely Chrissy.

Then came number three. I could practically hear Mom's big knockers bouncing off each other as she squatted over me. Then a pussy engulfed my cock like a hungry, sucking mouth and I knew it was her. Her slot gripped my dick and I moaned. She rode up and down it and I could feel her back arching and her tight ass flexing. I wanted to grab her waist and send my tool home to paradise.

"Mmm," I moaned. "Fantastic. Contestants number one and two were great and I have some really hot parting gifts for you, but..." The room filled with girlish gasps of anticipation. "...contestant number three has the tightest fucking pussy on the face of the earth!" Before I could even turn that phrase, two hands yanked away my blindfold. There, with her firm thighs bucking and her huge tanks jiggling, was Mom smiling down at me.

"Hi, sweetie-bear," she said. "Now let's get down to business." She slammed her ass down over my big cock and cried out with pleasure as my glans plowed into her cervix. Then she rocked forward, swinging her melons into my face, and began sliding her pussy up and down my shaft at a ferocious clip.

"Oh, Bobby," she huffed. "Ooh, that feels so fucking good." She looked down at her beaver. "Look, baby, I'm pumping my tight pussy all the way up and down your big dick. Oh, honey! Ugh!"

"Keep going, lady," I said, watching the action. "Slide on my big, hard pole. Oh, god, your pussy's gonna make me come!"

"Mmm, I must be really tight. Or maybe your big cock just makes it seem that way!"

"No, honey, your pussy's tight. Ooh! Pump it up and down."

"Ugh! Put your hands on my big melons, honey!"

"Oh, shit, we have to sit here on the sidelines again!" said Linda.

"Screw that," Chrissy said. She came over and straddled my face with her thighs. "Eat me, Bobby," she said, lowering herself down. "Lick my pussy good."

I did as she commanded while Mom churned up and down on my big dong and my hands kept her tits from smashing the furniture. Just then, however, a new hand-one of Linda's-led my fingers to her own pussy, where I began stimulating her clit. Moans all around. Now this was fucking.

"Oh, yeah, Bobby, eat me."

"Ugh! Sweetie bear, your big dick makes my pussy feel so good!"

After a few more minutes, Mom pressed her chest against mine and I rolled her onto her back to finish us both off. I spread my knees for good leverage and started sliding my cock in and out of her with long, fast strokes. Her fingers played with my nipples.

"Yeah, fuck me, Bobby," she said, looking up at me and smiling. "Fuck me good. No one can do me like you, honey." She looked down at the action. "Ooh, give me every fucking inch of that big pole. Ugh! Fuck me, baby! Harder!"

While I looked down and pounded Mom's ass clear to China this time, Linda wedged her head in between our tight abs and started licking Mom's clit.

"Ah! Linda, that feels great! Mmm, don't stop!" Mom cried. Then Chrissy got behind me and I felt her tongue on my swinging balls. I leaned down and sucked Mom's tits. The room filled with moans and gasps and lewd, wet slapping sounds.

"Bobby, I'm coming again!" Mom yelled. She was a little ahead of me this time. "Oh! OH! Yeah! Fuck me baby, now, I'M COMING! I'M COMING! BOBBEEEEE!" I pounded her so hard I thought my heart would jump out of my chest. Her nails sank into back and I could feel blood welling up around them. The piercing echo of her screams finally faded as I felt my own load of cum getting ready. The base of my dick tingled and throbbed as Chrissy and Linda came around and sucked Mom's tits. Then they brought their faces down to each side of her waist and looked at my pole thrusting in and out of Mom's beaver.

"Ooh, are you going to shoot another big load of cum?" Chrissy asked.

"Oh, yeah, any second now!"

"Good, Bobby. Squirt it all over our faces."

I was a dozen strokes away and starting to shorten my thrusts. Mom sighed contentedly and leaned up to kiss me. Five more strokes, three, two. I could feel the cum gush to the end of my tool. I pulled it out of Mom's pussy and groaned like a drunken caveman.

Chrissy got the first stream on the chin. Then another right in her mouth. Then I gave Linda three huge, thick cords all over her face. She moaned. Then I gave Chrissy some more hot cum. Then Linda. Then I aimed it between them and blasted a few long ropes onto Mom's face and tits. She rubbed her tits with her hands and I shot cum all over her hands. Then I shoved my cock into Linda's mouth and squirted a few ounces down her throat. Then Chrissy took my dick in her mouth and sucked out the rest. I went cross-eyed. I almost passed out.

The room was a sea of loud moans and naked bodies: semen-soaked faces and huge, heaving breasts and long, shapely legs. I ran my cock over Chrissy's lips and then crawled up and stuck it in Mom's mouth. She slurped and took the whole thing down her throat.

In our nice, elegant living room, I had just fucked my gorgeous mother and my two aunts and splattered their voluptuous bodies with cum. This wasn't suburbia. It was Rome. And I was the new emperor.

Mom's deep-throat action got my cock going again immediately. She licked my balls and smiled at me. It was going to be a long day.

Copyright 2000 G. H. Lawrence

Note from the author: Thanks for reading "Built for One Thing, Part Two." I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, you'll be glad to know that I'm now writing a novel-length work on the same silly subject with different--but equally sexy--characters and even more action. Entitled *I Dare You*, the novel will be posted in 2001.

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