tagInterracial LoveBulge Watchers Ch. 01

Bulge Watchers Ch. 01


Missy Baker and her mother Lorene spent the entire day hanging out at the beach and checking out the guys along the boardwalk at Ocean Beach California. During the hustle of beach goers who were scurrying about, they invented a fun and exciting new game between them called "Bulge Watching." It was a sexy and sometimes eye popping event that her and her mother partook in since the day they rented the beach house.

They were in San Diego for two weeks, taking care of the divorce with her second husband so Lorene brought Missy with her to their time share one last time before it was dissolved.

They looked at just about every man's crotch looking for the biggest and most defined bulge they could find. Out of the mostly little ones, there were a few larger exceptions they picked out and had fun watching as they poked around the shops and amusement at the beach. People were everywhere and gorgeous men standing around with their bare muscular chests for every young girl to admire.

As they made the last round down the boardwalk, Missy spotted the biggest bulge she'd seen all day. A very dark black guy wearing only blue skin tight spandex shorts that accented the bulging shape of his genitals. Missy signaled to her mom about the overly athletic muscle man and they approached the youth with a smile. His bright smile and inviting stare made meeting him very easy. He introduced himself as Fred and with his hand forward, they all met. Lorene was studying the shape of his bulge and the shape of the well defined penis head the entire time as Fred worked his magic on the two girls with little effort. He liked the look of Missy's perfectly shaped firm looking but rounded ass, flat belly and narrow waist and decently sized breasts as the two of them spun around to show their two piece swim suites to him. Lorene was looking very youthful and shapely as well for a thirty-eight year old and had no trouble turning young men's heads in the last few days they were there. Her overly large and voluptuous breasts were stared at by all who passed by her including Fred who was feeling an erection coming on just looking at them. As they became comfortable with Fred they exchanged numbers and invited him to a party at their beach house at 8pm. Lorene just couldn't take her eyes off his growing thick bulge, wondering what it looked like without the skimpy tight shorts blocking the view and anticipating that tonight they may get to find out.

Before Fred arrived, Lorene had arranged for some girlfriends to come over and witness this young man's endowment. Fred was the only man invited to the party. The idea was the girls would coax Fred into stripping for them. There were eight girls invited but only the four most curious showed up for the fun. They were all drinking a beer and discussing Fred's body when a knock came at the door. Giggly and excited, they anticipated the sexy moment. As the door opened Fred came in with his bright smile and some more beer for everyone. They all gave him a hug and were introduced. Missy turned on the music and shouted, "Woooooooot, let's get this party started!" Fred was bouncing around and dancing some to the music and as they all tipped up the beers the girls were dancing too. He was still wearing his ultra tight blue shorts with a open button up shirt that showed his manly muscle bound chest.

Missy reached over for her hug and he held her tight as she did. She put her hand under his shirt and felt his hard chest, moving it lower and feeling his hard six pack abs. Lorene moved in and hugged him a good one and placed her hand on his bulge and gave it a squeeze. As her sweet perfume went up his nose, the touch of her hand made his cock spring into action and it began to protrude beyond the hem of his shorts, the head poking out for the girls who were now clambering to view it.

Fred instinctively jumped up onto the coffee table and started dancing like a stripper as the girls gathered around him. They were all screaming with laughter as his cock bulge was growing and extending now well beyond the hem of his shorts and he teased them while taking off his shirt to expose his girl pleasing muscular chest.

He teased them as he slowly pulled his shorts down exposing his enormous cock. As it sprang free they all stopped suddenly and were gasping at the massive size bobbing before them, their faces close to the action and bright with astonishing excitement. The handsome black meaty cock was sleek with bulging veins and standing proud for all of them to see as the thickening member extended proudly toward them.

Missy's knees became numb as a persistent tingling was drenching her panties with wetness between her legs as her body became uncontrollably tingly and numb. The eighteen year olds bashful instincts told her to run. But she was overcome by desire to stare at this manly beauty so close to her face and within reach of her hand. She wondered what it would feel like buried deep inside her now well lubricated pussy and if the entire shaft could fit all the way in to the over large dangling ball sack extended beneath it. Her eyes widened as she stood in awe and ready to kneel for worship to this beautiful black cock god. A devious smile formed on her salivating lips as her hand reached out before her as if not paying attention to the NO her mind was telling it. The sleek black shaft and bulbous purple head extended 9 inches from its base. She instinctively knew this cock was built for hard fucking. But having sex right now with this enormous black penis would not be a good decision, she thought. Gosh, there are five women here with wet aching pussies watching this rock hard spectacle. She hoped someone else would slap her and bring her to her senses before she could caress it. With her dainty white porcelain fingers around the pussy stretching shaft of this perfectly hung man. She hoped one of the other women in the room would jump before her and prevent her desire from taking hold on it at this very moment.

"Controlling oneself is advisable here," she spoke to herself in her mind loudly.

She looked up at his widened smile as he was pleased by her innocent excitement. She finally broke through to her hand to control it mentally, just as she began to encircle the dark meaty shaft, she managed to give it a gentle but quick squeeze. She finally managed to snap her hand back to her side. She turned and ran toward the bathroom down the hallway, leaving the others without her to help them gawk at the naked young man in all his glory. Her pussy was now fully well lubricated by her wetness and she tingled all over. Her mind was swirling as she replayed her close encounter with the biggest black sexy cock she had ever seen. It was warm. Heavy. The smell of sweat from his balls was pungent and swirled up her nose. Her animal senses trying to override her request for calm.

Gosh, it was so enormous and felt wonderfully thick in her hand she thought as she pushed down her bikini bottoms as far as necessary. Her fingers found her clit quickly as she fingered her exposed wet pussy with uncontrollable vigor. She pictured that enormous penis just outside the bathroom door and all those women staring with their mouths wide open. Her body twitched as she thought how sexy it was and how it made her so horny to witness a black boy's erect penis and very large hanging ball sack for the very first time ever in her eighteen year old virginal life. It was much bigger than she ever imagined a black boy's penis could be. Her brother's penis was the only one she'd seen before this and his was the size of a finger compared to Fred's. Compared to this massive penis was a horses penis she saw once erect at the state fair during the rodeo, about the same thickness she figured. At any rate, it was very impressive and made her long to feel it more in her hand and in other places too, if she dared. For some reason she couldn't bring herself to cum as she wiggled her clit, pressing hard to bring her orgasm on. The girls were screaming loudly in the other room and distracting her thoughts. Missy opened the door slightly and peeped out. She was astonished to see everyone taking turns sucking the head of his erect penis and covering it with saliva. Just then white cum squirted all down her mother's chin as the jerking penis loaded her mouth with sperm. Her mom was acting so daring and crazy since her breakup with Missy's stepdad that she did not even care about acting like a whore knowing that her divorce was to be final by the end of next week. This was her time to let loose and go for it with a final fuck you.

Fred looked over and noticed Missy peering out the bathroom door opening. The girls had drunkenly licked all the cum off his penis and each other like it was sweet honey. He darted toward the bathroom with his massive penis bouncing as he made his way toward Missy. He opened the door to discover her there and having to go pee he directed himself to the toilet. Smiling at her, as he was trying to pee with his cock still erect and pointing toward the ceiling, he held the black shaft directing it downward at toilet as he urinated. Missy was so amazed watching his fat penis as it pissed in spurts.

"Gosh that was fun, you should have stuck around, why you leave," he said.

"Um, well I had to go pee," Missy replied.

"Well one day when nobodys looking, I got to have you, dang you hot baby!"

Oh my god, Missy gasped as he exited the bathroom door and she thought of the possiblities. The thought of him wanting her was about all she could take. That big cock buried in my pussy up to his balls. Her mind was reeling thinking of this hunky black guy pushing her down and having his way with her, the thought of it made her extremely and uncontrollably horny. Not even taking a moment to pull them down this time she rubbed herself. Vigorously. Through her bikini bottoms and her orgasm welled up from deep within. Her orgasm came on strong as she dropped to her knees, her body was jerking. She was feeling orgasmic bliss. She leaned back against the wall and thought; wow that was close. I almost let him fuck me!

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