tagHumor & SatireBull in a China Store

Bull in a China Store

byMy Erotic Tail©

I was standing at the counter when I saw her legs. They’re in the large front display glass window. Her thigh high stockings of black and her garter wore like a soldier’s stripe. Her hips came in view and my heart sank as she swung them side to side in her sexy stride. Her black v-slit dress barely covered her ass cheeks as her breast were trying to leap out of their fairly held shoulder straps laced into a bow up behind the neck.

She swung her hair to the outside as she gazed in the window at the china that was displayed. She stopped at the china vase and tea cups of light blue. Her smile grew as always when she eyed the china.

I gripped a hold of the counter top. My nails dug into the wood. "If she comes in here like the last time I'll be ruined." I thought.

The images of her grasping my head and pulling me in for a kiss and tonsil diving into my mouth as we side stepped right into the Ming Dynasty copies of the "Summer Sun," set. She said she would pay for it as she crashed into the crystal wedding set on the center table just before she spread her legs and said to drink from her nectar.

Or the time she sucked me dry and turned to bend over and yelling for me to fuck her ass just before she broke the "Franklin Mint Selection." The broken pictorial plates were everywhere.

Some rich lady with a passion for crashing sounds as she has her orgasm. If she comes in and locks the door I'm done for I know it. She'll draw the shade down and turn her back to the door and lock it. The sound of my doom, the clicking of the doorknob. The high heels slowly sounding their way across the hardwood.

My eyes fell back on her as she leaned way forward to look at the decorative plates on the bottom row. I saw a man across the street walk into a light pole as he tried to keep walking but had to stop and gander as she leaned even more foreword. I leaned forward to get a better look myself as I was almost horizontal with my tilted body when I realized she was looking at me. Leaned over looking down her cleavage.

She immediately stood up briskly and turned towards the door. I shook my head and tried to regain my composer as I braced my self . I had gripped my self so hard that I bruised myself as I waited on the turning of the doorknob. The fate of breaking glass, expensive china, I had a sweat bead roll down my forehead.

"I'm not going to move from this spot." I told myself. "Not even if she comes in and sprawls out on the counter and strips off all her clothes as she did a couple weeks ago and that’s when the glass display case got broken." Frozen in that moment of waiting.

I remembered the last time she had me wait. I was holding a punch bowl for a long time while she tried to decide rather it was big enough or not. I shook at the knees but I didn’t drop it. I held on for dear life while she chose a larger one. Saying something about size being important. As she looked at my crotch and I had the bowl there of course she was talking about the bowl. "Wasn't she?" I turned to set it down and crashed right into the gold trimmed Crystal. Only 4 got broke and I have the other 4 from the set, at home now.

The doorknob turned as the door began to open and my heart sank. She walked in with her purse over her shoulder. And her smiles a river wide as she whipped in and shut the door. It was facing my doom before me.

"Hello Bart, my engraved set in yet?" She asked.

"Huh..,no...not yet." I replied. I felt the grip in my fingers tighten as I recalled the last time she asked that and we were all over the shoppers case window like moving pornographic mannequins. But I was bound and determined I wasn't going to move.

I watched her every curve as she made her way around the counter and I about fainted from holding my breath. She walked on by me as she noticed the new blown glass of little birds. I could smell her perfume from where I stood and I was recalling a time her perfume choked me up over by the chandelier. Luckily nothing bad happened then except I ripped my pants from coughing. I was a little embarrassed but nothing broke.

"Oh, how cute." She said as she picked one up and gazed at it.

I felt a little more at ease and walked out from behind the counter. I wasn’t to sure of her mood today so I just casually played along. I didn’t want to get trapped out from behind the counter like one time when we fucked so hard that the wall display gave way and everything came crashing down.

"And how are you today Ms. Clamity?" I asked.

"Just fine Bart and you?" She replied.

"Oh just dandy I reckon." I said as I watched her body slowly circle the display knowing any minute now she'll wheel around and pounce me. Her black dress fit like a layer of skin. Holding her together at the seams that seem to be about to burst. Her breasts were pointing straight up and just a hint of nipple showed. I walked to the back room and looked for the owner but he wasn’t around as usual. I looked back and caught that the door was closing. I turned and looked and she had left.

I ran to the window and saw her walking down the sidewalk in her sexy little walk and swinging her hips as she glided across the street like she was on wings. I turned to go back to work and tripped right over the Crystal candle sticks. "Crash," came the sound.

I could only put my head in my hands. I had done it again. I almost cried for they were very expensive and I still owed for the mint set. As I heard the dreaded sound.

"Bart, that you?" The yell came from the back as Mr. Stern comes walking out.

"Oh my, again Bart?" He asked. His hands were on his cheeks when he saw the broken crystal and gasping for air to yell I’m sure.

"I’m sorry Mr. Stern but you know how she is she's a wild women I tell you she absolutely wild with her sex taunts. I tried to bend her over and she hit the candle sticks and they broke and she took off running as always. Ill pay for them sir." I spewed.

"Damn right you'll pay for them. Seems to me it would be a whole lot cheaper on you if you just took her to a motel." He mumbled as he made his way with his older penguin walk to the back again. "Like a Bull in a China store you two are." He shouted.

I quickly looked out the window to see if I could catch another glimpse of her as she walks off. But she was already long gone. I made my way to the broom closet. "Now tomorrow,...I'm not moving." I smiled.

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