tagInterracial LoveBull Rock Ch. 02

Bull Rock Ch. 02


As Steve swallowed the last of Rock's seed from Pam's ass, Pam and Rock unlocked from their deep french kiss and rolled in an embrace to the opposite side of the bed.

"Do you have something to say to Rock, honey?" Pam scoldingly asked Steve as she began tenderly working Rock's now flaccid cock with her brightly red manicured right hand.

Lying in the crook of Rock's muscular right arm, Pam pressed her hard-nippled breasts against his side. Turning her head from Steve, she began to nibble on Rock's ear with warm seductive breaths. With her shapely strong right leg, she ran her soft white inner thigh up and down Rock's heavily muscled black leg.

"Thank you, Rock, for fucking my hot wife like she deserves. Thank you for giving her a real man's cock, and filling her with your seed." Steve said with the taste of Rock's jizz still strong in his mouth.

"That's what I thought," said Rock dismissively and gruffly to Steve before he leaned down and locked into a full-mouth kiss with Pam.

"You guys have to be thirsty after that hard long ass fucking. How about I get you some water?" said Steve as he rose from the bed.

"Umm," Rock and Pam hummed in unison with their mouths still locked together.

Taking that as a 'yes', Steve stood from the bed to cross the large master bedroom for the kitchen downstairs. Before reaching the door, Pam caught sight of the hardon Steve sported from the incredible state of arousal that still remained with him after just watching Rock fuck his wife's ass with his thick black Bull cock and then his eating that creamy asspie dessert afterwards.

"No cumming while Rock's in the house, dear. Your cock better be just as hard when you return. We'll take care of you after Rock leaves for the evening," lectured Pam.

"No way, honey. I wouldn't even think of it. It wouldn't be the same without your help." Steve said over his shoulder as he headed through the door.

Walking down the hardwood floor of the upper level hallway of their 6,000 square foot $2MM neoclassical home in a Raleigh suburb, Steve was riding a natural high. The salty taste and the pungent smell of two of her Bull's creampies from that evening still lingered in his mouth and nose. If he were lucky, his wife may again have Rock's hot 11-inch cock throbbing hard by the time he returned with their water.

What Steve wished to see more than anything upon returning to the bedroom upstairs was Pam's lips wrapped around Rock's cock as she tried to take as much of him down her throat as she could without gagging and crying. Being as thick as Steve's wrist, Steve knew she would never she his wife deepthroat it, but he still relished the sight of seeing her try. The sight of his beautiful wife's face engorged with her Bull's cock and her lips stretched to the limit around his cock shaft while she looked deep into her Bull's eyes willing him to cum made Steve tingle with unfathomable excitement.

By the time Steve reached the marble tiled kitchen packed with high-end Sub-zero appliances, his dick was even harder with anticipation. Returning with his dick this hard, he knew Pam would have no doubt that he had not stopped to wank and blow his nut along the way. Having first gotten himself some water, Steve then filled two glasses for Rock and Pam and returned upstairs hoping to see a third hot round of big black Bull on hot white wife action.

Utterly disappointed, Steve saw Rock pulling on his pants as he walked through the bedroom door. As Rock dressed, Pam lay stretched across their bed with a radiant after-sex glow. Lying there after being filled twice with her Bull's seed, Steve was suddenly overcome with a powerful urge to kiss his wife. He never found his wife more appealing and desirable than when she was full her of her Bull's seed.

"Shit, Rock," said Steve walking toward Rock with his glass of water, "I was hoping that you would stay and share another load of your hot cum with us. I just had some water and washed down your last nut thinking that I would have another when I got back upstairs. Is there anything we can do to convince you to stay all night?"

"No, man. Got a text from one of my boys. I gotta roll."

"We'll walk you down to your car, baby." Pam said to Rock as she threw on a sheer night gown.

Grabbing some shorts and a t-shirt, Steve dressed quickly almost tripping over himself as Rock and Pam headed hand-in-hand out the bedroom door down the hallway.

"What a beautiful sight," mused Steve as he walked behind the massive black bald-headed Rock standing six inches over his supple curvy blonde wife while they walked hand-in-hand. As the bright light at the end of the hall backlit Pam through her sheer nightgown, he could distinctly make out every feature of her hot figure.

Thick in all the right places in her thighs and ass without without being fat, Pam still had that irresistible gap between her thighs made possible by her intoxicatingly wide childbearing hips. Thinking of the two hot loads of black cum that Rock's massive cock had just unloaded between his wife's thighs, Steve became euphorically lightheaded.

As they passed through the lavish double front door of the house, Pam and Rock headed out hand-in-hand into the pull-around driveway toward Rock's Escalade that sat up high on 20" rims. Following close behind, Steve looked around at the neighbor's houses to see if anyone were outside or if anyone were in a window with a clear line of sight. As usual, although he always looked, he found that the risk of his neighbor's seeing Pam with her Bull exhilarating. He also knew that it was only a matter of time before the neighbors found out about their alternative lifestyle.

Finishing his scan of the neighborhood, Steve looked back to Rock and Pam to find them locked in a kiss. Pam's right leg was raised and locked around the the back of his Rock's left leg. Rock's right hand was between Pam's thighs working a finger into her cunt. Releasing their kiss, Rock pulled his finger from Pam's cunt and put it before her mouth. Seductively, Pam leaned forward to take Rock's finger into her mouth and suck her juices from it as she looked into Rock's eyes.

"When am I going to see you again, baby?", purred Pam.

"Have your boy over there text me as soon as you need a real man again." Rock said as he pointed his chin to Steve. "If I need some of your pussy or ass, I'll come get it when I want it."

"I know you will, baby. It's here anytime you want it," Pam said flirtatiously as she batted her eyelids.

With that, Rock smacked Pam's hot white ass and threw a backward nod to Steve before hopping into his Escalade. Cranking up the bass on his 2-12" subwoofers until the windows in the neighborhood houses nearly rattled, he slowly rolled out of the driveway to exit the upscale Raleigh neighborhood.

Back inside, Pam turned to Steve to say, "Let's take care of you now, honey. Why don't you run upstairs and grab a condom while I step into the kitchen for a quick snack."

Although Rock owned exclusive penetration rights to Pam's mouth, pussy, ass, Steve and Pam had found that they had grown even more emotionally close while being cucked by Rock than ever before. Out of love, respect for each other's needs, and totally open communication, Pam and Steve knew exactly what the other needed and faithfully provided for each other's physical and emotional needs.

Meeting Steve at the bottom of the stairs, Pam grabbed him, tenderly kissed him and pulled back to say quietly, "Do you like the taste of Rock's big black cock on my lips, honey?"

"Yes, honey. More than anything", Steve said with his voice trembling in excitement.

"Hand me that condom, honey."

Handing the condom to his wife, Pam then ripped open the package and dropped to her knees to roll it down the length of Steve's hard dick.

Looking up as she finished rolling on the condom, she asked, "Which do you want to sniff and lick as you get yourself off, honey? My pussy or ass? You've got a choice tonight since Rock nut in both."

"Ass, please." said Steve.

Standing and then turning around with her back to Steve, Pam raised her nightgown to reveal her incredible round white ass, wide hips, and toned legs. Dropping down on all fours, she arched her back to give Steve full access.

"Get down here and sniff my ass, honey. Smell what a real man's cum smells like."

With dick in hand, Steve knelt down and placed his nose in the crack of Pam's ass.

"Do you like the smell of that black cum in my ass, honey?" cooed Pam.

"Yes," sighed Steve as he now steadily jerked his cock.

"How did you like watching Rock fuck that ass with his thick 11-inch black cock?"

"I loved it, honey. More than anything."

"Lick my ass, honey. Taste that black cum on my ass. You like that don't you?"

By now Steve was vigorously pumping his dick in his hand. His breaths were growing deeper and more labored. Pam knew she was close to pushing him over the edge.

"Taste it!! Smell it!! Savor that superior black seed that Rock left in my ass!!" Pam exclaimed as she pushed her ass tighter against Steve's face.

"Ohhhhhh Fuuuucckkkkk!!", cried Steve as he began to cum and fill the reservoir tip in his condum spurt by spurt.

"That's it, honey. Blow that nut as you think about how your hot wife took that huge black cock tonight." Pam said as Steve's orgasm subsided.

Knowing the drill, Steve pulled the condom off of his flaccid cock careful not to spill any of his cum and handed it to his wife. Taking the full condom, Pam raised it to Steve's mouth as he opened wide. Tilting the full end up with the open end to Steve's lips, she poured his cum into his open mouth.

As Steve swallowed his own jizz, Pam said, "As we agreed, it meets both our needs for you to eat your own seed anytime you get off from the taste and smell of my bulls cum on my body."

Taking a seat on the bottom stair, Pam and Steve placed their arms around each other. Pam's head rested against Steve's shoulder. Steve's head rested against hers. For a couple of moments, the couple reflected on what a wonderful and fulfilling evening they had had. They also reflected on how satiated they both were with their relationship between themselves and their Bull.

"I've been wanting to talk with you, honey," Pam said with a more serious tone that jarred Steve from his mused state.

"Sure. What's on your mind, honey?"

"I've been thinking a lot about having Rock's baby." said Pam as she turned to face Steve to study his reaction.

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