tagLoving WivesBulls Mountain Lodge

Bulls Mountain Lodge


Last year James and I decided to visit a resort in Oregon that catered to cuckold couples. We found the hotel advertised on an Internet cuckold site. It looked interesting and we decided to check it out. It catered only to cuckold couples only and supplied guaranteed healthy bulls for the Mistresses to enjoy.

They had advertised on the cuckold's sites on the Internet. They stated that they had twenty guest rooms and forty guaranteed healthy Bulls of different races.

They had black Bulls, white Bulls and even Mexican Bulls plus two oriental Bulls. There are plenty Real men to choose from.

After checking in and putting our belongings into our room, we were invited to a show of the goods at an open luncheon to view the Bulls and choose the ones we wanted first. It was an event to equal any modeling agency review.

The black bulls were the most popular. They had ten of them. Their dongs hang at least nine-inches.

The Mexican Bulls were the second favorites, I think. There were at least two white Bulls that caught my eye and one Oriental.

I wrote my choices on a card the establishment had given each woman upon registration.

James was great at pointing out the extra special parts that would help me find a man that would rock my world.

After the little show, the maitre d' took up the cards, which also had the room number on it. He reviewed my choices and told me about each of the men I had chosen. I think James was more excited than I!

"How many of these do you want at a time, Ma'am?"

"Let's start out with the first one and the last one," I told him. He smiled as if he knew something I didn't. That pushed a chill down my spine and I took a sip of my vodka gimlet.

"Fresh men to please my Lady, I can hardly wait to get back to the room to see what the first one does to make you feel fulfilled!" he blushed.

He hadn't seen my picks. He had no idea what type of men I had chosen. But I knew whom he would like to see me with.

There is no dress code here; women are encouraged to wear as little as possible. Many of the women walk around with just a bra and panties and some just go nude. The Bulls all wear a cup.

Every evening there was a gathering of the Bulls and all of the women were invited. The cucks had a gathering of their own. James never told me what they did and I never asked. He always seemed happy though.

After the meetings, we all retired to our rooms and the Bulls we had chosen came to our rooms. They were assigned by the ranking we gave them as we chose them.

My first night I had the extreme pleasure of a beautiful black male with a nine-inch prick. Its head was heart shaped and soft to the touch. His name was Kyle. He had a strong arm, a brilliant smile, and a Jamaican accent.

I loved the way he called me Ma'am. But I loved the depths he could achieve even more.

James sat at the end of the bed in a chair provided for the cuck to watch a man that could hit depths he would never come close to pleasured his Mistress.

He was allowed to stroke his little pricklett if his Mistress allowed such folly. If not he must just watch silently. I let James stroke himself. And after my Bull had pleasured me he was allowed to clean me up.

I would trust no one else to clean me even though the hotel had people to do so.

Afterwards, James and I shared a drink and I told him about how deep they went and the pleasures I felt. I told him how the Bulls cock tasted and he would nuzzle into my pussy to smell what he had left behind. And try to lick the lingering juices still there.

Between Bulls, I let him shower me and suck their seed from my pussy. He could pleasure me with his mouth; his tongue knows all of the places that drive me into a passion that drives me wild.

We would have a drink and talk until the next Bull arrived and I would send him to his chair while the Bull undressed and showed me his goods. And they were goods!

My second bull for the night was Mexican; his name was Sergio. His hair was midnight black and his teeth seemed brilliant white in contrast to his brown skin. I watched as he did a strip tease for me and when he pulled off his cup, my pussy spewed juices to prepare for his assault on her.

He was beautiful; dark hair and eyes, little hair on his body. His prick was easily eight inches with an acorn head. It was darker than the rest of his skin. He stroked it slowly as I lay on the bed playing with my clit. Once he had it hard, he looked to James and waggled it in front of his face, licked his lips and spread my legs open wide so that James could watch as he filled my cunt with his manhood.

I saw James unzip his pants and pull out his little prick. I gave him a stern look. He bowed his head. "I'm sorry Mistress! Please forgive me! He pleaded.

I said nothing for Sergio was filling me with his large cock and rubbing my clit with his thumb with each downward stroke of his large cock. My back arched to give him full access to my hot cunt. He had a style that penetrated much deeper than his eight inches should.

His understanding of the female body went beyond basic anatomy. He knew my body almost as well as I did. James could tell too.

My moans and screams of pleasure gave James great excitement; his little dicklett stood as tall as it possibly could without him having to touch himself at all.

Sergio had great staying power. He fucked my all around there or four times in the first hour.

His long prick slid easily down my throat while he invited James to suck my clit and explore my erogenous zone. I knew when he directed James to do so that my orgasms would be explosive and rock my body like it had never known.

But when it came to the grand finally he ordered James to lie on the floor face down. Once James was positioned, he took me in the ass and filled it with warm soothing cum while he fingered my pussy almost as deeply as he had fucked me.

When he rolled off me, his body shook almost as much as mine. My knees were wobbly and my pussy convulsed as if in a spasm. I felt wonderful and wanted more of him.

James waited patiently for his chance to clean me up. He could hardly wait to taste that thick cum that had been deposited into his favorite hole.

When Sergio gave him the sign he scrambled onto the bed and spread my legs wide and his tongue explored for all of the hot cum still floating around in my pussy.

When he finally came up, his face was smeared with the sticky substance that felt so warm going in.

"Master Sergio may I speak?" James asked softly.

Sergio looked to me and I smiled. He turned back to James and nodded his head.

"Thank you so much for providing my Mistress what I am unable. You are my hero, Man!"

Sergio smiled and spread open my pussy lips so that James could clean me up. While James licked and sucked my pussy clean, Sergio offered me his long cock, which still dripped his thick, tasty cum. I suckled him as a baby would my nipple.

Teasing him, I gave him another explosive orgasm, which took all of his strength. He lay on the bed and snored for a good twenty minutes. When he awoke, he took me once again and the rush of his cum was stronger than before. It splashed all over my legs.

He rolled off the bed and headed for the shower.

James cleaned me up and paid special attention to my clit.

When Sergio returned he thanked him for taking care of me and asked if he would come back the next day.

"I'm afraid I'm booked all day tomorrow, but will be available the following day."

Thank you, Sergio, and I may call you then," he smiled and lead him to the door. Then he ran to me and spread my legs wide to clean the thick cum from my pussy.

I let James put his little dicklett into my stretched pussy. I love frustrating him in that way. After he finished licking and sucking me , I slept really well that night and allowed him to lick me until he fell asleep.

A beautiful man named Wade with dark black eyes and a baldhead served coffee the following morning. I loved his head. I like a man who doesn't follow a crowd.

He was only a waiter; not really a Bull, but I had to have him. I pushed James off the bed and drug Wade under the covers. I ripped off his pants and attacked his ample eight-inch prick.

Its head was cherry red and balls were full. James licked his lips when he saw what I had found. He looked at Wade's prick and then squeezed his own trying to at least enlarge his tiny balls.

Wade lay on my pillow while I straddled his face and his tongue darted in and out of my wonton cunt. I bounced up and down, like on a Merry-Go-Round riding my favorite horse.

His staying power was remarkable. James timed us at an hour and a half. I could have gone longer but James coughed and knocked his rhythm; his wad fell on my exposed belly.

I made James clean me while Wade fed me his seed and suckled my hard nipples. When he finished, I asked if he would come back that night; "I would love to spend the night with you; please come back this evening!"

"I can't ma'am, I would lose my job!" he frowned.

"What time do you get off?" I asked.

"Eleven o'clock, ma'am!" he said.

Come here at eleven. I have no bulls for that late. Please come; I'll make it well worth you r time."

"Yes ma'am I will do that." He smiled and took my dishes out when he left.

I had only two Bulls for the day. One was a tall black man with a chest that could double for a table. His prick was easily ten inches. He would be my last. Eugene was his name. And I definitely saved the best for last.

He measured in at ten and a half inches. The bulbous head was like a cork as it popped into my well-used pussy that afternoon. Dark black was his skin and white teeth that shown like the moon.

Hi s large hands covered my breast completely. His thick head made a loud pop as it forced its way deep into my pussy. My skin was washed out compared to his dark complexion.

I watched James' face as Eugene forced its head into my already stretched cunt and he still had to force it. I felt the rip as the head finally made it to the promised land. My back arched and I rose to meet his strong thrust deep in my wet cavern.

His stamina was strong and he fucked me for three hours before he fell off me and took my pussy in his mouth to lick it clean. He was leaving nothing for James to enjoy.

"Ma'am, you are a good fuck, I will gladly give you my seed again and again; you have a sweet cunt!"

I smiled and thanked him. As he rolled off the bed, he patted James on the head.

The door closed and James jumped on the bed. "Did he save me some?"

"I don't know, you'll have to check for yourself.

He spread my legs wide and dipped his tongue into the fountain of cum that needed to be cleaned from my loins.

It took him a long time but finally, he rolled over, satisfied.

A knock at the door shocked him. "Who is it?" I asked.

"It's Wade, ma'am!"

I looked at James and smiled; then motioned for him to get the door.

I lay back on the pillows of the bed, my full breasts just slipping out of my chiffon robe. I had five pillows behind my back and my legs were splayed showing my shaved pussy.

When Wade saw me sitting there, I saw his prick jerk.

He turned his head to avoid my eyes. "It's okay Wade, this is what I'm here for. Come join me; I know you can make me feel better than any of the Bulls I've had in the past four days."

I smiled demurely and ran a finger between my pussy lips to show him my clit and how wet he made me.

James sat in the chair at the foot of the bed, smiling. "If I may, sir, my Mistress always gets what she wants. Please don't hurt her feeling!"

Wade looked into my eyes, then at my fingers playing in the juices that his presence stirred in me.

When his eyes caught mine I said, "You going to make me fuck that little prick of his or will you give me your manly cock?" I asked.

He looked James, who was sitting there with his little prick in his hand. Then he looked back at me. "I should just walk away, but you are one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen and I long to touch your soft skin."

"Then come touch it and let it touch you!" I licked my lips and smiled.

Slowly, Wade came to the bed. Disrobed at the foot and climbed onto my bed. He slowly took of my robe. He buried his face between my breasts. Then he pulled one hard nipple into his mouth and suckled.

I felt his hardness grow as his body ungulated close to mine. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and James pulled them off of him.

His large prick stood at attention with drops of precum glistening there. I crawled to where he had stopped and sucked the head into my mouth. With one hand I masturbated then fell backwards on the bed offering him my wet pussy.

Wade spread my legs apart and guided his massive prick into my pool of lust. For the next seven hours he fucked me in every orifice I had and brought me to multiple orgasms and found almost all of my erogenous zones.

The bed was soaked when finally we slipped into one another's arms and fell asleep with James at the foot of the bed.

At eight o'clock the next morning, James answered the phone. "Hello? Yes, this is he. Yes, well be out in a half an hour. Thank you for reminding us."

He hung up and told us that we had to be out of the room by nine.

Wade carried me to the shower and James packed our clothes.

Wade fucked me three more times before we walked out of the room. James invited him to return home with us, but he decided that he would just like to come visit from time to time.

We see him at least once every two weeks. I can't wait for his returns.

~Lady Dora

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