tagLoving WivesBully Ch. 01

Bully Ch. 01


I had been seeing Dex for about 10 weeks now, he was fucking me wholesale, and making love to me like making love was the newest thing ever invented, I was the test guinea pig, whatever he did with me it always seemed to be new, what ever we did, it was always like the first time to me.

I had even allowed him into my home when I knew it was safe, having sex, or making love, or fucking in the bed I shared with my husband was so wild to me, there wasn't anywhere he didn't make love to me, when I was on my own, I could smell him everywhere in the house, it was incomprehensible.

I remember one day he did the most out of this world thing, it blew my mind, he got me to hold his foreskin down while his hard on was at it's most volatile, and he put an elastic band on his prick below the mushroom head, 'now,' he said, 'that'll hold it, get turned over,' he ordered me.

I did as told, and he was on me and up my arse in a flash, and he fucked me with such abandon I was like a rag doll, the head of his prick inside my arse demolished me completely, I could feel the head of his prick sliding up and down inside my rectum, and he never let it out of me for nearly 2 hours.

Never had that kind of orgasm crushed through me like that, it was cataclysmic, he even made me lay on my side and he just let the head rest inside the lip of my arse, I couldn't pull off it, I had to wait until he took it out of me, when he eventually pulled it out of me I knew walking was going to be difficult to say the least.

In a quiet moment once, I asked him how he knew all the things he knew about what I wanted, and needed, he said, 'its because I fuck lots of women who shop lift in the store, its easy, they are all easy when threatened with the law, but Jason was a bonus because I knew you were his mother, I just had to have you, and now I've got you, I love having you as my fuck toy and slut, because it's what you are isn't it Chrissy?'

'You are my personal fuck slut aren't you Chrissy?' I bristled at that, but he was right, I was his fuck slut, I knew it, and now I accepted it too.

He would often grab me by my hair, force me to my knees and make me suck him off, I had no problem with that except to say he didn't have to force me like he did, but who was I to object now hey?

My husband was happy; I wasn't pestering him to make love to me anymore. Dex was more than taking care of me in that department. So when my husband was feeling amorous he went at me hammer and tongs, I responded in kind, or tried to, but to be honest, he wasn't in the same league as Dex, in fact, he was about 0 from 10, but it made him happy.

I had missed my period, so I was fairly sure I was pregnant, and hopefully it would pass off as my husband's baby, but time would tell.

Then things changed one Friday night, I was out to dinner with my husband and as we were walking back to the car, there was Dex walking down the road in front of us.

And he was with a girl, a black girl, she was about as tall as him, so she must have been about 6ft., from the back she looked gorgeous, a perfect looking figure.

But what really blasted me apart were they were arm in arm, except her hand was firmly holding his right bun, and his was firmly holding her left, and also dipping down between her cheeks for a feel of her pussy.

It was so blatant to me, and my husband nudged me and sniggered, 'look at those two, bet he'll be screwing her tonight eh Christine?'

I was instantly blazing with jealousy, rigid with grief, I burst into silent tears, I couldn't speak, and thankfully we reached our car and went home.

How could he do this to me, I know I didn't see him on weekends, apart from the odd Saturday for a couple of hours, but why couldn't he be satisfied with just me!

Monday came round and I went to his apartment, I was full of rage, full of jealousy, full of fear that our lovemaking was coming to an end, my heart felt broken, I didn't know what to expect but we had to have it out, again it was more and less than I had thought.

I raged at him as soon as I was through the door, he made me stop in my tracks as he slapped my face, told me I was his bitch, not the other way round, and he would live his life as he saw fit, he taunted me by saying, 'do you think you are the only fucking old slag I fuck hey?'

'The only fucking old cunt I fuck in this bed, and theirs Chrissy?' 'You are my cock loving slut, my bitch, you always will be Chrissy won't you,' he demanded.

I was devastated, his words hurt me so, broken, how foolish I was, then he took hold of me, crushed me to him and told me he loved me, my heart swelled, he loved me? Oh God, he loved me, I was in heaven right there and then, he took me to bed and convinced me I was his, but that he had things that I should learn.

We spent the day making love, and I tried my hardest to make him think of me and only me, I was desperate to hold onto him, I didn't realise he was grooming me for more degradation

He told me he couldn't see me again until Thursday, I asked why, and he just said, 'because. Okay?' 'Now I want you here dressed to the nines by 9:30 okay baby?'

I went home well fucked as usual, but full of dread, and full of hope, I was upside down, didn't know where I was or what was going to happen, all I could do was hope for the best.

Thursday came, I was early too, he let me in took me straight to bed and made love to me fully clothed which was unusual to say the least, it was then that he took off my blouse, and skirt and tied me to the bed by my wrists and ankles, I was thrilled, this was something else new.

I was still wearing my bra, panties, stockings and heels, he was over me teasing me the way only he can, my nipples were on fire, my pussy ready to explode he was driving me nuts!

I was begging for more, pleading with him to fuck me, make me suck him, anything, I wanted whatever it was he wanted, I didn't care now.

And that's when the bedroom door opened and in walked two boys about his age, 'hey Dex,' one of them said, 'so this is your Chrissy hey? Mmmm, real nice lady buddy, real nice.'

'Dex,' I said stunned, 'what's going on, who are they Dex?' 'Just a couple of friends who I owe to, so you are gonna pay them off for me baby okay?' he said with a smile.

'No it fucking well is not, what do you mean?' I yelled at him, 'let me go right now!' As this was going on they got undressed, one was another Latino, and the other was black, very black.

They got on the bed either side of me, I was struggling with my bonds my arms above my head but it was hopeless, I wasn't going anywhere.

Dex walked out of the room, saying, 'I know you will enjoy your self baby, go with the flow okay?'

I pleaded for him not to go, to stay and protect me, but he had gone, now I was looking up at two boys smiling down at me, already playing with and tweaking my nipples, fingers were already rubbing my clit, a thick finger found its way up my arse too, the black one started necking me, the other one started kissing me.

There was nothing I could do, it was impossible to even turn away, they were telling me how beautiful I was, how sexy I was, and that Dex had told them I was the most glorious fuck in the universe.

I couldn't stop myself from responding, like I always do when treated like this, they were taking turns at me, nipples, clit, lips, neck I was moaning back at them, but trying not to ask them to fuck me, but unknown to me Dex had told them to play with me and heat me up until I did, and I did too, I wanted to be fucked now so I said, 'will one of you please fuck me right now okay!'

The Latino got up over me and drove his lovely prick right up me, oh God it felt good, here I was tied to Dex's bed, about to be fucked by two complete strangers, and loving it, I wanted Dex, but I wanted cock more.

He made me come, I had no way of resisting, as I was being fucked they were telling me that Dex loved me, and that he wanted me to be happy and that he knew that only more prick would achieve that goal.

The black guy climbed over my face and forced his black prick into my willingly open mouth, I sucked as hard as I was being fucked, after a while of ravaging my mouth he shot his load at the same time as the other lad did in my boiling pussy, it sent me right over the top, this was the first time I had ever been double teamed it was fantastically overwhelming.

They untied me after we had settled down from that momentous orgasm, but they didn't release me, I spent the rest of the day under them, on them, beside them, it was like being inside out at times, I didn't know where I was, my mouth and lips were swollen from the kissing and the fucking of their two pricks, The Latino got under me and made me fuck him, while the black boy got behind me and fucked my arse as well, wonderful, glorious, my arse and pussy were like a cave on a mountain side, open to the elements, and my pussy was like raw liver, floppy and well used.

When they left they said they would see me again soon hopefully, all I could do was nod my head, I was exhausted totally.

Dex knew how to make love to me and how to fuck me, but those two had taken me completely, I knew I would never be the same woman again.

I managed to get home, had a long bath and went to bed, leaving a note on the table that I felt ill and please don't disturb me until the morning, I slept for about 13 or 14 hours, the next morning I got up on my own, Jason was at school, hubby was at work, I could hardly walk!

I felt wonderful, alive, dead, used, abused, sore as hell, and terrifically I was woman.

Dex called me and asked if I was angry at all about what he had done to me, and asked how I was, how I felt.

I told him the truth and he was delighted, 'you know,' he said, 'you got me out of a jam yesterday, those guys were more than impressed, I'm their best buddy now and they want to do it again, but I've told them, it will be up to me to let that happen, how do you feel about it Chrissy?'

'Dex,' I said,' I don't know if I can, they really put me through the mill, it was fantastic, but I don't think I could stand that again baby, I hope you understand darling?'

'Of course I do baby, you are mine after all okay?' 'Yes Dex,' I replied,' Im yours.' 'Good, now I want you here Monday bright and early honey, we have some serious loving to do, yes?' 'Yes darling, I'll be there for you, I should be rested okay by then, I love you Dex.' 'Love you too Chrissy.'

I had a quiet weekend, mooching around, nothing strenuous.

Monday I was at Dex's early as ordered.

We kissed and cuddled like two young lovers, he worked me up, I worked him up and an hour later he was taking me to bed.

I thought to myself my life is perfect, what I was doing was morally wrong I know, but it was heaven, I was being fucked and loved out of my senses, and no one knew so it was okay, we kept a tight lid on our sojourns.

As we undressed each other, I told him I was really really in love with him, and that I couldn't imagine my life without him now, but I knew I could never leave my family, he said the same, he loved me too.

Our lives were too different, and he shyly said the age difference will make it difficult for us both eventually, I understood what he meant, and it gave me a heavy heart to admit it too.

We spent the day just loving each other, he made me rim him, and poking my tongue as far as I could up his lovely tight arse made me cum too, I kissed and licked and sucked at it for all I was worth, what an experience that was for me, I hadn't done it before, it made me love him more.

Tuesday he came to my house, it was beginning to feel like he was my husband now, I spent more time with him than my real husband.

He loved being here with me, he would just take me over, it became his house, and I was his fuck slut, I went into the role easily now, there was nothing I wouldn't do, and there was nothing he didn't do to me, he was like a wild predator marking his territory, and leaving stains all over my home, he was making me truly his.

Wednesday I was at his apartment by 9:30 people around there knew me now and greeted me warmly, I felt at home to be honest, my life was changing for ever I could feel it.

As I entered I thought I could smell a hint of perfume, I wasn't too sure so I didn't mention it to Dex, but I was concerned about it.

We had coffee, we didn't always jump straight into bed now, we were comfortable around each other, and would gently lead ourselves to it.

He told me to go into the bedroom and get undressed lay on the bed, as he had a surprise for me, I always did as he told me so off I went, what a day I was going to have, but was blissfully unaware, and unprepared for it!

He came in, walked to me got on the bed and started just to hold and love me, it was so sensual, I was getting hot in no time, that's when he started to tie my wrists to the bed again, I said, 'Dex, you promised.'

'Don't worry baby, there will be no men or boys walking through the door today okay?'

'Yes alright,' I replied, and let him carry on, my wrists this time were tied to the bed sort of sideways and downwards, I never thought any more of it.

He stood at the foot of the bed admiring me and saying he couldn't believe how such a sexy and beautiful woman was his and his completely, I tried to smile seductively; I wanted him on the bed doing me!

He gave out a small whistle of what I thought was appreciation, then the bedroom door opened and in walked a black girl, a beautiful black girl with long silky black hair down over her shoulders.

She walked to Dex put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, it was the tall black girl I had seen him with that Friday night!

I was stupefied, couldn't speak, she stopped kissing him, and he her, then she looked at me, appraised me in a moment, looked back at Dex and said, 'well you are right babe, she is a looker, she's beautiful, really sexy too can I have her like you said? You did promise me?'

'Sure you can Melanie,' he replied. 'You just go right ahead and have some fun, I'm just gonna sit here and watch you both okay?'

I came back to life then, started protesting loudly, very loudly, but she casually undressed letting her clothes slide of her superb gorgeous body, we women can look at these things and know immediately whether someone is beautiful, and she was.

Dex sat in the chair in the corner of the room, and said, 'Chrissy, I want you to behave yourself now, you are not going to stop this, and I don't want you to anger me okay?'

'But you promised me no one was going to come in while I was tied up.' I protested.

No I didn't,' he said, 'I told you no men or boys would be walking in the room, I never mentioned Melanie, did I?'

'But Dex, I only want you, not someone else,' I said. 'This has nothing to do with what you want Chrissy; it's all to do with what I want, I don't want to hear anymore, now shut the fuck up okay?' He ordered.

I knew there was nothing I could do to prevent what was to happen what ever that was going to be.

Melanie glided to the bed, put her handbag down on the cabinet, looking down at me I feebly tried to slide away from her, but she just smiled and said, 'I have planned and worked for this for a few weeks now, it took me a while to convince Dex to let me have you, but now here you are, and here I am, so?'

I couldn't help but admire her dark beauty, the length of her legs, her body shape, full, voluptuous, her lovely face, great big dark eyes, the arch in her eye brows, her silky black hair, I took it all in in a moment.

I knew what was going to happen now, she was going seduce me, just play with me, or just fuck me, I knew about women on women, and though I had never tried it myself, I had fantasised about it when using my vibrator, but never ever envisaged me actually experiencing it in any way.

She got on the bed next to me, gently put her arm around me and said, 'now Chrissy, Im going to seduce you whether you like it or not, you won't be able to stop or resist me no matter how hard you try.'

These words took the wind right out of my sails, I was expecting her to dive straight in and take me, but no, she was already stroking me, her smooth hand gliding up and down my body.

Dex broke in and said, 'I've told her how and what to do baby, so just go with it.'

I had no choice, as soon as her fingers closed over my left nipple I was a goner.

I gave myself away just by solely closing my eyes and biting my plump bottom lip.

Melanie climbed over me then, knees either side of me, and gripped both my nipples between her thumb, forefinger, and middle finger nails and yanked them upwards, it just drove me up off the bed, in a futile attempt to follow them, my head bent forward, I gasped, mewled, and then it fell backward in submission.

'Mmmm,' she said, 'this is going to be fun, mine to do with what I like already hey?' She twisted and pulled with her nails at my rock hard sensitive nipps, I couldn't stop myself from half protesting and half moaning in utter pleasure.

She let go of one nipple, and immediately dipped her hand behind her and found my pussy, this time it was my legs that shot upwards, I couldn't defend myself, her fingers were already in me, and soon my clit came under attack, I was writhing about as much as I could now, but had no defence against her ministrations of me.

I knew that part of my arousal was due to my captivity, I was tied to the bed, helpless, open to sexual attacks and her womanly power over me was being exerted to it fullest.

She slithered back a little, bent towards me and I received my first ever proper kiss from a woman, in fact she was a no more than a girl, but it made no difference, I responded the only way my body would allow me to, fully and wholeheartedly I kissed her back!

She slid down my body now and took me in a woman's embrace, soft, full, gentle but serious, 'Chrissy,' her face directly over mine, she said as she gazed into my glazed eyes now,' I am so gonna fuck you honey, you think Dex has fucked you? Just wait until I have finished with you baby.'

I couldn't believe the words I heard next. 'Please please kiss me again,' I whimpered, it was me talking, not her!

She did, it was the longest most sensual kiss I had ever had, I had no idea a woman's kiss could be so powerfully tender and soft.

Sliding down my body not stopping until her face was above my pussy, I got the first lick of a woman's tongue in me, the first suck of a woman's mouth on me, the first devastating orgasm that a woman can give another, I was heading into a new world here, one I never knew of, how many orgasms she made me have I just didn't know.

It wasn't until she rose up and straddled my face that I got my first taste of a woman's pussy, and it was breathtakingly wonderful, nectar is the word, I gave as much back as I could from my restrained position, I know I made her cum because she ground her pussy hard down onto my face, shuddered and filled my mouth with her hot juices.

After she/we had rested, I managed to glance over at Dex, and he was wanking himself off furiously until he shot his load up into the air, what a sight that was, it turned me on so much.

Melanie got up from me, went to the bathroom and got a towel, she dried her face off and then she did mine in between kissing and twirling my nipples, it drove me mad for her and Dex too.

Then the coup de gra she opened her bag and took out a strap on dildo, it was the same colour as her, black, and it had another what seemed like an appendage underneath, it was a double dildo, I had no idea then that the other bit was going to go up my arse!

She gathered my legs in her arms and lifted them over my head, got underneath me using her knees to hold me in place and my feet went over her shoulders.

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