Bully Ch. 03


Ch. 03

A mom is humiliated

Alicia was in deep trouble. How in hell was she going to get out of this fix? Visiting James to get him to stop bullying her son, hadn't been a good idea. She was too submissive to tackle a bully, even an eighteen-year-old boy. Submitting to his dominance had been so gradual, she hadn't noticed. Or maybe she didn't want to admit to being weak willed.

At thirty-six, and after completing an assertive class, the boy should have been easily put in his place. Instead, before she knew what was happening, he had her where he wanted. Looking back over the last two hours, it was realised how very stupid she had been. Like the bully in high school all those years ago, he had intimidated her.

'Come on, you've been in there ages,' James told her.

Alicia was in the bathroom, playing for time. Surely there was something she could do or say to get out of this mess.

'Shall I take you to my father? He will probably spank you again,' he said, trying to sound serious.

'No! Please don't. I need to get home,' she said, sounding worried.

'Then why did you promise my father to keep me happy?'

'He, err, he thought I was a slut, from the way I was dressed,' she explained.

'Why didn't you tell him you're Brendan's mother? If you told him who you were, you wouldn't have been spanked, and sent to my room,' he teased.

'I couldn't admit to being a respectable married woman. You dressed me up in these terrible clothes, and introduced me as your girlfriend. I had to hide my face. Being recognised would have been terrible,' she complained.

'Don't trash the clothes, they were my sister's. Awhile ago, but they were hers,' he said, and shrugged.

'I really need to get home, James. Can I have my clothes back, please,' Alicia asked, trying for sympathy.

'No, you can go home like that. I'll drive you. Of course, everyone will find out what you did. They might even be sympathetic, as it was to save your boy from bullying. I have a video of you blowing me, ready to put on the internet,' he smirked.

Alicia was stunned from what he said. He guided her with a firm grip of her shoulders, and sat her in front of a computer. A video started.

She didn't recognise what was happening at first. Hair came into focus, then she recognised the top of her head. A sharp intake of breath was made, on realising what was happening. It was her, sucking on his cock! A blow job it was called, and she heard him groaning, saying the awful word. He was guiding her head, using her mouth in that disgusting way.

No! He let go of her head, and she continued doing it. She looked up at him, and the camera, while lifting her mouth up the length of his penis. His penis fit obscenely tight between her lips. Her face was distorted with his cock, but it was her. She looked down and pushed along the length of his cock.

When she looked up at the camera is was obvious she didn't see it. There was a studied concentration, no enjoyment, just acceptance. The working up and down his penis seemed to go on forever. She couldn't take her eyes off the screen. She began to splutter and chock. He lifted her head off his cock.

No! She had his cum in her mouth, and he told her to swallow. The dirty woman, her, looked to be in shock. Why on earth had she let this happen? Her son's bully had spurted semen in her mouth!

'Oh! No! Please!' Alicia whined. 'You mustn't let anyone see this, please. Promise me you'll remove it from your computer, please,' she said, looking frightened.

'If you make a fuss, I'll get dad to take you home. He'll be surprised to find you're the lady of the house. Though you can't really call yourself a lady, can you,' he commented.

'No, no, I can't,' she murmured.

'What are you then?' he demanded.

James grabbed her hair, and twisted it.

'Ouch! Please! Don't hurt me, please,' she yelped.

'I said, what are you? A slut? A cock sucking slut is more like it. Tell me!' he demanded.

'I, err, I don't know. . . Please, don't hurt me. Owww! Stop it, I'll say whatever you want. I'm your cock sucking slut! Pleased now?' she sobbed.

'I've got the proof on my phone and computer, so you can't deny it,' he said.

'No! Oh! No,' she moaned.

'Tell me again, Alicia. Say it!' he demanded.

'I'm you cock sucking slut, sir,' Alicia whimpered.

'Get those clothes off, and get into bed. You heard dad, he said to please me. You don't want to be spanked, then taken home, do you,' James stated.

Looking frightened and shocked, Alicia slid into bed. She turned away from him, and pulled the sheet up around her neck. His father thought she was a girl from the wrong side of town, and had spanked her for being a nasty tease with his boy. He was a bully like his son, only a bigger version. It was humiliating being treated like a naughty girl, spanked, and sent to James' room.

At least he hadn't found out who she was.

'You heard what my father said. He sent you to my bedroom with a smacked ass, and made you promise to obey,' James gleefully said.

'It wasn't like that,' she began, only to realise it wasn't far off.

Damn them both! Somehow she was in this boy's bed for the night, expected to play with him.

When he and his father were asleep she would be able to escape back home. Oh! God! Until then she would have to pander to this boy's whims. Knowing it was her stupidity that got her into this mess, left her feeling weak and pathetic. The two of them had bullied her into this dreadful situation.

A hand went protectively between her legs, and she clamped them tight. This was such a bad thing, how could it be endured? Why hadn't she screamed for help and made an attempt to run away? Instead, she kept quiet and demurely endured their bullying. Oh! God! What was happening to her? The humiliation from their bullying had left her completely submissive to them.

When he got into bed she looked away. A feeling of anxiety and fright washed over her entire body.

To delay the inevitable, she asked, 'Could I borrow your phone, please. I need to phone home. . . Please!' she shyly asked.

Doing something would be a distraction from these bad thoughts, and give her a chance to think of something. He handed her the phone and she made to slip out of bed. James put a restraining hand on her shoulder, prevented her leaving. Unfortunately he was too strong to shrug off, or push away.

Alicia sighed, and relented as she was bound to do in this damnable house. It was the story of her life, only this time she was in a terrible place. Not having her mobile, she had to think for a moment before remembering the home number. On her side, trying to distance herself from him, she felt him snuggle up to her.

'Hello, Harold, sorry I didn't phone earlier. I'm at a friend's place, she's ill. I don't know when I'll be home. If it's late I'll spend the night. Alright?' she asked her husband.

What could she do if he said no, and she had to go straight home? Alicia was unable to concentrate on what her husband was saying, as James started playing with her sex! He pushed a finger up her ass, and she couldn't help giving out a little yelp of anguish. She was on her side, and he was behind her, helping himself to her sex!

'Yes, I'm all right. It isn't nice seeing a friend like this. The doctor has been. If she gets any worse, I'm to call an ambulance. Alright, yes, thanks, good night,' she distractedly murmured.

Alicia couldn't send a kiss down the line to her husband, when a boy was stroking her pussy, and delving into both holes down there. It was the worst moment ever, in her whole life. It had been terrible, trying to talk to her husband while being sexed up by this boy!

With the phone checked to make sure it was really off, she laid still. It was hoped he would get the message that she wasn't interested, and leave her alone. Passive resistance wasn't enough. His fingers went deeper, and she was opening up! How could that be? It was bad enough being in bed with her son's bully. Responding to his crude fondling was downright wicked.

A hand left her bottom to squeeze her breasts. He squished them together in a big calloused hand. Somehow he managed to pinch her nipples, and they soon hurt from his brutish strength. Oh! God! He had two fat fingers in her vagina, exploring inside her body. At least they were no longer up her bottom!

'James! Please! You shouldn't be touching me like this. I'm a married woman. I have responsibilities. I'm the mother of a school friend. Brendon is in your class at school,' she moaned, trying to put him off.

'I'll not bully him after this. You're doing a good job for him, Alicia,' James chuckled.

Another badly needed protest was tried, only she gargled a moan of pleasure instead. Slamming her lips together, she dare not try to say anything, or the words might betray her. The damn boy had her worked up, and he knew it! His manipulative fingers were so damn good.

This time there was no holding back, it had to be recognised, she was being sexed up. He was stoking her boiler, making her so very hot. She was more than ready for him, and almost ready to beg for it. It was humiliating to be brought to this state of arousal by a mere boy. Her husband never spent so much time on foreplay, so maybe that explained it.

He whispered in an ear, 'You like this, don't you. Tell me how much you want it, Alicia,' he said, with a grin revealed in his voice.

'No, this is wrong, James, terribly wrong. Pease stop it, please!' she moaned.

'Don't lie to me, I can feel how excited you are,' he said, and pushed three fingers into her.

It couldn't be helped. The truth spilled out from her open mouth, among the gasps of pleasure.

'Ooooo! Yes! Mmmm! Don't stop! Oh! That is so good,' she relented. 'Uhhh! Yes! I need it!' she panted.

'What do you need, Alicia?' he blew into an ear.

The damn boy was teasing her! Still laying on her side, from making the phone call, he relentlessly pleasured her. Again she tried to bring her legs together, needing to protectively squeeze her thighs. His big strong hand was in charge of her crotch, and couldn't be budged.

'I need it. I need you inside me,' she desperately panted.

Both hands were wrapped around her, each gripping a breast. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, or at least to his hands. She was still highly aroused, and the unexpected withdrawal from her vagina left her feeling disappointed. She shouldn't feel like that, she was being a bad girl.

A hardness nudged her bottom, then slid toward her slit. Alicia froze in dismay. Not that! Surely her son's bully wasn't going to do it to her. As a married woman and a mother, she had to preserve her dignity. Damn! She had climbed into this boy's bed, so how could she think about dignity? It was too late for that.

'Ohhh! No!' she yelped.

The head of his cock slipped in. It was so easily pushed inside she must be open to him. Just the head of his cock penetrated her. Again he was teasing her, wanting her to beg for it!

'Is that nice, Alicia? How do you like it? Rough or smooth, fast or slow?' he asked.

His tone of voice was derisive. He'd subjugated a woman, an adult, and enjoyed pushing her into the gutter. How far would she go? How low would she stoop to save her son from being bullied in school. No, it had gone past being about her son. It was all about the bully and her. James was her bully now.

Alicia wasn't allowing this damned boy to treat her like this just to protect her son. It was because she was weak and submissive. The damn boy had broken her resistance! He was a more accomplished bully than she realised. Giving in to him seemed the only way.

'Fuck me, hard!' she whimpered.

It had to be said, or he would continue to tease her, and pinch her nipples. They hurt, yet surprisingly this too was arousing.

From behind her he thrust in, long and hard. Alicia had never tried different positions before. This felt different, as though it were reaching a different part of her vagina. It seemed as though he was being squashed between her thighs.

The usual missionary position was practiced at home, and they got it over with as quickly as possible. They were embarrassed about sex, and never discussed it.

He pulled one of her legs, opening her up, to penetrate deeper.

'Oh! God! Yessss!' she shrieked.

The boy was slamming into her, taking her hard. It went on and on, for an age, he banged her. She had asked for it hard, and he was doing just that with all his youthful strength.

James was huffing and puffing when he suddenly stopped, and seemed to be drilling into her. While shoving fiercely with both feet, he spurted semen into her. He felt her whole body vibrate beside him. She was shaking and moaning. With little experience he guessed she was having an orgasm. It seemed to take over her whole body! Was she having a fit?

'Oh! My! God! I can't believe it,' she murmured.

Nothing like this had ever happened in her marital bed. Only having Harold to go by, this was exceptional. Even thinking about comparing this boy with her husband, gave her a terrible dose of guilt. Then whack! A feeling of devotion swamped her mind.

Alicia turned over to face the boy, and rested her head on his chest. He had taken her and made her his. She belonged to him. There was no explanation for how she felt, and didn't need one. The afterglow had her trapped in a private loving world of her own. It included him, the man who gave her multiple orgasms.

More than that! He had taken her, forced her to have enormous pleasure. He forced her into having overwhelming pleasure, that knocked her into another world.

'You all right?' James asked.

'Oh, yes, James, yes!' she cooed.

He looked her over, wondering if this was some kind of trick. Maybe reverse psychology. He wasn't stupid. He'd read on the internet that women sometimes overreacted after sex. He felt a warmth toward her, a sort of protectiveness, but nothing much.

Alicia couldn't help herself, she was besotted with the boy, like a silly schoolgirl with a crush. Knowing the feeling would soon fade didn't help how she felt right then. It seemed he had a willing sex toy for the night, and it was her. The thought left her giggling.

'You like that then,' James said, while stroking between her lips.

'Mmmm! Nice,' she admitted.

He unexpectedly found her clit, which was super sensitive after the orgasm. She trembled and made gargling sounds.

'You really like that!' he smiled.

He kissed her forehead while rubbing her clit. He kept her on the edge of another orgasm. He couldn't fulfil the promise but at that moment she didn't care, just so long as he continued working her up.

'Oh! God! So nice! Keep going!' she pleaded.

He kissed her and she kissed him back. Her tongue rampaged inside his mouth twisting this way and that. Her hands were all over him. It was as though she were searching for something. It was another orgasm, though she didn't know it.

It hit her hard. Her legs pointed straight out. A tingling began in her tummy, and grew more violet as it travelled to her fingers and toes. Her extremities felt numb. Her mind began to numb, with a single thought, another orgasm. James brought her to nirvana once more.

'Get down there, and lick me clean,' he ordered.

Alicia scrunched down in the bed, to nestle between his legs. He'd already made her do this, so a second time wasn't so bad. Knowing it would be regretted later, she avoided thinking about it. At the moment she was pleased to obey the young man who took her to heaven.

Alicia didn't need guiding this time. She licked his cock, then sucked it into her mouth. It was small and soft this time, and fit easily. There was a gentleness to her care of his penis this time. It had given her such pleasure, she felt a great warmth and thankfulness towards it.

It was a surprise when it began to grow in her mouth. It was gradually getting hard, and filling her mouth too much. Choking and retching she just held the head of his cock between her lips, trying to recover.

James pulled her up the bed, laid her on her back, and spread her legs, while rolling on top of her. Before she had a chance to stop choking, his hardness had invaded her. The warm glow had faded, and she was shocked to be so roughly treated. The boy was taking her again!

As a teenager he had a great power of recovery. Surely he wasn't inspired by her. Did he find her sexy? Was he responding to her body, aroused by her. Surely she was too old for him. He was fucking her, but she wasn't ready! Her body was, as he hadn't needed to force himself into her.

He was pummelling her with his hips. They were hurting, maybe bruised from the impact of his bones against hers. She lay under him with little interest, much as she would under her husband. Only this seemed to be going on for too long. It would hurt if he didn't stop soon. She wasn't used to such a large penis, so it felt as though he were stretching her.

'Oh! Oh! Oh!' she began to murmur on each exhalation.

He was hitting the entrance to her womb! It was both an unusual feeling, and consumed her attention. Oh! Dear! He was going to shoot his load directly into her womb! No! Not that! Please not him! This boy was going to shoot his potent sperm into her womb!

Alicia struggled to free herself. Instead it felt as though she were responding to his thrusts with her own. Her timing was in harmony with his hardness dipping into her. He stopped. Then heaved with his feet dug into the bedding. His hard muscles were impossible to slide away from. She was stuck on the end of his cock, pinned to the bed. His whole body trembled, and she imagined feeling him erupting a fountain of sperm into her body.

'Oh! Yes! Fill me up with hard cock, and gallons of cum. Fill me with cum!' she whispered.

He heard, but couldn't respond. Eventually he'd had enough, and rolled off her. He mumbled something complimentary, about her being a good fuck, and was soon fast asleep.

'Oh! Dear, what am I to do?' she whispered to his sleeping form.

With a big heavy arm around her, she couldn't move. Was it an excuse, or was there still a vestige of feeling for him. Waiting to hear him snore, to make sure he was deeply asleep, she instead fell into dreamland.

He woke her through the night to use his sex toy. Half asleep she responded without moral restraint. Mostly, she let him get on with it. More sex than a whole month was experienced that night. It might have been forgiven if she began to think of him as a legitimate lover. He'd certainly earned the title. Any two people having that much sex, should consider themselves as one.

James had learned something about her. He knew where and how to touch the woman to arouse her. In the night, she hadn't stood a chance against him. He'd learned how hard and fast to fuck her, and when she was ready to orgasm.

Alicia woke up from a dream, with a big smile on her face. Opening her eyes she saw a close up of James staring at her.

'Oh! Hell!' she exclaimed.

'I'm not that ugly am I?' he asked.

'No, you're handsome,' she unintentionally answered.

Alicia looked away, feeling ashamed with herself. Why she hadn't put up a fight, she had no idea. Tamely getting into his bed had been a very bad thing to do. Being in bed with her son's bully, was a horrendous thing to do. Bullied by him and his father, she'd been mentally beaten into submission, yet it was the threat of blackmail that finally broke her. The blackmail threat suddenly lit her thoughts with fear.

'You won't tell anyone, will you!' she demanded to know.

'Not while you behave yourself, Mrs Lucas,' he grinned.

Being reminded of her position, as a married woman, should have inflamed her spirit enough to fight him. Instead it brought home how disgusting she was. She was a stupid, stupid woman, to have given in to a mere boy. How could she face anyone after this?

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