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Bunkhouse Bang


They said it was the worst spring snowstorm to hit the Texas panhandle in twenty years. I didn’t know about that. All I knew, one minute I was driving, and the next minute I was off the road, into the ditch. If that pickup truck hadn’t stopped, well, it would have been one long cold night. It would have been even colder, having my pissed off wife, Jenny, sitting there next to me. She had urged me to stop thirty miles back, in the last town. But I had ignored her advice. I was anxious to get to Las Vegas and the craps tables.

The two guys in the truck were nice enough. They looked at our car, buried up to the doors, and shook their heads. The older man said, “We got nothin’ to pull you out. If we did, you’d skid off again anyway.”

“Could you give us a ride to the next town?” Jenny asked. I nodded along with her question.

The younger of the two men looked over my wife’s pleading expression. We were dressed in light jackets and street shoes. He shook his head. “We gotta get back to our line shack. This snow is supposed to get worse. We can take you with, put you up, I guess. You can call for a tow when this storm clears out.”

There was no choice to make. Standing there in the driving snow, the warm cab of the truck looked inviting. We all piled in and drove to the next exit off the freeway. The truck was noisy, so conversation was difficult. We did learn their shack was another dozen miles north. Jenny was squashed between the two strange men. I couldn’t help noticing the younger man checking out my wife with frequent sideways looks. For Jenny, getting looks from strange men was nothing new.

She is a gorgeous package. Her long, blonde hair gets noticed first. Next come the deep blue eyes and the delicate face of an angel. Her perfect, round breasts, she carries right up there, proud. Her curves from the tits down are the final treat men get, as she walks past.

“My name is Lucas,” the older one yelled above the engine noise. “And this young pup goes by the name Marty. We been down here for a week, riding fence for the Campbell Ranch. Food got low. We were down to some jerky and our last scoop of coffee. Storm caught us in town, gettin’ provisions.”

Marty nodded through his partner’s speech. Jenny and I could only sit and look out at the wipers trying to keep up with the blowing snow. At least we wouldn’t starve, I thought. And even a night with these characters sure beat our earlier situation.

We pulled up in front of an old structure. It looked like the bunkhouse from all those old western movies. A shallow porch stretched across the front. Lucas killed the engine. The howl of the wind replaced the roar we had grown used to on the trip. We all got out of the truck. The men pulled a half dozen grocery bags from behind the truck seat. Jenny and I followed them through the blowing snow to the door of the shack.

Snow swirled in behind us through the door, “Shut the damn thing! Hard enough to stay warm in here!” The third man of the crew stood next to a glowing pot bellied stove. He was not happy.

“Oh, shut up, Clete. We had to get through the damn door.” Lucas said in a stern voice.

The four of us stood there, Jenny and I taking in the rustic inside of the shack. Clete smiled when he realized my wife was a female. “Well, whatta we have here, a cute little belly warmer to help us pass the time?”

“Thought I told you to shut up, Clete. That is no way to talk to a fine young lady. Jenny is her name. She’s married to this guy. Now say you’re sorry for being so damn crude.” Lucas stared down the other man.

Clete tried to look defiant. He failed and said, “Sorry there, young missy. Guess I was just surprised to see a pretty lady come waltzin’ through the door.”

“That’s all right,” Jenny said. “No offense taken. Can I get a little closer to the stove? I got cold coming from the truck.”

Clete stepped back and motioned toward the stove. “Sure, grab a chair.”

I Introduced myself. He shook my hand, squeezing hard and quick.

What was left of three wooden chairs were arranged around the stove. The backs were missing. I wondered if they had been the kindling for some past fire in the stove. Jenny took a seat farthest from Clete and looked back at me. Marty and Lucas were on the other side of a set of bunkbeds, tending to the provisions. I took the chair bottom next to my wife. The stove glowed red at the round part where the fire blazed. It threw off a lot of heat. We both had to shed our jackets.

The sight of Jenny’s erect nipples pressing out against her knit top was not lost on Clete. She wasn’t wearing a bra. He stared and actually licked his lips. The slightly tense situation was interrupted by Lucas. He brushed past me carrying a big enamel coffee pot and placed it on the stove top. “Least we can have some hot coffee.”

As he turned, his eyes stopped on the sight of Jenny’s chest. He finally looked up when she smiled at him. “Sorry. But I gotta say, you are a damn fine woman to look at. I’ve been out here with these rough cobbs too long.”

The idea kind of snuck up on me. Looking at Jenny, I could imagine her laid out naked on one of the lower bunks. The thought of the four of us, taking turns fucking her to orgasm after orgasm, gave me a little tingle in my balls. I had always enjoyed reading the stories and letters in the men’s magazines. My favorites were the ones about a guy watching his wife get thoroughly used by a group of men.

I had even shared my fascination with Jenny a few times. She had played along, pretending my fingers or her vibrator were another man fucking her pussy, while she sucked my cock. I had always wondered how far she would go in a real situation. There wasn’t much doubt about our cowboy hosts. They would go along in a New York minute.

My daydream was interrupted by the young guy, Marty. “Lookee here,” he said holding up a bottle full of brown liquid. “We got damn near a fifth of rye to Irish up that nasty coffee Lucas makes.”

“Bitch about my coffee again, I’ll Irish up your sorry ass,” Lucas yelled from the far end of the shack.

Jenny and I traded looks. We hadn’t been around the men long enough to know if they were kidding. Jenny turned to look at Lucas and said, “Can I help you with the food or something?”

“Sure, if you got the chill off, I could use a hand.”

She got up and joined him at a shallow counter built into the far wall. He had the contents of the grocery bags unpacked. I was left with Clete, and Marty standing behind me. The old boy didn’t waste time saying what was on his mind. “You got yourself a fine little woman there, bub. Don’t ‘spose you’d consider lettin’ us lonely cowboys have a little taste. Would pass the time real well from where I’m sittin’.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. Clete was obviously dead serious. And his casual manner made it seem like a reasonable request. He had the same tone he probably used to ask someone to help him get his boots off. The ultimate practical man.

“Ah, I don’t think Jenny would go along with that quite so easy. She is pretty independent. She doesn’t take orders very well either.”

Clete slapped his thigh lightly and leaned closer, “Hell you say. Young Marty here has a bottle. We get her liquored up, she might just enjoy the attention. It ain’t like she’d miss a slice off a cut loaf.”

It took me a second to decipher his last comment. I almost smiled. I wondered what my Jenny would say. Having her hot little muff called a ‘cut loaf’ might get her steamed in a hurry.

Old Clete couldn’t know he was right about one thing. When Jenny got a few drinks in her, the wild side of her personality came out to play. I knew it would be a big risk to refuse him outright. A long cold night lay ahead. Spending it with an angry old cowboy didn’t seem like a good idea. A solution came to me.

“Look, tell you what, you want to offer her something to drink, go ahead. If she decides to go along with your suggestion, well, it’s up to her. I won’t stand in the way. Fair enough?”

He thought it over, glancing between me and the stove. “OK, fair enough. And just so you know, I ain’t never forced my affections on any woman. She says no, then no it is. I can live with that if she says so.”

Marty had been listening to the conversation. He put his hand on my shoulder and leaned down. “Don’t worry there, podner. We may be on the crude side, compared to those fancy boys in the city. But we do know how to please a lady.”

That last simple phrase ‘please a lady’ got my attention. For the next ten minutes, it was like a tune repeating inside my head. It reminded me of certain times Jenny and I made love. She was insatiable. I would manage to get her to orgasm a half dozen times. I used my hard cock, and more often my tongue. But after the second time I got my rocks off, I was usually done for the night. Many of those nights I woke up later. The sound of Jenny’s vibrator acted like a mini alarm clock.

More than a couple times I laid there, pretending to sleep. I was always amazed when she popped orgasm after orgasm. One night I counted twelve, in addition to the six with me. I was a little jealous at first. Then I figured I had to accept the fact. She needed to get off repeatedly sometimes. Those thoughts brought me back to our situation with the cowboys. I wondered if the four of us would be able to ‘please a lady’.

My thoughts were interrupted by a sudden increase in activity all around me. Lucas was in charge. He ordered Clete to get more wood from outside. Jenny carried over a pot of beans. She moved the coffee pot and got the beans heating on the other side of the stove top. I was enlisted to move the bunkbeds with Marty.

The weather report Lucas had referred to earlier warned of dropping temperatures after sunset. All we had was the stove, almost centered in the room, between us and the freezing cold outside. Night was approaching quickly. Marty and I got both of the homemade double bunks skidded over closer to the stove. It actually made a cozy little area. By hanging blankets down on the far sides of the bunks, two warm little berths were created. Marty lit two kerosene lanterns and hunk them from hooks in the rafters.

Over the next hour we all ate. In addition to the pot of beans we had some beef stew from a big can heated up on the stovetop. Combined with some store bought corn bread, it all tasted pretty good. Even Jenny, normally fussy about what she ate, chowed down with the rest of us.

The temperature outside dropped even more after dark. But the temperature inside that shack just kept heating up. Jenny was the center of attention. All three cowboys took every opportunity to touch her arm or brush her shoulder when they squeezed past her. Marty made sure her coffee cup was always full, a generous portion of the rye whiskey added with each refill. She didn’t object.

It wasn’t long before Jenny had a pretty good little buzz. The color rose in her pale cheeks. I noticed the fortified coffee was going down easier all the time. That strong whiskey was getting to me too.

Then it was Clete who tried to get things rolling his way. He stretched out on one of the cozy bottom bunks and said, “Climb in here next to me, sweet Jenny. I’ll keep you warm.”

My wife turned in her chair and looked at him. The old boy was patting the rough blanket next to where he lay. Then she looked at me for a long couple of moments. “I need to have a word with my husband.”

She stood up. We all noticed her stagger just for a second and recover quickly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the end of the room. When we were out of sight and earshot of the three cowboys she put her hands on my chest and said, “You know these men want to fuck me tonight.”

“Ya think?”

She smiled and looked into my eyes. “You want to watch, don’t you?”

Jenny had me there. At that moment there was nothing I wanted more. But I was sure it had to be mostly her idea. “Well, yeah baby. I would love to see you take on these good old boys. But, I want my turn too.”

She looked over at the arrangement of rough furniture. Her tongue peeked out between her lips and teased at the corner of her mouth. She looked back at me and said, “I’m going to do it. You sure you can handle watching another man’s hard cock sliding into my pussy?”

I loved it when she talked dirty like that. My dick was starting to get hard just listening. Even with such a graphic statement, I could sense just a small hint of reluctance in her voice. “Look, this is a fantasy I’ve had for a long time. After tomorrow, we’ll never see these guys again. I would love to see you go crazy tonight. Let your nasty side come out and play.”

The look in her eye was pure lust. I knew I had said exactly what she wanted to hear. She smiled and said, “I have always wanted to see if I could fuck four guys until none of them could get it up again.”

“If anybody can, it’s you, babe.” I winked at her and squeezed her arm.

She smiled and said, “I’m ready.”

We both stepped around the one bunkbed and into the makeshift enclosure around the stove. I could see Clete had anticipated that Jenny would go along. His boots and pants were on the floor at the far end of the bed. He laid there on his side, a blanket covering him from the waist down.

“Climb in here, sweet thing. Let me protect you from the cold.”

Jenny crawled in beside him, without even a glance around at the others. She arranged herself on her back and snuggled against her new bunkmate. I pushed one of the chairs over toward the other set of bunks. Lucas was sprawled on that bottom bunk. He had a smirk on his face. “Your little wife have any idea what she’s in for with the three of us?”

I squirmed in my seat, arranging some room for my hardening cock. Without taking my eyes off Jenny, I answered, “Well, by my count, there’s four of us. And yes, she knows we won’t quit until we’re done.”

My comment was all young Marty needed for encouragement. He moved over to the side of the bed next to Jenny and dropped to his knees. His hands joined Clete’s as they began unwrapping the package that was my wife’s sexy body.

They got her top off first. Then both men hesitated, admiring the sight of her hard nipples and full, milky white breasts. “Lovely, just lovely,” Clete said loud enough for all of us to hear.

They eased her out of her pants. Then Marty moved down alongside her, pulling down her bikini panties. Clete’s hand was on her mound as it was revealed. He slid his other arm under her neck. He turned her head and started kissing her full on the lips.

I watched Jenny open her legs slightly. Clete’s fingers were busy teasing the tender flesh of her pussy lips. Then he slid his lower body closer to her. His blanket dropped away. I could see his rigid cock, the tip swollen purple and the size of a small plum, laying on her bare thigh.

Marty stayed down by her feet, giving Lucas and I a perfect view of the action on the bed. The dim yellow light was kind of spooky. It cast shadows that followed the movement on the bed.

Jenny had her hand up, resting on the back of his head. My cock was fully hard in my pants and already throbbing for release. There was something about the two of them kissing. In my fantasies, I had never considered that part of it. Watching my wife fuck another man was what I wanted. Watching her kiss was an incredible added turn on.

Her hips were pushing up against the attention of his fingers. Then he broke the kiss. Jenny spoke in a husky whisper. “Fuck me now, cowboy. Stick it in and fuck me good.”

She glanced over at me as Clete moved over her. “He’s going to fuck me. This is what you wanted. Now you’re going to get it!”

Clete had his hard cock just touching the wetness that surrounded her hole. Jenny looked up into his eyes and whispered, “Fill me with cock now, you horney bastard!”

Us three watchers knew then she wanted Clete to fuck her hard. The old cowboy knew it too. He rammed his cock into her eager pussy, pushing deep in just three strokes. Jenny squeeled and bucked up under him. “Oh yeah! Fuck me hard now. Give it to me!”

Clete braced his upper body with his arms. His hips and bare ass rose and fell with even strokes. Even in the pale light, we could all see his shaft, glistening with my wife’s cunt juice, every time he pulled back.

A rustling noise from Lucas, next to me, caught my attention. I glanced over and saw he had his pants pushed down. His big cock was fully erect, veins standing out on the naked shaft. Marty saw it too. I traded looks with him. Both of us reached to get our pants undone.

Jenny was thrashing under the hard fucking she was getting from Clete. What an incredible picture she made. Her blonde hair was tangled back against the firm bunk. The naked length of her body, under her lover, shook every time he plunged his hard cock deep into her waiting pussy.

It was like they were locked in a contest to see which one would surrender to their orgasm first. Clete was pistoning his cock into her faster and faster. Jenny met every thrust with her raised hips. Her fingertips trailed down the front of his body. Then she spoke with that husky whisper again. “Cum in my pussy, cowboy. You know you can’t last much longer. Fill me with your cum.”

Clete shook his head but the tense muscles all along his body gave him away. He was closer to cumming with every stroke. And Jenny finally took him past the point of no return. She raised her legs, trapping Clete’s lower body against her, and pulled his cock deep into her hot pussy.

The old cowboy threw back his head and let out a long moan. I knew he was filling my wife’s cunt with all the cum he had. I had my own hard cock in my hand, holding myself without stroking. I could feel tightness in my balls that told me I could explode an ejaculation with just few firm strokes.

Clete pulled his softening cock out of Jenny. He raised up as much as he could in the confines of the bunk and looked down at the pussy he had just filled with his cum. I could see the first drops of his seed beginning to trickle out of her cunt. That mental picture will be with me always.

Then Marty got into the act. He helped Clete get off the bunk and onto his feet. Jenny laid naked, watching her next lover getting ready. Marty had undressed to the same point as Clete. He was naked from the waist down, his cock standing out rigid from his nest of dark curly pubic hair. He climbed into the bunk.

Jenny spread her legs farther apart. Her knees bent as her stocking feet were flat against the bunk. She looked down at her second lover of the evening and said, “Clean up my pussy with your mouth. Get down and suck me clean before you fuck me.”

Her words shocked me. I heard Lucas let out a short laugh. Even Clete looked back at Jenny as he stood there. His limp cock still wet from my wife’s cunt juice.

Marty only hesitated for a few seconds. Then he dropped down, bringing his face to within inches of the light brown hair on Jenny’s pussy. She grabbed the sides of his head with both hands and pulled his face into her waiting cunt.

“Yeah, Marty. Suck my pussy clean. Suck out all that nasty cream your buddy pumped into me. Then you can have a nice tight fuck with your hard cock.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My usually reserved young wife was totally into the whole scene. And there was another incredible picture she etched into my memory.

With her arms out straight, her full breasts were pushed up. The swollen red circles of her areolas jutted up, surrounding her hard nipples, creating the most beautiful contrast in the yellow light. And the sound of young Marty, slurping away with abandon on her pussy, was music on top of the picture.

I knew his tongue must be working over her sensitive little bud. Her breathing was deep and rapid. The color in her cheeks grew even more noticeable. Then she rolled her head from side to side and moaned out loud. “Oh yeah, baby. Oh, I’m cumming! Oh yeah, right there. Suck my pussy, lover.”

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