tagNonHumanBunny Comes Home

Bunny Comes Home


The clock stared with large, iris-less orbs, as if a great black hole sucking in its surroundings. It was one am and the alarm was blaring so demandingly he felt like he was swimming in it. The siamese clicked desperately at his phone to mute the song he'd chosen once out of love and grown to hate over time. It was hard to love the thing that woke you up every day. Except this day. Early as it was, it was fresh, new, exciting; but most importantly, it was the day his lover came home. Just a little over eight days he'd spent home alone. He'd loved it at first. Who wouldn't? Eight days to be stupid, loud (or quiet), dirty... Eight whole days to indulge himself in anything he desired. He'd discovered on day three he desired his mate back and the feeling had lingered.

A soft blue, lace hemmed sleeve revealed itself to be his arm and hand, the little lace ending right after his elbows. He ran his fingers through thick, white locks, letting it fall messily across soft blue cheeks. Throwing off the blankets, he revealed his legs to share his arm's designs, lace ending right after his knees. The siamese stood, stretching lazily. His fluffy, long, two toned tail swayed behind him. He took his time getting to the bathroom for a shower, music playing loudly from his phone. Half an hour later he was out and drying himself off, his thick, fluffy fur holding water heavily. It took a while to dry entirely, but he managed to finish and dress right on schedule. He wore something comfortable. It was nearly 2 am after all, and his mate wouldn't mind. A soft t-shirt, a big comfy sweater, "aesthetic" sweatpants he wasn't sure counted as pajamas or day wear, and a hat to hold his hair in place because he couldn't be bothered.

Satisfied, he grabbed his keys and wallet and left, locking the door behind him. The drive felt liminal, as all late night drives usually went. The music didn't matter, not as long as you liked what you heard. It always played its loudest in a car, alone at night. He found himself staring out at the vast expanse of empty road, dark sky, bright stars. He felt like he could drive right into the stars and explore the constellations until car nor feet could propel him. Only the general sense of dread, to be navigating down an unfamiliar route to the usual pattern of daily life, kept him grounded in the here and now.

Soon he was pulling up and the moment had passed. He was firmly back in reality and feeling an excited jitter to finally see his mate again. He'd arrived early, a habit of anxiety, and busied himself by scrolling through his phone. He made sure to send a text to his mate:

"Let me know when you land. I can't wait to see you!"

Half an hour passed by the time his phone chimed. Just the sound alone was enough to know it was his mate; only she had that tone. Soft, pastel eyes scanned her text as a smile crept across his lips.

"Finally landed! Get your cute butt to the baggage claim!"

There was no need to ask him twice. He quickly made his way through the automatic doors, followed the millions of signs, and found himself at the proper baggage claim for her flight. There were a handful of others, milling about in plastic chairs that would never be comfortable, waiting on their own to return. He avoided eye contact and sat to a distance, keeping himself in view of the escalators that would eventually bring his mate to him. He didn't have to wait long. Soon a crowd was gathering at the top of the sinking stairs, all the unfamiliar faces looking bored or hurried. For a moment, he entirely zoned out on the mass of them, watching distantly as little blurs swayed and fell from view.

Then he blinked and there she was. Her creme coloured fur caught his eye first. Then he recognized her clothes, clothes she'd incidentally stolen from him. Soon his eyes focused on the whole picture once more and he could really see her. His mate. He smiled brightly, tail swaying as he stood. She seemed to have noticed him right from the start, smiling brightly right back at him. He found himself staring at that smile as she walked up to him and thinking he was the luckiest person on the planet.

His mate was shorter than him, with plump, full hips and thick thighs that curved perfectly with the rest of her. Powerful thighs, he thought, in the blink of an instance as his eyes took in the rest of her. Her ears were nearly as long as her curly, thick hair, which fell to her waist. They teased constantly that they weren't sure who had the longer hair. However, he was most assured in having the longer tail; hers was just a tiny, fluffy little thing. Yet so expressive... and sensitive, the back of his mind reminded him. Finally his eyes found hers. Hazel, though she called them "ugly, boring brown." He could pick out thirty different hues of gold, bronze, and copper, but all she saw was brown.

"Welcome home, Bunny," he told her, opening his arms.

Bunny laughed and threw her arms around him, hugging with all her strength. "Home is where the heart is."

She laughed again and grinned up at him, which made him laugh in return. He was already hugging her back, holding her tightly to him. For a moment, he just held her like that, closing his eyes. He could smell her, the sweet hint of peaches, and finally he was home as well. A paw slowly brushed through her hair and he started to purr, refusing to let go for just a few more seconds. Pulling back with a smile, a paw slid into hers naturally, fingers lacing.

"Lets get your luggage."


The car ride home was anything but liminal. The music played softly, the stars weren't whispering sweet nothings, and his best friend kept him company. She talked on and on about her trip, voice excited and animated as the world slept around them. She used her paws to gesture and enunciate, laughed too hard to finish stories, and laughed the hardest at her own terrible jokes. She was lively, bubbly, exciting. He just kept smiling and listening and nodding. He was paying attention, really, he could recall every detail of her stories perfectly... but part of him was more focused on just enjoying her. It felt like she'd been gone for ages and yet never truly left. Her smile was just as beautiful as always, yet right now it was captivating. That same thought came back to him again. "I'm the luckiest man alive."

The last eight days of dull existence slipped from his mind like a bad dream and he felt himself again. Sane. Whole. His chaotic mess of thoughts were contained once more, shadowed by his mate's all encompassing golden glow.

By the time he was parked again, he was aching to kiss her. He took the opportunity outside the front door, as it struck him that he really was finally home with her. He'd missed just the sight of her opening the door. A paw grabbed her paw the wrist and spun her to face him, pulling her into a heated kiss. The little bunny squeaked, squirmed, and settled with a low mur of approval. Soon they were kissing passionately right on the front porch, though there were no neighbors close enough to really enjoy the show.

She pulled away giggling. "Naughty kitten... wait five seconds."

It took her that many to unlock the door and that's all he could manage to wait. He pounced on her once more, soft blue paws surprisingly strong and demanding. They were gripping her hips, pulling her in closer even as she stepped backwards inside. She laughed against his lips, kissing back clumsily. Slowly her paws moved to his chest and pushed him away, a low growl in her throat. "Bring the luggage in, you dork."

He blushed and smiled sheepishly, blue paw rubbing blue ears. Then he turned, grabbed the luggage, and brought it inside. He was greeted to the gorgeous sight of her ass, bouncing as she flew up the stairs. He snorted, shaking his head and setting the luggage down in the front hall. Locking the door, he bolted up the stairs after her, finding her shoes kicked off haphazardly in the hallway. That made his heart leap, shedding his clothes as he entered their room. His bunny was already in bed, lying on her stomach with her buns looking teasingly delicious. She smiled coyly over her shoulder and he pounced on her without a single hesitation. His paws went straight to hers, fingers entwining as he rolled his hips forward. Grinding himself against her slowly, he purred, nibbling on her ears.

A shiver went through the little bunny as a small gasp escaped her lips. "Oh fuck, Daddy~ You're so hard." She was already soaked, her dress riding up so he was grinding right into her lace panties. With a low whine, she arched her back and ground right back into him. "Have you been missing your baby girl?"

The cat growled again, eyes closed as he bit her ear harshly. Her words electried him, just as they always did, and he could feel her warm juices soaking his fur. His claws made quick work of her panties, scratching her thigh hard enough to draw blood in the process. It drew an excited gasp from her, ears twitching. He didn't seem concerned about the cut, lost in a maze of light scars scattered throughout her fur. "Baby girl, I've been craving you since you left. Now that you're finally home again... Mmfff I'm gonna fuck you senseless."

A squeak of delight beneath him showed just how much the bunny wanted that. "Ugghh yes Daddy!" she whined, rolling and grinding impatiently back against his shaft. He didn't need to be told twice, his thick girth slamming home inside her tight walls. The creme bunny squealed in delight, her eyes lighting up as her jaw dropped. She could feel him practically slam into her stomach, her paws desperately clutching at the sheets to brace herself. He kept his hips held tightly to hers, not even pulling our or thrusting. Instead, he rolled his hips slowly, grinding his length against her walls to stretch her to his size. She was practically drooling already, her walls quivering and squeezing him tightly at they adjusted. "Uugghhh Daddy!"

The siamese huffed, keeping up this teasing grinding as he showered the back of her neck and shoulders in kisses. Every bit of fur not covered by her dress was rightly worshipped. "You're so gorgeous, darling," he whispered in a husky voice, sitting up. Her dress was a zip-up in the back and he took the liberty of unzipping it, exposing more of her back. The bottom half he pushed up, exposing her gorgeous ass. Blue paws traced down her form slowly, until he reached her plump cheeks. There he squeezed and groped possessively.

Finally, after admiring her just enough, he drew back his paw and brought it back down on her cheek with all his force behind it. He did this again to her other cheek, then rotated, again and again. Keeping his palm cupped, he watched her ass turn red as it bounced. Her moans were music to his ears. Each slap made her tighten on his cock and he groaned, unable to endure it a second longer. "Mmfff fuck baby. I missed you too much!"

He gave his first hard buck then, pulling out all the way to the tip before slamming back inside. He kept up this hard pace, grunting with the effort. He wanted to be as deep in his little slut as he could get. To stretch his cock sleeve as far as she could bear. Roaring her name, he brought his paw down on her ass more and more, til his paws were aching from the force.

The bunny was crying out in pleasure, eyes rolled back as she drooled into the sheets. "Fuck fuck fuck, Daddy!" She continuously whimpered and moaned his name, especially after his spankings. With her chest and face pressed to the mattress, she had her knees spread wide. Ass up, thighs flexing visibly, she actively worked to ride and thrust back into him. Their rhythm synced and the bunny's head was spinning. "Uggghh you feel so good, Daddy! I've been craving to be filled all week!" She panted hard for breath, voice delirious as she shrieked, "faster, Daddy! Make it hurt!"

Behind her, the siamese was howling her name. Her words were like oil on a fire. His ears were ringing with the sweet sound of her voice, drunk off it. "Such a naughty bunny~" he teased her, spanking her again. His paws had left marks all across her cheeks and even her thighs, creme fur shining red. "Maybe Daddy should make you wait for it more often. Would you like that, slut?"

"No, Daddy! Please!" She mewled desperately, shaking her head as she gave him a pleading look over her shoulder. "Hahhnng please fuck me senseless, Daddy! I need it!"

"That's a good girl," he grunted, his paws gliding to her hips. "Begging Daddy so sweetly. Such an eager, slutty princess." His claws sank and lodged into her fur and feral howl escaped him as he used all his weight to slam inside her. Using his grip on her hips, he moved her body with his own as he jack hammered inside of her. Her screams and cries of delight filled the room, voice cracking the higher her pitch. She could feel him slamming into her cervix, his swollen knot slamming against her abused entrance. Closing her eyes, the bunny was seeing stars, melting at the sound of her man's groans. It filled her with pride to drive him so wild, to take such a merciless fucking from her passionate lover. Her powerful legs braced against the mattress as she cried to her alpha deliriously, "Oh god, Daddy! Please let me cum!"

A few more merciless thrusts inside her, and then his strong arms wrapped tightly around her chest. Their bodies melded together, hot and sweaty. "Cum for me, baby girl. Soak your Daddy in all your sweet juices," he groaned in a husky voice near her ear. He forced his swollen knot deep inside her tight, convulsing walls. The second her warmth squeezed his sensitive knot he saw stars. Hot, sticky seed erupted from his tip and the feline pumped her full of rope after rope of it. He gasped and whimpered her name, grinding and milking himself against her. She was doing the same back against him, her eyes rolled back once more. The drool patch beside her had grown considerably.

Slowly the heated moment faded away, their orgasms dying out. All at once they shivered together, legs slumped, and the bunny ended up smooshed against the mattress. The cat laughed faintly after a moment and rolled them into a clean patch of sheets. He laid on his side, his little bunny tucked in against him as the little spoon. He could feel the heat radiating off her, especially her now bruised, plump rump. He couldn't stop smiling to himself, a loud purr rumbling up in his chest. She was smiling as well, her breath still a little jittery. She was trying to focus after such an incredible high, reaching for one of his paws. She hugged it to her chest and scooted back against him, which was greeted with his instinctual pulling her closer. They lay like that contentedly, soaking in the other's warmth and murmuring sweet nothings. The night had exhausted them and they fell asleep together before they even realized their eyes had closed.

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