tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBunny Girl Ch. 02

Bunny Girl Ch. 02


Gemma, or Gem to her friends simply stood there, stock still silently seething as she heard the 'ting' of the shop door closing, her mousey brown hair starting to bob in sympathy as she started to shake her head in anger and frustration. Not only had she sold the last bunny girl costume to the pale skinned curly haired floozy who had just flounced out of her shop, she'd been interrupted just as she was warming to the task of bringing off one of her customers. An added bonus she had found whilst working in the sex shop, a skill she had seemingly taken to quite naturally. Able to make even the most stubborn or demure woman squeal or gasp as she finally slid her slender finger into their tight wet pussy. Even now she still felt the lingering tingle in her own crotch of what she'd had planned for the mystery bunny girl.

No matter she mused to herself, she had a pretty good idea which party she'd be going to this evening, and having squeezed out of her red hot pants and Basque she didn't doubt for a moment that her next conquest would offer up even a second glance at the woman in the cassock. She slid her index finger gently over the lips of her covered crotch, reigniting the flames of arousal in the pit of her stomach.

Meg took one last opportunity to soak up the image of herself reflecting back from the full length mirror. A seemingly random thought popped into her head that the only thing missing was the feel of the tarty shop girl's fingers pawing at her satin covered crotch. This single thought already causing her nipples to tighten slowly beneath her Basque, her abdomen to tense as the thin tendrils of desire started their languorous journey to her most sensitive areas.

Meg squeezed her mischievous blue eyes tightly shut and shook her head vigorously, causing her pale golden locks to bobble and sweep gently across her face. In defiance of her growing arousal she furiously resisted the urge to press the heel of her hand over her black satin knicker covered crotch and push.

With her mind clear for now, she bent down to strap her high heeled shoes into place. Her pale globes loosening beneath the Basque as she leaned forward, her tight nipples grazing against the fabric sending another indication of how frustratingly horny she felt.

Standing fully upright, she deliberately averted her gaze from the mirror and turned heading directly for the front door. She didn't care whether the party was ready for her, all she knew at this moment was that she was ready to party, and party hard if she had her way!

Of the many nefarious skills Meg had gained over the years, one she was most proud of was making an entrance. She didn't need to think or believe that all eyes might be resting on her as she entered, she just knew it. Even the crude wolf whistles and random obscenities uttered by the drunken revellers did nothing to diminish her feeling that at this glorious moment she shone, and shone ever so brightly. As she smoothed her hands firmly over the satin of her tightly toned buttocks she knew that even some of the women would relish to have been those hands right now.

Meg stood in the doorway a few moments longer revelling in the moment, casting her gaze over the mass of various guises and alter egos people had chosen for this fancy dress party. The red, green and blue lights from behind the DJ booth at the back of the large rectangular room scattering colour shots off the glitter balls hanging from the ceiling and into the seething gyrating masses pounding out a beat on the dance floor. Inhaling she took in the oh so typical aroma of stale sweat mixed with cheap aftershave and cloying perfumes.

She knew she couldn't be the only bunny girl here, what she didn't doubt however was that she was the best. Pushing her chest out slightly as if to emphasise her perky breasts, she strode purposefully towards the bar, slinking gracefully through the crowd of party goers as she spied the punch bowl. The scent from other party goers becoming more distinct as she moved, the typical clack from her shoes striking the floor being drowned out by the throb of the bass line.

Perhaps it was just her, but there was something supremely thrilling knowing that many eyes were resting on your elegant form as you leaned over the bar. Meg pushed her backside out ever so slightly as she leaned, shifting her weight onto her left leg she could almost hear the groans of some of the horny teenagers catching the glimpse of her firm arse as it swayed, making the bunny tail appear slightly askew as it rested gently against her satin clack buttocks.

"Glass of punch please," beamed Meg at the barman "better make it a large one!". Meg resisted the urge to add a knowing wink as she accepted the glass.

Meg turned her back to the barman and faced into the room.

Gem had arrived shortly after Meg. She'd even witnessed the 'show' as she'd glided through the crowds, soaking up every little bit of attention and appearing to relish every second.

She gritted her teeth and turned her thoughts to plotting her revenge. If she could get close to 'blondie' she could coax her into more drinking, and from there should could become more pliable if Gem got her wicked way.

Even wearing the cassock as her disguise she didn't want to risk being spotted so early on in the proceedings, so she edged around the dance floor keeping to the darkened corners as she headed towards the bar. Flinching every time a shard of light from the glitter balls swept over her face.

Meg was positively buzzing after the first drink. She shouted at the barman to 'fill her up' as she dazzled her cheeky grin at him, before heading for the dance floor.

Once there she positively strutted her stuff with passion and fervour as she flipped shapes and ground her body to the beat. Occasionally feeling the need to flip the bird if some horny young dweeb dared to enter her space. The fluffy tail bobbing to its own rhythm creating a mesmerising white blur for any voyeuristic onlooker.

Gem stood at the bar nursing her orange juice. A clear head was a must if she was to squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment from this evening. Spying the glass that the cavorting blonde bunny had been drinking from she slyly sidled over to it, reaching into her clutch bag before looking furtively around.

An added benefit of working In the sex shop was access to some amazing pills, ones designed to heighten sexual arousal, make you last all evening and most certainly guaranteed to bring on the most body wracking of orgasms. Even now she could feel her knickers dampen as she casually dropped the effervescent pill into blondie's drink,watching the bubbles stream towards the top of the liquid before fizzing and popping on the surface.

A euphoric Meg arrived back at the bar still dancing lithely just as Gem was heading back to a dimly lit table to the right of the bar, tilting her head forward slightly to keep her face hidden.

Perspiration beaded on her forehead from the exertions, she tugged gently at the top of her Basque to allow some air to enter into her now glistening pale cleavage. The broad grin playing across her face a simple sign that she truly was in her element and loving the whole occasion. She grabbed the glass and downed it quickly before nodding to the barman again. With a freshly filled glass Meg decided to wander around her domain and take in the sights.

Gem meanwhile kept a careful watch on her prey from the safe distance of her table, knowing that the tablets typically took around 10 minutes to take effect.

Meg knew it was hot in the room, but damned if she didn't feel hotter than usual. Random thoughts of forcing the zip down on her Basque and freeing her satin clad breasts kept popping into her head. She knew satin could get quite warm, and she knew from her gyrating earlier that her crotch would be quite warm and sweaty, but the heavy feeling in the pit of her stomach felt like so much more. Surely her pussy wasn't getting wet was it?

As Meg arrived back at the bar she felt a strong desire to have a rest, take a break from all the dancing and simply chill for a little. A chance to catch her second wind.

This venue had some chill out areas upstairs, one of the many reasons she kept coming back here. She headed gingerly along the bar grabbing it on occasion for support whilst heading towards the stairs in the corner of the room. Her mind now thoroughly muddled with increasingly erotic thoughts, she could almost feel the Lycra thong grazing gently over her delicate clit.

At the top of the stairs she spied the perfect room. It was right at the back and away from the continuous pulse and beat of the dance floor. The etiquette here had always been that if the curtain was closed, you don't enter. As she tugged the heavy curtain across the entrance she glanced in.

Two wall sconces shed a gentle yellow glow in the small square room, the burgundy walls contrasting with the bright orange of the soft couches. The empty bottle of lager sat on the glass table in the far corner showing that someone else had already felt the need to take a well earned break.

She nearly fell as she stumbled onto the long brightly coloured couch. Resting her head on the soft plush brown cushion she found herself gliding her hand down her satin covered stomach to the pulsating sensation between her legs.

She slipped her right hand beneath the elastic waistband of her satin knickers and down to the black Lycra thong. As she pressed her fingers into the slick material she found to her intense embarrassment they were soaked through, her rapidly flushing cheeks adding a sensation of prickly heat to her already hot body.

She gingerly removed her shaking hand from beneath the fabric and raised her fingers to her nose. The strong aroma of fresh sweat and her own arousal entering her nostrils was enough to tip her closer to orgasm, her clit seeming to jump with a thrill whilst her warm juices seeped out of her engorged red lips which had parted slightly.

As she moved her hand back down her body, all her thoughts were now focussed on one simple task. To frantically frig herself to a quick and dirty climax. She was beyond caring if her streaming pussy stained her black satin knickers, all she wanted was a quick release from this sudden onset of sexual torment. Torment that seemed to fill her whole body from the pounding pulse in her head to the heavy feeling in her abdomen all the way down to her stocking covered toes tingling in the black stilettos.

Before she had the chance to get down to business, she saw the curtain twitch out of the corner of her eye. Barely ignoring the need to curl up and hide she let her arm drop to her side and pretended to be asleep.

Gem had carefully and stealthily crept up the stairs, careful to keep her distance but close enough so she knew which room the blonde bunny had entered.

Once she was convinced she had not been spotted, she eased the curtain to one side and looked in on the sleeping girl.

Gem stood in the doorway for a few moments enjoying the view, watching the rise and fall of the satin covered breasts of the cute blonde bunny girl lying supine on the couch. She slowly entered the room and pulled the curtain closed behind her. If Gem had timed this right, the girl currently lying on the bench would be achingly aroused, positively screaming for release however it came about. Thankfully a gift that Gem had in abundance.

Precariously leaning over Meg she checked to see if she was truly sleeping it off, although having tried the pill herself a couple of times she knew deep down it was highly unlikely. No-one slept that quickly without first getting the sweet sensation of orgasmic relief out of the way.

Gem decided to up the stakes as she leant across and slowly but surely undid the zip down the side of the black satin Basque. With the zip undone she slowly and deliberately slipped the material out from beneath Meg's back, sliding it away and placing it on the adjacent couch.

As the rush of cold air hit Meg's pale glistening breasts her already achingly tight nipples seemed to stand up ever so proudly in front of their audience of one. Gem looked down in jealous admiration of the perfect peaks of pale flesh.

Gem put her left hand into the shape of a beak and very slowly but surely pressed it down over Meg's left breast. The tight fleshy nub of the erect nipple feeling exquisite beneath her fingers, enough to send more tingling shots through her pussy, another small trickle of moisture into her already wet knickers. She pressed down further over the dusky pink areola opening her fingers so she could feel more of the hot sweaty flesh, pressing ever so gently into the mound of flesh. She teased her hand back up, tugging ever so gently on the nipple as she reached the top before proceeding back down.

As if in a drunken haze it was all Meg could do to not move. She wanted to bite her lower lip as she felt the pressure in her left breast seem to pulse in sympathy with the throbbing in her pussy, especially when she felt the nails gently scrape over her erect nub. The sodden black thong failing miserably at soaking up any more of her blatant and shameful arousal.

Each gentle yet calculated pull forcing her nipple to redden and feel ever more erect.

Meg heard what sounded like the clink of a glass, perhaps 2 glasses being clinked together in celebration? This thought was quickly erased as an icy droplet of water fell onto her tight reddening nipple. If the involuntary gasp escaping her lips gave the game away, it seemed her tormentor was either too busy to notice or too lost In the moment to care.

Gem grinned to herself when she heard the gasp. She lowered the ice cube so that it rested ever so gently on top of Meg's rigid nipple, allowing the intensely cold drops to slip down the hot pale breast. She rubbed the icy cold water down around the nipple and onto the areola, increasing and decreasing speed as she moved lower down the breast until it was completely covered in icy water. The ice cube tinkled as it was dropped back into the glass. Gem leant forward and teasingly pressed her moist lips onto the nipple before sucking and drawing it into her hot mouth.

As Meg felt her cold erect nipple slip into the hot wet mouth she involuntarily arched her back, pressing her breast even further into the expectant mouth of her teasing assailant.

The tingling sparks sending shivers down to her crotch unleashing another flood of moisture into the sodden and sticky thread of material pressing into her sensitive groin. The rumble of blood in her temples beating in sympathy with the aching pulse of her erect clit as it was pressed mercilessly into the squelchy Lycra thong.

Gem gently released the erect nipple from her mouth, but not before grazing it slowly between her teeth. She stood up and headed towards the bottom of the couch. She knew before she started that should couldn't expect to obtain the complete bunny ensemble, but she'd be happy to get away with the Basque, knickers and ears!

She placed her hands at the top of the black satin knickers and gingerly started tugging them down Meg's body. Once the material was freed from beneath Meg's cheeks it took little effort to lower them fully and place them alongside the Basque.

Gem hadn't fully appreciated how horny her blonde bunny had become until the strong scent of Meg's intense arousal and sweet sweat assaulted her nostrils. She could tell from a quick glance at the thong that it had long since given up its ability to soak up moisture. Gem was so lost in her own arousal that she stretched forward and pushed her nose directly into the wet cum soaked thong covering Meg's last shred of dignity. She could feel the wet heat on the tip of her nose as she inhaled deeply relishing every thrilling sensation as her whole body tingled with excitement. Her own moistened pussy bearing keen witness to the unfolding events.

Her ultimate desire was soon to come to fruition as she peeled the sticky thong away from the protesting patch of sticky blonde pubes, trails of wetness streaked down the inside of Meg's thighs where the thong touched as it was shuffled mercilessly down her legs leaving Meg naked and vulnerable.

As Gem parted Meg's engorged thick red lips, she could see the trail of creamy cum oozing and seeping out of her inflamed pussy. Gem slipped her left index finger towards the wet opening of Meg's sex and pressed it gently into the hot river of juices. The creamy secretions squeezing out around the edges of of the knuckle of the intruding digit as Meg's soaking pussy offered little resistance. Gem closed her eyes relishing the tight heat surrounding her finger. She could almost feel blondie pressing her crotch upwards as if trying to force the finger in deeper.

She slowly withdrew her finger before greedily sucking off the glistening juice, her own pussy giving another twitch.

Gem bent down and pressed her tongue flat against the outer lips of Meg's sex. With the tip just entering the moist channel she teasingly drew her broad tongue slowly up between Meg's wet lips towards the engorged throbbing clit. Gem knew now that a simple touch of this exquisite bundle of nerve endings would finally push her blonde bunny over the edge.

Meg's mind screamed for release as she felt the hot rasp of the tongue gently pass alongside her throbbing clit. Her steady oozing stream of juices slipping over her puckered anus like warm sticky honey and dripping onto the couch, joining a growing wet patch of material.

Gem deliberately and maliciously let the tip of her tongue roam around the skin directly above Meg's clit, sweeping slowly from side to side and sometimes back to graze down between the wet lips before prodding her tongue experimentally into the tight pussy.

Just as Meg was about to break her silence and plead with the mystery assailant to bring her the sweet release she so desperately craved, she felt 2 fingers pressing against the hood covering her clit before feeling a chill of breath on her exposed naked clit.

Gem puffed gently onto the erect clit. She rested her right hand on Meg's stomach feeling the reluctant twitch of the body each time she blew. She allowed herself one last long slow exhale before pushing her tongue out and forcefully ground it into Meg's clit.

As the orgasm hit, Meg's eyelids were flooded with sparks and bright flashes of light. She pressed her hips up fiercely into the rough tongue as the flood of juices gushed out of her pulsating pussy onto the now soaking couch. With her body still twitching she felt the sudden unexpected rush of another orgasm building. As it screamed through her body she bucked so wildly that her assailant was pushed onto the floor before Meg's sensory overloaded body passed out.

Gem sat on the floor briefly, theatrically licking her lips like the proverbial cat who'd just savoured the most exquisite of creams. Drawing in lungfuls of air through her nose she noticed that the room stank of sexual arousal. She smiled as she wondered what the next guests to enter this room would think.

She stood up slowly and reached for the bunny ears which were still clinging onto Meg's head. With them removed she looked down at the naked pale sweat covered body of her latest conquest. A slight sensation of guilt started to rattle around the back of her mind. She couldn't leave the poor girl like this!

It wasn't planned that she'd wear the bunny costume tonight, but heck, why couldn't she? In a club as dark as this one she'd easily get away with just the ears, Basque and knickers to cover up her own modesty, and she was sure most of the other revellers wouldn't care a jot anyway. Every one of them already enjoying their alcohol fuelled highs.

Slipping off the hot heavy cassock she'd been wearing she breathed a sigh of relief, actually glad to be rid of its stifling heat, relishing the cold draft of air sliding over her body.

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