Bunny's Quiet Friend


Now, I had a hard-on again. Don't move. It will go down. The blood will settle, and it will go flaccid. Just don't move. The penis will slowly go soft and flop onto my abdomen. The thin cotton of my pyjama bottoms will relax as it deflates. The material will cover its descent. The rough material will stop rubbing on its head. The tight material will stop stretching against its push. Stop rubbing against its thrust. Stop rubbing and rubbing and rubbing and... Aaarrrghh!!

Maybe I should just turn out the light and surrender to the darkness. I reached over to the lamp on the side table when, all of a sudden, the doorknob turned. I froze. The door opened a crack, and a pair of eyes peered through from the other side. "Tim? Can I come in?" It was Julie.

"Yes, of course." My arm was still extended towards the lamp, and so I retrieved it.

Julie slipped through the door and closed it quietly behind her. She had taken off her shirt and held it in her hand. "I saw your light on," she explained. "Can I borrow a T-shirt to sleep in?"

"Yeah, sure."

She threw the shirt onto a chair by the closet and looked around the room. Her tube-top, unprotected by the dignity of the white shirt, stuck shamelessly out in front of her, daring me to ogle it. I tried to look away and instead followed her gaze. She peered around the room. "A guy's room," she observed.

Walking over to the bureau, she picked up a picture of a young me in a sailor suit. She turned to me and pursed her lips. "Ohhh, he's sooo cute." I reddened.

She placed that picture back and picked up one of me with my basketball team. She turned back around. "I didn't know you played varsity."

"I don't. It's just my intramural team."

She shrugged her shoulders and put it back. Then she undid the button and fly of her jeans. With what looked like a lot of effort but didn't seem to faze her, she peeled the jeans off and casually threw them over at her shirt. I was agog. Underneath she had on a pair of black thong underwear with delicate lace trimming. The thong framed her perky little butt cheeks, which cupped precociously out behind her. I knew that I should turn away, but I was fixed in my stare.

"Tim?" she asked, scanning the top of the bureau, "Where's your girlfriend's picture?"

"I... uh... I..."

"Hmmm?" she looked innocently over her shoulder and caught me staring at her bum, my mouth agape. "Ti-i-im?"

I snapped my eyes up and blushed. "I... uh... don't," I explained, "I don't..."

She giggled. Turning towards me, she cocked her arm on her hip. "You don't what? You don't have space for all your girlfriends' pictures?" Below her teasing gaze, below her proud breasts, below her flat stomach, a tiny black triangle of thin cloth barely covered her special area. I wanted so much to stare down there, but she was looking right at me, and so I just flicked my eyes to it fleetingly. Underneath the sheets, my hard-on pushed vigorously up against my pyjama bottoms.

"No, I... I don't have a girlfriend."

"Really? You broke up with her?"

"No, I never... It's... um... I've just never... you know... had one."

She pursed her lips and spun back to the bureau. "Well, I don't believe that, so I guess it's your little secret. T-shirt?" She opened the top drawer.

"No, the next one," I said quickly, knowing what she'd find in that drawer.

"Hmmmmm," she mused. Then she picked up an old pair of white shorts that were full of holes. She poked a couple of fingers through a pair of holes and held them up for me to see. "Why do guys do this?" Then she dropped them back and, scanning the drawer, suddenly lunged for another pair. "Oh! I love these!" She held up a pair of black silk boxers that I had bought once to embrace my attaining adulthood but never had the guts to actually wear.

She spun around and danced them in the air. The light material floated flimsily from side to side. "I want to see you try these on. They're so chic." She scrunched up her nose. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was speechless. She couldn't mean that. I would be so embarrassed to wear those in front of her, and with my current state of arousal, my hard-on would be so obvious to see. She turned back around and dropped them into the drawer.

"Oh my goodness!" she cried and picked up a tiny pair of leopard-skin bikini briefs that Bunny had bought for me once as a joke. "Now these, you're definitely going to try on." I must have been completely red. It felt like heat was rising off my face, and my heart had pushed up into my throat. She held their waistband by her thumbs and stretched them across her lap. "I think they're smaller than mine. What do you think?" She looked up at me. "You tiger!"

She replaced them, closed the drawer and opened the next one down. Pawing through my shirts, she finally grabbed one and held it up. It was my sleeveless, mesh basketball jersey. "This one looks comfortable. Do you mind?"

What was she doing? That top was totally inappropriate. Her body would be sticking out all over the place. I should warn her. "Um... sure..." What a chicken I was.

She closed the drawer and walked over to the chair by the closet with her back to me. She wasn't going to change in here, was she?? Dropping the jersey by her feet, she grabbed the bottom hem of her top. She was going to do it! All at once, she snapped the top up over her head and tossed it onto her clothes pile. My eyes travelled over the smooth, flawless skin of her back. "So, Tim, why don't you want to tell me about your girlfriend?" she asked, "Are you shy?"

She bent down for the jersey. To my complete astonishment, the heavy outline of one of her breasts swayed away from her body under her outstretched arm as she reached for the top. The outline perfectly curved into a plump cone, except for a little nubbin that stuck out at its bottom. She righted herself and drew the jersey over her head, but the image of her breast swaying below her chest was fixed in my mind.

"Tim?" I snapped back to reality. She was arranging the top over her hips. Just as I thought, it was not a good fit. The straps ended way down her body, leaving huge unprotected gaps on her front and sides, and the bottom hem reached down to her knees, making it look more like a dress than a top.

"Uh... I just have never had a girlfriend."

She turned towards me. "But you like girls, don't you?" The pink outline of her curvy body showed through the holes in the mesh, and the bottom of the jersey's straps balanced precariously on the ends of her breasts. If she were to turn too quickly, then both breasts would easily pop out through the gaps on either side of them.

"Yes!" I replied, a little indignantly.

She giggled. "I thought you did." Then, she bent forward and reached under the top for the waistband of her thong. The front of the jersey flopped open, and inside, her two beautiful, soft, full, pale breasts swung down and lolled under her chest. "And how old are you?"

She righted herself, but I was still mesmerized. "Huh?" I continued to stare where her breasts had been.

She aimed the waistband of her thong out in front of her with an extended thumb and drew back on the elastic with her other hand. "Hey!! Wake up!" Then with a light snap, the thong flew through the air and smacked into my face. I startled.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry," she cried, flitting over to my side, "I didn't mean to let it go."

The little thong hung off my nose, as I looked up at Julie in shock. She laughed as she sat down beside me and whisked the panties off my face. A light tangy smell hovered in the air after she had retrieved them. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I answered, still a little dazed.

She continued to laugh and took some time to compose herself. "So?" she asked finally, leaning over my legs on her arm. "How old are you?"

"Eighteen." She needed to be careful where she leaned. My erection was pushing up against the sheet, and her arm was traversing around recklessly.

"Eighteen, cute and never been touched?" She squinched one eye closed sceptically. "I don't buy it." Then she looked at my top. "Hey! Jammies! I just noticed that you've got your jim-jams on." She grabbed onto the sheets and flung them down my body. At the last moment, I grabbed the covers onto my lap and prevented my erection from jumping into view.

"I haven't seen pyjamas on a guy for years. They're so cute." She grabbed onto the sheets to give them another fling. "Are they the kind with a drawstring or a button?" She yanked, but I held them firm. "Button!" I declared sharply.

She grinned. "Let's see," she teased, pulling on the sheets again, but I clenched them in my fists. She pouted. "Is there something down there you don't want me to see?"


She moved her hands to the top button of my pyjama top and fiddled with it.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I said nervously.

The button came undone, and her hands slid slowly down to the next button. "Taking your jammies off?" she said matter-of-factly.


The second button came undone, and her hands went to the next one. "Well," she purred and looked at me seductively through the tops of her eyes, "Aren't you hot?"

"A bit." I swallowed. "Ummm. D-d-do you think this is a good idea?"

The third button came undone, and her hands moved to the last one. She pursed her lips and tilted her head but then broke into a giggle. "Oh, just relax, Tim. I'm just taking your top off so you don't sweat to death." After she released the last button, she splayed her fingers and slid her hands up my front, pushing my top apart as it went. "Mmmm, smooooth." Then she suddenly dropped her hands into my lap and grabbed the button on my bottoms, blurting out, "Unless you want these off too."

I jerked my body away from her grasp, and she recoiled in laughter. That was a close call.

"Here, Tim," she said, standing up, "Give me your top." I sat up, slipped it off and handed to her. She placed it on top of her clothes and returned to sit beside me again.

"So are you going to model your underwear for me now?" she asked.

"NO!" I replied, "I mean... uh... maybe now is not a good time. I..."

She laughed. "Relax, Tim, I'm just kidding," she said comfortingly and then shifted a little closer to me. "But I do have something serious to ask you."


"Do you know how uncomfortable that couch is?"

"I guess."

She leaned forward. "Tim?"

"Uh huh?"

She shifted again and almost smacked into my face. "Tim?"


Our noses were almost touching. "Can I sleep in here tonight?"

I swallowed, and a jolt went through my groin. She didn't just ask what I thought she asked. She must mean that she wants to swap places, but that was almost as embarrassing. How was I going to get out of bed and move into the living room without her seeing my hard-on? "Su-u-ure."

"Thank you, sweetie." She kissed my cheek and then stood up. It looked like she was going to walk around the bed and get in the other side. If I was going to leave discreetly, this would be my chance. As she had her back turned, I would be able to sneak out. She padded down to the end of the bed, and I flipped back the sheets and crossed the floor.

She stopped and turned to me. "Where are you going?"

I was halfway to the door when I halted. Carefully keeping my back to her, I replied, "To the couch."

"No, sweetie. I thought you understood. The couch is too uncomfortable for you too. I'm just going to sleep here beside you." She walked up behind me and placed her hands on my shoulders. "What's wrong? Don't you trust me?"

"Sure I do." Now that she was standing so close to me, I lowered my hand to cover my bulge.

She led me back to the side of the bed, where I stood with my hands cupped in front of me. She draped her arms around my neck and gazed accusingly into my eyes. "Or maybe you don't trust yourself?" She furrowed her brow. "Are you planning to take advantage of me tonight?"

"No, of course not!"

She giggled. "I know; I trust you. Now get into bed and turn off the light."

She continued back on her journey around the bed, her breasts flopping recklessly under the jersey, while I slipped carefully back under the sheets and turned off the lamp. I made sure that I was more than on my half of the bed and lay stiffly on my back. I wouldn't move all night, and that way, there wouldn't be any inappropriate touching. She would see what a gentleman I could be.

Julie slid in beside me and jostled around, trying to get comfortable. Perhaps, she would regret her choice. My bed may be called a 'double', but it's not really built for two people. Finally, she turned on her side towards me and slid her arm partly under my pillow.

I thought she had settled, when all of a sudden, her face moved over top of me. In the dim light, I could see her eyes staring down at me. "Tim?"


"I think it might be my turn to give you a good-night kiss. What do you think?"

"I g-g-guess."

"Are you sure you want a kiss?" She giggled. "I don't want to do anything to you that you don't want me to do."


"Do you want tongue or not?"


"Just kidding. Close your eyes."

I did as she asked, and two little wet pillows descended onto my lips. They mushed around, lifted up slightly and then grabbed onto my pucker and sucked. When she lifted her mouth off again, she placed a hand on my cheek and tilted my head towards her. I felt her foot lift over top of my leg and trace along my instep. Then she kissed me again. It was a long, wet kiss. Her lips dragged and toyed with my lips. I could hear her breathe roughly through her nose, while I simply held onto my breath in shock. Finally, a little smucking sound announced the end of it. She lifted her head but kept her hand on my cheek briefly before removing it. Then she settled back onto her side. I stared up at the ceiling, my heart going a mile a minute.



"Good night."


There was silence in the room, but it didn't last long. "Tim?"


"Say my name."


"I like that... Tim?"

"Yes?" There was silence. "Yes, Julie?"

"If I crowd you, just wake me up. Okay?"


There was silence. Then, she jerked her body towards me. Obviously, she wanted more room. I thought that I could feel her body touching mine and was embarrassed. I shifted away, laid my arms along my side and stiffened myself. As soon as I settled, she scrunched in close again. This was not going to be an easy night. I shifted away again but found myself at the edge of the bed. Hopefully, that would be enough room for her.

She scrunched again, and in reaction, I almost launched myself off the bed. She broke out laughing and grabbed me around the waist to keep me from going over. "Come on back," she chuckled and shifted back on the bed, dragging me with her. Once we were in the centre again, she leaned into me and gave me a big smooch. "You are such a cutie. You don't really mind if I sleep close to you, do you?"

"No. I just thought you wanted more room."

"Unh unh. I want to cuddle," she purred. She snaked one arm under my pillow and lay the other arm on top of my chest. Then she snuggled into my side. "You don't mind cuddling, do you?" she whispered.

"No," I spoke softly.

"Mmmm. Good," she murmured and snuggled even closer. Her mouth was near my ear, and I felt her breath blow against my neck. It was warm and moist. "Good night, sweetie."

"Good night... Julie."

The room became still again... except for her breathing. It became rhythmic. A light surf that lapped against the shoreline of my neck. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation. Puff... and puff... and puff... and soon I drifted off to sleep on the undulations of her gentle, respiring tide.

*** Lying Awake ***

It must have been the light from the rising moon that woke me. My bedroom curtains don't close very tightly, and when the moon is full, it can get pretty bright in the room.

I found myself on my side, facing Julie, who was lying on her back. My arm was laying across her stomach, and when I realized that I was touching her, I yanked it back quickly.

Julie's face was turned partly towards me on the pillow. With the moonlight casting a glow on her face, she looked even more beautiful than before and a warm feeling swelled in my chest. My eyes followed the line of her nose down to her mouth. It was a relatively thin mouth, but I remembered how it felt pressing and sucking on my lips. I closed my eyes and touched a finger to my lips to relive it.

I opened my eyes again and returned to my visual tour. Below her lips, her sharp chin had the hint of a cleft. I gazed down her slender neck, down onto her shoulders, down onto her... her... Oh my goodness! Her breast that was closest to me had fallen out of the jersey and was slumped to the side.

What should I do? What should I do?... I shouldn't look. No! If she wakes up, she'll be embarrassed. I should stuff it back in. That's it!

I reached forward. No! I can't touch it! I drew my hand back. Think, think, think,...

As I pondered what to do, I looked down at it. It seemed so helpless and innocent. It was like a baby that had rolled out from under its blanket. It was almost beckoning to me for help. It needed my attention, my comforting.

I reached forward again. With a fingertip, I traced gently along the curve of its underside. The skin was soft and yielding. A thrill went through my body. I looked up to see if she noticed, but her face didn't change.

I cupped my hand underneath her soft mound to lift it gently back into her jersey. Its jelly-like mass rested in my palm, and I prepared to heft it gently inside her top.

I gazed admiringly at the breast in my hand. Near my thumb, her nipple stood out as an irregularly shaped nub. I was a little surprised not to see an aureole under it. I had sneaked a peek at the diagram of a breast in a biology text once and had memorized every aspect of the picture. I thought that all women had aureoles, but it appeared that Julie didn't.

Gently, I placed my thumb on the tip of her nipple and carefully moved it from side to side, but no aureole appeared. Then... Oh no! Oh no!... What have I done? Then, the nipple suddenly went completely stiff. Oh my goodness!

Should I do something? I pinched the nipple lightly between my thumb and finger and rubbed it soothingly... Oh no! It got even stiffer and now looked red and sore... Then she exhaled!

I shouldn't have touched it in the first place! I had to do something. Was she in pain? The nipple looked really hard.

I moved my mouth down to it and gave it a little kiss. Then I moistened my lips and slipped them wetly over it. She moaned, and I think it sounded pleasurable.

I couldn't think of what else to do, so I stuck out my tongue and licked it. "Ohhh...," she moaned under her breath. I think that was good. I concentrated on licking. It seemed like the soft, healing thing to do. I licked and licked. The nub danced on the end of my tongue. My saliva ran down my tongue and soaked it. I licked some more, but it wasn't going down.

Julie's moaning grew louder, and I could now hear her breathing. Her upper body writhed slowly with my attention, and then her hand felt for the back of my head and pressed my face into her breast. Her soft skin mushed around the outside of my mouth, as I fought to keep the licking going.

Suddenly, she inhaled sharply. "Wh-what are you doing?" she breathed groggily.

I froze. Then I lifted my head enough to look up at her face. Her eyelids were batting, and she seemed unfocused. "Your breast fell out," I whispered, "And when I looked at the nipple..."

She bolted into a sitting position. "It's hot!" she exhaled, and in a single movement, she pulled off her jersey and threw it onto the floor. Then she dropped onto her side facing away from me and closed her eyes.

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