tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBurglar's Punishment Ch. 1

Burglar's Punishment Ch. 1


"Finally." She whispered as she slowly opened the door.

Letting her eyes adjust to the darkness, she quietly stepped inside, scared as hell. Closing the door behind her, she slipped into the huge room. With the light that came through the closing door, she saw a marble fireplace, with a slate mantle and pictures of unknown people. Turning around slowly, she saw the massive oak armoire with the beautiful golden treasures inside. After staking out this place for more than 2 weeks, she knew his schedule, yet didn't know his name.

He was tall, built partially from good genes, the other part intense workouts in the gym. Long black hair and eyes magnified through fashionable glasses that could stop you in your tracks. "Too bad I have to do this," she thought. "I think we could have had a lot of fun if you would have met me a year ago." She clicked on the tiny key chain flashlight that she had hidden in her hand and walked over to the expensive armoire. Opening the cabinet, she started taking the stuff that looked the most expensive. Mostly small & medium sized gold & silver figurines, along with something else to sell at a later time if needed.

After taking the brunt of the precious metals in the chest, she closed the lined bag quietly and looked around with the light. She saw mostly pictures, a few of older women and a couple of younger, prettier women. She began to wonder if the younger ones were a relation or girlfriend when she felt a hand over her mouth and cold metal at her neck.

"Move, and you die. Understand?" came the voice behind her.

She froze in her tracks and panicked. With her heart pounding in her ears, she didn't hear his warning and began to slowly move into place to elbow him in the ribs.

He grabbed her more firmly and put the blade closer to her neck, so it was making an indentation. "I said, Move and you die. Drop the bag."

She dropped the bag at her feet and put her arms up slowly. "Fuck! I'm dead." She thought, breathing heavily and the tears beginning to fall from her eyes. He dragged her over to the light switch at the doorway and flipped it on with the huge blade of the sword he was carrying. Still holding on to her, he said "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She couldn't reply, she was too damn scared. He let the pressure off of her mouth and asked the query again, this time more forcefully. "What the hell are you doing?" as he brought the blade closer to her neck, piercing the tender skin of her throat, making a small trickle of blood run down the front of her black sweater.

"I'm sorry." She managed to cry out, "I'll leave, I'll do whatever you want...Just don't kill me, don't call the cops." He took the blade from her neck and pushed her forcefully down onto the floor. She crumbled with her face in her hands, figuring she was dead. "Look at me." He said. She slowly looked up with blurry vision from the tears and saw that he was standing over her, and naked except for a towel. His long hair was soaking wet and she noticed he didn't have his glasses on. His eyes shone with a madness that scared her even more than the huge broadsword he had pointed at her neck. She was surprised to learn, even at this time that she was wondering about what was under the towel and how long he'd been in the shower before he caught her.

Moving to stand over her, he asked again: "Why are you here?" while poking the huge sword into her neck, dripping water onto her clothes and face.

"I need the money and I can't find a job. This is my last resort." She cried. "I lost my job a month ago, and If I don't get some money soon, I'll be homeless." And with the last word, she turned her face down and began to cry again. As she was bawling her eyes out, he looked at her. Recognizing her from somewhere, he looked at the body. She wasn't very tall, and built very curvy. Long auburn hair falling down her back, and he'd noticed the brown eyes, that he figured would be pretty if they weren't red and teary. He said: "You look vaguely familiar...aren't you the girl from the sporting goods store? The checkout?" She nodded, head still down. "I was fired because I wouldn't suck dick to get ahead, and I don't have enough money to pay a lawyer." He looked at her again and the final flash of recognition hit him. The girl he had flirted with when his buddies & him went down to the store to pick up some fishing stuff for a long weekend ahead. His friends had joked about getting her phone number and taking her along for bait or something silly like that. He never figured that he'd be standing over her with a half hard on wondering what she was doing in his apartment.

She looked up, wondering why he hadn't moved or said anything for a moment and saw through the towel that he has a growing hard on, and began to get aroused. He came out of his thoughts and saw her looking at his body.

"Get up. NOW." She started to stand up slowly as he pierced her with those eyes. When she was fully standing, she felt her nipples start to become erect and was glad that she wore a thick sweater. "How old are you?" he asked. "20, sir." She responded with her head down. "Take off your clothes," he said in a quiet, deep voice. She raised her head up with a curious look on her face. "W-what?" "Take off your fucking clothes before I cut them off. NOW. You have no choice." She moved back a step, afraid of the threat more than the idea of getting naked. "Do you want to go to jail, or do you want to go home tonight?" he asked in the quiet voice, moving closer to her. "H-h-home, S-sir." she said under her breath, all the while getting more turned on. "Then be a good whore and take off your clothes and do it now before I get pissed." She started to take her clothes off slowly. He moved back and sat down in a huge chair so he could watch her, sword still pointed at her. She slowly took off her shoes, and began to take her sweater off. "Slowly." He said. She began to move slower as she revealed a black bra. Dropping that on the floor, she started with her pants, which were tight enough that he could see the outline of her panties. She slid them slowly down her legs, all the while looking at him. She glanced down at the towel and saw a raging hard on almost pulling the towel off of him.

There she stood, in black panties and a bra -- nothing special. "Take those off too." She began to protest when he said, "Jail or home. Choose now." She dropped her head in defeat and began to take off her bra. She began to cry as she unhooked it let it slide down her arms and fall to the floor. Her large breasts bounced as they came out of her bra, and the nipples were like little rocks. He looked at her pink pierced nipples and wanted to suck on them until she couldn't take it and begged him to fuck her, but that would have to wait for now. Right now, he was going to have her do anything he wanted. "Panties too." She started to cry even harder when she slid the black panties over her hips and down her legs. She put her hands over her shaved pussy as she rose back up.

"Ah ah...move your hands, whore. Let me see you for who you are." She slowly moved her hands away from her soaking wet pussy and was ashamed to show it to him, but had no choice. Her hands dropped dementedly to the side and she looked at his hard body. She'd been so involved in disrobing for him, she hadn't noticed him begin to stroke his cock. He ran his hand up & down the semi-hard wet shaft, stopping now and then to caress his sack. "Sit on the couch with your legs wide open to me." She backed up to the huge sectional sofa, and sat down, ankles together. "Open your legs or the cops come right now." She laid her legs wide open to him, showing him the cunt piercings that she was so proud of before, now just a sign of her sluttiness. She'd never felt so violated in her whole life, yet it was turning her on like nothing else ever had. He stood up, forgetting the towel and walked over to her. His cock was still only half hard, but it was already huge.

"Play with your clit. Play with those little piercings and show me what you're good for." She said "Please don't make me. I'm scared and I don't want to do this anymore. I won't ever do anything like this again." knowing full well that she wanted his cock inside of her now, and could hardly wait to lick the small drop of precum that had appeared on his dick. He kneeled between her legs and forced them even further apart, making it almost uncomfortable. "Don't you understand? You either cum for me, or be some lesbian's bitch in jail. Your choice." She began to cry again as she slid her hands down to her soaking wet pussy and laid them on the hood. He took his finger and spread her cunt lips apart and saw that she was wet. "You like this, don't you whore?"

She nodded slowly as she rolled the hood piercing across her swollen clit. Feeling the metal across her clit almost sent her over the edge right away, so she decided to make it last a little while, thinking on how bad she now wanted this. She pushed the piercing back and began to run her fingertip over the edge of her clit, making more wetness slip out of her tiny pussy. He took his finger as she was masturbating and ran it up & down the length of her hot slit, making it wet with his other hand stroking his now hard dick. She began to moan as she raised one of her hands up and began to play with her nipple piercing. He slid the soaking wet finger into his mouth, tasting her juices and lowered it back down to her sweet pussy, forcing his finger into her tight cunt. She jerked back from the force of the push, and then pushed her hips onto his hand. She was moaning as her fingers began to move faster across her clit. He leaned forward and licked her from her ass to her tiny hole and tasted the juices that were now freely flowing from her pussy.

She began to circle her fingers around her hard clit faster as her pussy began to tighten. He slid another finger into her, pushing hard and she couldn't handle it anymore. She came with his fingers inside of her, and almost screaming out. Her body tensed up and she threw her head back, and he was surprised how tight she was when she came. As the juices flowed out of her sweet, abused cunt, he leaned up to it and began to lap at it like a cat at milk. Her oversensitive clit made her lose control again as she came on his face, not even finished with the first cum. Her body shuddered with the intense feeling of his tongue licking her to a multiple orgasm as she raised one of her firm breasts to her mouth, sucking on the hard nipple with her tongue stud.

He licked up all her sweet juices, and decided that he wasn't done yet. "Stand up." She let her legs drop to the floor, but as she began to try and stand up, her legs gave out from underneath her. He stopped her from falling and lifted her up. He carried her in his arms to the closest room from the living room, the kitchen. He set her on the counter and began to touch her nipples and move in close to her. She put her arms around him and smelled his clean hair and ran her fingers down his back. While her weak arms rested on his broad shoulders, he took her still-hard nipple into her mouth and sucked it gently, as so not to hurt her. Tasting the metal and the skin together just made him even more excited. He raised his head up and began sucking at the small puncture wound on her neck that he had made with the sword. Tasting her blood made him harder than ever. He couldn't stand it anymore, the taste of her pussy and the blood mixed drove him over the edge. He raised her off of the counter and lowered her onto his hard cock. His strong arms held her with no problem at all, and he began to push inside of her as he met with firm resistance. Her pussy squeezed his huge cock as he slowly began lifting her up & down on his manhood. Her wet pussy helped him slide to the top, but was still too tight for him.

She almost screamed with pain as he went to the top of her sore pussy, but began to relax as he licked her nipples. Moving so slowly in & out of her wet cunt was too much for him so he finally rammed his dick inside of her, making her scream. The scream was music to his ears, and pushed even deeper. Her nails dug into his arms, and her pussy instinctively constricted from the pain. He kept ramming her, pushing deep, knowing that she'd loosen up enough to where she'd enjoy having him inside of her. The pain was almost too intense for her for a long while, and she was biting her lip to keep from screaming. The tears rolled down her face as she pleaded with him to stop, that she was in great pain. All of her begging met upon deaf ears and soon she realized that the pain was gone and she was beginning to cum again from the constant pounding. She looked into his eyes and saw that he wasn't going to stop no matter what she did. She was also suprised to learn that she didn't want him to stop. "Fuck me." she whispered into his ear. "Fuck me hard and make me cum all over your cock."

That was all it took for him, the words that sent him over the edge, and he shot his huge load deep into her pussy. She could feel his semen shooting deep inside of her and she came again. Wrapping her already tight pussy around him and pulling him deeper, she began to moan loudly. He pulled out of her soaking wet cunt with a loud pop while he was still cumming and shot onto her stomach and huge breasts. He sat her back on the counter and looked at her with his load dripping out of her stretched cunt and glistening off of her body, dripping down towards her pussy. Knowing that she could go on for hours with this man, she took a finger full into her mouth and licked it clean, hoping it would get him going again. As he felt the blood rush back into his still hard cock, he knew that he was going to be in for a long night.

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