tagErotic CouplingsBurned Ch. 01

Burned Ch. 01


It was all consuming, this lust. Throbbing, aching, almost too much to handle. She waited for him, waited for him to come to her and ignite the terrifying passion that was burning to get free.

She had tried numerous times to sate her lust, using her other lovers to try and satisfy the hole that was left. But nothing came of it. She was left emptier each time, longing to be held tight in his big strong arms, his broad shoulders encompassing her, his powerful chest crushed against her breasts, firm and solid.

She burned, smoldered for him, awaiting his return to her.

Lying awake on a crisp fall night, she was startled as the phone rang beside her on the nightstand. Turning back the frothy covers, she slid her body from between the sheets and into a sitting position, her back pressed lightly against the headboard. She picked up the phone, halting its obscene jangling.

"Hello?" she said into the receiver

"God, I've missed hearing your voice." Came a deep male voice from the other end, causing a thrill of excitement to course through her body.

She smiled and replied, "I've missed you too."

His next words were almost hesitant. "Baby, I need to have you, badly. Would it be alright for me to come over?" he paused before adding quickly, "If not, that's ok too."

She smiled at his insecurity, but he already knew her answer before it even passed over her gorgeous lips.

"God yes, please, please come." She whispered, strained. She fought to keep the maddening lust at bay, at least until he arrived.

When she hung up the phone she stepped out of bed, her feet hitting the cold floor. She walked to the bathroom and started the shower, getting it nice and hot, the steam rolling out the top.

She undressed slowly, gently running her fingertips over her body, shuddering softly as her hands brushed against her nipples, causing them to harden and lengthen. Slowly she slid her panties down her hips, over her legs, stepping out of them a foot at a time, tossing them to the side along with her other clothes.

Standing in front of the mirror she watched herself, eyes roving over her image. She appreciated the curves of her body, her generous breasts, the nipples hard, jutting out obscenely, her waist as it met the swell of her luscious hips, the small patch of soft dark hair above her pussy, the lips already glistening with wetness.

She tore her gaze away from the mirror, stepping to the shower, slipping in under the warm spray. She caressed her body, running the soap over her slick skin as she lay back against the wall.

Quite unexpectedly she had a flashback. It was from a time they had been in there together, under the spray of the water, soaking their bodies as they soaked up each others passions, right up against the wall. Her cries rang out, echoing off the tile as he rode her body like a stallion, pressed tight against the shower wall, her hands gripping anything she could as she came hard, panting and screaming his name.

The memory left her body burning for more. Stepping out of the shower she dried off slowly, running her soft hands over her body.

She left the bathroom to go to her dresser, opening a drawer filled with delicate lingerie. She pulled out his favorite; a tight corset made of soft, midnight blue lace and matching panties. She slipped into the lingerie, a thrill racing through her as the lace brushed against her skin.

She brushed out her hair and went to the bed, sliding under the sheets, her body thrumming as she waited.

She had almost fallen asleep by the time she heard his car pull up in the drive. She listened as he came up the walk, the door opening without even bothering to knock, he knew she was waiting for him.

She heard him hesitate as he reached her bedroom door, a small knock on the other side told her he wanted her to let him enter. She called out softly for him to come in, the door swinging back as he stepped through.

She slid out of bed and stood before him, wanting him to come to her.

He came forward, sliding his arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck through her hair. She could feel him, his need, hard and firm against her. She raised his face to her, feeling waves of heat rush through her body as she looked into his eyes, the look of them dark with lust.

He started to open his mouth to speak, but before a sound could pass over his lips, she pressed her soft, hot mouth against his, drawing him in for a passionate kiss, locked together, hungry for each other.

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