tagNonHumanBurning Passion

Burning Passion


Alexi's long black hair glistened in the moonlight, her golden wings arching down and curving under at the juncture of her buttocks. Her sapphire blue eyes shone brightly, her full lips parted slightly in a sigh as she looked at Darian. Her chest heaved with each breath she took, making her large breasts move up and down. Her short but shapely legs were slightly apart, making her stance seem uninviting.

Darian brushed his short black hair from his fiery red eyes and snarled at the angel that stood before him. He was a demon, and Alexi was his natural enemy. Alexi stood there, hoping not to fight. She trembled, afraid that Darian would hurt her, though she was not afraid of Death, she couldn't die.

Darian walked to her, cupping one of her breasts in his large palm and whispered in her ear with a bit of a growl, Your beauty is captivating my dear.

Alexi's lip quivered. What are you going to do to me? She stammered. He kissed her neck gently and told her she would find out. Despite her fear, her body responded to him and it scared her. The feel of her now erect nipples aroused Darian, his shaft growing rapidly in his pants. Alexi stared him down, trying not to betray her fear; her arousal was already apparent and she could do nothing about that.

He took hold of a loose spot in her shirt and ripped it from her body. A gasp escaped her lips. Darian grinned evilly. A tear slipped from Alexi's eye but she held back her sobs. Are you scared? Darian asked. She nodded. Well you should be, he said as he tore away the bra that held her breasts. She began to sob and Darian's heart softened in spite of his evilness. Shh, don't cry, he murmured, wiping away her tears.

Alexi stopped sobbing immediately. Since when was a demon caring at all? Darian slid his head down to her breasts and licked her nipple gently. A moan escaped her lips and her eyes widened. He nibbled on that nipple, but not hard enough to hurt her. She closed her eyes and placed her small hand on the back of his head, smiling as her fear dissipated. Darian then moved down to the top of her wispy silk pants. He slid them down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. He singled out two of his fingers and slid them into her vaginal opening gently pausing when he tore her maidenhead.

Alexi moaned softly and shivered as the pain hit her. Darian searched around inside of her, looking for the sweet spot that would bring her to orgasm. He found it quickly and a loud moan forced itself from her throat as he pressed harder on that spot. She hit orgasm instantly, never having been touched before. Having brought her pleasure, Darian removed his finger from her pussy and began undressing himself. Alexi's eyes roved over his body as he did do.

His shaft now at his full size, she stared at her young and beautiful body. He lifted her into his arms and laid her in the soft grass, his body settling atop hers and his lips kissing her softly. Her heart sang as he kissed her, her body soft and innocent under his. He slid his erect member into her awaiting cunt and fucked her slowly, as she was a virgin. She wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his neck as he fucked her. Her eyes closed once again and she kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth, her heart beating for him, beginning to love him and having no idea why. His tongue forced hers back, he liked being the one in control. His tongue felt his way around in her mouth, getting used to it. His heart was stone, and he didn't love her.

Alexi opened her eyes, staring into his, hoping to see some kind of emotion there. Her blue eyes shone with emotion for him, though she did not expect him to love her back. He still fucked her in the motion for virgins, knowing her was hurting her, but it would feel good in a few moments. She saw no emotion in his eyes, and her face fell, though she had known all along that he wouldn't love her. She closed her eyes and moved her hips in a circular motion to please him.

Darian kissed her gently, and a crack came to be in the outer shell of his heart as emotions started to come through. He fucked her harder, seeing that she was OK. She rubbed the back of his neck, a feeling of pleasure coming through in her body. A soft moan ripped itself from her throat.

He kissed her neck and grunted softly against her skin and she squeezed her legs harder around his back. He fucked her harder and she moaned repeatedly. He kissed her lips hungrily and she writhed against his hard, muscular body. Orgasm shook her. Uhhnn Darian!! she moaned lustily. He kissed her hungrily and shot his cum deep inside her as he moaned her name.

The sun peeked out through the night sky, and Darian's body began to smoke. He wasn't supposed to be on Earth, and neither was Alexi. His body protected her, and he gave her one last kiss before they both burst into flames.

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