tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBus Ride Show & Tell

Bus Ride Show & Tell


Jenny and Ben ran to the bus stop, climbing on breathlessly in the hot, summer air. Laughing they stumbled to the back of the crowded bus and found a seat.

"Hey, baby, snuggle up to me," Ben said.

"Ugh, it's too hot," Jenny moaned. "I hate taking the bus."

Ben put a hand on Jenny's bare thigh. "How can you be hot, you don't have enough on. Wait a minute, now I'm hot," he whispered to her. His fingers inched their way up her thigh to her pussy.

"Ben, stop that," Jenny hissed. She looked around quickly but noticed that no one was paying them any attention. Giggling, she spread her legs a little.

"That's it baby, let me at your sweet little button," Ben said, his finger finding her clit. Ben leaned toward Jenny, his fingers gently messaging her clit under her short skirt. He looked up and saw a few men watching, and grinned. "Close your eyes, babe, and enjoy."

Jenny made a half-hearted attempt to stop Ben but she enjoyed knowing that others were watching them. She closed her eyes and spread her legs wider making her skirt ride up to her waist.

Ben's fingers caressed up and down Jenny's pouting lips and then up and over her clit. His fingers glistened with her juices as he dipped first one finger and then another into her hot snatch. He quickly pulled her top off so she was all but nude and fully exposed to the crowd of onlookers.

Jenny moaned, abandoning any pretense of caring, the hot, night air felt so good on her skin. She humped her sweet little mound up at Ben's hand. "Oh yes, baby, finger fuck me baby, oh yeah." She reached up and grabbed her nipples and pulled on them, hearing the catcalls and hoots from the bus riders sitting near them.

"Oh yeah baby, feel my fingers in your tight cunt, baby." Ben fucked his fingers in and out of her, his thumb circling her plump, swollen clit. "That's it baby, cum for me. Cum for them. They are watching you, your hot, wet little pussy taking my fingers up deep inside you, they want you baby, want to shove their cocks deep inside you, that's it baby, cum on for me." Ben whispered into Jenny's ear. He noticed a subtle shift in the riders as a line of men stood and blocked their activities from the front of the bus.

Jenny felt the surge of electricity chase over her nerve endings, as her body responded sending liquid ecstasy through her limbs and belly. Her head jerking from side to side, she came, moaning and whimpering and shaking, her heels beating a tattoo on the metal floor of the bus.

Slowly opening her eyes, reality invaded her senses, the rumble of the bus, the smell of the fumes and people, the heavy breathing of the men that watched her. Her lips curled in a satisfied smile and she murmured as Ben withdrew his drenched fingers with an audible slurp from her still trembling pussy. Still turned on, in one graceful cat-like movement she knelt on the floor. Her pretty ass and cunt aimed at the onlookers.

Opening the fly of Ben's pants, she pulled out his hard cock. She played to her audience, flinging her long hair back so they could see her face. She licked her lips a few times and pushed Ben back against the seat. "Your turn," she said, her voice husky. Ben relaxed back against the seat, ready for what was to come. He kept a cautious eye on the crowd but didn't see anything to worry him.

She heard the tell-tell clue of zippers being unzipped. Focusing on her man's yummy cock, she held the shaft and gently pulled it up and began to suck and lick his shaved balls. Groans sounded around her, the bus rumbled on. Opening her sexy mouth wide, she sucked his balls into her mouth, her full, lips bright against his skin, leaving lipstick. "Um, now you're mine." She licked and nuzzled his balls and then wiggled around so her audience could have a better view.

"Suck him."

"Yeah, deep throat him."

"Put him out of his misery."

"Hell, put us out of our misery!"

Jenny got more turned-on as the crowd on the bus got more involved. She worked her tongue up and down Ben's cock, letting it tease all the way up to the sexy ridge and back down, up and down until Ben was humping at the air. She felt a hand on her ass and jerked away.

"It's ok baby, just go with it," Ben murmured. With a firm look, he set the perimeters of this little show up with the crowd without saying a word. Satisfied, he relaxed again.

Licking her lips, she pursed them together and pressed them on the very tip of his cock. Feeling the smooth, hot skin against her lips and smelling his musky scent drove her a little crazy. She began to rub his cock head slowly over her cheeks, lips, down and around her chin and back up to her lips, wetting him each time. His cock shone with her tongue bath, wet and ready.

She heard the sound of heavy breathing coming from all around her, in stereo. Moaning, she pressed her lips around Ben's cock and snuggled her face all the way down to his balls. She came up for air and went back down, over and over, holding Ben's legs for support.

Ben fucked his baby's mouth, her sweet lips tightening on him at just the right moment, her tongue wrapping and curling around his shaft and head with each stroke. He rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples until they were long and hard. "Oh, yeah baby, I'm going to cum!" Ben suddenly grabbed Jenny's head and held it down on his dick, pumping his sperm into her throat as she swallowed convulsively.

Moans and groans sounded around them turning them both on.

Jenny gulped until Ben released her and she came up for a breath, white cum trickling down the side of her chin as she smiled at him.

"Come on baby, let's let these guys finish off right, what do you say?" Ben whispered, adjusting himself back together. He lifted her up onto his lap facing the crowd. Spreading her legs wide, he wrapped both hands around her and spread her bald, pink pussy wide for them. "Watch them Jenny, they are slapping it for you baby, see how hard they are for you?" Ben fingered her horny, swollen clit. He ran his hands all over his naked babe's body. Squeezing her tits, he gave the bus a full view of her spread pussy. He found the little button that jump-started his girl and worked it.

Jenny's breath came in ragged, excited gasps as all eyes were on her. She watched the men as the men watched her, their hands moving in a frenzy up and down on their cocks. Slap. Slap. Slap. The sound became an echo in her head as Ben fingered her. "Oh, yes, I'm going to cum again, don't stop, I'm hot, wet, God, yes, do it, baby do it, do it!" A violent shudder arched through Jenny and she screamed just as several of the guys shot their cum in her direction, it landed it splats and blobs.

The bus rolled to a stop. A little shaky, Jenny slithered into her clothes, her face flushed, eyes sparkling. Ben grabbed her hand and they jumped off the bus to the hoots, hollers and cheers of the riders.

Later that night, Ben and Jenny snuggled under the blankets. "That was so much fun, I can't believe we did that!" Jenny exclaimed.

"Yeah, did you see that line of men blocking the view of the bus driver and the cameras?"

"God, and that one old guy that whipped it out! That was so sexy!"

"You were sure hot and wet, baby. I think you would have cum with them just looking at you." Ben began to stroke her body, his hand coming to rest on her breast.

"What about you, Tarzan?" Jenny countered. "You were so hard I nearly broke my jaw! Just kidding, but you were like a rock."

"Mm, you know what I think?" Ben asked.

"Mm, what," Jenny whispered as her hand found his cock.

"I think we need to take the bus every day," Ben murmured in her ear, growing hard again.

Thank you for reading my story. I love feedback and will answer all emails personally. Please check out my other stories and don't forget to vote. Muah!

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