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I first met the two Vietnamese brothers, Ngo and Niem, when my husband and I stopped in their nursery for some shrubs. They were both in their early twenties, and told us they migrated from the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. Geography not being my best subject, I asked where that was exactly, and Niem said it was in the northern region of Vietnam.

I read about the Vietnam war as a girl in school, so I asked them if they remembered anything about it. Ngo said they were both born after the war, but their father fought in it. While we talked my husband, Dave, wandered through the nursery, looking at what they had for sale. While he shopped, I noticed them checking out my red hair, 38 inch tits and skin tight slacks. Redheads must be in short supply in Vietnam. When Dave rejoined us he ordered some shrubbery, and I made an excuse not to wait around for it, offering to stop back and pick it up the next morning.

I arrived at the nursery right after it opened the next day. Niem was alone in the shop when I entered, so he greeted me with a smile and a whistle.

"Wow, you look good today, Mrs. Elm," he said, ogling my red nipples through the white tank top which covered my 38 inch melons. His eyes wandered down to my cut off jean shorts where the cheeks of my ass hung out.

"Please, Niem, call me Patty Jo," I said, enjoying his stare. At 35 years old, I still liked to know younger men liked what they saw. And it was obvious he did.

"Okay, Patty Jo," he said, leering at me, as he led me back to see the shrubs we ordered.

When we got back to the workshop, Niem pointed at a half a dozen shrubs setting on the floor and said they were the ones Dave ordered. I stepped in front of him to look at them, letting him see my bare buns displayed from the bottom of my shorts. Then, to make sure I got his attention, I bent way over, giving Niem a perfect view of my ass hanging out of my shorts. I inched back till I bumped against his hands. Suddenly, Niem caressed the cheeks of my ass, and I wiggled my buns in his palms.

I rose slowly, letting him slide his hands up my sides. When he reached my tank top, he tugged it up over my head and tossed it away. My boobs popped free and he crushed my tits with his hands as I moaned, "Oh yes, Niem, I love it. Don't stop, baby, don't stop."

I unhooked my shorts and let them fall to the floor. I turned and faced Niem, displaying my naked body to this horny Vietnamese. Niem grinned at me, then reached out and ran his fingers through my thick, red bush. His cunt tickle felt so good I shuddered. Then Niem dropped his pants, exposing 8 inches of hard, brown dick.

"Ooh, that's pretty," I said, stroking his cock.

I climbed up on the work bench and dangled my legs over the side, spreading them wide open for him. He stepped forward, prodding my love mound with his stiff rod. Then he leaned over and sucked and chewed my tits. I waited, wanting to feel that hard Vietnamese cock stuffed up inside me.

"Please, Niem, stick it in me, honey. Fuck my pussy, please," I cried.

He lifted my legs up into the air so my feet rested on his shoulders, then he gave one violent thrust and drove his rigid cock deep inside me.

The door of the nursery opened and closed, and I heard a foreign language as Ngo suddenly appeared next to us. He and Niem exchanged words, then Ngo ran back to the front door and locked it, turning the sign on it around to the closed side. Ngo was naked when he returned. Grinning at me, he said, "You look good, Mrs. Elm."

"It's Patty Jo," said Niem, as he resumed pounding his cock into my pussy, "and she like fucking."

"Ah, you like to be fucked," said Ngo, watching my big boobs bounce wildly as Niem ground away inside me.

"I love to be fucked, hard and mean, Ngo," I said, stroking his cock.

He sneered as he climbed up on the bench and straddled my chest, resting his ass on my tits and rubbing his cock all over my face. I felt Niem's cock batter my love hole, and I knew he was about ready to fill up my pussy with his love juice. I opened my mouth to scream with pleasure, and Ngo plunged his 7 tan inches down my throat. I gobbled his hard rod down, licking his shaft and sucking as hard as I could.

Ngo and Niem talked a mile a minute in Vietnamese while they fucked me, laughing frequently and mentioning my name several times. Laying there with a cock stuffed up my pussy, and another one down my throat, I realized I had never been fucked before by two North Vietnamese who talked about me while they did it, and in a language I couldn't understand.

Niem's cum splattered the inside of my cunt walls, while I humped his cock like a maniac, squeezing every drop of jism out of it. At the same time, I tasted the first salty drops of Ngo's hot spunk. Then like an erupting volcano, his load burst out of his dick and flowed down my throat. My mouth filled with cum, oozing over my lips, as Ngo and Niem plowed their cocks into me from top and bottom.

Finally, they finished and both of them unplugged their limp, wet dicks from my mouth and cunt. Ngo handed Niem a pair of garden shears, then babbled something in Vietnamese and they looked at me and laughed. Niem grabbed my cunt hair and with several professional snips of the shears, he trimmed my bush. When he stopped pruning me, they chattered together in Vietnamese as they admired the way Niem landscaped my pussy. I took a look, and where once I had a big, reddish brown bush, I now had a bare beaver with small stubbles of pussy hair.

Suddenly, they grabbed me and flopped me over on my belly on the workbench. When I yelled, Niem picked up his shorts then pulled my hair back and stuffed them into my mouth. Ngo put packing tape across my mouth, wrapping it around my head about four times. Then they pulled my arms behind my back and put tape around my wrists and above my elbows.

"You wanted to know about war, Patty Jo," said Niem, "we show you what our father did. He was in charge of torture."

I knew I was in trouble when he said that, but I really didn't mind. I thought it would be fun to be their prisoner for a while. Next, Ngo got some rope and they proceeded to tie my body completely. They wrapped the rope around each of my tits at least six or seven times. Then they ran it back and forth from one boob to the other another four or five times.

Finally, Ngo lifted my bound, naked body up into the air, while Niem took the rope and tied it to a beam which ran across the ceiling in the middle of the shop. When Niem finished, Ngo dropped me and I fell like a rock then jerked to a sudden stop, as the rope held. I wanted to scream as I swayed in the air. It felt like my tits would rip off my body. They were stretched up and above me like two huge balloons, and my nipples looked like they would burst any moment. The pain was terrible, but I liked it and wondered what they would do next.

As I swung back and forth, I saw Ngo rooting around in a bag from which he produced two paddles. Each of them took a plastic paddle, then Ngo stood in front of me and Niem behind. I felt the first stinging crack of plastic as Niem laid the paddle across my bare ass. I would've screamed but couldn't with his shorts stuffed in my mouth. My body jerked and I swung toward Ngo who viciously slapped his paddle between my legs and across my bare cunt. From time to time, Ngo would smack my tits and nipples, driving me wild with pain and pleasure. I swayed back and forth between them, as they pummelled my naked body. And I loved every minute of it.

Finally, the boys grew tired and put away their paddles. Ngo produced a tube of something which he inserted in my ass and squeezed. A jelly like substance oozed up inside my butt, and I shook thinking of what was coming. Ngo grabbed my legs from behind and lifted me till I could feel his pecker prod my bung hole. Then, he yanked me downward, stretching my tits and driving seven hard, brown inches of Vietnamese cock up inside my ass.

It was magnificent. My tits stretched to popping, while he buggered my ass with his sharp spear. I loved it. It seemed like forever that Ngo pounded my ass, wracking my boobs in agony. Finally, I felt the gusher. He exploded and his warm juice splattered the inside of my ass. When Ngo finally pulled his limp dick from my skewered ass, his thick, warm jism trickled down my legs.

I hung there exhausted, waiting for the next attack. These two Vietnamese boys were still fighting the war and I was their target. And I loved every second they kept me as their prisoner.

At last, Niem held me while Ngo climbed on a chair and cut the ropes which suspended me from the ceiling. Niem sat me on the floor and undid the tape around my mouth, pulling out his shorts as he did it. I tried getting my jaws to work again, as I thought the boys were done with me, but I was wrong.

Niem pulled my hair, yanking my head backward so my face looked up at him. He rubbed his eight inches of hard dick across my face saying, "Now, Patty Jo, you give me good suck job or I hang you from bridge just the way you are and leave you there."

Now I'll admit the idea kind of interested me, but I thought I'd better give him the best blowjob he ever had or he'd do just what he said he would. I sucked his brown meat into my mouth and began to lick and chew like I never had before. Niem pounded his rod down my throat, as I sucked his cock for all I was worth. I felt the first dribble of his salty juice, then a burst of thick liquid as he filled my mouth. I gulped down gob after gob of cum, trying not to choke on it. At last he stopped ramming his rod down my throat and pulled his limp pecker out of my mouth.

I sat there waiting for the next round, with large wads of Niem's cum drooling down my chin. I was exhausted. Niem and Ngo untied the ropes, freeing my body for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. I massaged my breasts, trying to get feeling back into them.

Then Niem knelt down between my legs and stroked my cunt, twisting my clit and driving me crazy. Ngo finished cleaning his dick off then turned my head sideways, pointing his hard, eight inch cock at me and rubbing the bulbous head of it against my lips. They chattered in Vietnamese, as Niem spread my cunt lips wide open and plunged his stiff, brown shaft deep into me. Gasping, I opened my mouth and Ngo shoved his hard rod across my lips and down my throat.

Pinning my legs around his waist, Niem rammed his cock into me so hard he bounced my ass off the floor with each thrust. Ngo grabbed my ears and pumped my face back and forth on his cock. I loved everthing these two did to me, and every minute they spent doing it.

They porked me wildly, stuffing my love holes with cock and driving me mad with pleasure. I ran my tongue all over Ngo's shaft, licking and flicking, and pulling on his cock head hoping to suck out every drop of his thick, white love juice. Niem's hard cock rolled around inside me, tweaking my clit and sending spasms of pleasure all through me. My body flopped and jerked uncontrollably as they hammered me.

Finally, they both exploded inside me, filling my cunt and mouth with so much cum I dribbled from both ends. At last they were finished with me. I sat up, letting the excess jism leak out of my pussy. I swallowed most of Ngo's load and let the rest roll down my chin onto my tits.

They stood looking and grinning at me. "You sure do like fuck and suck, Patty Jo," Niem said.

"Yea, she like fuck and suck a whole lot, she does," said Ngo, grinning.

"You're right, Ngo, I love to fuck and suck a whole lot," I said. I looked down at my bare pussy, then back up at a grinning Ngo and Niem.

"Now how am I going to explain to my husband about getting my pussy hair all cut off?" I asked.

"You tell him that Ngo and Niem trimmed the Patty Jo Elm tree," said Ngo, then they looked at each other and laughed.

Since then, I've spent a lot of time with Ngo and Niem and they turned out to be the best nurserymen I've ever found. Since that day, the two Vietnamese have trimmed my bush, plowed my garden, and planted their seeds in me, over and over again, just like the experts they are.


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