tagIllustratedDown the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole


"Micky, this is Tiffany, my friend I was telling you about," Jessica said, introducing a breathtakingly gorgeous girl I'd never met before. Jess was an old friend of mine from high school. Now we went to college together, and had come to a huge bush-party at one of our friend's parent's farms. There were over a hundred people there, many of which we knew, and many who we didn't. The girl's were both 18, around the same age as most of the others there, I guessed.

"Hey!" Tiffany said in a high pitched, sexy, nasal girly voice, with a broad smile, extending her hand palm-down for me to shake.

"Hey, nice to meet you, Tiffany. ...Jessica told me you're in photography club together or something?"

"Yeah. Jessica takes such amazing photographs! Has she shown you?"

"Yeah, she has; she does," I answered smiling at the beautiful blonde.

"Hey you guys, check this out, I almost forgot..." Jessica was saying, rummaging around in her backpack for something. She pulled out a plastic bagie full of what looked like small, long-stemmed dried mushrooms: Shrooms!

"Grab a handful guys, and wash them down with some beer!"

"Right on!" Tiffany said, grabbing a handful and washing it down with a big swig from her plastic cup of beer.

I thought to myself that maybe we were getting a little old for this, but then thought, fuck it; One last time couldn't hurt.

I grabbed myself a big handful and washed it down. Jess poured the remaining bunch into her own mouth and washed hers down, too. We smiled excitedly at each other. It was getting late in the evening and the psychedelic mushrooms would begin to take effect as the sun set. All signs said that it was gonna be a crazy night...

Jess was a beautiful girl. She had bleached blonde hair (I think she liked the attention from guys that it would get her) big firm tits, a little waist and a beautiful, sizeable ass. But her best feature was her warm, friendly, radiant, sexy smile. We'd been friends for years and had often fooled around together, but we'd never 'been together' as a couple before. She kept her snatch and brown-hole immaculately and completely waxed smooth, which I found as hot as hell. Tonight, she had on 24-hole pink Doc Martins, red fencenet stockings, a short jean miniskirt, and a tight-fitting white T-shirt that said, somehow provocatively, 'Down the Rabbit Hole' across her chest.

Her friend Tiffany was something else! She also had long, bleached blonde hair, hers up in two ponytails on either side of her head. Her body was insanely slender, with a small, yet perfectly sculpted ass in her tight jeans. But her most noticeable feature, besides her gorgeous model's face, was the biggest fucking pair of fake tits I'd ever seen in my life! Her frilly short-sleeved white top clung ridiculously tight onto her busting curves, leaving her midsection bare, down dangerously low and close to her pussy above her low-riding tight jeans. One's dick got hard just being in her proximity.

The three of us were chatting and gently flirting as the sun went down and our eyes began to dilate from the effects of the shrooms. The sun cast long shadows, including from the girls' hardening nipples underneath their clinging shirts. My dick, too, was hardening in my pants beyond my control, and I had to shift my jeans around a bit to accommodate it. I wondered if the shrooms could have been laced with E or something.

With our third or fourth beers in hand, we made our way down into a grove where there was a bonfire surrounded by merry partiers. I began noticing the sky swimming in a magical way, which I knew was the mushrooms taking effect. My feet seemed to slightly float across the ground as we walked, and the girls just looked hotter and hotter as we continued to chat and flirt.

I imagined peeling their clothes off to reveal their pristine naked bodies. And of course, sliding my now rock-hard-in-my-pants meat between their teenaged thighs and up into their hot, wet pussies to its root. I dared imagine that they'd let me fuck them up their assholes: the hot, tight, forbidden, slippery depths of their most intimate of holes, gripping my shaft as I slid it in and out of them all night... Jessica's voice close to my ear jolted me out of my daydreaming reverie: "Micky, check out Tiffany. I think she's really tripping!"

The massive-chested model was examining her own hands as though they were roadmaps or precious jewels, her mouth agape in wonder. Jess and I giggled at her in understanding. Apparently all of us were now 'Down the Rabbit Hole.'

"My, my, Mr. Hatter!" Tiffany said, apparently addressing me. "But you are handsome tonight!" And she was suddenly all over me! Groping and caressing me, even grinding her snatch into my hip through her jeans!

"Haha, whoa!" I stammered. "Jess, what should I do?"

"I say just go with it, baby! Just don't forget about me over here!" Jess said putting her arm around my waist on the opposite side of where Tiffany was clinging to me and kissing me on the cheek.

"Jess? Who's Jess?" Tiffany suddenly said. "That girl there is most definitely the white rabbit: the Playboy Bunny, and I of course am Alice, at your complete and utter service, Mr. Mad Hatter..." She then suddenly gripped my hard dick through my jeans which was a bit of a shock, though not at all unpleasant, and Jess and I couldn't help sharing a giggle of understanding.

The shrooms were really hitting us hard, and things were looking pretty crazy as I hallucinated, things moving and swimming in magical ways everywhere I looked. The girls just seemed to be getting hotter and hotter as my trip settled upon me.

"Shall we find a quiet place, ladies?" I said sleazily, and yet good-naturedly, to the two tripping beauties. "I know a glen over yonder where the Caterpillar is most assuredly waiting to entertain us with his stories," I said making lame reference to Alice in Wonderland, which I figured Tiffany figured herself to be a part of.

"Yes!!!" the girls cried in unison.

We skipped up the hill to a clearing I knew of, out of earshot of the bonfire, the girl's boobs bouncing in the rising moonlight. I arrived last to see Tiffany stripping and half-naked already. Shit!

"There is no blanket, so my clothes will do," she explained, her eyes twinkling. Her boobs were magnificent! Then she peeled down her skin-tight jeans in slow motion, her thong coming with them, revealing first her gorgeous little ass, and then the snatchiest of perfectly waxed smooth snatches I could possibly imagine...

"Wow..." I whispered. Jess heard me and laughed.

"Can you help me, Darling?" Jess was asking the now naked Tiffany. "We can use my clothes as a blanket as well." So Tiffany trotted over and helped strip my old high school sweetheart down to her skin. Such gorgeous fucking babes! Jess' snatch was no less snatchy than Tiffany's: a pair of goddesses, I hoped my dick was up to the honor of making them both cum all night long.

"What about the Mad Hatter? Playboy Bunny, go help him take off his clothes, too. I want to see the Caterpillar." So Jess smilingly came over and helped me strip, my freed dick springing up towards the warm night sky. We carefully laid the clothes down on the grass, all of which was looking as trippy as hell because of the shrooms, and lay down together naked.

"Hello Mr. Caterpillar," Tiffany said, starring straight at my erect dick.

Jess laughed and said, "That's not the Caterpillar, that's his cock, Tiff!"

"It's Alice, Playboy Bunny. And it most certainly is the Caterpillar!"

Jess and I laughed and she said, "It's not the Caterpillar, it's the Mad Hatter's cock!"

"Ah!" Tiffany said taking my dick in her hand and licking it, "So it is! How long and hard it is, isn't it, Playboy Bunny?"

"Fuck yes, Alice... My pussy's getting wet just looking at it, how's yours?"

"Yes, mine too. I think I shall suck on it now!" And with that 'Alice' took my cock into her mouth and began giving me expert head. The model's mouth on my cock was driving me wild, and my good friend Jess kissed me as her friend blew me. I looked up at the stars as Tiffany brought my dick to heaven, everything spun and swam in a lovely hallucinogenic symphony of harmony.

"I wanna taste Alice's pussy," I told 'the Playboy Bunny.' "I wanna lick your pussy, Alice. May I?"

"Yes!" We rearranged ourselves in a daisy-chain: my mouth on Tiffany's cunt, her mouth on Jess' cunt, and Jess' mouth on my cock. We continued like that for a while, it was fucking amazing! I groped the girls' tits and bodies, as much as I could reach, as we all got each other off pleasantly.

"I wanna fuck you Alice! Here, stand up beside this tree!" I told her.

"OK, Mr. Mad Hatter. I can't wait to feel your cock up my cunt; I've always wanted this!" 'Alice' stood with her hands out on a tree, and thrust her ass out with a deep back-arch. "Shove it right up inside me!" Tiffany cried, tripping and horny as hell.

I did just that, feeding my sizable, ten-inch cock up into her tight, perfectly manicured model's pussy. Oh damn, it felt good! Jess stood beside me and I fingered her cunt as I fucked her friend. Both girls were wet as hell, and once again I wondered for another instant if the shrooms had been laced, the thought was instantly gone, and I focused on the task at hand, namely fucking this gorgeous cunt.

"I want you to suck your friend's pussy juices off of my cock now, Playboy Bunny!" And I pulled out, Jess knelt down, and she began sucking on my dick.

Just then I heard another voice from close behind us. It said teasingly, "What's going on here? Ohhhh, I see! Lemme in on somma that!!" It was Claire, a friend of mine from college. I hadn't even known she was at the party. She was another hot little piece of ass, let me tell you! I could barely recognize her face, I was tripping so hard. But I could at least see that she was as hot as hell: also blonde, big titties and shapely bum, short pink tube-dress, black, funky, buckle-up schoolgirl shoes.

"The Cheshire Cat!" Tiffany cried, looking over her shoulder at the new arrival.

"Yes of course, the Cheshire Cat!" Jess chimed in.

"If the Cheshire Cat will accept the Mad Hatter's cock up her arse, then we may bid her welcome, so long as she takes his mayonnaise up her shit-hole," Tiffany explained. Jess and I shared a real laugh at Tiffany's crazy, slutty trip. Claire's mouth was agape.

"Wha???" was all Claire could say.

"It's cool, Claire. We're all tripping-" I began, but Claire cut me off.

"You wanna fuck this ass, Micky?" she said playfully, smiling and pulling down her thong from underneath her short pink dress, "then fucking have at 'er, baby! I'm fucking horny, too!" She got down in doggy and hoisted her dress up over her bare ample ass, her thong down around her ankles.

"Well, he isn't 'Micky,' whoever that may be, and she isn't 'Claire,' either. But if the Hatter will arse-fuck the Cheshire Cunt at once, so that we may resume our own fucking, I should be pleased!" said 'Alice!'

'This is fucking awesome!' I was thinking, as I slid my dick up Claire's wet slit, using her own juices as lube to slather up her own asshole. I figured it only reasonable to loosen her up a bit first, so as I fed my cock up her wet cunt, I slid a finger up her shit-hole as well. I worked both finger and cock in and out of her holes for some time, noticing that 'Alice' and 'the Playboy Bunny' had begun making out beside us as we fucked.

"Fuck my ass now, Micky! Oops, I mean 'Mad Hatter'!" Claire laughed. "Fuck my tight fucking asshole; I've always wanted you, babe!" she begged. She was obviously also wasted on something or other, or real drunk at the very least. I didn't need asking twice, and I slid my meat all the way up her hot, tight fucking fart-hole and began fucking her steadily.

Claire was wailing with pleasure as I fucked her ass. "I didn't know you were such a slut, Cheshire Pussy-Cat!" I yelled as I rammed my salami deep in and out of the girl's cute fucking butt.

"Oh fuck yes! Sometimes I'm a real slut! Oh, don't stop! Fuck my asshole harder! Fuck it deeper!" cried Claire.

I squatted with my feet on either side of Claire's. I reached under her torso and pulled her tube-dress down over her massive titties so that they tumbled out naked, and squeezed them as I fucked her ass.

"Oh! Damn it! Yes!" Claire cried. I could feel her asshole squeezing my dick harder than ever. Until, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Claire yelled as she came with my cock fucking her hard and deep up her asshole.

"Where do you want my cum, baby!?" I yelled.

"In my mouth or up my ass, it's up to you!" she replied. I hadn't felt Claire's mouth on my cock yet, which I'd wanted to. So I pulled out and got in front of her and told her to suck my cock, which she immediately did with enthusiasm. In no time I was cumming deep down her throat, and she drank it all down.

She smiled, pulled up her knickers, covered her boobs back up, gave me kiss on the mouth, said 'Bye' to the other girls, and left the scene just like that. Fuck and run.

By then, the other two girls were really going at it. Jess was on top in a sixty-nine. I got down and began tonguing her asshole as Tiffany ate out her pussy from underneath. Jess turned around and said quietly to me, "Yes, fucking do it Micky: fuck my ass! Make me cum!" before getting back to eating Tiffany's pussy out.

I squatted down like I'd done with Claire and fed my now-hard-again cock slowly up my old friend's shit-hole. "Ooooh!" we both moaned as I sank my meat down inside of her to the root. Tiffany licked my balls from underneath as I began pistoning my cock in and out of her friend's bum. "Oh Jessica, I fucking love you!" I murmured as I rammed her ass faster and faster, determined to make her cum.

Then I got into a little rhythm of hole-swapping, going from Jess' asshole, to Tiffany's mouth, to Jess' pussy, and so forth; it was fucking amazing!

Eventually I settled back into a rhythm fucking Jess up her ass. Not long after that, she came hard, her asshole spasming around my fucking shaft, her cunt gushing into her friends open mouth below. I pulled out and painted Tiffany's face, along with Jess' asshole and pussy with a huge load of hot cum.

"My turn!" Tiffany then wined playfully.

"You got it baby; just lay back," I told her.

"Call me Alice, Mr. Mad Hatter, please? It does so confuse me when people use the wrong names in addressing one another." she begged, laying on her back with her legs bent at the knees and wide apart, displaying her pussy to full-advantage.

Jess took the opportunity to find her camera from in her bag somewhere.

"Oh, sweet mercy..." I muttered looking at the unbelievable girl-hotness which lay naked before me beneath the stars. I dove onto her tits like a starved monkey going for a bunch o' bananas. I licked and squeezed them like a kid in a candy store... a kid with a ten-inch cock about to shove it up a bitch's asshole. As I licked and sucked her enormous, rock-hard nipples with my mouth, she fed my hard meat up into her hot, wet snatch. I fucked her like a machine as I sucked on the biggest, most awesome fake tits I'd ever fucking seen in my life. I was in Valhalla! I think she came at least once, before re-positioning my fucking cock up her shit-box and telling me to fuck her ass. I held her ankles up and wide apart, out to the sides as I slowly began pistoning my cock in and out of her hot, tight shit-hole. She very courteously held her vagina wide open for my viewing pleasure as I fucked her ass. Oh man, it was incredible! All the while, Jess was snapping pics of us fucking from all angles.

I suddenly wanted to taste Jess' cunt in my mouth, which I told her. I lay on my back, and the girls straddled me, facing away from each other: Jess' cunt on my mouth, and my cock up Tiffany's asshole.

"Fuck it, Alice!" I called to Tiffany. "Make it cum up your ass!" We got to work and a good time was had by all. I felt 'Alice' cum on my cock, and Jess cum on my face, and soon I was saying that I was about to blast my 'mayonnaise' (as Tiff had called it) up Alice's ass. She rocked her arse-hole up and down my cock in a fast, smooth flow originating from her waist, until her shit-ring was jerking my pole as fast as my hand ever had. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" I wailed like a monkey, still tasting Jess' delicious juices in my mouth, as I came! and came! and came! deep up Tiffany's tight, sweet fucking bum.

We curled up together on our blanket of clothes beneath the stars, catching our breath.

"Ladies," I said, still out of breath, "thank you for an unforgettable experience."

"That's no problem, Mr. Mad Hatter," Tiffany said, "Thank you!"

"I fucking love you, Jessica," I whispered in her ear.

"I love you too, Micky," she replied. "Let's stay friends forever."

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