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This was the beginning of my second week in the lakes region of New Hampshire on a computer consulting job. But the fact was that I had only done two days worth of work for the company that hired me, and the rest of the time they just wanted me available in case they needed me to iron out any wrinkles in their programs as they completed the changeover to a new system they had bought from the company I represented. So, as it turned out, I had had several vacation days with pay while staying in this beautiful area of the granite state. My family had brought me many times to area lakes when I was a child, and I loved it here. But at this point, I was getting pretty bored because I had revisited several of the area sites and didn’t have a lot else to do with myself other than work out in the health club of the inn where I stayed. But I was thankful that the August weather had been beautiful everyday.

As a twenty-seven year old black American I am pretty happy with my life, both in terms of personal and career accomplishments. Over the years, I had always been told how cute I was by girls, both by sista’s and white girls alike. I didn’t know if I really was, I just knew that that’s what everyone always said. As I grew through high school and college, sports helped me to sculpt a near perfect body to go with what I was now told were incredibly good looks, even for a black guy. At six foot four, and one hundred ninety-five pounds, I figure I have finally stopped growing. And, my medium brown skinned body is smooth, and incredibly well defined from my shaved head down to my feet.

Most women I have been out with are totally taken with my body and with the pretty good sized package I inherited from my ancestors. As of yet, I just have not found the right woman for me. It seems that whenever I meet someone who really interests me, she is either engaged or already married. It’s really frustrating.

In terms of my career, I am really happy with the way I have advanced with the companies I have worked with since I got out of school five years ago. It seems the only let down in my life is the fact that I still don’t have someone special with whom I can share the future.

Anyway, as these thoughts played through my mind as I sat at the bar at the inn and was drinking a couple of drafts before eating another supper by myself, I was interrupted by an incredibly beautiful white girl/young woman who climbed up on the stool next to mine. When I looked over at her as she sat down, I realized she was perhaps the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She looked to stand about 5’8”, and probably weighed around 120. At first sight, she had an absolutely incredible body. Our eyes locked for a split second and we stared at one another, and she smiled a beautiful smile and asked,

“This isn’t taken is it?”

“No, it isn’t.” I managed as I drank in her beautiful body and smile. Our eyes locked for a moment longer than needed, and I got the feeling that she was looking me over just as I was giving her the once over. My stomach stirred just a bit as our eyes held on to one another’s just a little too long. But my next realization was that her boyfriend, check that, husband was standing behind her because there were not two stools left empty together. My heart sank as we broke our gaze and I quickly recouped by offering to move one stool to my left to allow her husband to sit next to her. They both smiled and thanked me.

“Thanks, really appreciate it. Matt Somers, and my wife Julie.” He offered his hand as he took my stool. Julie again gave me her incredible smile and onced me over as she said thanks herself.

“Jason Saunders, hi guys. It’s no problem.” I heard myself say to Matt and Julie as I shook his hand and then her beautifully soft and small white hand. She probably felt nothing like I did. But when our hands touched, I felt my heart and stomach knot in excitement. Looking again at Matt, I realized that he and Julie looked as though they were a couple right our of some hot sex movie. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, but Matt was also an extremely hot looking white stud who I guessed to be around my age. They both had gym bodies, and were dressed in a way that at once showed off the fruits of their labors at their local gym, but did not flaunt them. She had straight thick dirty blond hair that fell just below her shoulders. She was wearing a low cut, navy blue top that let the entire world see her beautifully tanned cleavage that was just the perfect size. Around her incredibly thin waist was a short white skirt was barely above her knees when she stood, and revealed just enough of her long and firm thighs and calves to set my abdomen on fire. And her ass was just fuckin incredible! Her complexion was beautifully smooth and tanned. Piercing blue eyes shone bright from her tanned face. I realized I was probably staring, but I could not help myself.

“So Jason, are you vacationing?” Matt had jolted me back to reality. Almost embarrassed that I was glaring at Julie, I quickly came back with my being there on business. As I talked to Matt, I saw that he and Julie were probably the perfect match. He was just a little shorter than I, was also lean but very well defined and tightly muscled. He could easily have been a model. I did notice that he had thick jet black hair on his head which was complemented by a fairly deep late day shadow of beard growth. His arms were also very hairy. Too bad, I thought to myself, “She likes hairy dudes, and I’m not one of them.”

Matt ordered drinks for Julie and himself and insisted that he buy me another beer as well. They told me that they were on a few days vacation and had just arrived at the inn. Matt was a lawyer in Boston, and Julie was currently in her last year of law school. They were both real pleasant and outgoing, and I doubt Julie had any idea that she was giving me the hardon of the century. When she talked to me I had a hard time just looking her in the eyes because I wanted to examine every inch of her beautiful body. And her voice was so feminine; it was all I could do not to jump on her. While we all talked I suspected that Julie was playing with me. She had to feel the sexual vibes that I felt for her. But, I reasoned that that was impossible. She had a hot stud for a husband, and although I now knew I was a hot item when it came to the interests of the ladies, she didn’t need me. I told myself to suck it up and realize that this developing fantasy of mine was all my own. As we continued to talk, Matt and I discovered that we had played similar sports in high school and college, and that we had done similar things to keep in shape since graduating. I became more relaxed talking with the both of them, and I really enjoyed the conversation after a week of dialogue with the bartender. Julie also showed a great interest in sports and easily fit into the conversation. Each time I looked at her I was so frustrated that I could not find such a catch for myself. Not only did she have to be incredible in bed, but she also had a sharp mind and a great sense of humor.

When the bartender offered me my bar menu, Matt and Julie both insisted that I eat supper with them. I told them that I appreciated it, but that they were there to enjoy themselves on vacation. They still insisted. Reluctantly, I agreed and thanked them.

At dinner, the conversation did not lag at all. The three of us had a great time talking and the time went by quickly. I learned that Matt was 29 and Julie was my age. They had been married for four years. The perfect couple. I was so jealous of Matt, only because he had Julie, and I did not. I kept sneaking stares at her, and told myself that it was only my imagination that she was doing the same with me. Seeing the time, and thinking that these guys wanted to hit the sheets early for some exercise, I excused myself, saying that I had to call into the office and do some computer work. Julie and Matt told me that they were planning to ride into the mountains tomorrow and if I was on another day off said I should come. I thanked them, but told them I thought I would be busy. Just before I left the table, they grilled me on the athletic facilities at the inn and I told them that they were great and went virtually unused on a daily basis. I told them I usually did a midnight swim and hit the spa, even though I wasn’t supposed to, but said no one cared. I thanked them again, and bid them good night. As I left the table, I turned back to wave a final time, and noticed Julie staring at me. She returned the wave.


When I got back to my room, all I could do was fantasize about the different ways Julie and I would do it together. Over the next hour and a half I fucked her in my mind in every possible position as I jerked my ten inch cocoa rod. At about 11:30 that night I headed to the pool for my nightly swim. My routine was that I did laps for about forty minutes and then lounged in the spa for another forty. Since not a soul had shown up all week, I had started swimming and doing the spa au natural.

I was sitting in the spa when Matt and Julie came into the pool area. I kind of jumped up in a mini panic, realizing that my swimsuit and towel were off to the side of the spa. Julie had a terri cloth wrap covering her suit to just the top of her thighs.

“Hey Jason, how’s the water?” I told them that it was fine, but that I had one problem.

“What’s that dude?” asked Matt.

“Well actually, I’ve been doing the pool and the spa naked since mid week since no one comes in here, so I guess you guys caught me with my pants down so to speak. I’m a little embarrassed, but I can slip my suit right on. Sorry, I didn’t know that you would be down here.”

Julie and Matt burst out laughing at the same time. They looked at one another and simultaneously shed all of their clothes and climbed into the spa.

“Works for me Jas, if it’s ok for you.” Matt said.

Julie smiled and said that they intended to do the same thing, so since they felt they already knew me, it was cool with them. She said this as she slowly stepped her perfectly shaped, incredibly toned, and lean, and tanned body into the mild spa water. I tried to take it all in before she submerged herself below the water’s surface. Her tits were way better than I had imagined them. The nipples were darker brown than her tan skin, and they were deliciously hard. Her breasts were a fantastically perfect size, well rounded and firm. I was springing a woodie fast. Her abdomen was absolute washboard and her waist was tiny. But, her pubic hair was the best. It was trimmed into a perfect triangle, must have been for thong bikinis I thought to myself. I could only imagine driving into her pussy, warm and tight and wet. And her beautiful legs were incredible. As she stepped into the spa, she turned a little to look down into the water, thus revealing a perfect ass that stiffened me to the max……”What a fucking hot white bitch,” I thought.

I noticed that Matt was the chiseled stud I had thought he was. His body was real hairy, but lean and tightly muscled. He was the perfect Adonis for his beautiful wife. The only place I think I bested him was his cock. He had a nice package, but I bet he only stiffened out at about seven inches or so, and he was no where near as thick as I was.

Matt had brought along an ice bucket filled to the brim with margaritas and a sheaf of paper cups. He poured a first for all of us and the conversation picked up where it had left off at dinner. The only difference was, I didn’t have to imagine what Julie looked like naked anymore, I now had feasted my eyes on her beautiful body and was sitting to her left in the spa. Fortunately the water motion in the spa concealed my raging hardon. In the span of the next forty minutes I had finished two margaritas, but Julie and Matt had finished three each. Matt was fine, but Julie was getting pretty loose from all the alcohol.

I kept up my tack of earlier in the evening, sneaking peeks at Julie. And I think that she was actually doing the same to me. Maybe it was the liquor. Anyway, I knew I had to get out of there as it was nearly one in the morning, and I might have to work, and I also figured these guys were horny for one another. I made my excuses and started to get up, knowing that my hardon was not fully deflated.

“Jas, can you stay here with Julie for a minute while I use the can. I’ll be right back.” Matt asked.

“Sure, go ahead. But are you sure you trust me with your beautiful wife? You might be sorry.” I answered with a smile.

Matt got out of the spa sporting a clear hardon. I had been right, he was about seven inches, if that. He was nowhere near as thick as I was. At least I beat the bastard in one area for sure.

As Matt’s perfectly chisled white body walked toward the rest rooms totally naked and sporting a woodie, Julie looked at me and smiled. “Jason, I cannot believe you aren’t attached. You’re such a cutie.”

Surprised at her openness, I responded: “Don’t know what to tell ya Julie, guess I am just waiting for the right one, and before you ask…….no, I am not gay, not at all.”

“I’m sorry, I just figured that a stud like you would have to fight the women off. You probably do, but you’re just too modest.”

With that, I felt Julie’s foot rub up and down the calf of my right leg. My eyes and hers met and she smiled broadly without saying a word. I smiled back and asked her…….

“How will I explain my hardon to Matt when I get out of this spa?”

“Oh, sorry, didn’t think of that. Didn’t realize I had that affect on you. I promise to behave myself for the next thirty seconds until Matt comes back. I just wanted to see if what they say is true about black men.” She continued with a smile.

Then, she rubbed my leg again, this time stretching to reach almost to my crotch and throbbing cock. She did not touch it, but she might just as well have. It was at full mast under the water.

“Oops! Sorry.” She said with her beautiful smile again.

Matt came back into the pool area, his cock now deflated. “See, I knew you could control yourself bro…”

Little did he know. As Matt got into the spa, Julie took the opportunity to rub my leg once more with her foot, from my ankle to just above the knee. I was going crazy. I had to stay in the water and hope my shaft would deflate. I moved my legs away, and without saying a word, got up quickly, turned fast and moved toward my towel and bathing suit showing Matt and Julie only my ass. I am sure Julie noticed my cock, but I am also sure Matt did not have a chance to even notice as he did not expect me to get up.

I slipped into my suit and held my towel in front of me and said my goodbyes.

“Guys, was great to do this, but I might have to work tomorrow. Look, have a great day in the mountains. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow night.” I noticed while I said this that Julie was staring directly into my eyes with a devilish smile on her face. As I walked back to my room, I could not get my cock to go down, fortunately I passed no one. When I got to my room, my head was pounding. Was she drunk, a tease, did she really like me? I had no idea, but I was so excited by this beautiful white bitch who had just walked into my life with her handsome husband. She must have known that she was driving me crazy, and she was toying with me. Bitch! But I loved it just the same.

A few minutes after I got to my room the phone rang.

“Hi Jason, It’s Julie. I’m in the rest room near the pool. But I had to tell you, I think it must be true, what they say about black men that is. You’re a hottie Jas, thanks for a great night, bye.”

The line went dead. She was playing with me. What a bitch I thought to myself. But she didn’t seem that way. She seemed really nice. Maybe it was the liquor. Anyway, I barely got any rest that night thinking about Julie.


At about six in the morning, way before I had planned to get up there was knocking at my door. I stumbled naked and in a semi-conscious state to the door. Before I opened it, I remembered to grab a towel and wrap it around my waist. I opened it to find Matt standing there in shirt and tie, holding his suit jacket.

“Jason, dude. I know we just met, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, that’s okay. But, I have to drive down to Boston for the day because a big client of mine and the firm’s needs me. Julie is absolutely bullshit with me cause she doesn’t understand that I have to go. But dude, if you aren’t working today and can hang with her at all, I would appreciate it. She likes you, and I think it would be better if she has someone to talk with for a little bit. I am a dead man if I don’t go, and I am a dead man if I do. I expect to be back sometime around dinner time. Any chance you can help Jas?”

While Matt caught me off guard, I was able to figure out that he was in a bind. I felt badly for the guy, knowing that he must be in the shithouse for sure with Julie. I also felt a stirring in my mind and groin that told me this might be a really good thing.

“Matt, I won’t hear from work for another hour or so, but if I am not working, I’ll be happy to see if she wants to do something. At the worst, they might want me to work for half a day, not sure. This sucks for you dude.”

A wave of relief swept over his face and he grabbed my arm and squeezed it hard thanking me profusely.

“Does Julie know that you’re asking me to do this?” I asked.

“No Jas, but I am sure you could call her later and maybe do breakfast, or lunch, or something. She likes you dude, she’ll be pissed at me for days, but I know she’ll be happy to have someone she likes to hang with. I gotta go, owe you Jas.

As soon as Matt was gone, I found that my mind was racing in excitement. My thoughts were totally focused on how to make the most of this unexpected turn of events. Normally, I would never even give a thought to fooling around with a married woman…..but, Julie was different for a couple of reasons. First she was so fucking beautiful. The beautiful face, the long sandy colored hair, the wonderfully smooth skin, the thin but firm upper body with the most fantastically formed breasts I have ever seen. Her tiny waist, her trimmed pubes, the long and firm legs……..just the thoughts of her drove me wild. And second, while I think she was just playing around last night, trying to be cute, I really thought she was kind of taken with me like I was with her, and just maybe she might stray from her vows in a moment of weakness. It would be worth a try. On the other hand, I thought that here’s a nice couple, they seem to love one another, I have a chance to help them out. Why would I think of doing something that would fuck things up for them? And besides, I was really never one to just hook for a quickie. I had to know that maybe there might be a future in the relationship. And here, I just knew that there would not be a future. Anyway, I waited about an hour, called the company and learned that no they did not think they would need me at all today. But, they would need me for sure on Friday for a final review of all their systems.

I waited until about 8:30 in the morning to call Julie. I figured she might be awake because Matt said she was upset. She answered on the first ring.

“Hey Julie, Jason. Matt stopped by to tell me that he’d be out of town and he thought you might want a familiar face to see at breakfast or lunch or just to hang with. Are you up for it?”

“Oh Jason. You’re such a nice guy. I feel like a complete ass for what I did last night. I am totally embarrassed. I can only blame it on the margaritas and the fact that you’re such a stud. I have never done that with any other guy, ever. I apologize, you probably thought I was a real jerk. And now you’re calling me to make my miserable day better. I feel like such a jerk.”

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