tagIncest/TabooBusiness and Pleasure in San Diego

Business and Pleasure in San Diego


Before a business trip two months ago I can honestly say that I had never looked at my Mother as a sexual being. She was just Mom, and in every way had been a normal mother for the first 30 years of my life. All of that changed on a recent business trip to San Diego which is about an hour from my parent's home. As a child my family moved several times, but we were originally from the South. Mostly because I love Southern girls, I decided to attended college in the South and after college I took a job in Florida. So it has been a while since I have lived in the same city as my family. Needless to say whenever a coincidence like this business trip comes up and I am near the family I always make time for a visit.

This was a last minute trip and my Dad had plans to be out of town the same week, so Mom and I decided it would be more fun for her to stay with me at my hotel in the city than for me to make a few trips to her place. My flight arrived late on a Monday night and I was scheduled to be in town until Thursday morning. We made plans to spend Tuesday morning together, and I told Mom that she should just stay at the hotel Monday night to avoid morning traffic. At first she agreed, so I had set it up with the hotel to allow her to check in before I arrived. Monday afternoon Mom called to tell me that last minute plans with friends came up so she would just drive up Tuesday morning.

It was just before midnight when I arrived at the hotel, and to my surprise the girl at the front desk told me that my room was already checked-in. I guessed that Mom's plans fell through so she decided to head up like we originally planned. When I got into the elevator I noticed that my room was on the top floor, since I travel a lot for work an upgrade is pretty typical so I didn't think too much about it. Frankly I was so tired from the long day that I just wanted to go to sleep. When I opened the door I was blown away, this room was incredible and had an amazing view. I was surprised to see that the lights and TV were still on, because Mom usually goes to be early. I had just barely put my bags down when Mom came running around the corner and practically leapt into my arms. Open affection is not unusual in my family, but this was a little different I thought. The hug lasted a little longer than usual and Mom held my face in her hands for a second before she kissed me on the cheek. Mom looked up at me and said, "Kevin you look exhausted, why don't you jump in the shower and I will unpack for you." That sounded like a pretty good idea, so I went straight into the bathroom and stood under the hot water for what must have been 15 minutes.

As I dried off I realized that I had forgotten to bring anything to change into after the shower. I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my waste with the intent of quickly grabbing shorts and a tee shirt then head back to the bathroom to change. When I turned the corner Mom was just wrapping up unpacking for me and I noticed that she was wearing a basically sheer two piece sleep outfit. The light behind her helped make the material more see through than normal, but there was no doubt that what she was wearing was not motherly in the least. Mom looked up at me and said, "Forget something?" and tossed over the shorts and tee shirt she was about to put into a dresser drawer. I turned around to head to the bathroom when Mom chuckled and said, "No need to be embarrassed around me baby, I've seen you naked plenty of times." I laughed and made my way to the bathroom to change for bed. For the first time in my life the thought went through my head that my Mom looked good, and as I thought about it for the 30 seconds it took me to put on some clothes, I realized how good she looked.

Mom is a petite woman, about 5'3" and 115 lbs. Auburn hair with green eyes, and while she has always maintained her body pretty well with diet and light exercise, a couple of years ago she started working out again like she did in her 30's and I have to admit she has a fantastic body. That picture of her from a few minutes before, the one of her in the sheer sleep outfit with the light behind her was burned into my head, in fact I can still clearly see it in my mind right now. I could see that she wasn't wearing a bra to cover what I guessed were very firm c-cup breasts. Her legs and ass were perfectly shaped and hard. There didn't appear to be an ounce of fat on her.

When I came out of the bathroom again Mom was sitting on the sofa in the living room area enjoying the incredible view of downtown San Diego. I plopped down next to her and our conversation turned to catching up the details of her little world. I couldn't help but notice again that Mom looked great. I even mentioned something about how good she looked since she started working out again a couple of years ago. I wasn't positive but I thought I noticed Mom staring at me for a second or two longer than usual as we talked. Something in the conversation triggered Mom to mention her friend Lisa, which immediately made me think of something that had been stirring in my mind for a few years. It was an incident that happened one night at Lisa's house when I was in high school.

Lisa was a co-worker of my Mom who eventually became her best friend. Lisa was in her mid 20's when I was in high school, and she was married to a guy the same age. I became very good friends with Lisa and her husband John and would hang out with them a lot. They would get me and my girl of the week into bars when they went out with other friends on the weekends, which at the time I thought was the greatest thing ever and also made it pretty easy to get a date for those nights. I was a 16 year old Junior in high school, and my date and I would hang out with a bunch of 25 year olds at one of the popular local bars or at someone's house drinking a little and having a great time. My Mom was okay with the situation as long as Lisa made sure to watch how much I drank. I remember Mom telling me more than once that if I ever came home drunk or if she ever heard of me driving on one of those nights that my fun would be over. I thought that was a simple enough request and after the first few times I realized how much these little outings turned on my date, so I was always more interested in getting into my girl's pants than drinking anyway. It was also very common for Mom and I to hang out with Lisa and John on the weekends for things like grilling out or watching football.

The incident happened between Mom and one of John's friends, and that memory led to this conversation between Mom and me while sitting on the sofa in my hotel room...

K: Mom, a couple of years ago out of the blue I remembered something that happened in high school. At the time I didn't think anything of it but I have to ask you about it.

M: What baby? You know we can talk about anything.

K: I think it happened my Junior year. We went over to Lisa's house for dinner one night. John was there, and later that night his friend Jeff came over. The details are a little fuzzy because I remember drinking more than a few beers that night, but I definitely remember you going into Lisa's bedroom with Jeff for a pretty long time. I think I even asked you about it and you said that you were talking about his relationship with his fiancé.

M: I can't believe it took you this long to ask me about what happened that night...

K: So there was more that went on besides talking with you and Jeff?

M: (beginning to well up) Yes baby, I have always felt guilty about what happened that night. It was all so crazy. Earlier that week Lisa made an innocent comment about how John and Jeff were talking about how good I looked for an older woman. You know your Dad was traveling for months at a time back then and frankly I was lonely...I missed the company of a man. I missed hearing that I was beautiful and sexy.

K: I can understand that. So basically John and Lisa got me drunk so you could screw some guy 10 years younger than you.

M: (crying now) Yes baby, I have always felt so bad about that. What kind of mother does that?...

K: It wasn't so bad. At the time I just thought it was really cool that my Mom would let me get smashed with the rest of the group. I always thought that I was really lucky to have the cool mother instead of some old stick in the mud.

M: You are so sweet baby...

K: So what exactly happened between you and Jeff?

M: I don't think I'm comfortable talking about those details with you.

K: Did Dad ever find out?

M: Oh god no, I knew it would be the end of our family. I was determined not to let one mistake ruin our lives. It was a stupid thing to do and I hated myself for months after that night for not being a stronger person and resisting temptation. Besides, we didn't even have sex.

K: I thought you said you weren't comfortable discussing the details.

M: Well, lets just say that Jeff finished before we ever got started.

K: (laughing) So your torrid affair was a big disappointment, I'm sorry for laughing but it is kind of funny...

M: I guess it is looking back on it after 15 years.

K: So what happened? Did you guys make out at least?

M: Sort of...when we got in the room Jeff was very nervous. We started kissing, and after like 30 seconds...oh god, I can't believe I'm telling you this...I ran my hand down his chest and over his crotch. I barely touched it when, you know, he got too excited...

K: He shot off in his pants after you barely touched him?

M: Yeah, I guess he did.

K: So that was it?

M: Well no...he said that he was sorry but that the whole situation was so exciting that he couldn't control himself. He kept telling me how sexy I was...which obviously kept me in the moment. But nothing much happened after that.

K: What do you mean, he couldn't get it up again?

M: Nope.

K: What a loser.

M: Don't be mean, Jeff was a sweet guy.

K: So you just kissed some more and that was it.

M: Well, not exactly...

K: Come on Mom, finish the story. I think I have heard enough already not to be shocked by anything you would tell me now.

M: Well...I told him that it wasn't a big deal and we started kissing again. After a few minutes I loosened his pants and reached inside.

K: Oh wow.

M: He wasn't even the least bit excited at that point. So I played with him for a while...but nothing happened.

K: He is a loser.

M: Why do you say that?

K: Okay, this 25 year old guy has a hot older women alone in a bedroom...she is kissing him and he's getting a hand job, but he can't get it up?

M: (laughing) I guess you have a point, but he was really sweet.

K: I don't think you were looking for sweet at that point, it sounds like you wanted someone to throw you on the bed.

M: Pretty much.

K: So you really didn't get anything out of the deal at all.

M: That's not true, it was nice just to be wanted again by a man.

K: But you weren't exactly satisfied that night.

M: (with a slightly devilish look on her face) Well not by Jeff.

K: What?

M: Well, when we got home that night I um...had to take care of myself.

K: Holy crap...

M: After everything I have told you, that news shocks you the most?

K: Well, I just never thought about you doing that before.

M: I'm still a woman baby, and we all have those needs.

K: I just never thought you did that.

M: With your Dad gone for months at a time I was forced to take care of myself.

K: You could have grabbed one of the neighborhood kids...every one of my friends wanted you.

M: Come on now, you don't have to say those things to make me feel better.

K: I'm serious, everyone talked about you being hot. I even got in a few fights with guys at school over some of the things they would say about you.

M: Oh really...too bad I didn't know that (chuckling) I might have taken a few of them up on their offer.

K: Sure.

M: Why not, most women have at least thought of taking a young man's virginity and teaching him about how to please a woman.

K: I wish I had known that then.

M: Why, is there someone you would have tried to get with?

K: There was this gym teacher who was always especially nice to me, and I remember one time for Halloween she dressed as someone who just got out of bed. She had this t-shirt on with dried cereal stuck to it, and her hair was a mess. The best part was that it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her chest. She caught me looking at her and made some comment that it was okay if I looked at her if I really appreciated the view.

M: Wow, that must have really gotten you excited.

K: Oh yeah, for months after that she was the only person I fantasized about.

M: See, I told you women think about younger guys...I bet you could have gotten some action if you had pressed her at all.

K: I never thought about that, you really think so?

M: Sure, especially since you were the hottest boy in your class.

K: I don't know about that...

M: You can't fake modesty with me, I was there when 4 or 5 girls would call the house each day. And I also remember walking in on you and some random little hussy more than a few times in the middle of a groping session in the living room.

K: Well, I can't deny that stuff but I was no big stud or anything. I was only able to go all the way with a few girls in high school.

M: Oh, with who?

K: Mom, I don't want to talk about that with you.

M: Are you kidding me, I just told you about that thing with Jeff and now you don't want to talk about which girls you screwed in high school. That's not very fair.

K: Okay...

M: Let me guess. Jennifer?

K: Yes.

M: Amy?

K: Yes.

M: Mandy?

K: Nope.

M: Are you kidding me? You dated her for at least a few months and she was all over you whenever she was at the house.

K: We never did anything more than foreplay.

M: That's a shock. I thought you guys were having sex for sure. In fact Lisa made a comment or two about that after meeting Mandy.

K: Well, nothing ever happened. And you used to talk about my...um...action with your friends?

M: Sure, every mother does.

K: So what boys in the neighborhood did you think about back then?

M: None really, they were all so awkward and shy. Even in a younger guy a woman wants someone confident, someone who wants to take charge of a situation.

K: None of the guys were like that?

M: You were always the leader of the group, the alpha male or whatever.

K: So if I weren't your Son you would have thought about me?

M: (looking away slightly) Who says I didn't think about you anyway?

K: What?

M: It's natural baby, for a mother to have those thoughts about her son.

K: Are you kidding me? You thought about me that way sometimes?

M: Oh yes, that was a fantasy more than once while I was enjoying some time alone.

K: Oh my god, I can't believe that.

M: Are you telling me you never thought about me that way? I know all son's have that thought cross their mind at some point.

K: (looking dead into her eyes) That thought crossed my mind plenty.

M: Did you ever have any fantasies about me?

K: Plenty.

M: Like what?

K: Usually just coming home when we had the house all to ourselves and making some kind of move on you to see if I could get lucky.

M: Nothing more specific than that?

K: Well, I did think about catching you getting out of the hot tub...seeing you dripping wet and toweling your hair...that used to get me going pretty good.

M: How long has it been since you thought about those kinds of things?

K: I think probably college was the last time...but talking about it now will probably put those thoughts back into my head.

M: You think so?

K: Well, I'm thinking about it right now so the thought will probably come up at some point.

M: So you still think I'm sexy even though I'm 50 years old...I know I'm not much to look at any more.

K: Are you kidding me...Mom you are still hot. I catch guys staring at you all the time.

There was an awkward pause for what seemed like 5 minutes but was probably only about 30 seconds. I don't know what came over me, but I closed my eyes, leaned in and kissed my mother. It was soft at first, then I felt Mom slide her tongue against my lips. I opened my mouth slightly and before I knew it we were in a full blown make-out session. A desire I had never felt before came over me, and within minutes our clothes were being torn off and I was sucking my Mother's breasts. Her hands were exploring my cock which was harder than it had ever been in my life. There was a frenzy of Mom and I pulling off each other's clothes and within seconds we were naked. I paused for a second and looked down at Mom, god was she beautiful. I don't think I have ever wanted to fuck anyone so bad in my entire life. Without saying a word I slid my Mother to the edge of the sofa and eased my cock into her. I looked up and our eyes locked...and as much as I thought I was turned on before, that completely threw me over the edge. I began fucking my mother wildly...it was incredible. My Mother said things in those next few minutes that I couldn't even imagine her saying before that instant. "That's it baby FUCK ME...keep that cock deep inside Mommy's cunt!!! Ooohhhh baby you are going to make Mommy cum all over your hard cock. I want you to cum inside of me baby!!! Fuck your Mother and cum inside of my pussy!!!!" As intense as that first time was it did not last more than five minutes. After I came inside of her, I collapsed on top of my Mother's naked body. We must have stayed in that position for a few minutes trying to catch our breath. "That was incredible sweetie," Mom said finally breaking the silence. And it really was incredible. I have never experienced anything that exciting and completely mind blowing.

I rolled off of Mom and sat next to her on the sofa. Mom inched her way up to a seated position next to me and leaned her head on my chest. We held each other for a few minutes without saying anything, we just listened to each other try to catch our breath. Our first time had been as intense as two animals in the jungle...pure lust. At some point Mom looked up at me and our eyes locked again. I leaned down and kissed her...this time my tongue went straight into her mouth. We kissed for a few minutes until I felt her hand on my cock. She began to softly stroke me and I was hard again within seconds. As she moved down to massage my balls I reached over and began rubbing her pussy. Within minutes we were masturbating each other and moaning into each other's mouths. I opened my eyes to see Mom tensing up, obviously getting close to another orgasm. I sped up the pace with my fingers, rubbing her clit lightly but very fast. Mom was grinding herself into my hand when she said, "Oh Kevin, I'm going to cum again. You are going to make Mommy cum again. Fuck me with your fingers baby...that's it make Mommy cum...mmmmmm...oohhhh baby fuck meeeeee!!!" Mom's body was nearly convulsing against me, it is an incredible sight to see your own Mother completely naked having an orgasm. Words cannot describe that sight.

Just as Mom was coming down from her orgasm I leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and ground my face into her chest. After a few seconds she pushed me back against the sofa, stood up and straddled me. "Lets get this inside of me again baby," Mom said as she grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy. She rode me while looking directly into my eyes. Telling me how much she loved what we were doing. She told me that she had never had an orgasm as intense as the last one, and that she wanted to fuck me as many times as I could last. This fuck was very intense and deliberate. Mom never sped up or slowed down her pace as she rode me...and she never stopped looking directly into my eyes. It was incredible. When she could tell from my facial expressions that I was getting close she begged me to cum inside of her again, but still she didn't change her rhythm. Sliding slowly up and down on my cock until I grabbed her hips and held her down on my lap. She grinded herself into me until I exploded inside of her. "That's it baby...cum for Mommy...I want you to feel as good as you made me feel. Make this pussy your own baby. Cum inside of me and claim my pussy as all yours. Oh baby...you are going to make me cum again. Fuck Me!!!! FUCK ME!!!!!" and with that Mom came again just after I finished.

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