tagNovels and NovellasBusiness & Pleasure Pt. 05

Business & Pleasure Pt. 05


V: Leah's Date

Leah goes out with Adrianna's husband, Roberto, and he shows her the most exciting night of her life.

Chapter 1

The week following Leah's passionate tryst with her boss's husband was rainy, but that didn't dampen the cute blonde's mood. As they say of those in love, she walked about as though on a cloud, catching herself humming when she sat idly, or staring out the window and daydreaming.

Not that she was in love. She wasn't that self-delusional. She knew that to Roberto Giulianni, she was just Adrianna's pretty secretary, nothing more than a plaything. Still, it was nice having someone in her life. It had been too long since she'd had so much attention lavished on her and all through the week, the only thing she could think about was her date Thursday night and the night's passion that would follow.

There was also a cruel side of her that took pleasure in sleeping with Adrianna's husband. Whenever the thought passed through her mind, she denied it, even to herself, but deep down, she knew it was true. The voluptuous Italian woman had been driving Leah to the edge of sanity with her demands and, more to the point, her treatment of Kevin Carter (Leah's secret crush). Taking Roberto as a bedmate was her silent way of paying her back.

Kevin used the rainy week to try and make amends with his wife, who he'd been neglecting for months now. He left every day at 5 so he'd be home in time for dinner, and didn't leave her side until the next morning, when he regretfully had to pull himself together for work. He'd forgotten how wonderful his time with the beautiful redhead was and how comfortable he felt around her. She wasn't just his wife and lover; she was also his best friend.

Work was a little bit more challenging with Adrianna out of the office. What he thought would have been a cake-walk for a week was actually harder than anything he'd experienced since being promoted. With her gone, Kevin was in charge of the department. He found that every time he thought he had a moment to breath, someone was bringing him a stack of papers to review, or sign, or comment on. He developed a newfound respect for his sophisticated lover, not that he hoped she would return any time soon.

His inevitable breakup with her loomed.

He also noticed that Leah seemed to be in a much cheerier mood. If they ran into one another in the hall, she smiled sunbeams at him, looking up at him for a moment before giggling and looking away. She was becoming more irresistible by the moment. He'd always found her cute, but he began to think about her as more. Maybe it was the party and her slip that she loved him. Nothing could stroke a guy's ego more than someone else's admiration.

Kevin began to wonder what she looked like under those tailored suits and blouses of hers. He began to fantasize about ways of seducing her, calling her into his office, or asking her along to a "business lunch." Every time his lecherous mind went down that path, he had to literally shake his head, clearing it of the unclean thoughts. "I'm not Adrianna," he'd say to himself aloud. "I don't just take what I want, and I love my wife."


Leah lived alone in an apartment down the street from the Carters. It was a good neighborhood in Northern Virginia – although the rents were a little on the high side – and she spent most of her evenings either curled up on the couch with a good book or down the block at the Gold's Gym.

She'd graduated two years ago from IU and stayed in Bloomington with her friends until about a half a year ago, when she packed up everything and moved to DC. She hadn't made many friends since the move – no one but Kevin and Karen, really, and they weren't really even close friends – and she didn't really feel all that interested in the DC bar scene. Too many collared Capitol-Hillers and all their snobbery to contend with.

Wednesday night was a gym night, so she squeezed herself into her little spandex outfit and was on the elliptical by 5:30. Karen was there as usual, the attractive, friendly redhead getting help from Joe, her personal trainer. Joe was one of those all-American good looking guys. He looked like the prom king, aged ten years: tall with shortly cropped blond hair and sideburns, his body was practically chiseled out of rock. He had a cyclist's build: thick calves and thighs, cords of tanned muscle tightly wound around long limbs and a taut body. He was definitely not Leah's type, but she wouldn't mind spending a little bit more time trying to determine that.

Ever since Adrianna planted the seed that maybe Karen was having an affair, Leah had been on the lookout. She really didn't want to believe the young housewife was being untrue to Kevin – even when she knew that Kevin was being far from faithful himself. She put a great deal of value in Karen's moral well-being, as though the redhead reflected the world in general. If such a sweet, down-to-earth woman faltered, then the whole world was in trouble.

Maybe because of that, she would credit Karen with a lot more than she would anyone else. She watched Karen flirt a little with Joe and wrote it off easily. After all, what woman alive wouldn't giggle and blush when such a hunk of a man paid her a compliment, or said something funny. Karen was just being human. That didn't make her an adulteress.

"What's up?" came a friendly greeting as the redhead took her place on the elliptical next to Leah. "What are you smiling about?"

Karen, like Leah, wore a cute exercise outfit: tight little shorts and a midriff-baring top. She looked fitter than Leah could ever remember; her stomach looked flatter and her shoulders looked a little bit more cut. Probably just an effect of the racer-backed bra.

"Just having a good week's all," Leah panted, dropping the difficulty level of her machine so she could actually carry on a conversation.

"You're looking pretty glowing yourself. Joe over there give you some extra pointers today?" Leah joked.

Was it Leah's imagination, or did Karen's face falter? "Yeah, right. I wish!" the redhead replied, just as cheery as ever. "You see his arms? He could probably toss you around like a rag doll."

Leah blushed. For one moment, she imagined herself pinned against the wall, Joe's arms flexing as he lifted her light body up and down on his inevitably large cock.

"No… it's really Kevin. He's been great this week. He actually comes home on time! You having a light workload?"

Not quite, Leah thought, thinking of Adrianna's absence. "I'm not sure. The boss has been out of the office, so I haven't seen Kevin all that much this week." The minute she said it, she realized it was the wrong thing to say. She didn't mean to imply that Adrianna and Kevin saw a lot of each other during the week…

Karen seemed to process this and write it off with merely a flicker of her pretty green eyes, and nodded. "Well, whatever it is, I hope it keeps up."

"I actually have a date this week," Leah said – anything to change the subject.

Karen smiled warmly and Leah was touched once again at how genuine she was. "Congratulations! Kevin will be insanely jealous." She winked, laughing as Leah blanched.

"You… how…?"

"Don't worry about it, Leah. I've known you've had a crush on him since I first met you." Seeing the worried look on the younger woman, Karen was quick to add, "But seriously, I don't mind. You're one of the most honest people I know. You're an example to us all." She practically whispered the last part.

Leah's guilt made her feel like she'd stepped into a sauna. What would Karen think if she knew she was going on a date with a married man? And loving it?! Instead, she asked, "Have I really been that obvious?"

Karen just nodded, her eyes dancing with laughter. "I think it's cute. Kevin… well, Kevin probably has no clue. You know how men are…"

Leah forced a laugh, but thanks to her big mouth, Kevin knew quite well how she felt about him, and she cursed herself once more for being so stupid.

"We should get together some time. Just us girls. I keep meaning to do more with you every time I see you but something always slips my mind."

"I'd really like that," Leah said, getting off her exercise machine. "We could paint our nails or something." They laughed at each other one last time and Leah padded to the showers.

Chapter 2

Roberto picked Leah up in his silver Aston Martin coup. Leah wasn't normally the kind of girl who drooled over a man who flexed his automotive muscles, but she couldn't help but grow giddy as she slid into the soft leather bucket seat, her eyes darting around at the lush interior.

"I had it imported from home," he explained, smiling at her with that cocky, oh-so-Italian swagger. "I see, you like." She just nodded her head, embarrassed yet unable to stop smiling. "Let's go!" he said, flooring it.

Leah felt like she was in one of those power-launch roller coasters, her compact body pinned into the seat with the force of the sports car's acceleration. It was just as exhilarating as a roller coaster, she thought. Just as out of control.

They dined in Georgetown at the Sequoia, overlooking the Potomac River, and inevitably, the conversation turned to sex. "So tell me, Leah, do you always play with yourself when Adrianna is away on business?" Leah's face turned pink and she averted her eyes, sipping at her vodka martini. "I have embarrassed you? After last Monday, I would think such a thing was impossible."

Leah's blush deepened even more, but she managed a quiet, "I'm not usually like that."

"But why not?" he asked, swirling his own cocktail before finishing it. "Did you not enjoy yourself?"

"Oh, very much. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here…" She looked around then, suddenly nervous that someone would notice them. Would recognize them and call her out for the adulterous that she was. "What am I doing?" she gasped under her breath.

Roberto reached across the table, his fingers softly caressing her wrist, and she shivered. "Do you wish for me to take you home?" It was a rhetorical question. They both knew it. "Or would you like me to show you the most exciting night of your life?"

She cleared her throat nervously and changed the subject. "What is it you do, exactly, Roberto?"

He withdrew his hand, knowing he'd won that small battle. "I'm a businessman. How do you say… I invest in nightclubs?"

"Really? Did you say night clubs?" emphasizing the plural.


"Any I may have heard of?"

"I am not sure. Have you heard of Basement?"

"Of course I have! That's supposed to be one of the hippest new clubs in the city! You own that?"

The handsome Italian nodded modestly. "Well, part of it, yes."

"Wow… any others?"

"A few. Would you like to go to one after dinner?"

Actually, Leah had been hoping they'd go somewhere with a bed, but dancing didn't sound like a bad idea, either. Especially if dancing came with free drinks. "That would be fun. Yes!"

Roberto laughed at her childlike excitement. "It's settled then. And I know just the one."

For some reason, Leah grew a little nervous at that last statement.


"Would you like to drive her?" he asked Leah as the valet pulled the silver import up.

"I don't know," Leah said. She knew she was a little tipsy from the martini, but this kind of offer didn't come up all that often. "I think I'm a little drunk," she admitted.

Roberto waved his hand. "Makes it more fun then, no? Let us try it…"

He wasn't going to take no for an answer, and Leah wasn't going to put up much of a fight. "Careful now, the controls are a little sensitive—"

It was all he could get out as the car jolted forward, wheels spinning loudly as they fishtailed around the corner.

The two laughed, a rush of adrenaline shooting through Leah's body. "Where are we going?" she yelled as they dodged around traffic leaving a wake of angry horns. Much like the rest of her relationship with Roberto, she felt at once so in control, and at the same time, completely out of control.

"Drive wherever you want. I will direct you in a little bit."

After a half hour of tearing up the DC streets, Roberto guided her to "Capitol," a club that Leah had never heard of, but one that Roberto assured her was perfect for the evening.

As they stepped from the car, Leah felt like she was disembarking a plane, her heels feeling happy to be on solid ground once again. Her head was still spinning as they walked into the club, Roberto shaking the large, suited bouncer's hand.

"Mr. Giuliani," the man said. "Welcome back. The usual table?"

"Please, Marcus. And have a bottle of champagne waiting for us."

"Of course. Go right in." If Leah thought it strange that the bouncer wore a suit, or that he radioed ahead for them, she naively took it as a perk of the owner.

It wasn't until they entered the club, walking past a ticket booth and down a corridor of frosted glass, that Leah realized that Capitol was a strip club.

"I believe this is technically registered as a gentlemen's club," Roberto corrected her.

"You have got to be shitting me?" she said, covering her mouth and stifling a hysterical laugh.

Capitol was smaller than she thought most strip clubs were. At least, it was smaller than the strip clubs as portrayed on TV and in the movies. At first glance, it was nothing more than a large, circular room. In the center was a circular stage with a single dancers' pole – currently featuring an acrobatic platinum blonde wearing nothing but plastic platform heels and a sequined thong. Around the stage were cushioned chairs and little tables, a handful of men sitting darkly throughout, watching the blonde spin and gyrate. The ceiling was painted to resemble a dome – like the real Capitol – although upon closer inspection, it was just a neat trick of the light.

Leah wanted to turn and run from the place. More than ever that night, she felt like hyperventilating. Instead, she laughed, "Oh my God," over and over again, her hand over her mouth, her eyes wide as saucers.

Before she could muster the strength to turn and go, she found herself being led to the other side of the club, past a roped off area where another suited bouncer loomed, and into an alcove that she didn't notice when she first entered.

It was as dark and private as it could be and still offer any type of view of the stage. True to the bouncer's word, a bottle of champagne sat in a bucket of ice, two flutes sitting next to it. Leah sunk back into the red velvet booth and tried to will herself somewhere else.

"Is something wrong?" Roberto asked, but that toothy grin assured Leah that he knew exactly what he was doing to her. "I am thinking you need a drink, yes?" He popped open the champagne before she had a chance to reply and could do nothing but watch as he poured the bubbly for her.

"To the most exciting night of your life," he said, toasting her. Tongue still caught, she silently clinked her glass against his and took a heavy sip of what she now recognized as Cristal.

It was sometime around this point that she began to relax at last. He'd promised her exciting and, she had to admit, this was pretty exciting. She'd never been to a strip club before – never had cause to. Then again, she'd never driven a sports car wildly through the streets. Nor had she ever had sex on her boss's desk, or in front of an open window in the middle of the day. All these other feelings had been exhilarating, to say the least. As the expensive champagne took effect, she resolved herself to take things as they came tonight.

That was, until the first dancer came their way.

Long, dark hair, glittery eye make-up, and overflowing breasts, "Sandy" – as she introduced herself – seethed with slinky sensuality. Dressed in a pure white micro tube dress that seemed to make a bold statement against her deep tan, the stripper bent down to whisper something into Roberto's ear, while simultaneously giving him an eyeful of her prominent cleavage.

"It's so good to see you, Roberto," she said, her voice husky and promising. Leah blushed, wanted to turn her head, but instead played the headlight-caught-deer to a tee. That tight dress rode up her solid thighs, threatening to expose her panties – or lack thereof, Leah thought with a blush.

The stripper's full, glossy lips were opening and closing, but Leah was too shocked to process her words until she asked, "Does your friend want a dance?" All the blood drained from her face and she shook her head slowly, back and forth. Sandy smiled predatorily and pushed, "Don't be scared, honey. I'll be gentle."

Seeing the little blonde's aghast expression, Roberto handed her a folded bill and said, "Thanks, honey, but not now…"

Sandy shrugged, straightened back up (pulling her short dress down an inch or two) and sashayed off into another part of the club, the clicking of her tall platform heels quickly lost in the low beat of the techno.

"I don't know about this, Roberto," Leah said once she was sure the stripper was out of earshot. "I'm not sure what you expect out of this night."

He just flashed her that cocky smile and said, "I expect nothing out of the night. I go into it without any expectations. It shall be what we make of it, yes?"

Leah rolled her eyes. "Sure." She was prepared to say something else, but she saw someone approaching – thankfully a guy this time.

"Hey, Roberto," the well-dressed black man said, waving the Italian back into his seat as he began to rise. "Please, no need to stand for me. I just wanted to stop by and say hello."

"Always the host, Stephen. Good. Please, have a seat, if only for a minute or two. Stephen, I'd like you to meet my date for tonight, Ms. Leah Anderson. Leah, the business manager of Capitol, Stephen Russell."

"It's nice to meet you," Leah said, shaking the handsome black man's large hand. He smiled widely at her. She felt a shiver down her spine. This man was beautiful in that Taye Diggs kind of way: cleanly shaven head and face, his chocolate brown eyes were open and friendly.

"How's business been?" Roberto asked, signaling a waitress over to bring another champagne flute.

Stephen waved the waitress away. "Oh, it's been good, it's been good. Revenue's through the roof and the dancers are doing better than ever. Word has spread that this is the place to be, both for dancing and for visiting."

Roberto shook his head in disbelief. "They told me I was crazy to open a topless-only club in the District. Sometimes it is what you don't see that drives them crazy, yes?"

"Must be. Must be. But we shouldn't talk shop in front of such a lovely lady," Stephen said, those warm eyes smiling in Leah's direction. "Is there anything I can get you, Leah? A drink? A dancer? A friend of Roberto's is always a friend of mine."

Leah's face blushed at the offer of the dancer. She shook her head shyly. "I think I'm good for now, but thanks."

He nodded politely. "I better get back to making my rounds. If you need anything, my lady, don't hesitate to ask."

"Always a charmer," Roberto said as his friend walked away. "And a wonderful businessman on top of that. He is the real reason we are so successful here. So, see anyone that peaks your interest?"

Leah had to laugh at his bluntness, shaking her head. "You men are all the same! I hope you didn't take me here with anything like that in mind. I am strictly a guy's girl. Ha!"

He grinned at her, but those eyes peered deeply into her heart. "Come now," he said evenly, "you can't tell me you've never been curious…"

She shook her head. "Never. I guess I must have missed out on the whole ‘college experimentation' phase of my life."

He just nodded. Leah gritted her teeth at his cocky attitude. "You don't believe me."

"Did I say that?" he asked, holding his hands in front of him to ward her off. "I just want you to trust me. I told you I'd show you a good time tonight. Look up on that stage. Isn't the girl up there beautiful to watch? Isn't she sexy, her body aesthetically pleasing?"

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