tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Before Pleasure Ch. 02

Business Before Pleasure Ch. 02


Here we go with the petty shit. All these hoes think they are on my level. Dr. Omari walked into his office, and shut the door. He pulled up his schedule, and noticed that he had two cancellations for this morning. He pulled up his email, and began skimming through his messages. Nothing interesting, he thought. There was a knock at the door.

"Yeah who?" he asked.

"It's me, Missy," said a voice from behind the door.

"Yes Missy, come on in," demanded the Doctor.

Missy opened the door and walked in. All Dr. Omari saw was tits and ass approaching his desk. A few of the papers she had in her hand managed to slip out and fall to the floor. The Doctor studied her body. Missy was a big girl, but she had a pretty face, and knew how to work what she was blessed with. The pants she had on seemed to be skin tight when she bent over, and her ass was looking very plump and juicy to him. He could see the outline of her thong. When she stood back up and turned around to face him, all he saw was her big ass boobs and hard ass nipples. I would love to put my dick in between those and be titty fucking her, he thought to himself.

"Have a seat Missy. I love to see you come in here. You control all the money that comes in and out of this office, so what do you have for me?"

"Well I just wanted to let you know that that $10,000 claim we were waiting on finally came through. They paid a hundred percent, after I negotiated new terms," said Missy with confidence.

"Great Missy, that's the type of talk I want to hear. Great job. That's why I hired you." He laid his hand on top of hers. "Thank you."

"Hey just doing my job," Missy said through her smile.

"And I do appreciate it," replied the Doctor.

"Hey, how about I treat you to lunch to show my appreciation, and you can finish showing me the paperwork and what exactly our new terms are."

"All right," Missy said cheerfully.

"I will swing by your office in about a half." With that being said, Missy excused herself from his office. The Doctor watched her exit his office. Missy turned around right before she turned the corner, and caught the Doctor staring at her ass. She smiled as she disappeared around the corner.

The Doctor went back to his messages. He felt a little distracted thinking about Missy. His manhood was also on the rise. He often wondered if he was a sex addict to a certain degree. He knew he enjoyed sex, fucking, making love, however the woman preferred to call it, But he did not feel as if it had taken over his life.

With that being said, he sat down at his computer and typed in StreamyDreams.net. He immediately did a search where he wanted to see a curvaceous mature woman. He scrolled through the many profiles until he found a woman who he was immediately attracted to. He clicked on her profile, and started up a chat with her. He had visited her room a few times in the past, and even took her private. He never once imagined he would be on a web cam site paying to interact with hoes, but he thought it was better than just jerking himself off. Plus, if he could help someone out by throwing a few bucks in their pockets, he figured he might as well kill two birds with one stone. The woman on the other end of the camera immediately recognized his screen name and saluted him. Assume the position, he typed into the keyboard. The young lady then lay back on her bed, and managed to put both legs behind her head. She then took a huge black dong and shoved it into her pussy. She then took it out, and sucked all of her wetness off of it. Dr. Omari was stroking his dick at a steady pace, and was greatly enjoying the view. Let me see it, he typed. She then zoomed in on her pussy, and held it open for him to see. He could see just how wet she was, and it was not enough, so he turned on his cam, so that the young lady on the other end could see him. He aimed the cam at his dick.

"Oh Doctor Dick, it's so pretty," said the young lady.

"I wanna see you ride it," replied the Doctor

"It's so big it might hurt me!"

"This is a a tool of pleasure, not pain."

With that being said the young lady put her dong up to her mouth and slowly licked around the rim. Then she put all ten inches in her mouth. Then she attached her dong to a fuck machine and got on top of it. She made sure that the camera was focused on her big ass bouncing up and down on the dong. She let out a few moans. The Doctor requested that she smack her ass, and hold one ass cheek real tight so he could see the fingerprints. When the Doctor saw her in all her nudity with her creamy wetness oozing down the sides of the dong, he really got excited. He didn't want to climax at that point, so he quickly ended the session.

He had to do something to get his erection down, so he decided to go into his private restroom and light a joint. He inhaled deep, and exhaled letting out a cough. He turned on a scent evaporator, and took a few more pulls. He loved his life. He lived his life as the ultimate bachelor. He was successful, he was good looking, and he was voted Best Chiropractor of 2013 in Dade County.

With that prestigious award came prestigious pussy. He had slept with so many different women that he was starting to lose track of their names and faces. He knew that he needed to slow down, but he wasn't ready just yet. He had opened his office up almost five years ago with his best friend, Chris.

They had met in elementary school, and were still friends twenty years later. He had always felt that the only way to be successful in life was to work for yourself. Just as he was getting lost in his thoughts, his phone went off. He looked down at it, and didn't recognize the number that was in the text:

Can't stop thinking about you or last night, when can I see you again?. Now he knew who it was, and wished he had not had a moment of weakness last night. The woman texting on the other end of the phone was an opportunist. A well known one too. So he texted back: Not gonna happen. The next text read: Already did happen.

Instead of responding back to her, Dr. Omari dialed Chris' extension on his handset.

"Yea," Chris responded

"I need you to handle something for me."

"What now?" Chris let out a big sigh

"You already know."

"God damit man, come on, you gotta choose your jump-offs better."

"Yeah, Ok Dad, replied the Doctor sarcastically. "You got me or what?"

"Yea I got you...what the hell you be doing to these bitches?" asked Chris jokingly.

"I don't know man, it's like once I put the dick on em, it's a wrap!" laughed Dr. Omari. "I'ma send you her number." Dr Omari knew he could count on his friend for just about anything, and this was no different. Plus, he already knew that once Chris saw her, he would thank him later.

The Doctor looked at the clock on his wall, and then outside his bathroom window. The view was a spectacular one. It overlooked Biscayne Bay. For the Doctor, it was a very relaxing view for him. He opened the window, and let the breeze come in. He had already had an exciting morning. Sex with a pretty young thing. Fellatio from the daughter of a Board member. And who knew what would be next around lunch time.

"Doctor, you are needed in Exam Room 3," a voice said out of his phone.

"OK," he replied. The Doctor stood up and sprayed some Versace Pour Homme. Then he put a few drops of Visine in his eyes, popped an Altoid, grabbed his lab coat, and headed to Exam Room 3.

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