tagBDSMBusiness Begins: Adam's Rules

Business Begins: Adam's Rules


Adam shut the door behind him. His eyes scanned the woman on the bed and he could smell the scent of sex that rolled in the air. He smirked and walked over to the hotel dresser, pulled off his belt and slipped his gun from the holster, checked the safety and then opened the drawer where he placed it. He'd also brought a small case, that too was placed on the dresser, its contents not needed yet. The young cunt was watching him, he knew it. She was hot, wet, and horny just like he'd told her to be. He turned back to her and smirked.

"Get off the bed and on your hands and knees," Adam Dixon commanded.

Katie's eyes grew wide with curiosity, but she slipped off the come-covered blankets and onto her hands and knees. He was a big man, she thought to herself as she looked up at him from this angle. Her eyes took in every inch of his frame and she found herself thankful he was willing to fuck her instead of sending her to the cops, where she'd probably be put in a cell overnight with a bunch of female chics that would screw her. She'd not played with women before and really had no desire to start.

Adam smirked and moved over to the bed. "You came hard didn't you slut?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said. She watched him sit down and she wondered what was next. He'd said something about her being his pet, and she had a vague idea what that meant, but something told her she wasn't going to have time to understand it all, not that it mattered to her. She was doing this only because of the shoplifting incident at the jewelers.

Without warning Adam was off the bed and her hair was in his hand; she was pulled back to the bed. He sat down and she was forced between his legs.

"What the fuck?" she hissed at him, the sting in her scalp brought tears to her eyes. Katie watched his face come closer to hers and she smelled the coffee and hint of brandy that he'd splashed in it. "Ow " she growled out, her hand came up to try and tug her hair free, but she could tell it wasn't happening.

"Sir. It's Yes, Sir... when Jill gets here its Yes, Mistress. Now take off my shoes and socks." He released her hair and watched her glare back at him.

"I didn't agree to fuck that bitch," she muttered.

"It doesn't matter. You stole from her store. You fucked up. You should have known better. You want to back out, go for it. I'll call my friend down at the station and let him know not only do I have a shoplifter, but a prostitute that solicited an officer." He cocked a brow at her and watched her slink back in submission.

Katie felt her rage boil and the thought of fucking the bitch from the jewelry store filled her with hate. "I don't mind playing your pet, but that other one. . ." she said nothing else. She'd deal with it when the time came. Right now she was a willing participate in the upcoming activities.

She moved her hands over his shoes, released the thin cords and untied them both. She slipped them free and then pulled off the black socks. Her fingers pushed the socks into the shoes and she moved them to the side of the bed. Katie then sat back on her knees and waited.

Adam stood up and looked down on her. She was a small thing. Her pussy was going to be tight and the thought only added to the pleasure that was filling his veins. "Undress me and be quick and then you need to relieve this tension."

Her pussy clenched tight with anticipation and she reached up to release the button on his pants and then the zipper. Her lips trembled in lust for the cock hidden from her. She'd tasted him earlier and the idea of tasting him again thrilled her. She pushed his pants down and when he stepped free of them, she was quickly removing his boxers. His cock jerked toward her and she grabbed it.

He watched her nuzzle his pubic hairs and then she stopped. "Come on slut, I know its not to big for you. You fucked it earlier."

"I washed it when I left, you jer," she stopped. "Sir. I washed it clean, but it smells like sex. You fucked that cunt after me, didn't you?" Katie hissed.

Adam laughed. "Yes and she cleaned me to, but before I left for the day I fucked her again, seems I need washed again." He said nothing else, just pushed his cock to her lips and waited patiently.

"Fuck it," she muttered. Katie opened her mouth and began to deep throat him quickly, not bothering to wait for his instructions. She pushed back the idea of him having that woman before he came to her, but she was with him now and that was what mattered. She'd show him she was more then enough to keep him busy, by the time the other slut showed up, she'd have him exhausted.

Adam grabbed her head with both hands and plowed into her. He guided her mouth up and down his cock and then he lifted her off and pushed her to his balls. He laid back on the bed and while she sucked his testicles, he stroked his cock. Together they worked his member. Eventually he released himself and ordered her to take his shaft again. She did.

Her tongue stroked up and down the heated flesh. She rolled her lips over the head and then back down again. Her juices flowed thick down her thighs and the room was freshened with the scent of arousal, this time male and female. "Ohhh, fuck..." Adam growled and sat up.

Katie was caught off guard by his movement, and fell back to her knees. She wasn't surprised for long though. She gazed up and saw that his cock was in his hand and was pointing right at her. Her mouth opened wide and as he shot his seed over her waiting mouth she pushed a finger into her pussy.

Adam grabbed her head and held her still as he covered her face and then her chest with his come. Once he was empty, he slapped her face with his softening member and then pulled her to her feet. "In the bathroom, slut," he moaned. His pulse was racing.

Katie licked her lips as she made her way to the bathroom. She paused when she heard the sound of Adam picking up his belt from the dresser. She shivered in excitement as his seeds ran down her face and dripped over her chest. Once in the bathroom, she waited for him.

It wasn't long and her hands were in the loop of the belt which was secured to the rod of the shower. Her legs were pressed to the side of the tub and when she looked up to Adam, she was breathing hard and fast. The come on her face was drying and she smiled up at him. "Now what?"

"I tell you the rules... then we see if you can follow them."

She smirked. "I've done good so far haven't I?" she asked.

He slapped her thigh. "Sir," he told her.

She glanced at him somewhat confused. "I've done good so far, haven't I, Sir?" she repeated as if questioning if she'd addressed him correctly.

Adam nodded his head and licked her pussy.

"Ohhh.." she moaned.

"Now, how old are you?" he asked.

"Twenty-two," she told him. He slapped her thigh and then quickly he followed it with a second smack. "What the fuck,"she hissed. The sting wasn't one she liked.

"The truth," he told her. "How old are you?"

"Twenty-two " she insisted, but she knew he was going to slap her again and he did. This time though he slapped her breast. "Eighteen " she yelled. "I'm Eighteen you ass." She was hit again, this time though she knew it was because she'd called him an ass. She felt the trickle of a tear, but refused to let it fall.

"The truth always or you'll be punished," Adam told her.

She nodded her head. "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now. . .I'm going to eat you out, but you don't come. Understood. If you do, you'll be punished. Since you don't seem to take to pain very well, I suggest you don't come unless I tell you too."

"That's impossible. I can't stop myself," she whimpered.

"You can and you will or you'll feel something besides a slap on the thigh."

He said nothing else to her. He left the room and came back with a chair and his suitcase. He propped the case on the toilet seat and opened it up. The chair he brought he placed in front of the slippery pussy on display for him.

Adam trailed one finger down the slippery cunt that was flowing with hot nectar. He dipped it inside and felt her hot sex and then pulled free. "You are a horny pet aren't you?"

"Yes, Sir," she moaned. Katie felt empty. Her pussy had welcomed the invasion and she wanted more. She spread her legs out and clenched her fingers. The leather of the belt wasn't the most comfortable. She found it new and erotic, to be hung, waiting to see what he was planning for her.

The idea of controlling when she came was silly, or so she thought. Her eyes shifted nervously to the case that he had opened and she wondered what all he had in there.

Adam picked up a small scalpel and he showed it to her.

Katie's mouth opened to scream and Adam held his finger to his mouth, indicating for her not to do what was natural. "It's okay, baby girl. This is for later. If you're good."

She didn't say anything. She was sure she'd misunderstood him and he meant if she wasn't good. She didn't ask though, not wanting to be "bad" if questioning him meant that the scalpel and her would meet.

She nodded her head and stayed silent. He smiled and licked her pussy. "Mmm... please, Sir."

Adam grinned. "Yes, my pet." He left the case for a moment and scooted up to her slick opening. With both hands he spread her cunt open, massaging both lips with his fingers. He pushed his nose against her clit and then ran his tongue up and own her pussy. He drank the fluids that were thick inside her and he felt her shake. "Delicious, pet."

He moved his face from her sex, but allowed one hand to play with her velvet folds as the other grabbed a long rod.

Katie shivered in pleasure as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she gripped his fingers tight within her cunt as he toyed with her. She flexed her muscles, welcoming him as he pushed a second in deeper. She was distracted by the movements of his thick digits and she moaned softly. "Ohhh, ohhh fuck yes. Wonderful," she whispered quietly.

Adam chuckled, he pulled his hand free and replaced his fingers with his tongue. As he licked her pussy before he slid a seven-inch long rod into his new pet's cunt.

"Mmm. . .what's that Sir?" she asked, rocking her hips against it.

"You like?" he asked. He kissed her belly and stood up. He still had on his shirt, so he shrugged out of it, while she adjusted to the invasion.

"Yes. It's long and slim. Cool too... what does it do?" she asked.

She brought her head up when she heard him whisper, "you'll feel." It took her a minute to comprehend that the rod was attached to a black power cord that he was plugging into a control box. "What the?" she asked, concern evident in her voice.

"Relax, pet."

He flicked the switch. She screamed in pleasure. "Fuck! Oh my, God!!" Adam watched with lust-filled eyes. Her hips rose to fuck the air and he grabbed the insulated base of the rod. He began to fuck her with the slim tool. He ran the electric tingles over her pussy walls. The tip of the toy played with her clit and then he slid it up and down her slit, before fucking her hot hole all over again.

"More. Oh fuck, don't stop Oh my...God! Fuck," she growled low.

"Don't come pet," he told her. He pushed the rod deep and left it there to hum and play throughout her system. He then reached up and toyed with her nipples, while he pulled her clit with his teeth.

She ground against him and lifted her legs to his shoulders. Her hands were clenching each other as the leather of the belt pulled at her wrists. She locked her ankles and pushed him to her pussy. The toy was pulled from her and he replaced it with his tongue and fingers. He scrapped her inner walls and fucked her with no restraint as his mouth made quick work of her cunt.

Katie tightened her pussy muscles and felt her climax on the edge. "Sir... oh fuck Sir, may I come?" she screamed.

Adam heard her and smirked inside. He pulled his face from her moist opening and pinched her clit. "Yes, you may. Come for your Master, slut."

He dove back between her sex and she released her pent up arousal. She covered him with her juices and shuddered as she rode his face, bucking and grinding against him. Her nails bit into her palms, the belt pulled at her and her pulse raced as she held him to her.

When he was finished drinking her, his cock was raging and there was a cough at the door of the bathroom.

"Master, I thought she was my toy?" the voice whispered.

Adam chuckled. "What's yours is mine, pet."

He stood up and released Katie's bonds. She fell into his strong arms and looked over her shoulder at the woman that was supposed to fuck her too. She had heard Jill call Adam, Master and not Sir, she wondered why.

"I'll wash her for you, Master Adam."

"I know you will. Are you wet pet?" he asked Jill. He carried Katie to the bed and lowered her to it.

"Yes, always."

"She'll wash you too," he told Jill, not bothering to ask Katie her opinion.

To be continued. . .

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