tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons Ch. 01

Business Liaisons Ch. 01


-= Business Liaisons, Chapter 1 - Initial Proposals =-

Cyndi was finding that Sean's concentration and his usual attention to details had deteriorated over the last couple of months. His sense of humor also had all but disappeared as he rarely kidded around anymore and his now infamous practical jokes around the office had stopped completely. He'd fallen into the all to familiar 'workaholic' pattern as well. Their manager had noticed Sean had missed some of his milestones on the project schedule and had asked Cyndi if she knew if everything was all right with him.

InterCore had had a rash of resignations from some of their younger employees over the last year and the company was trying to make sure that Sean wasn't contemplating a career move himself. Cyndi knew about Sean's break-up with Linda, and had even recommended that perhaps he should have found a job near her. Sean had interviewed with a couple of companies but he really wasn't interested in a change.

Cyndi had helped him to get a rather substantial increase and a promotion though by 'leaking' the fact that he had been interviewing elsewhere. He'd just bought a very nice townhouse in the area and Cyndi thought that he might be overwhelmed with the increased responsibility at work as well as the 'joys' of home ownership. She decided to take him to lunch to get him away from the office and find out if anything else was bothering him.

"Sean how about lunch today, my treat."

"I don't know Cyndi, I just can't seem to fix this problem that they found last week. How about a rain-check?"

Cyndi wasn't about to be dissuaded so easily and pressed on.

"How about I help you with it this morning and then we go to lunch. I really think that you need to get out of the office a little more. You've been out of sorts lately."

Sean thought for a moment, it wasn't the first time Cyndi had brought up that he didn't seem himself lately. As horny as he was, he couldn't help but think that what he really needed was to get laid. Instead of lunch, he would have much preferred to spend the afternoon fucking Cyndi's brains out.

It didn't help that she was also wearing one his favorite outfits that day, a black pinstriped suit with a fitted jacket and skirt. What he liked most was that the skirt was probably the shortest one she wore to work. It was cut about 4" above the knee and had a slit in the front that would often show a lot of thigh when she crossed her legs just right. He thought about asking her flat out if she wanted to jump into bed with him, but instead he simply responded with a sarcastic

"Yes mom."

Cyndi had a hunch where Sean's problem was and after just a couple of hours she'd helped him find and correct it as well as a couple of other errors that hadn't even been discovered yet. She took full advantage of the situation and told Sean that he was just too close to his work right now and that he needed to get away to recharge his batteries. Sean hated to admit it but she was right, he was also a little embarrassed about how obvious the mistakes were to Cyndi. It didn't bother him that much though, having Cyndi perched on a stool typing away at the keyboard right next to him all morning. There had been more than once that he wanted to reach over and massage her exposed thigh. It was just a little before lunchtime when they finished up.

"Well I think I'll cash in my rain-check now, I thought I'd be the rest of the week finishing up what you helped me with this morning. I have to insist that I'm buying though."

"It is a bit early, but I am hungry."

As Cyndi and Sean headed out of the building, they walked out into a perfect early summer day. Cyndi continued to press Sean to try and get him to loosen up a bit.

"I'll bet that this is the first time you've seen the sunlight in awhile."

Since Cyndi was always the first person in the office in the morning, she knew that Sean was always in just after six in the morning. She'd also checked with a couple of Sean's cohorts and found out that he rarely left before six or seven at night. There were many times that he stayed late into the night based on the dates of some of the files he worked on.

"You're right about that, I think there was snow on the ground the last time I went out for lunch."

Cyndi didn't even wait to get to the car before she dropped all pretenses and asked Sean point blank if everything was all right. She chastised him for working way too many hours lately and also told him about their manager noticing the drop in his performance lately. As they climbed into Sean's car and headed off, Sean explained that he was still a little upset about his breakup with Linda. All the way to the restaurant he vented about it and a lot of other things that had been bugging him of late. It wasn't until they had been seated at the restaurant before he realized he'd been monopolizing the conversation.

"Sorry for the tirade Cyndi, I really do appreciate your concern though. I guess I've become quite a dull boy lately."

"No apologies are needed Sean, and you're right about being pretty dull. If you ask me it sounds like you need to find a nice girl to spend some time with."

"I think that's part of the problem, all of the girls I've dated recently have been too nice if you know what I mean."

Sean gave Cyndi a sly wink and knew by her mock look of disapproval that she knew exactly what he meant.

"Being a nice girl doesn't necessarily mean that she's not interested in having sex, women get just as horny as men you know."

"I wish more women felt the same as you, I think that all of the girls I've dated recently must have taken oaths of celibacy."

Sean paused for a moment trying to think how to find out more about Cyndi's sex life. He figured that at least talking about sex was better than nothing.

"So I take it that you consider yourself a nice girl who enjoys having sex?"

"Of course, why do you think Reg and I have been happily married for so long."

"Hmmm, I'll bet you're a real tigress in the bedroom. If Reg ever needs help keeping you satisfied just let me know."

Cyndi thought for a moment about her long time fantasy of being gang-banged by a dozen guys. She knew better than to open that subject with Sean though and simply responded with,

"Reg is more than enough for me thank you."

"And you are a tigress in the bedroom?"

"I thought we were supposed to be talking about your problems, not my sex life."

"Well that's the whole problem, I don't have a sex life right now."

Sean gave Cyndi a mischievous grin and leaned a little closer to her and asked

"Perhaps we could go back to my place this afternoon and take care of this problem?"

Cyndi wasn't quite sure if Sean was joking or not, but she decided to play along with him for a bit. It was the first time that he had lightened up in a while.

"Sean I wouldn't think that a handsome stud like you would have any problems with attracting a whole harem of girls. Besides I would think that you'd be interested in some younger women. You'd have to be pretty desperate to settle for an old gal like me."

Sean thought again about telling Cyndi straight out that he'd love to screw her. He decided to go for it.

"I wouldn't sell yourself short like that Cyndi, you'd probably wear me out. Believe me, I'd hop into bed with you in a heartbeat given the chance. I'm not sure what it is, but the thought of having a beautiful mature woman who knows just how to please a man is an incredible turn-on for me. Besides, you're in better shape than most of the younger girls at the office."

Cyndi realized that Sean was dead serious about his desire to have sex with her. At first she was a little apprehensive about being propositioned like this, but she couldn't help thinking what it would be like to try Sean out.

"You must be very very horny Sean. ... You're serious about this aren't you?"

"You bet I'm serious, I wasn't kidding when I told that I was lusting after those gorgeous gams of yours. ... Does it bother you?"

"Well I wouldn't say that it bothers me, it's just that aside from the fact that I'm happily married, there's quite a few other social taboos that come to mind. Believe me Sean, I really am flattered that you feel the way you do about me. It's just that..."

Cyndi didn't know what to say, fortunately the waitress brought out their order just then. Sean waited until she had left and pressed on, so far he hadn't gotten a flat out no.

"So what other social taboos would we be violating?"

"First of all. It's never a good idea to mix personal matters with business. There are more than enough busybodies at InterCore sticking their noses into other peoples business. You're buddy Bill would have a field day if he found out about us having an affair! He's probably starting rumors about us going out to lunch together right now!"

Sean could definitely attest to Bill's penchant for being a gossipmonger. He'd told him many stories about some of the hanky-panky that went on at work. He even asked Sean one time if he was trying to score with Cyndi since they were working together so much. Sean had given him an incredulous look and asked if he was crazy. Bill had gone on to tell him about how he and several other guys at InterCore wouldn't mind doing her. It wasn't that she came across as a prude, but she always acted so professional that she seemed unapproachable. Now here he was broaching the subject of having an extra-marital fling with her.

"I don't think discretion would problem, I'm certainly not going to tell anyone."

The conversation continued while they ate. Sean was amazed that Cyndi hadn't tried to change the subject. Cyndi was surprised that she was actually thinking about fucking Sean. She knew Reg's favorite fantasy was to come home one afternoon to find her in bed with another man. Her's was to entertain a group of hot studs at the same time. This might just be an opportunity for she & Reg to actually experience some of their fantasies. On the drive back to the office, Sean bluntly propositioned Cyndi.

"So you haven't answered my question yet Cyndi. Would you have sex with me?"

Cyndi continued to skirt giving her horny co-worker a direct answer.

"You must be really desperate Sean, or obsessed."

"Well I definitely am horny, but would you?"

They had arrived back at the InterCore parking lot and since it was late Sean had parked well away from the building. Sean had taken Cyndi's hand and stared deep into her eyes. Cyndi knew he wasn't going to let her out of the car until she answered yes or no.

"Sean, I'm married."

"We'd be the only ones who'll know."

"Sean, I'd have to tell Reg, I couldn't cheat on him and not tell him."

Sean took Cyndi's answer as a flat no. What he didn't realize was that Cyndi hadn't said no to cheating on Reg, just that she'd have to tell him. He sighed and started to open his door. Cyndi decided that she had to clear the air before they went back to the office.

"Wait a minute Sean, I don't think you understand completely."

"Believe me Cyndi, I know what 'no' means."

"I said that I couldn't cheat on Reg and not tell him. Believe me, I'd love to get naked with you and fuck. What girl wouldn't want to have a hot stud like you?"

Sean was definitely confused, it certainly sounded like Cyndi wanted to fool around with him, but she'd have to tell her husband.

"So let me get this straight, yes you'd like to fuck me as long as Reg knows about it? ... This is starting to sound kind of kinky. ... What does he want to do, watch or something?"

The words had just barely left Sean's mouth when he realized exactly what Cyndi was proposing. Cyndi saw the look of comprehension on his face give way to a wry smile.

"So are you still interested in having sex with me? ... Or should I say 'us'?"

Cyndi couldn't believe that she'd actually told Sean that she wanted to screw him. It was the first time that she'd seen him at a total loss for words. She could see the wheels spinning but he didn't know what to say for a minute.

"Wow, talk about violating a few social taboos. ... I've never had an audience when I've fucked anyone before. ... Have you guys ever done this sort of thing before? ... I mean you're always telling me that you're so happily married and everything."

"No Sean, Reg and I have been completely faithful to each other for longer than we've been married. It's one of our fantasies to have a hot young stud join us in bed sometime, ... well actually it's Reg's fantasy to watch me with someone else ... my fantasy is to take on two, or more cocks at the same time!"

"Well this is certainly not the answer I expected. ... I had a feeling that you were a sexual animal though!"

"So Sean, you didn't answer my question, would you be interested?"

Sean glanced around the parking lot quickly to make sure that no one was around. He took Cyndi's hand again and placed it on his crotch so she could feel how hard his cock was from talking about this. Cyndi giggled and gave his tool a gentle squeeze.

"Should I take this as a yes?"

"Well I wish we had time for you to help me out with this. ... You better get back inside though, it's going to take a couple of minutes for this hard-on to subside enough for me to join you."

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