tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons Ch. 02

Business Liaisons Ch. 02


-= Chapter 2 - Self Directed Assets =-

When Cyndi got home from work that afternoon she found a message on the answering machine that Reg wouldn't be home until after six. One of the advantages of going into work early was that Cyndi got home early every afternoon. She'd originally shifted her schedule when her family was younger, but now enjoyed having some extra time before dinner.

With all of the activities lately, Cyndi felt like she'd been on the run for weeks. This was the first afternoon that she found herself with a few minutes to just relax. She kicked off her heels and went upstairs to her bedroom to change. She was soon stripped down to just a bra and panties and lay down on the bed for a minute.

She started thinking about her lunchtime discussion with Sean and soon found her hand lightly touching her pussy through the thin material of her panties. With all of the running around, she and Reg had only managed a few 'quickies' over the last couple of weeks. She hadn't had a really good orgasm to satisfy her lately and realized just how horny she was.

She closed the bedroom door and quickly stripped off her bra and panties. Intent on doing some serious masturbating, she pulled out her 'toy box' from under the bed and got out a pair of nipple suction cups and her trusty vibrator. This particular model had a vibrating round disc covered with little 1/4" plastic fingers that always did incredible things to her clit. After plugging in her vibrator, she decided to get out her favorite dildo to give her cunt a nice full feeling. It was a rather large black veined dildo about 12" long and nearly 2" in diameter with a big bulbous head. She could only get a little more than half of it inside her cunt, with the extra making a nice handle.

Satisfied that she had everything needed for a good cum, Cyndi lay down on her back and bent her knees slightly as she spread her legs. Her right hand immediately went to her pussy while she teased her nipples with her left. Her nipples hardened quickly and she put the suction cups on.

Cyndi had smaller, perky breasts with large nipples that were incredibly sensitive. Reg often teased her that they were the faucets for her pussy juices as he kissed and sucked them during their lovemaking. With the nice steady sucking feeling from the suction cups, Cyndi ran a finger along the length of her pussy and as she parted her labia felt just how wet she was.

With her finger moistened with her juices, she slowly circled her clit and gently brushed the protruding pink nub occasionally. Soon she used her second hand to pull back the hood and more aggressively rubbed her clit with the other. Every once in while she'd slide her finger down and slip it inside her now sopping cunt to re-lubricate her clit.

It always took her a while to build up to a good orgasm and after ten minutes of playing with herself she was well on her way there. She picked up her black dildo and rubbed it up and down through her now swollen pussy lips covering the head with her juices. It didn't take much effort and soon she felt the head of it pushing against her cervix deep inside her womb.

She slowly pulled the dildo almost completely out leaving just the head of it inside and then slowly pushed in back deep inside of herself again. She continued the same process, slowly speeding up until she was pistoning that big black cock in and out. She closed her eyes and imagined feeling her pussy being fucked like this by Sean's cock. She wondered just how big he was, it was hard to judge based of her quick feel at lunch, but he certainly wasn't small.

Feeling her orgasm approaching she stuffed her dildo deep inside and clamped down on it with her cunt muscles and rolled onto her stomach. She immediately switched her vibrator on low and began squeezing her thighs together and then releasing them as she rubbed those wonderful little plastic fingers over her clit.

Once she got a good rhythm going she switched the vibrator to high and had a huge orgasm. Cyndi often had multiple orgasms, but with the focused effort this afternoon just one was more than enough. After switching back to low and winding down for a minute or so, she rolled onto her back with her legs splayed apart. As she released her nipples from the suction cups the dildo slowly slipped out of her pussy as her muscles relaxed. She reached down and slowly pumped it in and out of her cunt as she basked in the afterglow of a very satisfying cum.

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