tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons Ch. 03

Business Liaisons Ch. 03


-= Business Liaisons, Chapter 3 - Board Approval =-

As satisfying as her masturbation session that afternoon was, Cyndi was still extremely horny later that night. She needed the real thing to satisfy her now. She stripped off all of her clothes and threw on a silk robe. Reg was dozing on the couch watching TV when she got down stairs.

"You're starting to fall asleep, so why don't you come upstairs to bed."

Cyndi stood directly in front of Reg and slowly opened her robe.

"We haven't had much time to ourselves recently, and I could certainly use a good fucking."

Cyndi pulled Reg's hands up to cup her tits as she bent over and gave him a long wet kiss. Needless to say Reg was instantly awake as his wife reached down to feel how hard his cock was getting.

"Give me a minute to lock the doors and turn off the lights and I'll be right up."

Cyndi went upstairs, turned down the bed and was pulling on a pair of nude thigh-high stockings when Reg came into the bedroom. He quickly stripped and lay back on the bed as he watched his wife slowly encase her long sensual legs in the stockings. After putting on the stockings, Cyndi stood up and as she was putting on a pair of black pumps, she smiled appreciatively at the site of Reg's rock hard cock sticking straight up. She climbed into bed and lightly teased her husband's raging hard-on with the nail of her index finger.

"Hmmm, it looks like your cock is ready."

As Cyndi kissed Reg again she wrapped her hand around his cock and gave it a light squeeze as she slowly pumped her fist up and down the shaft. Reg pulled her closer as he cupped her one breast, tweaking Cyndi's hardening nipple.

"Now that all of these recent deadlines are over, I hope you want to spend a little time catching up on our sex life."

"I certainly hope that we'll spend more than a little time!" Reg replied.

"Well if your cock stays this hard, I don't see why we can't fuck all night every night."

Reg only moaned as Cyndi gripped his cock a little more tightly and then bent down to kiss the swollen purple head. She licked up the drop of pre-cum that had formed and slowly kissed, licked and nibbled down the turgid shaft towards his balls. Knowing how much Reg loved to have his balls licked, Cyndi climbed between his legs and proceeded to give them a very thorough tongue bath. She could feel his cock throb and twitch as she administered each lick.

Reg laid back admiring his wife's narrow waist and the flair of her hips as she licked his balls. Cyndi had to be one of the best cocksuckers in the world. As she moved from his balls to take his shaft deep into her mouth he wondered yet again what it would be like to have another stud there to fill her hot cunt as she gave him a blowjob.

After several minutes, Reg reluctantly got up and went around the bed and positioned the head of his prick at the opening of his wife's very wet pussy. Cyndi loved to be taken doggy style and after Reg had pulled her back onto his cock she began a nice rocking motion sliding his cock in and out of her now dripping cunt.

"Oh yes Reg, give me every inch of that cock! Fuck my hot little pussy hard."

Reg was more than happy to comply with his wife's request. He grabbed her by the waist and forcefully drove his cock deep inside her with short quick thrusts. Cyndi squealed with delight as Reg began to piston in and out of her. He fucked her so hard that his balls slapped against her clit with every inward thrust.

"Oh yes, just like that. Yeeessss, give me every bit of that hot fucking dick!"

Reg pummeled Cyndi's sopping hole for as long as he could stand, but soon he had to slow down. He wasn't ready to cum just yet, and besides Cyndi still hadn't cum either. He buried his dick to the hilt and held it there as he reached around and cupped his wife's breasts. Cyndi reached down and played with his balls, rubbing them against her very swollen clit. Just as she had had Reg's cock throbbing in her mouth, she could now feel the same throbbing inside of her pussy.

"How about laying back and letting me ride your cock til I cum."

Reg knew Cyndi was close after the pounding her pussy had just taken. He also knew that she could get just the right pressure on her clit if he laid back and allowed her to ride his cock. Especially when he grabbed her tits and used them to pull her up and down.

He rolled on his back and Cyndi gratefully climbed aboard guiding his still throbbing dick into her steamy pussy. He squeezed her tits together slightly and began sucking on one nipple and then the other while Cyndi rocked up and down on him. Her pace quickened and her breath became shorter and soon he felt her tense up as her orgasm started. It took a minute or so for Cyndi to come down from her peak.

"That was great Reg, I just wish we weren't always so rushed."

"Don't forget about next week, remember all night every night."

"Hmmm, why don't I do a little 'modeling' for you and then have you tie me up."

Ever since Cyndi had given Reg a digital camera, she would often 'model' her extensive wardrobe of sexy outfits while Reg played photographer. At first they had kept the resulting 'portfolio' to themselves. But Cyndi had allowed Reg to post some of them on an amateur site on the internet.

At first she had been mortified that other people would see her next to naked in some very compromising poses. But after she saw all of the hot comments she got, she quickly warmed up to being a virtual exhibitionist. Besides Reg had always blurred her face, so she figured that nobody would recognize her.

"Sounds good to me. Why don't you get on your back right now and 'model' those luscious legs of yours for me."

Cyndi quickly rolled on her back and spread her legs nice and wide for Reg.

"How's this stud."

Reg hooked his arms behind Cyndi's knees and slipped his cock deep into her pussy. He began a nice rhythm of fucking his wife's now sated cunt. Cyndi loved to be penetrated deeply after a good cum and pulled Reg down onto her and began to french him as he fucked her pussy.

"So do you still want to watch some nice young stud fuck me like this?"

Cyndi knew full well that one of Reg's favorite fantasies was to watch her have sex with another man. She didn't understand exactly why he was so interested in that, but just mentioning it never failed to make her husbands cock rock hard.

"Why is there anyone in particular you have in mind?"

Up until today Cyndi had never had anyone specific in mind when she indulged her husbands fantasy. Once she mentioned a guy in the marketing department that she thought was really hot looking that she'd thought about fucking. It made Reg hard for a week thinking that maybe there was an outside chance of having his fantasy fulfilled.

"Oh no one in particular, just some nice young muscular stud with a nice hard cock. Perhaps a nice well built black stud."

Cyndi knew that it made Reg even hotter when she talked about fucking a black guy. This time was certainly no exception, Reg groaned and pumped her pussy a little harder.

"Of course I'd have to find someone I knew well enough to let them fuck me without a condom. I'd really like to let them shoot their load deep inside me and then show you their cum oozing out of my pussy."

Cyndi saw that her husband was thoroughly enjoying her description of her slutting it up with another man. And she was certainly enjoying his cock being jammed deep inside of her. It made her even wetter to think that they might actually get the opportunity to act out their fantasy with Sean. Cyndi didn't want to get Reg's hopes built up just yet though so she decided to keep quiet about her lunchtime chat with Sean.

"You know I might have to audition a couple of studs before giving you a performance though. Would you have any problems with that?"

Reg slowed his pace for a moment, he was so close to cumming and he wanted to enjoy this fuck for a few more minutes.

"Just as long as you told me all about it afterwards."

"And I might not be able to talk him into fucking me in front of you. If he was good enough though, I might arrange for a regular 'date' with him. Would you mind that?"

"Well if you do that you have to at least take some pictures for me."

Cyndi knew Reg was on the edge now, she continued with her teasing. She also couldn't help but wonder if Sean would be up to helping her fulfill Reg's fantasy.

"Oh don't worry, I'd do more than that, I'd come home and let you have some sloppy seconds! Just imagine having me come home from my 'date' and pulling off my panties to find my cunt all sticky and gooey from my other lover."

Reg couldn't hold back any longer and put a nice hot load of his jism deep inside his wife. Cyndi could feel his hot spurts splash in her pussy. She pulled him close to her and kissed him hard as she gave his softening cock a few squeezes with her cunt muscles. As Reg's cock slowly shrank inside her, Cyndi continued discussing her portion of the fantasy.

"Of course, you do know that I only want to have you watch for a little while before joining in the fun?"

"I don't think there'd be anyway to stop me. Its just a question of where you'd want me to stick my cock!"

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