tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons Ch. 04

Business Liaisons Ch. 04


-= Business Liaisons, Chapter 4 - Initial Offerings =-

Cyndi's alarm went off entirely too early the next morning. At least it was the last morning she had to get up for work this week. She and Reg were taking some well-deserved time off and had an extended weekend planned. Their vacation wasn't planned for several weeks yet, but they needed some time off to recuperate from their recent workload.

In addition to allowing them to catch up on the more intimate portion of their relationship, Cyndi also hoped that it might allow for some intimate entertaining with Sean as well. Ever since her discussion with Sean yesterday, Cyndi couldn't get the image of being taken by Sean and Reg at the same time out of her head.

When she got to the office, Cyndi found herself once more thinking about playing with two cocks at the same time as she waited for the coffee to brew. If only she'd known that Sean's sexual innuendos had been for real these last couple of years. Perhaps she and her husband could have experienced a few of their fantasies earlier. Cyndi was deep in thought when Sean walked into the break room.

"Hello gorgeous, I thought you were taking off today."

Cyndi almost jumped a foot in the air. Sean smiled as he saw that he had startled her.

"Hmmm, I'm assuming you're preoccupied thinking about our little discussion yesterday."

"Well I certainly hope that it wasn't just a 'little' proposition ... and I'm taking off tomorrow and Monday to make it a long weekend."

Cyndi had gotten good at responding quickly to Sean's comments and then moving on to another topic.

"Well you felt how big it was. ... I hope you don't think that was small, if you do that must mean that Reg is hung like a horse."

The coffee had just finished perking and Cyndi poured out two cups. She and Sean headed back to her office.

"I didn't get that good a feel, I'd have to say that the verdict is still out."

Cyndi usually had a half-hour or so of uninterrupted time every morning and even then there was only Sean and one other person that arrived before 7:30 or so. Sean was obviously earlier than normal since she usually had her coffee and was back in her office before he came in. She glanced at the clock; it read 6:15. Sean seemed to be reading her mind.

"Well we have a few minutes now if you wanted a better look."

"What, you're going to whip it out right here in my office? What if some one else comes in?"

Sean had obviously planned for Cyndi's retort, he'd found out that the other early bird was out this week for some sort of class.

"We're the only ones here until Nancy gets in around 7:30. ... So what do you say, do you want a better look?"

"Sean I don't think this is a good idea."

"Aw c'mon Cyndi, nobody's going to catch us. Besides, after our little talk yesterday, I'm not going to be able to focus on anything unless you give me a hand here."

"Men, all you can think about is sex. ... Oh alright, but just for a couple of minutes, at 6:30 we get back to work."

Sean closed the door to Cyndi's office while she closed the shade on her window. Cyndi went back to her desk and sat down. Sean stood right in front of her and leaned back on the edge of her desk. There was already a pretty substantial bulge in his pants.

"Well, show me what you've got in there mister."

Sean unhooked the buckle on his belt and was starting to unzip his fly when he stopped.

"You do it."

"Okay, if I have to."

Cyndi gave Sean a look of mock indifference and slowly unzipped his fly and unbuttoned the waistband of his trousers. She couldn't believe that she was checking out this black stud's cock in her office. As she dropped his pants to the floor, she admired the large bulge straining the front of his navy briefs.

"Hmmm, I always have liked briefs better than boxers."

Sean let out a soft moan as Cyndi cupped his growing package through his briefs. They were pretty small briefs and at the rate Sean's cock was growing, she expected it to pop out of the top of the waistband any minute. Cyndi felt like a teenager on a hot date. She hooked her fingers under the waistband and pulled them down to Sean's ankles. As she sat back up she found herself at eye level with Sean's gorgeous black thick cock, which was now at full attention.

"Oh my god Sean. Well it certainly looks like it's no myth about blacks being well hung!"

Cyndi wrapped her hand around Sean's cock; she could just about get her fingers around it. Cyndi had seen plenty of black cocks in interracial porno movies that she and Reg had rented, but this was the first time she'd seen one up close and personal. Cyndi gauged that Sean was a bit longer and substantially thicker than her Reg. For that matter he was substantially bigger than any cock she'd ever had before. Reg was pretty normal size wise, both in length and girth. When hard his cock had a gentle upward bend to it. Of all of the lovers Cyndi had had before they were married, most were about the same size as Reg. Sean's cock was long, thick and straight as an arrow.

"Well, do I measure up to your expectations?"

"Very very nice Sean, I think that this will do quite nicely."

Cyndi had continued to slowly stroke Sean's cock with one hand while she fondled his balls with the other. As she did, a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of his dick.

"Cyndi that feels great, but don't speed up too much or you're going to have a sticky mess on your hands."

The drop of pre-cum had gotten much bigger and was about to drip off the end of Sean's cock. Cyndi instinctively stuck her tongue out to lick it up.

"Oh baby take it easy on me, its been entirely too long since anyone has done that to me. I don't think I can control myself."

Throwing caution to the wind, Cyndi licked up the second drop of pre-cum as it appeared and this time she continued to bathe the head of Sean's cock with her tongue. Sean groaned again as she did so and once she'd moistened the end of his dick she proceeded to wrap her lips around his thick shaft. After a couple of minutes of sucking, Cyndi was surprised when Sean gently pushed her head back pulling his cock out of her mouth.

"Cyndi you're making me weak in the knees, I have to sit down before I fall down."

Cyndi got up out of her chair and helped Sean to sit down with his pants still bunched around his ankles. She knelt on the floor between his legs and started sucking his cock again. After just a few more minutes Cyndi felt his scrotum tighten slightly just as he started to cum in her mouth. Sean shot three large spurts of jism and Cyndi managed to swallow most of it allowing only a little to ooze from around her lips. She stared up into Sean's eyes as she licked up all of the excess. She then proceeded to milk the remaining cum from Sean's cock as it softened.

"Wow, Cyndi that had to be the best blow job I've ever had. A lot of girls don't know how to properly suck a cock and fewer still swallow."

"Well I have to be honest with you Sean, I don't always swallow. Actually I prefer handling my lover's cum in other ways."

Sean's cock had softened considerably. Cyndi sucked it into her mouth one more time half hoping that she might be able to coax another erection.

"Well, it looks like Mr. Penis has been satisfied and it's almost 6:45 so why don't I help you put him back in your pants so we can get to work."

"Man, you certainly are a tough task master Cyndi. I thought I might be able to return the favor first."

"I hardly think there's enough time for that, we'll have to make other arrangements for that when we have enough time."

Sean pulled Cyndi close to him and kissed her hard and grabbed her ass as he did. Cyndi pushed her pubes against the slight bulge that still remained in his pants.

"I'm certainly going to miss you for the next couple of days. ... Is there any extra room where you heading this weekend?"

"Don't worry Sean, there will be plenty of time next week when Reg and I get back to get together again."


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