tagNovels and NovellasBusiness Liaisons Ch. 05

Business Liaisons Ch. 05


-= Chapter 5 - Undress Rehearsal =-

Cyndi had been dying to tell Reg about the blowjob that she'd given Sean and how she was going to arrange for him to join them in a threesome all weekend long. But she had decided to surprise Reg and arrange for him to 'catch' her in bed with Sean one evening next week when he came home from work. She figured Sean would be more than willing to go along with her plan and that he'd probably want to do it Tuesday night!

Unfortunately Reg had some last minute work related conference he had to attend on Tuesday and wouldn't be back until very late that evening. Cyndi wasn't happy about his having to fill in for his boss at the conference, especially since they had been planning to fuck each other's brains out all night. Cyndi had teased Reg that she might just have to line up a date for Tuesday evening every time they had sex that weekend.

Reg certainly enjoyed what he thought was Cyndi's fantasizing about arranging for a hot young stud to fuck her in his absence. Cyndi on the other hand had a pretty good idea about what she and Sean would be doing Tuesday evening while Reg was away.

After sucking on that big beautiful black cock, she couldn't wait to try it in her pussy. She did promise Reg that she would invite her stud back for a return performance on Wednesday night so that he could see what he had missed from the previous evening. After all, Cyndi had told her husband that she might have to audition a few candidate studs before giving him the voyeuristic opportunity he wanted so much!

On Tuesday morning Reg had to leave very early. When he kissed Cyndi goodbye he reminded her of her promise to invite her date back for a return performance the following evening. She assured him that she would and half jokingly told him that she would leave her cell phone on that night so that he could call to get a status report on how her 'date' was proceeding.

When Cyndi got to work that morning she was surprised to find that Sean had already arrived and was looking out her office window waiting for her. Actually, she would have been surprised if he hadn't been waiting for her.

"Having problems sleeping Sean?"

"I just wanted to make sure that we had a little private time to make arrangements for our performance for Reg. Tonight is fine for me, hint, hint. Did you get a chance to discuss it with him or are we just going to surprise him?"

Cyndi feigned a disappointed look on her face.

"Hold on there Sean, I'm afraid I have some bad news as far as our threesome is concerned."

Cyndi almost burst out in laughter when she saw the crushed look on Sean's face as his mouth fell open believing that she had some how changed her mind and he wasn't going to get the opportunity to fuck her brains out.

"Reg had to attend a conference today and won't be back until late tonight. ... We won't be able to surprise him until tomorrow."

It took Sean a minute for Cyndi's words to sink in.

"Hey, no problem. Wednesday's fine for me too."

Cyndi walked over to where Sean was standing and gazed out the window with him. Her office looked out into a small non-descript wooded area and there really wasn't anything in particular to look at.

"But if you're available tonight perhaps we could have a dress rehearsal, or should I say undress rehearsal" Cyndi whispered in Sean's ear.

Cyndi gently brushed her hand against Sean's crotch. Soon they had their arms wrapped around each other and were kissing passionately. Cyndi was half tempted to let Sean fuck her right there on her desk, unfortunately she did have work to get done and tried to free herself from his embrace.

"Sean, let's not start anything that we can't finish. Besides I was hoping to find a more private spot than my office and spend a lot more time than we have right now."

Sean reluctantly released Cyndi.

"So what did you have in mind?"

"Well you're always asking me to wear a shorter skirt and higher heels ... I could stop home after work and put on something just for you and meet for dinner someplace. Then maybe you could take me back to your place afterwards ... for 'dessert'?"

"You've got a date gorgeous, but how about I pick you up though so we don't have to take separate cars. I certainly don't want to give you the opportunity to chicken out at the last minute."

Fortunately for Cyndi, taking two days off had created more than enough work to keep her busy until late that afternoon. It kept her mind off of that evening's plans. It wasn't until Reg gave her a call, telling her that based on the schedule for the conference; he didn't expect to be home until well after midnight.

As she was on the phone with her husband, Sean walked in and pointed to his watch to remind her of the time. He certainly wanted to make sure that she got out of the office on time so she could get ready for her date with him. In a joking voice, she told Reg that she had to get going so that she could get ready for her 'alternate arrangements' for that night. Reg groaned and promised to make up for their lost evening of sex on Wednesday. Cyndi assured him that she'd find some way to satisfy her desires, even if she had to 'help' herself.

As she drove home, Cyndi tried to decide what to wear for Sean. After taking a shower to freshen up, Cyndi picked out a brown suede skirt that was cut about 6" above her knee, an ivory silk blouse and a pair of brown pumps with 5" heels. The skirt fitted fairly snuggly and was short enough that she had to be careful that nothing showed when she sat down.

As she often did for Reg, Cyndi decided to 'forget' to wear any underwear other than a lace garter belt and suntan stockings. Her breasts were small enough to go bra-less without being blatantly obvious. Other than a subtle jiggle when she walked, nothing showed through her blouse. The silk also felt so smooth and soft against her bare breasts, especially her nipples.

She put on her make-up, going a little darker on her eye shadow and put on a slightly redder as well as darker lipstick. As she was just adding a little extra blush to her cheeks, the doorbell rang. She looked out the window and saw Sean's car in the drive, a quick glance at the clock on the way to the front door confirmed that he was right on time.

"Wow Cyndi, I've never seen you wear that skirt in the office. ... And those aren't the usual pumps you wear either!"

Cyndi gave Sean a quick kiss and snickered slightly.

"Well I must admit that you look pretty nice yourself, I didn't think that you even owned a tie though."

Sean usually dressed nicely at work, but other than when he first interviewed at InterCore, he never wore a tie. This evening he was decked out in a very stylish grey silk suit with a black shirt and tie.

"I thought we'd go to Serg's for dinner, does that sound okay with you?"

Serg's was an upscale but relaxed restaurant that was one of Sean's favorites. It had lots of rather private booths and was also less than five minutes away from his place. Cyndi agreed and on the drive there Sean managed to rub her exposed thigh several times as he shifted gears. Cyndi was tempted to hike her skirt up just a little more to expose the tops of her stockings, but figured Sean would see those in good time. As they walked across the parking lot, Sean had put his arm around her and dropped his hand down to sneak a squeeze of Cyndi's firm butt.

Being early, they were seated right away and throughout dinner Sean managed to touch and fondle Cyndi at every opportunity. It always turned Cyndi on when Reg couldn't keep his hands off of her, and having this young black muscular stud do the same to her was having the same effect.

At one point Cyndi had to excuse herself to go to the ladies room and noticed Sean smiling at her as she crossed the dining room back to their table. After she sat back down, he found some reason to reach around behind her and verified that she was indeed bra-less. Apparently he enjoyed watching her titties jiggle as she walked across the dining room. Also with all of the touching and stimulation he was giving her, Cyndi's nipples were at full attention making it even more obvious that there was nothing except the thin veil of her blouse covering them.

Sean had also discovered that Cyndi was wearing stockings and a garter belt during one of his explorations of Cyndi's thighs under the table.

"Hmmm, I love the soft slick feeling of stockings on a woman's legs."

As he spoke he slowly rubbed the inside of Cyndi's thigh. She didn't make him stop so he gave it a soft squeeze and slipped his hand still higher between her legs and continued rubbing. Cyndi certainly had no desire to have him stop and slightly parted her legs to give Sean's hand better access. When he finally reached the tops of her stockings and felt the garter belt a big smile grew on his face.

"Stockings too?"

"For what we have planned tonight I certainly wasn't going to wear pantyhose!"

Cyndi spread her legs a little further apart and reached under the table and guided Sean's hand still higher. His fingers quickly began strumming on her uncovered clit and labia.

"I guess I should have figured that you didn't have panties on either. Did you just take them off when you went to the bathroom?"

"Nope, I haven't had any on all evening. ... Feel how wet you've made me from all of your touching?"

Sean ran his finger between her pussy lips and slipped it inside Cyndi's moist folds.

"We should probably get out of here and go somewhere that's a little more private" Cyndi hissed. "If you keep this up, you're going to have to fuck me right here on the table!"

Sean continued to finger Cyndi's sopping cunt when their waitress stopped at the table to see if they had finished and wanted anything else. When she asked if they were interested in dessert, Sean declined and asked for the check as he slipped a second finger inside Cyndi. Cyndi barely stifled a moan as he did and she noticed a smile appear on the waitress's face as she stole a quick glance at her chest before quickly hurrying off to prepare their check. When Cyndi looked down to see what she was looking at, she saw that Sean had undone an extra button on her blouse and that one her nipples was almost poking out. She quickly composed herself before the waitress got back with the check. Sean paid the check and they hurried out to the car and drove back to Sean's townhouse.

The door to Sean's place had barely closed when they were passionately embracing and kissing, Sean couldn't believe how hot Cyndi was. They quickly moved to the living room sofa and soon he had her blouse completely unbuttoned and was busy kissing and sucking on her tits. As he did, he slipped his hand under her skirt and resumed his finger fucking of Cyndi's now dripping pussy. He had planned on giving her a short tour of his place, but that would just have to wait.

"Sean, why don't you take off your coat and tie?"

When Sean stood up to comply with Cyndi's request, she took off her blouse completely and dropped it on the chair with his coat and tie. She then slowly unbuttoned his shirt and added it to the growing pile of discarded clothes. Soon the rest of Sean's clothes followed and he found himself completely naked sitting on the sofa with Cyndi standing in front of him removing her skirt. He watched intently, slowly stroking his cock as she slowly wriggled out of it and stood in front of him with her legs slightly parted, clad only in her garter belt, stockings and heels.

She had felt so soft and smooth when Sean had felt her up in the restaurant, but now he could see that other than a small patch of pubic hair about the size of a quarter just above her clit, Cyndi's pussy was completely bald! He leaned forward and gave her protruding clit a tentative lick as he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her sopping muff to his mouth.

"Do you want me to take off my stockings?" Cyndi cooed as Sean continued to lick her pubes.

"No way, I want you to leave them on all night!"

Sean stood up and eased Cyndi down onto the couch. She quickly spread her legs and Sean dove between her thighs to continue his oral ministrations on Cyndi's delicious cunt. She gently guided him to first lick her clit before plunging his tongue deep inside her.

As excited as she was though, Cyndi longed for more than Sean's tongue and fingers in her pussy. Sean was also anxious to have his cock serviced and suggested that they adjourn to the bedroom. He helped her stand and guided her to the steps. Watching her hips sway as she climbed the steps in front of him, Sean had her bend over halfway up and gave her pussy another quick lick.

"I think you're going to like this." Sean mused as he led her into his bedroom and switched on the lights. "The guy I bought this place from apparently was quite a swinger and had a few special things added."

Cyndi looked around and saw exactly what Sean meant. There was a king-sized platform bed with mirrors on its headboard. As Cyndi walked up to it she saw that there were also mirrors on the ceiling immediately above the bed as well. The wall to the side of the bed was also covered with mirrors. Sean quickly pulled back the bedspread revealing satin sheets on the bed.

"From what my neighbors tell me, the previous owner used to entertain quite a few women. Often more than one at a time!"

"Well the bed is certainly big enough, but I think I'd prefer to have a large group of guys myself."

Cyndi climbed onto the bed and motioned for Sean to join her.

"Judging from that hard-on though, I think just this one will be quite sufficient tonight."

Sean lay back on the bed next to Cyndi and she immediately wrapped her hand around his cock.

"Hmmmm, your cock looks like its ready for some attention."

Cyndi spread Sean's legs slightly and crawled between them. She pumped one hand up and down his rigid tool and fondled his balls with the other. Sean propped himself up slightly so that he could look in the mirrors on the headboard to admire Cyndi's swollen pussy as she started sucking his cock. After just a few minutes of sucking, Sean eased Cyndi onto her back. As good as her mouth felt, Sean desperately wanted to fuck her delicious looking cunt.

"That feels wonderful Cyndi, but why don't you lay back so I can stick my big black dick in your sweet little pussy. I think we've both had more than enough foreplay and are ready for some serious fucking."

Cyndi didn't need to be asked twice and quickly spread her legs in a wide 'V' in anticipation of being penetrated by her first black cock. As she did, Sean opened a small drawer in the headboard and pulled out a box of Trojans.

"I bought a fresh box of condoms just for you, ribbed and lubricated, and I intend on using the whole dozen to fuck you!"

Cyndi and Reg hadn't bothered with condoms since they first started going out. Cyndi was on the pill and had just assumed that Sean would do her without a condom as well.

"Sean, wouldn't you rather fuck me without a condom on?"

Sean gave Cyndi a puzzled look, even with his live-in girlfriend he'd always used a condom. In this day and age of AIDs, it was always a given that he'd wear a condom for intercourse.

"Of course I'd rather not wear one Cyndi, is it safe to?"

"Well I haven't had anyone else fuck me besides Reg for 20 years, so I'm pretty sure that I have a clean bill of health. Based on what you've told me about your sex life, you haven't had anyone but Linda for the last couple of years so I think that you're clean too. Besides, the latex irritates my pussy after a while and we certainly don't want that to happen. So why don't you put those away and come over here and fuck my brains out, you hot black stud!"

"I wasn't worried about any diseases, I was thinking that we don't want to be making any babies."

"I'm on the pill Sean, so I don't think you can make me pregnant."

"Well if you insist." Sean gave Cyndi a mock look of concern as he threw the box of condoms back into the drawer and sidled down between Cyndi's widespread legs and began rubbing the head of his cock between her very moist pussy lips. "Are you ready for me?" Sean didn't wait for Cyndi's answer and drove his thick black tool deep into her in one quick thrust.

"Oh yessss Sean, fuck me hard!" Cyndi moaned as Sean began to pump his dick in and out of her. As he did, Cyndi was mesmerized watching his long black pole disappearing inside of her cunt. "C'mon Sean, give your white slut every inch of your big black cock!"

Sean continued to pummel Cyndi's cunt for a few minutes before he felt his orgasm starting to build. He quickly slowed the pace of his fucking and unhooked his arms from behind Cyndi's knees and wrapped her legs around his waist. Cyndi pulled his chest down on top of her, crushing her tits against him. She started frenching him and started squeezing his tool with her cunt muscles.

"Your pussy feels great baby, and I love that massage you're giving my cock with your cunt. I hope you don't mind my slowing down, but I'm afraid I would have cum in another minute or so."

"Sean you have me so worked up that I want to cum riding your hot black dick, how about letting me on top for a couple of minutes."

Sean rolled off of Cyndi and watched as she straddled his cock and slowly took him back inside of her hot wet cunt. She then squeezed her legs together and began grinding her pubic mound against Sean as she rode his dick.

"Grab my tits and suck on them" Cyndi commanded.

Sean grabbed Cyndi's perky tits with both hands and switched from nipple to nipple sucking on them and lightly biting them. Cyndi moaned in appreciation as she squeezed her legs together and continued to grind her mound against him. After only a couple of minutes she soon was panting heavily as she had an orgasm riding her first black cock. As she was still coming down from her peak, Sean rolled her over and started slowly pumping his cock in and out of her again.

"Wow that was pretty intense, I take it you came."

"Of course I did silly, I hope you can do that again tomorrow while Reg watches. He's always wanted to watch me cum on someone else's cock and I certainly wouldn't mind doing that again!"

"So what exactly do you have in mind for tomorrow?"

"Well, I figured that you'd stop over tomorrow right after work so we could get 'warmed up' before Reg gets home. I want to be in bed fucking away when he comes home and 'catches' us in the act. He'll probably want to enjoy the show for a while before joining in. After that I figure I'll be spending some time on my hands and knees sucking one cock while the other is fucking my pussy. Eventually I expect to end up sandwiched between the two of you!"

"What, both of us in your pussy?"

"I don't know if I could handle that ... I was thinking about one in my pussy and the other in my ass."

Sean groaned as he thought about fucking Cyndi's ass. He'd tried to convince Linda to let him do her backdoor a few times but she wasn't into anal.

"So who gets to fuck your ass, me or Reg?"

"Well I guess I figured Reg, but if you're interested, maybe I can accommodate your cock back there too. You're a bit bigger than Reg though so we'll have to take it slow."

"Oh my god Cyndi, I think I'd cum in a minute if you let me fuck your ass, how about right now?"

"I don't know Sean, I kind of had my heart set on taking a nice hot load of your cum deep inside my pussy. Would you mind terribly waiting, besides I don't think I could take it up the ass two nights in a row!"

"Well OK, but I definitely want to try that hot little tushy of yours sometime."

Sean picked up the pace of his fucking. "How about sticking those gorgeous gams of yours straight up in the air for me like a good little whore."

Cyndi did as Sean asked and slowly ran her hands along the insides of her smooth stocking clad legs. "How's this stud?"

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