tagLoving WivesBusiness or Pleasure?

Business or Pleasure?


Each thrust caused Jules to gasp. A mixture of pain and pleasure sweeping through her sensuous body. His grasp felt firm, in control, and as he pulsated against her, she felt herself drawn inexorably toward the inevitable climax that began like a pinprick light somewhere deep in her mind.

'More please more. Just fuck me'' she found herself begging through whispered lips.

His response was to hitch her further up the wall before dropping her onto his fully erect penis causing him to thrust up to the hilt. It was too much, and as he played with the stocking clad tops of her long and lucious legs, Jules found herself clawing at his neck and biting deeply into his throat as the orgasm tore through her with gay abandon, like a series of waves on the beach, each crashing through her with ever more intensity than the last, until her body could take it no longer.

She collapsed panting with exhaustion as his strong arms lifted her with ease. Placing her gently down on the chaise long. He kissed her tenderly between her legs causing a flicker of a smile to ripple across her lips.

I turned away with a sickening feeling deep within the pit of my stomach. Closing my eyes I quickly recalled each moment as Jules had succumbed to his teasing and pleasure. A mixture of envy, inadequacy and lust gripped me like cold steel. So this was her secret lover.

A man I had suspected for so long, but who in my naivety I had convinced myself did not really exist except in my imagination.

It should not have been a surprise of course. Jules was quite simply stunning. Dressed in smart chic business suits, seamed nylons and always high heels she had been known to cause accidents as men just simply could not keep their eyes off of her.

I had always enjoyed the moments too, after all I was the one to share a bed with the gorgeous vamp and her lovemaking left me feeling exhausted with pleasure. I smiled inwardly and imagined what the little minx was up to now.

Peering back through the gap in the door, my glance coincided with the pop of a champagne cork being released from its imprisoned neck. '

Moet' I chuckled to myself, she would like that.

Three other well dressed men in their bespoke pin stripe suits now lifted her onto the highly polished boardroom table, whilst skilfully undressing her. Stripped to her basque, nylons and shoes .My lovely Jules was laid back on the table. Half-drunk with delight, and no doubt several glasses of champagne from her lunchtime soiree, she looked a picture as her legs were lifted in a V shape.

Her hand stretched about above her, her long red nails glistening in the afternoon sun. With half closed eyes, she purred with satisfaction, her pearl necklace and beautiful red lips forming an endearing focal point against the dark wood of the table.

The men were in various stages of undress, aroused beyond the point of restraint by this sexy, intelligent and adorable woman. It was as much as I could do not to rush out and join them as my own excitement had now reached painful proportions!

I watched with stunned delight as the champagne was first trickled, and then emptied down her legs in a cascading flow. One of her lovers began eagerly licking and sucking at her ankle causing her to squeal with delight.

The remainder of the bottle was emptied over her bosom, and with her basque partly ripped down her nipples were licked in a frenzy of orgasmic lust. Already driven once to heights of passion this second onslaught from her skilled lovers took her over the edge within minutes. Screaming to be fucked, they simply teased her with their tongues and hands until she could take it no longer. Her body bucked and writhed as if she had completely lost control of her inhibitions, all decorum was swept away as she revelled in her moments of pleasure.

Allowing her orgasm to fulfil itself, the men gently caressed her, and skilfully carried her to the soft chaise that formed part of their office furniture. As she regained her level of self-control, Jules found it hard to believe that only an hour ago she had arrived at the office to discuss some business matters with one of the partners.

She had met him once before and had been taken with his boyish charm and good manners even though he was in his early fifties

She had been treated like a lady, but she noticed that he had become fascinated by her long, stocking clad legs shortly after taking a seat opposite him.

Jules enjoyed this game. Usually waiting until the moment was right {often when a man was in mid sentence} before crossing her legs with a sensuous swish whilst fixing his eyes with a gaze. True to form his eyes were fixed on her legs.

She knew instantly that this was another man in the palm of her hand! They had flirted and talked and at one point he had made a call to another office. A short time later two colleagues joined him. One of whom was introduced as his partner, and a younger man in his early twenties who looked decidedly sheepish and embarrassed, particularly when Jules caught him sneaking a look at the dark welt of her stocking tops where she had allowed her dress to ride up.

They flirted with her ways that were so obvious that she almost wanted to laugh out load at their predictability. Eventually the statements became more risqué, until almost before noticing she found her neck and shoulders being massaged by the stronger older man.

He exuded a wonderful charm and was brimming with confidence in a way that Jules found a turn on. His was dressed in a well-cut bespoke suit and everything about him exuded class and culture.

Jules found herself thinking what a pleasure it would be to be made love to; no to be 'fucked' by this man. Her feelings were very basic and physical. She new he was married and desired him no further than an afternoons pleasure, but one that would leave an impact on both of them.

Her thoughts suddenly returned to the present. She was aware that one of her shoes had been removed. The younger of the men trailing his tongue slowly across her stockinged arch before expertly chewing her toes. Jules caught her breath and moaned loudly throughout this unexpected treat.

The young mans excitement was plain to see, and certainly feel as he brushed his growing manhood up against her nyloned thighs,

'My my what a naughty boy' she teased as her long nails gently raked across the front of his trousers.

It was too much for him, and as he shuddered Jules realised that her conquest of him had been complete! The effect was not lost on the two older men. Although in a state of dreamy awareness and awash with pleasure, Jules heard the sound of zips undoing. She closed her eyes and smiled, her hands gently seeking out the proud upstanding owners of two engorged cocks.

For the next thirty minutes she was lost in an orgy of lust as each man took his turn at her. Often changing at mid point she became abandoned to the pursuit of pleasure from wherever it came and by whatever means. In the end she almost lost consciousness through sheer exhaustion, and had lost count of the number of orgasms that had racked her body.

As she began to recover, I made my exit and returned to the car. I sat there with a mixture of feelings racing through my mind, my insides felt as though they were made of melting butter! I was interrupted by the car door opening as Jules slid into the seat displaying her long and elegant legs to the full.

'How was your meeting?' I asked as nonchalantly as possible.

'Oh just the usual boring stuff, you know what its like' she answered noncommittally.

During the drive home I glanced sideways at her beautiful profile, her tapered feminine hands and those so long graceful legs. She was a very naughty girl indeed, and I couldn't wait to be in the house alone with her.

When we arrived home I embraced her tightly, savouring every touch and movement of her body next to mine. Despite what I had witnessed my love for Jules was as strong as ever. Her naughtiness somehow added to her appeal.

I kissed her passionately on the lips feeling proud that this lovely lady was with me. I knew that I had her love, and it gave a warm glow inside. As if reading my thoughts, she ran her fingers through my hair, and then across my own bulging manhood.

'I think we might have to put you in the shower' she murmured with a soft smile. I kissed her gently and arm in arm we made to move inside to the pleasures that awaited us.

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