Business Perk


I have to write this as part of an agreement, so here goes.

I am Helen, early 30's, brown hair with blonde highlights shoulder length, 5 ft 5ish, 34C chest with legs that I have been told are very sexy. Two kids, and live with my husband James. Recently we went to Cornwall where James had been offered building work. He is self employed and has to follow the work. As the kids were still at school we left them with my Mum so that I could take some time off and stay with James in a tent.

We arrived late on the Saturday morning to find that due to an asbestos problem, the work was held up, and no one had called James to tell him. It put us on the spot money wise but, as we were their and had paid for the site, James said he would try to find something local, if nothing came up we would head home Tuesday.

That night we were at a pub in Cannonstown when James was put on to a man that might be able to help.

Sunday lunch time we met Donald. (I cannot change our names, just everyone Else's.) Don had some work to offer but there was a hitch. It was on Jersey and the accommodation was one hut for all. The money was good but I would be alone in the tent. Don said not to worry, he would put me up in a caravan he used for workers locally that was empty for now. No charge, and he would treat me to one meal out at least.. We had to take it, the pay was too good to miss.

James left that night and I moved into the caravan. Nice, all the fittings. The van was in a field near Don's house.

Monday I shopped in Hayle for supplies, then made the most of the sun that was going. James called at lunch time saying that the site was not mobile friendly, but he could call from not far away. He was happy with the job hoped I was alright.

Around 2 o'clock Don called. He was going to Boscastle in the morning and would I like to go for the ride. He had to check on some restoration work some of his men were doing. I said yes thanks. What was I doing that night? Not much, money being tight and no car, so would I like a lift to a meeting Don had somewhere out past Cambourne, just to get out.

Don picked me up just after 7.30. The pub was very oldy worldy but with a loud juke box. I sat and drank while Don talked with Eric? and Nigel? I think. Drinks kept coming without cost to me so I drank them. By 10.30ish I realized I was over the edge, I had two drinks left on the table so did not have any more, I still had to Rush the last ones Don was ready to go, deal done and all happy. God knows what it was, I couldn't hear.

As we approached Hayle I was in a haze, the fresh air had done for me. Don drove up to the caravan and said he would come in and make sure I was OK!. with the various bits inside. Of course he made a pass, of course I acted flattered, of course he did it again.

A kiss good night became a fumble through my sweatshirt, I recall saying all the usual stuff, an still the fumble went inside the sweatshirt. I was still saying we should not when Don dropped my bra on the table and undid the belt on my jeans. My next clear memory is seeing my jeans and cheap knickers dropping off the table as I was led to the bed room.

Don was soon undressed and playing me like an expert. I came on his tongue before he entered me from on top, where he rode me for a while before he turned us over for me to ride him. I think I came twice before he came deep inside me, smashing my breast's harder as he did so.

I recall Don leaving me on the bed for a few minutes, or maybe longer, my head was spinning. He returned and just climbed back on top of me for another few minutes before coming in me again.

Apart from one trip to the loo I slept soundly. I was woken around 8.15 By Don with a cup of tea. He said we should be going soon so I rushed a shower and cereal and was in the car by 9 o'clock, on the A30.

It was a sunny day so without thinking about last night I put on a denim mini-skirt, lacy bra and tight T shirt.

Don said "You remember last night?"

I said "Yes, most of it!"

"Good, we have a few days still to go too!"

I just couldn't figure out what do, I was in a daze and a little hung over. It wasn't the first drunken screw I'd had but with James away and me at the mercy of Don for the next few days I wasn't sure if I liked the direction things were heading.

I felt trapped, but a little excited.

At Boscastle Don went to work while I looked around. Around half one we met for lunch, then Don said he had to check out a cellar before we left and I may as well go with him. There was no electricity as yet so Don used a torch. People were moving around just above two small windows on one side when Don came behind me and cuddled me.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You of course, James needs work, I want perks, both or neither you know!

My haze came back, I could not think. Don had my t-shirt up around my shoulders and backed me on to a brick ledge. As he sucked a nipple though my lace bra he raised my denim skirt up and pulled my knickers down a little, and then fingered me. I started protesting as the night before but Don said the noise would bring the workman down so keep quiet.

He soon replaced his finger and lifted my legs onto his forearms while my bum was on the ledge. It took only a few minutes for Don to come in me, I confess I was not far off myself, even though I was still protesting.

We were soon in the car and heading south again. Don said we were going to a party that night and he would pick me up at 7.45. I said I couldn't go as I had no posh stuff wiyh me. So we stopped to shop.

In Redruth Don bought me an outfit for the party. If I had any doubts about what would happen at the party the outfit Don choose removed them, it was a black halter neck dress that couldn't be worn with a bra, hold up stockings whose tops would only just be covered by the bottom of the short dress and a skimpy black thong.

So after dropping me at the caravan he went off to do whatever he does, and I sat and tried to make sense of things. I dozed off in a state of confusion, to be woken up by James on the phone around half five. We chatted but I could not mention what was going on, I did not know how.

I made dinner and showered, and got ready to go out. I am lucky that I do not need lots of slap on my face, but my hair was a mess that needed work. I put on what don had bought me.

The party was at a house somewhere along the coast, and we had a taxi. Don was a bit of a gent though out the evening, but kept the Bacardi coming. I felt like a trophy, and got the feeling I was not the first woman to be used like this by Don. He was not ugly, but not handsome. A bit Jimmy Nail without the accent. I think around his mid forties, about six feet tall. I would suppose his money helped, and I was told he is divorced.

As the night went on I knew I was drinking too much again but wanted to hide behind the excuse of drunkenness. We were in the garden standing against the wall when Don slipped his hand up my left thigh, riding the dress up and showing a lot of my leg. He soon moved up to my bum and this meant the dress rode up so much my stocking tops must have shown. Between us and the rest of the party were two friends of Don's who were saying things like "Very nice this one mate" or "Bet this is a good catch then?"

Don confirmed later they were talking about me. One of them asked if he could check if "They' are real?"

"Course!" was all he said.

So my right breast was being mauled. The other man moved round and put his right hand on my right inner thigh saying "Smooth, really smooth. Is she good?"

"What do you think?" Don said, as if he was surprised at the question.

Don slipped his hand between my legs from behind and started to rub my crotch. I admit, as I have been told I must, I was getting a more than a bit damp. Don said, "Tell you what, come and see."

I made to protest but Don said they could only watch, and not to be a whiner. We went into the house and up the stairs. I swear I heard the sound if intercourse from another room. We went into a room with a single bed, Don had his hand on my bum and slid it up to the zip. He slipped the dress off and turned me round to push me down on to the bed. He sucked my nipples for a few seconds and them slipped my knickers off, leaving just my stockings. He licked me awhile as the other two stood and watched.

I did not know where to look, I could not look at them for embarrassment. Don soon took my attention with his tongue, I was nearing an orgasm when he stopped and slid up to enter me. He was not huge as far as I know, but could use what he had. He smashed my breasts on and off and then turned to the other two and asked if they would like to see him doggy me.

"Whatever you like mate!" said one.

"Have her ride you first, then dog her" said the other.

I felt as if I was only one step up from a doll as Don pulled out and helped me up. As I lowered myself back on Don,

The man one that spoke second, Brian for now, asked Don if he could "cop a feel".

Don nodded at him, not a word to me, and Brian cupped and fondled my left breast. "Very nice" he said. To Don!

He was still touching me when I came. I couldn't help it, even though I was trying to convince myself I was not enjoying it. I think I screamed a little as I came and Brian and the other one (Ian?) said something I could not catch.

Don then pushed me off and moved behind me. He put two pillows on their end, under my stomach and heaved hard into me again. As Don pumped me hard Ian asked he could have a feel, so I had Brian on one breast and Ian on the other. After a little while I got carried away a bit and could only hear what they men were saying as a background buzz. Don brought me off again just before he came, ramming me hard down onto the mattress.

I was out of breath as Don climbed off. I admit, (I have to be honest or this all is told directly to James) I was not really surprised or too upset when Brian or Ian, I don't know which took Don's place. I know I groaned as he pushed hard into me, and, Yes I admit, It was good. I did not come with whoever it was but, of course the other one took over, and I did come again with him.

When I was finished with, Don told the other two to leave, and we would follow later. I caught my breath and Don told me tp slip the dress on and use the bathroom next door. He would meet me back at the garden wall.

We stayed for about an hour longer, and I am sure by the looks that more than a few people knew I just had sex with three men upstairs.

We got a taxi at around 2 am I think, Don had me dropped off and said he would call me.

I spent Wednesday sleeping, thinking and waiting. It was not until 10ish that Don called and said something had come up and he would pick me up at 11 on Thursday. He did not say what for but to wear the denim skirt.

Thursday morning I awoke to no power. Being all electric this meant no coffee or shower. All I could do was call Don.

Don said he was not going to make 11 as something had come up and he would have the power sorted.

Not an hour later a van pulled up and two young men got out. One was a younger Don, introduced as Donald Junior or, DJ for short. The other was a dark skinned man called Seb. He had a broad London dialect. DJ checked I had turned everything off and went to where Seb was working outside. A few minutes later DJ called me to turn on a light. It worked. A few more checks and they pronounced all well.

DJ then came up to me and said "Dad says we can um, help ourselves!"

Why was I not surprised. All I had on, as I had not showered was my long t-shirt type nightie and the robe I had put on when they arrived. I took the robe off as a sign I understood. Seb whistled and unfolded a trestle chair, asking DJ to sit on it and slouch down a bit. DJ gave him an odd look but sat.

Seb then told me to stand in front of and bend over to kiss him. Then he told DJ to "Grab a breast and scoop up some nightie with it."

Next I had to sit in DJ's knee while DJ slip a finger and then two inside me. At this point I saw Seb was using his phone to take pictures. I did not think I could make an issue of it. Next DJ had my nightie up over my head, (click) and mauled one breast while sucking the other (click).

Then DJ I stood up so that DJ could remove his jeans and tool belt, and was told to stand over him, facing him with the fingers reinserted before lowering myself onto DJ's prick. Seb had moved round so I was now facing the camera and said "Ram yourself down hard Hannah"

I said it is Helen but he took no notice. He wanted, and got, the look on my face as I was impaled. (click click).

DJ then said "It's my cunt for now Seb so sod off!" I was put on the floor so DJ could get on top, (click) and after a short while I was turned onto my hands and knees and taken from behind. I nearly came but DJ got in first and Seb knelt in front of me and put his prick in my mouth. As I sucked Seb my phone rang. I pulled of and went to speak, afraid it was James calling but Seb rammed back in saying they could call back.

DJ said it was his dad and answered. "He wants to speak to Helen" He said.

Seb just went round behind me and carried on. Don asked if his boys had finished, so I said they had with the power supply. I was told to repeat the following to DJ and Seb; "When you have finished with my women come straight to my office. Fuck her once each then back here." Don then just hung up.

Seb came back round to finish in my mouth saying something to the effect of '"hope you swallow you nice little slut".

Well there was not much so I could. Seb quickly zipped up and opened the door. He looked at me and asked if I has children as I was not as young as he first thought.

I said I had two.

As he walked out of the door he said "Fuck, my first milf and I didn't come up it. Fuck!"

Don came round in the early evening and told me to put on the denim skirt and a new T shirt he brought for me, no bra. It was a little too small and he apologized. It had in one inch high letters over the right breast "Total tart"!

We went out to an old pub god only knows where. Don introduced a lot of people but we sat in the corner with three other men, I had my back to the rest of the room. Drink and talk flowed. James rang and I said Don had taken me out to get me away from the caravan. We chatted for a while. More drinks and I soon realized I could be in for a sore head next day.

Late on one of the three men asked Don if I was "The one?"

He said "Yes, and go ahead."

The Homer Simpson look alike came round behind me and put his right hand inside my top and had a maul of my breast. "Very nice Don, very nice. Shall I?"

He nodded toward the wall, I was confused. Don said yes and 'Homer' left. Don told me to go out of the door just past the ladies and outside. I should turn Right and follow the unlit path to the shed with a chimney.

I paused and Don said "Go on then!". I went.

I found the shed. Homer was there and said "Excellent. Come hear and lose pants. I am going to enjoy fucking you. You have a sort of "Nice lady next door wants to be a prossy" thing going on."

As I dropped the panties on the floor he pushed me to the wall, lifted my left leg up and pushed two fingers into me. A minute or two later he opened the shed door and told me to go in. I could hardly see it was so dark. It smelled of burning. I was pushed onto my knees and my face into a stinky sofa. Homer was inside me in seconds and, I hate to say, made me come quite soon. When he came he left telling me to stay there.

Some one else came in a couple of minutes later and repeated the performance, including making me come. I had no idea who it was. He left telling me to stay. I just managed to remove my top and skirt so I would have something to wear afterward.

The next invisible man put me on my back on the sofa, left leg over the back and right foot on the floor. He just pounded me for a while and then pulled out and sprayed his come on my chest and face. He also told me to stay. Three more men took me in the shed. More than were at our table and I could only identify one of them. The fourth used my bum from behind and the last made me swallow, all the time calling me things like "Fucking slapper, dirty little fuck thing, and come bucket'"

Before he left the last one gave me some wet wipes and said to clean up and meet Don at the car as the pub was now closed.

On the way back Don made me tell him about my time in the shed. We stopped at a place called the Flat Load or some such, a big open space I think, so I could swallow for Don.

At the caravan was a car. Don said "Oh yes. I told DJ he could spend the night since he told me about Seb's pictures. Bad mistake but not all your fault. I have them now."

DJ let me shower before he bent me over the little table and took me from behind. He had me twice in the bed we shared during the night. When DJ left in the morning, he said Don would pick me up around 7.30 that evening.

Don called me early, unexpectedly, and said he would drop me off at a beach for the day. When he arrived he asked about a swim suit. I said I had a bikini which he asked me to put on for him. He said it was what he expected, conservative, yet still looking "Fuckable".

I spent the day in the sun and watching the waves crash on the rocks by the light house just off Hayle. I could not help but notice the looks men gave me. I began to realize that I am actually, attractive to men. Still. After what was happening it must be so!

When Don called me to go to the car park to meet him I kept the bikini on show to enjoy a few more looks, even though it was now a little cool for it. Don asked about my day and I told him what I have just written. Then he asked how the terms men used about me made me feel. I told him that none of the "Slut etc" turned me on but I could shrug it off mostly. The worst thing was Seb not getting my name right and not caring. When men talked as if I was not there I did feel like a blow up Doll, just a thing. Don dropped me off and said he would see me about 7.30.

Don was a little late. He gave me what he terms a summer dress, buttoning all the way down the front and made of cotton. Not my usual style, it was cut to hug the figure. At least this time he got the size right.

We went to a house on the far side of St Ives by taxi. Don said that a deal was being sought and I could be part of the negotiating.

I was introduced to lots of people but Thomas was the one that counted. He hate being called Tom, so I will call him that here.

At one point Tom put his hand on my rear under the dress and slipped in a finger, then two. Later he put his hand over my shoulder and mauled my right breast through the dress, in front of two or three people. Later still, when I had had plenty of Dutch courage, Tom pulled me away from a conversation, I saw Don and he nodded, but I was not sure what it meant.

Tom took me into the kitchen where two other people were, and they soon left, there was no food or drink in there. Tom soon had most of the dress buttons undone and was moving his hands over and in me as he liked. When two other people came in he carried on while one of them got a towel and they both left.

Tom then took me through another door and up a flight of stairs to a room, rather like a staff room with lockers, a thick old and stained oak coffee table and a couple of arm chairs. I was soon told to suck Toms prick, a longish and thick smelly thing. For the sake of safety I undid the bottom and last two of my buttons.

After a while I was put on the edge of an armchair seat so Tom could get inside me. He was fit for someone with a greasy beer belly and a comb over. I hate to say I was starting to get excited when Tom pulled out and laid me on the table, knelt between my legs, lifted my ankles to his shoulders and carried on. This position really got me going, I just could not help it even though I did not like Tom at all. He started calling me a "Come slut. You look all inocent but you fuck like a pro. Fuck me I like your body, you should move here so I can fuck you often. Your a lovely fucking whore. I bet your married. Are you.?"

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